19 Useful Home Remedies To Get Rid Off Fever

Fever is one of the most common illnesses nowadays. We seem to catch fever after every six months or at least once every year. With advancements in medical science, the virus of fever also keeps modifying and it keeps getting more complex for the medicines to fight off alone. The solution for this is to take the medicines suggested by the doctor along with some natural home remedies to double the effect.

  • Fever causes a lot of dehydration in your body.
  • The dehydration caused by fever takes away the glow and freshness of your skin.
  • It causes a lot of weakness and fatigue. Even when it is long gone, you tend to feel weak and lethargic.
  • For as long as it stays, it affects your brain performance and the effects remain for quite some time.
  • The longer it stays, the more cells in your body are destroyed due to the rise in temperature.
  • It causes a lot of dehydration.

To reduce fever is not the solution. The solution is to completely get rid of it. Practice some of these home remedies for fiver while also taking your prescribed medicines to get rid of fever as soon as possible.

“20 home remedies to be practiced at home and get rid of the fever that weakens your body and mind so much. Read the 20 remedies for fever to shoo away fever naturally. Always consult your doctor before taking a medicine”

19. Ibuprofen

IbuprofenIbuprofen helps reduce fever by stopping the hypothalamus from raising the temperature of our body. You can buy it in the form of 200 mg tablets from your nearest drugstore. It is however suggested that you do not take any overdose of it, only take it as much as is effective. It is acceptable to take 1-2 tablets thrice a day, in the morning, evening and night if you’re feeling fiver symptoms.

18. Eat your Medicines with Food to Prevent Vomiting

eat your foodMedicines like ibuprofen may cause vomiting or you may just feel like you want to puke.The effects of such medicines can be counteracted by having them with food. You must have heard the doctors saying, take this and this medicine after your meal. This is one of the reasons why they tell you to have your medicines after meal.

17. Acetaminophen

AcetaminophenAcetaminophen is another over the counter medicine that can help you treat your fever. You will find it in 325 or 500mg tablets at your local medical store. You can take oneor two tablets after every 5 hours to combat fever. Make sure not to take more than 3 mg in a day. There are no known side effects of acetaminophen except that it is bad for liver patients. The over dose of these medicines may cause liver failure so avoid overdoses. Instead of overdoses, combine these medicines with a more natural remedy like ginger tea to combat your fever faster.

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