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5 Best Vitamins for Beautiful Skin

Your skin needs the best way to be handled with. And for that you don’t just need to put the perfect makeup on it but you need to make it shine from within. Diet and health conscious people know what to have in their grocery basket. There might be a possibility that what your skin needs is not what you crave to have, but for the health of your skin you would have to keep it.

Nature is provided with the best of ingredients and you must nurture the goodness of everything that has been bestowed as a blessing on you. Vitamins that are found to be good for your skin have been enclosed in variety of fruits and vegetables. We will let you about the best vitamins that will make your skin look ravishing than ever. Have a look below for it.

5. Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a known vitamin for vision. It has been known since ages that vitamin A is the most widely suggested vitamin to the ones that need to have a good eye sight. But did anybody know that vitamin A is also used for the skin? It has been suggested as really good vitamin for wrinkles on your skin.

  • Vitamin is a group of unsaturated group of organic compounds that contains retinol, retinal, retinoic acid along with beta carotene and carotenoid.
  • It has been studied that retinoid is that one compound found in vitamin A that helps the skin look young and wrinkle free.
  • Retinoid is used to help fade away the dark spots and smooth away the roughness.

4. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 or Niacin is one of the 8 vitamins of vitamin B. Vitamin B complex is used to help use fats and proteins and along with this it is also needed for a happy and healthy liver, skin and eyes etc. Pellagra is a disease characterized by dry and scaly skin along with diarrhea and dementia which is being caused by the deficiency of vitamin B.

With the studies it has been found that vitamin B3 inhibits the transfer of pigments to the skin and hence helps to reduce the dark spots. So this adds to the skin benefits of vitamin B3. If you have dark spots you can opt for vitamin B3 along with vitamin A.

  • Vitamin B3 has the function to increase the production of fatty acids and ceramides. These two compounds form an outer protective barrier for the skin.
  • These two key elements help to lock in the moisture within the skin and doesn’t let it stay dry and itchy.

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3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C

It has been known to many that vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. This means that this vitamin is not being stored by the body. The body utilizes it as much as it needs to have and then it is being flushed out of the body. Citrus foods found are a treasure of this vitamin like orange, lemon or tomatoes etc. this vitamin is used for the repair and the growth in different parts of the body. Deficiency of vitamin C can lead to a disease known as scurvy which is characterized by bleeding gums, brown spots on the skin, pale skin etc.

  • It has been found that vitamin C helps to eliminate the free radicals.
  • With this property it to reduce sagging, wrinkling and other age changes that might occur.
  • Vitamin C also helps to reduce the dark spots in the skin.

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and is naturally found in so many foods other than the dietary supplements. Vitamin E is said to reduce the formation of free radicals which are being produced after the oxidation of fats. Hence when it stops the formation of free radicals it helps the body fight against many diseases and also helps the skin to stay young and healthy too.

  • It is said that vitamin E helps to protect against the dryness caused by Ultra Violet rays of the sun.
  • Even it is said to protect against the molecules which are caused by cigarette smoking.
  • It helps the skin against redness, dryness and swelling after the exposure to the sun.

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1. Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is fat soluble vitamin which is required as pre-requisite to synthesize a few proteins in the body. These proteins are used in the completion of the cascade required in the coagulation of blood. Hence deficiency of vitamin K can lead to coagulation disorders as well. Besides talking about this very important function of vitamin K, it is also used to prevent the dark circles formed under the eyes.

  • The small little fragile capillaries present under the eye leak blood which leads to the formation of dark circles.
  • So vitamin K or phytonadione stops this leakage by controlling blood clotting.
  • In a study it was found that a daily use of vitamin K was done for four months and it significantly lightened the dark circles.


  • Vitamin A creams are available in the market, which shall be used as night creams because sunlight inactivates most forms of vitamin A.
  • It has been found that for the best results vitamin B3 creams must be used at the evening and in the morning as well.
  • Vitamin C would help with the anti-aging symptoms progressively.
  • Use a sunscreen that has vitamin C and Vitamin E before going out in the sun.
  • Retinol and vitamin K can act as synergist and help vitamin K to penetrate the skin better and knock away the darkness.

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