21 Benefits Of Green Tea For Healthy Life

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Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and it has healing and anti inflammatory properties. It has been used from ages for many body ailments and diseases by ancient civilizations. Green tea is very good for many things like your skin, hair and nails etc. It is anti inflammatory and boosts healing. It is very helpful in pregnancy to treat nausea and bloating. It also contains many helpful ingredients which help to flush toxins from the body.

If you read further, you will be able to know the benefits of green tea in a list form. When it comes to benefits of green tea, there come a wide range of variety that you are going to read through this piece. Believe it or not! some of the benefits would simply be the eye-openers for most of the readers out there.

Following mentioned are some of the appealing, attractive and eye-catching benefits of green tea out of which most were simply unknown up till now.

 21. Weight Loss


  • Matcha Green tea helps in the reduction of fats from the belly and the waist. Its regular consumption on a daily basis early in the morning helps to keep the body fresh and boosts metabolism.
  • As the metabolism increases the energy rate of the body increases which helps to burn more fat from the body.
  • Green tea powder consumption has helped many obese people to lose weight as much as 15 to 20 pounds every three months, with regular consumption and exercise.
  • It would be no wrong to label it as “Green Tean Fat Burner”.

20. Fresher Breath


  • Consumption of green tea replenishes the germs and harmful bacteria found on the tongue and teeth. These bacteria are causes of bad breathe.
  • Bad breathe is also a result of toxic gases from the stomach. Green tea shot diminishes the gases in the stomach. This also results in fresher breath.
  • A layer of plaque is formed on the tongue. It absorbs smells and odors from the food you eat. The combination of these smells results in a very bad breath and it drives people away from you. Green tea removes that plaque from the tongue. It also ensures that plaque is not formed by its regular consumption. This again leads to fresh breath.

 19. Powerful Anti Oxidant


  • When the food is digested in the body, it produces certain free radicals in the body. The free radicals attack the healthy cells in the body and it leads to the healthy cells being affected in a negative manner. This results in certain ailments like aging etc.
  • Antioxidants bond these free radicals with themselves and make sure that they do not roam around the busy affecting healthy cells. This way they protect the body in a different but smart way.

 18. Reduces Cholesterol


  • Matcha Green tea ensures the burning of fats from the blood vessels as well as from the body.
  • When the fats burn from the blood vessels, it ultimately leads to reducing the cholesterol levels in the body.
  • The reduction of fat from the body leads to weight loss – one of the appealing and ultimate benefits of green tea weight loss for most of the readers!.

17. Healthy Skin


  • As green tea powder contains anti oxidants, it makes sure that your skin has a younger look after you consume it for a long period of time.
  • It also helps you keep the acne and eczema at bay as it cleans and purifies the blood.
  • It will give you a healthier and glowing skin with persistent consumption.

 16. Healthy And Shiny Hair


  • There are certain molecules in the green tea which help in building of new cells. These also help to build new cells in the scalp and thus it promotes hair growth
  • Green tea repairs damaged hair cell and add a shine to the hair. This makes the hair healthy and adds bounce to the hair as well.
  • Green tea inhibits the growth of the DHT (dyhydrotestosterone) which causes hair fall and causes retarded growth.

 15.  Keeps Allergies At Bay


  • ECGC is found in Green tea which inhibits the production of histamine and immunoglobulin E. These substances are responsible for reacting to allergens.
  • If you have pollen and dust allergy, try consuming green tea powder on a regular basis, and you will definitely see a positive response of your body to these allergens.

14. Maintain Sugar Levels


  • Diabetes is a disease which affects you very badly.
  • In order to cope with diabetes, you need to keep your body sugar level at a constant level.
  • Green tea inhibits the production of alpha glycosidase which helps in the absorption of glucose. As less sugar will be absorbed in the blood, the sugar levels will remain low.
  • If you take green tea shot, and do regular walk, you will be able to control your sugar levels for good.
  • If you are taking any medications for your sugar, consult your doctor before quitting the medicine or changing the doses, as your doctor knows best about your condition.

13. Managing Blood Pressure


  • Green tea contains minimal amounts of caffeine, which helps the body control diabetes and cholesterol.
  • Indirectly green tea has a positive effect on your blood pressure and you can easily maintain your blood pressure with numerous benefits of green tea.
  • If you are taking any medication for your Hypertension, do consult your doctor before starting taking green tea, as it may worsen your condition in adverse cases of hypertension.

 12. Prevents Platelet Aggregation


  • Platelet aggregation is a major cause of heart diseases.
  • Green tea contains anti oxidant Flavonoids which help in prevention of platelet aggregation.
  • Platelet aggregation also leads to many other diseases.
  • A regular consumption of green tea causes the heart to perform at its best and it stops the body from developing many fatal diseases.

 11. Pregnancy


  • Green tea helps to relieve the pregnant women of the nausea which they experience in the early months.
  • Green tea enhances the immune system of pregnant women thus increasing their immunity against certain allergies and infections.
  • In the later stages of pregnancy, pregnant women experience hypertension. This can be catered by regular consumption of green tea.
  • Gestational diabetes is another condition which some pregnant women may experience. This occurs when the sugar levels of the blood increase from the normal range. This way the weight of the baby increases to very high levels and the baby in the womb becomes obese. This diabetes vanishes as soon as the woman gives birth to the baby. But during the pregnancy the sugar levels must be maintained. This can be done by regular intake of green tea.

