16 Ancient Practice Of Oil Pulling Can Boost Your Health

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Oil pulling is an ancient technique employed for the purpose of removing bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances from the mouth. In order to unburden the immune system with inflammation, infection and other harmful effects; it is essential to get rid of toxins that are being accumulated in the body – for this purpose oil pulling can be the solution. It helps in not only relieving headaches but is healthy for the heart also.

This method involves protection of the oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is very important. Lack of care on our part can also cause the loss of teeth. It involves the use of vegetable oil to act as a mouth wash. Sesame oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil are mostly in practice, however any other vegetable oil could also be used. Extra virgin olive oil is also in use, but it works only with those people who can tolerate its strong taste. Alternating between various oils is also a good practice.


  • Place one tablespoon of oil into your mouth and swish if around for 10 minutes.
  • Make sure you do not gargle nor swallow it.
  • There comes a point when fluid in the mouth turns thick, white and viscous. At this point it should be removed from the mouth so to prevent the toxins from reabsorbing.
  • Afterwards brush your teeth with your toothpaste. This should be done every morning before eating your breakfast. Result would become apparent in a matter of days

The oil should also be removed from the mouth because of the high concentration of toxins, bacteria, mucous and pus present in it.

Similar To Putting Oil In A Car

It is like putting oil in the engine of a car. Dirt and grime gets picked up by the car. When the oil is pulled out; dirt and grime also comes along – making the engine relatively clean. As a result the car runs for a longer time period. It’s the same for humans! When we expel it from our mouth, it gets comparatively clean and our bodily functions run smoothly with much lesser problems occurring in between.

This mode of cleansing is effective in people of all ages. With such a simple protective measure in hand, it is worthwhile to try it and see the immaculate improvement it brings along.

Increased popularity

In recent years it has gained increased popularity because it is easy, inexpensive and a quicker way for dealing with the problem.


  • For people who are going for this technique for the very first time, they may find it difficult to keep the oil in their mouths for a long period of time. It’s okay! In fact you can start off by using one teaspoon of oil and keep it in your mouth for a lesser time span- say 3 minutes. You can gradually increase your minutes.
  • It is essential that this technique is opted by anyone beyond 5 years of age. This is to avoid any adverse effects that may occur as a result of swallowing done accidently by younger children. For children below 10 years of age, it is essential that such a technique is practiced under the supervision of parents (to avoid choking); with instructions delivered to the young ones in advance from their adults about the oil pulling process.
  • This method should be practiced regularly. Laziness should not come in the way. It should be the first thing put on your schedule of your daily chores.
  • It is wise to start this approach immediately after waking up. Gradually when you get use to the routine, you can do it three times a day. It is advised that you do this before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The reason why it is not recommended after meals is because it can cause nausea.
  • When the oil is in the mouth, you need not to swish it full force as it can cause facial muscles to get tired and ache.
  • After you have spit the oil out of your mouth, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water and then brush it with your favorite toothpaste.
  • Spit the oil into garbage and not the sink because the thick liquid can block the pipes of your sink.

Benefits Of Oil Pulling

“Life is short so its best that whatever time we have in hand, we enjoy it to the maximum. This could only be accomplished if we are strong and healthy. Our body’s natural protective system is doing whatever it can to protect ourselves from threats that may be external or even internal. The least we could do is to put a little effort on our part to help it along its way, and oil-pulling approach is the best way one can tackle with such a problem.”

16. Increases Energy

Greater EnergyOur immune system is engaged in the task of attacking the germs and protecting our body against them. One of the most important oil pulling benefits involves boosting your immune system and energy levels.

  • With fewer germs present in the body via oil pulling technique – the burden on the immune system would decrease considerably.
  • As a result we would we having greater energy and would be more active towards performing various tasks.

15. Aids Hormonal Changes

Aids hormonal ChangesWith fewer toxins present in the body, the normal hormonal functionality of the hormones would not be altered and they would work to their maximum capacity and bring about the required bodily changes that they sought to attain.

14. Keeps The Skin Clear

Keeps the skin clearThe presence of toxins in the body gets easily reflected by our skin. It loses the natural glow that would otherwise be visible. Coconut oil pulling is especially beneficial for skin problems.

  • Through the technique of oil pulling, the toxins are thrown out of the body and hence the skin regains its natural glow.
  • Skin infections are also decreased down to a great extent.

13. Removes Bacteria

Removes BacteriaIt removes bacteria from the mouth, thus eliminates plaque.

  • Everything has an explanation and so does this. According to a study by the scientists, microorganisms in the mouth are single-celled, capsuled by a layer of fatty membrane. When this membrane comes into contact with oil (which is also a fat); they stick to each other and hold on tightly because of strong forces of attraction between them.

12. Solution to Bad Breath

Solution to Bad BreathIt is the ideal solution to getting rid of bad breath. One of the most amazing oil pulling benefits are its effectiveness against mouth odor.

  • There are certain bacteria in the mouth that release bad odor.
  • This combined with the food particles in the mouth, gives an overall bad breath to our mouth.

By their successful elimination from the mouth through oil pulling technique, this problem can easily be dealt with.

  • It is essential that bad breath is promptly treated because this is a sign of periodontal disease.
  • Bacteria in the mouth start producing toxins which in turn irritate the gums.

