10 Fast And Easy Ways To Do Fashionable Bracelets

Everyone loves bracelets. Stacking up bracelets, one on top of the other is very much the norm these days. But there are days when you cannot find the perfect bracelet, or you want a lot of bracelets but you have money for only a few. It is times like these you should resort to making bracelets yourself.  Making bracelets is not a long and boring task; it is fun and once you start you will only want to keep making more. Invite your friends over your place and get creative. Experiment with different styles and techniques. To get you started, here are a few DIY ways that are quick and easy.

“Are you in need of some fashionable bracelets, are you short on time? Here are a ten quick and easy ways you can make them in the comfort of your home.”

10. Wrapped Bangle Bracelets


If you like wearing bangles, these are the bracelets for you. These cute and dainty bangle bracelets are fun to wear and will complete your summer look. If you have a day out at the beach throw on these bangle bracelets and you are summer ready.

Start by taking an old bangle that is of the correct size for your wrist. Next, choose any color of yarn of your choice and start wrapping it closely around the bangle. Use hot glue to secure the yarn in place. Cut the ends neatly and secure them with more glue. Your simple bangle bracelet is ready.
If you have charms and other little dainty knick-knacks lying around the house, now is the time to use them. Place them at different areas of the bangle and wrap the yarn around as you normally would.

9. Beaded Bracelet


Beads and bracelets are the perfect combination; both words go along with each other very well, both highlighting the role of the other.

To make these easy beaded bracelets you will need waxed linen cord, seed beads and buttons. Cut the wax linen cord up to the desired length. Fold the linen cord such that you make two parallel hoops. Form a loop with the cord and cut the extra fourth strand. Now start braiding. Stop braiding after a few centimeters and start braiding in the beads one by one. Finish adding beads when you have the desired length. Add in a button when you are satisfied with your bracelet and form a knot. Secure the knot by making it double.

Make one of each color and stack them together, so that you will always have one that correctly matches your outfit.

8. Woven Bracelet


Chain bracelets are fun and easy to make. They are fun because they are effortless and require very little time.

Start by cutting your chain to the size of your wrist. Next you have the choice of either taking yarn/thread of only one color or of multiple colors. Start by making a secure knot on the side of the chain where you plan on starting your bracelet. You will have two portions of yarn/thread; start by moving one thread of the other and then under the chain. Use this over and under motion to stitch the two portions to the chain. When you are finished, tie another secure knot and cut off the loose thread. Attach jump rings to both ends and a finding to only one end.

You’re woven bracelet is ready!

7. Gold Tube Bracelets


Gold tube bracelets are quick and easy because they require only two things: a Chinese knotting cord and a curved gold tube bead.

Cut the knotting cord into 2 pieces, each piece must be of 12 inches. Thread in the gold tube into one of the pieces and knot the end of the cord. Now all you have left is to make the sliding closure. To make the sliding closure you will need an additional thread. Arrange both ends of the cord (with the gold tube) in a parallel but opposite direction. Take the remaining cord and place it overlapping the two ends of the first cord. Now start making knots. To make a knot you will bring the bottom cord over the top cord.

Keep making knots and secure them in place by sewing the backside of the knots together. Your bracelet is ready.

6. Braided Hex Nut Bracelet


Braided Hex Nut bracelets are bold and edgy. They are perfect for those leather jacket lovers who cannot opt for bows and pearls around their arms.

Measure your arm and wrist. Cut your string into three pieces of equal lengths depending upon your measurements. Secure the strings by taping them to a flat surface such as your table. Tie all three pieces of strings into a knot and start braiding. Braid in your hex nuts on both the right and left sides. When you are finished with adding your nuts, braid a little further and secure the three threads with another knot.

Your hex nut bracelet is all set and complete.

5. Wrap Bracelet


Wrap bracelets are so easy that even children can make them.

You will need a ribbon and some chain. Cut your chain and add jump rings and closure on the ends. Start by placing the middle of your ribbon on one end of the chain and wrap each side of the ribbon on the respective side of the chain.
When you are finished, tie a knot and glue it to the chain. Cut off the excess ribbon.
Your wrap bracelet is ready to be wrapped around your arm.

“Do you want some trendy bracelets but feel that they are too expensive? Use any of these quick and easy ideas to make your own fashionable bracelets.”

4. Braided Chain And Yarn Bracelet


If you love all things braids, then you will love this cute fashionable bracelet.

All you need is yarn of two different colors and some silver or gold chain. Take your yarn and cut each color into four equal pieces. Cut your chain in a similar way, resulting in four chains of equal length.

Tie your pieces of yarn and chain into a knot and secure with tape on a flat surface. Start braiding all three portions together; consider pieces of yarn of a single color as one portion. When you have braided the entire length of the bracelet, tie another knot. Glue both knots together. Your braided bracelet is ready for you to wear.

3. Bow And Pearls Bracelet


You will need pearl beads of large size. Thread in your beads and tie a knot at each end to secure the beads in place. Cut out three pieces of chains of equal length and join their ends to the ends to the beaded thread. Make a bow using any color of ribbon. Glue the bow to the ends of the chains.

Your beautiful bow and pearls bracelet can be worn with any dress.

2. Braided Beads Bracelet


You need beads of two different colors. Cut your thread into nine equal pieces. Bead the three threads with a single color and bead in the remaining six threads with another color. Secure with tape on a flat surface and start braiding. Braid your bracelet up to the length you desire and secure it with a knot.

Your braided bead bracelet is ready to be worn.

1. Chain Cord Bracelet


This bracelet is perfect for that edgy rocker look.

You will need a chain, wax cord and a colorful string. Cut your chain and wax cord of equal length. Hold your wax cord parallel to the chain on one side and start wrapping around your string. Wrap your string in such a way that it helps to secure the wax cord to the chain. Glue the ends of the wax cord and string together with the chain. Do not cut off the remaining the thread, instead use it to tie a knot when you wear this bracelet.

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