10. Prevents Arthritis


  • Green tea stops the production of the enzyme chemokine. This enzyme promotes inflammation.
  • Arthritis is caused by the loss of flexibility of the bones. The green tea keeps the bones flexible and prevents arthritis.
  • Those patients who already have arthritis may also get benefits of green tea. Though it will take time to completely cure arthritis but the effects are long lasting and are worth a try.

 9. Prevents Skin Cancer


  • Green tea helps to block the carcinogenic factors from the environment and also protects the ultra violet rays from reaching the skin.
  • If unnecessary and too much exposure to the sun is done, then you get to have a higher risk of skin cancer. This can be avoided by regular intake of green tea as it contains the substances that do not allow the harmful substances to take action and affect the body negatively.

 8. Reduces Stress And Depression


  • Stress and depression has affected people around the world in a very bad way. Most young generation is depressed because of the responsibilities they have on their shoulders as soon as they grow up. The unemployment has affected the people in a very negative way as well.
  • Old people get depressed as they age and their children leave them as they are busy in their own lives.
  • Polyphenols which are present in the green tea are responsible for adequate provision of glucose to the brain cells. The adequate amount of glucose keeps the brain cells healthy and keeps the depression at bay.
  • Thiamine is an amino acid found in green tea which is very good for the depression patients and it helps maintain a healthy brain functioning.

 7. Asthma Prevention


  • Green tea contains theophylline, which helps in the relaxation of muscles. When the muscles of the lungs that are the bronchioles are relaxed, they ensure the proper breathing and provision of oxygen to the body cells and the heart.
  • Asthma can be a fatal disease if the asthma attack is intense and not controlled on time.
  • Asthma patients are highly sensitive to allergens and as soon as they catch an allergy, their asthma is aggravated. Green tea also keeps the body from catching allergies and helps the asthma patients to breathe deeply and with ease.

6. Healthy Nails


  • If you have brittle nails, here is your solution. You can use the green tea essential oils to massage your nails once a week. You will notice a gradual change in the texture of your nails from the first time you use it.
  • Sometimes the nails become discolored. Those yellow nails look very non presentable. To get rid of this condition, you need to soak the nails for about ten to fifteen minutes in cooled green tea. You will notice excellent results if you use it twice a week.
  • Consumption of green tea helps the nails to gain strength and become healthier.

 5. Healthy Liver


  • Liver is the most important part of the body. It helps to flush out the toxins from the body.
  • The anti oxidants in the green tea helps the liver to take a rest and the work is done by the antioxidants in the green tea.
  • Sometimes, fat deposits in the liver, which makes the liver fat, this condition of the liver is called fatty liver and is very dangerous. Green tea helps the body to get rid of the fats. The fats in the liver are also burnt by the green tea.

 4. Natural Sunscreen


  • If applied on the skin externally, green tea helps to prevent the Ultra Violet rays from reaching the skin.
  • The ultra Violet rays may cause the wrinkles to appear on the skin and it may age the skin very quickly.
  • To prepare the natural and cost effective sunscreen at home, take two cups of water and boil a few leaves of green tea in the water. Let the mixture cool, then apply it before going out in the sun and leave it to dry.
  • You now do not need to spend bucks on expensive sunscreens as here is an affective home recipe which you can use without any side effects.

 3.  Osteoporosis


  • It is a condition when the bones become hollow and brittle. They no longer are able to support the body weight and may lead to multiple fractures of the body.
  • This condition can be improved by changes in the diet and by increasing calcium in the diet.
  • If you have weak bones, increase the intake of green tea as it has high contents of fluoride which makes the bones and teeth stronger.
  • This condition is mostly experienced by women after menopause. They must take care of their diet in advance so as to prevent future diseases like osteoporosis.

 2. Increases Immunity


  • Green tea contains Polyphenols and Flavonoids, along with the antioxidants. The Polyphenols and Flavonoids increase the immunity of the body, thus making the body less prone to infections.
  • If you experience minor infections with the changes in the weather, make it a routine to consume green tea every morning. You will find a relief to the infections and you will not have to take high potency anti biotic for them.
  • If you are already taking an anti biotic for a certain infection, don’t quit it at once. Start taking green tea for further prevention of such infections.

 1. Stomach Ailments At Bay


  • Green tea prevents the stomach diseases like food poisoning and minor ulcers etcetera.
  • As the body immunity increases, the stomach also has increased immunity.
  • If you have a severe condition like ulcer, make sure you don’t over consume green tea as it may aggravate the condition.

 Dos And Don’ts

Although green tea is a natural tea and it has no chemicals or drugs added to added, still you need to make sure of certain things if you have critical health problems while consuming it.


  • To see the results in your body like the weight loss, reducing cholesterol levels you must follow the directions.
  • Green tea is recommended to be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach for weight loss purposes and should be consumed warm or hot.
  • Do talk to your doctor if you are thinking of replacing green tea with any of your regular prescribed medicines.


  • Do not over consume green tea if you have any medical conditions like hypertension.
  • If you have any stomach ulcers or gastric problem like heart burn, do not take green tea as this may aggravate the condition.
  • Do not skip any of your medicines or replace them with green tea.

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