11. Brighter Teeth

Brighter TeethYour teeth would also become bright as result of oil pulling technique.In the occurrence of yellow teeth, acidic foods and beverages play an essential role. This is because of the attachment of chromogens onto the teeth. Oil pulling ensures that they are thoroughly removed.

“Oil pulling is an easy approach and has gained increased popularity over the years. It is beneficial for both adults and children and is successful in eliminating many illnesses. It has many advantages attached to it. This remedy is sure to bring the required positive results that one has been looking for, for such a long time. Therefore,do not just sit but devote a few minutes of your life to this simple procedure; that will not only eliminate your existing problem, but will avoid the occurrence of future problems too. It only requires you purchasing oil and that is it! Try this approach and you would surely get positive results in a matter of days. The amazing thing is that this approach does not have any side-affects. You would look fresh and with more energy, you would better be able to perform various tasks.”

10. Deals With Sensitivity And Other Gum Diseases

Deals with Sensitivity and other gum DiseasesSensitivity and gum disease could also be tackled with such an approach.

  • Brushing with a lot of gusto can cause the protective layer of the teeth to come off. This enhances sensitivity of the teeth especially when eating acidic foods.
  • Oil pulling does the majority of work that you would want your toothbrush to do. Hence you could replace your hard brush with a soft one and leave onto the oil pulling technique to do majority of the cleansing work. Coconut oil pulling is really effective for this purpose.

9. Improves Lymphatic System

Improves Lymphatic SystemOne of the major oil pulling benefits involve that it is amazing for lymphatic system. The lymphatic system gets improved as result of this.

  • The lymphatic system of our body has the responsibility of carrying body’s cellular waste from the tissues to the blood.
  • The burden is lessened by oil pulling approach.
  • As a result the detoxifying organs of our body; liver and lungs have lesser job responsibility.

8. Reduces Headaches

HeadachesThe headaches are considerably reduced due the practice of oil pulling remedy. You can use olive oil or coconut oil pulling for this purpose.

  • Due to toxic stress, headaches and migraines occur.
  • With the elimination of such germs from our body, we are also relived from the headaches – that act as a barrier to our normal work.

7. Deals With Arthritis

ArthritisArthritis gets treated and also a whole array of related illnesses. Oil pulling benefits are incomplete without mentioning its effectiveness for arthritis.

  • Arthritis is mainly caused by the wear and tear of cartilage throughout life. However, it worsens in the presence of infections.
  • The elimination of infections could be done through oil pulling technique.

6. Whiter Teeth

WhiterteethNow, you would not feel shy in the public to smile because of the resplendent white glow it gives out. This could only be accomplished by using oil pulling technique. The reason is that oil possesses antiviral and antibiotic properties.

5. Reduces Eczema

Reduces EczemaIt reduces eczema. You can use coconut oil pulling technique especially for this purpose.

  • The skin becomes soft and smooth.
  • There are certain microbes that can trigger eczema namely fungus, viruses and bacteria e.g Staphylococcusaureus.

The oil pulling technique would ensure its successful removal from the body.

4. Improves Oral Health

Improves Oral HealthThe status of oral health gets improved.

  • The chances of tooth decay are removed considerably.
  • You will get a brighter smile.

3. Lower Chances Of Getting An Infection

Lower Chances of getting an infectionThe chances of getting an infection are radically reduced. It’s a goodbye wave for all the infections. In fact, Its effectiveness against infections are one of the most amazing oil pulling benefits. With such a simple and natural remedy in hand – its best to try it at least once!

2. Clears Sinuses

Clears sinusesIt is also equipped with the ability of clearing sinuses. It is better to use olive oil instead of coconut oil pulling for this purpose.

  • People suffering from sinusitis have irregular sleeping patterns. They would be unable to sleep, mainly because their nose gets blocked up and they have difficulty in breathing.
  • This congestion is then followed by severe headaches.

Using the technique of oil pulling shows dramatic improvement in people suffering from sinusitis. Their mucous gets eliminated as result and the related problems are reduced to a great magnitude.

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1. Ensures Regularity Of Periods

Ensures regularity of periodsEnsures regularity of periods with less occurrence of cramps and lesser mood swings. Infection of the uterus and cervix can cause increased bleeding. Oil pulling technique ensures the removal of such harmful substances from the body.

Along with oil pulling it is also recommended to take the following measures also:

  • Consume green tea since it has antioxidant compounds that remove the chances of getting a plaque.
  • Eat more onions. This is because they contain antibacterial sulfur compounds. This causes the death of various bacteria found in the mouth. Onions are best effective if eaten in raw form.
  • Fruits having vitamin C are also good for the health. These may include apples, kiwis and strawberries.
  • There should be enhanced consumption of water. This is because it cleans the mouth and produces new saliva that brings essential minerals into the teeth.
  • Cheese should also be consumed as it contains calcium and phosphate – this helps in the maintenance of the pH level of the mouth.
  • Chewing gum is also recommended as it causes irrigation between and around teeth. However, it is not recommended for those who already have a teeth problems.


  • Continue the remedy with a regular pattern.
  • Do change the types of vegetable oils you choose.
  • Gradually increase the number of times you practice this remedy.

Do Not’s

  • Do not continue with this approach if you get sick or feel nausea.
  • Do not discharge the waste oil into your sink as the thick liquid can block the pipes.
  • Do not perform oil pulling after meals.

I am sure this article would have helped you immensely in dealing with your problem.

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