20 Super Foods For Healthy Kidneys

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God has provided us with an array of fruits and vegetables, whose consumption promotes healthy kidneys. When such facilities are so near to us, then it is wise to avail the opportunity and get the best out of it.

Our kidneys are bean shaped red structured organs. Normal individuals are born with two kidneys, one on either side of the spine. They have millions of tiny filters that can clean up to 40 gallons of blood a day. Essential nutrients are kept whereas excess water, nutrients and harmful substances are expelled from the body in the form of urine. It is also responsible for hormone production. Theses hormones in turn are responsible for the production of red blood cells, controls blood pressure and activates vitamin D production. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones. Human body has a complex structure with too many organs interconnected with each other. Every organ has its own significance and performs a unique function in the body. The proper working of each organ of the body is mandatory for healthy life and for performing every day function. Among these various organs working in the body, kidney is one of critical importance.

What Kidney is?

The bean shaped organs involved in extracting the waste from the blood and balance the fluids of the body in urine besides performing other important functions are known as kidneys.

The kidneys, which lie opposite to each other, are situated in the upper abdominal cavity against the back muscles. To make space for the liver, the left kidney is a bit higher than the right one.

Functions of Kidneys

Kidneys play important role and are key organs of urinary system. The major functions performed by the kidneys are as follows:

  • Removal of Waste: There are of course certain things that your body does not require. Therefore, for this matter kidney plays its role by removing any kind of toxins, urea and extra salts. All the excessive minerals and salts are collected via urea, which is produced in liver and is then transferred to kidneys via blood for removal of waste.
  • Balancing the Water Level: The urine is broken down chemically with the help of kidneys and because of which kidneys regulate the body’s water level for the whole day. When the intake of water is low, the kidneys will let the water stay inside the body rather than excreting them.
  • Regulating the Blood Pressure: Kidneys always filter the blood in the presence of the constant pressure. When this pressure gets lower, the kidneys help to increase it by producing the angiotensin, which is a vessel-constricting protein. The constriction and retention produced in the body helps to maintain the normal blood pressure in the body.
  • Regulating the Red Blood Cells: Kidneys send the signal by producing a hormone, erythropoietin that boosts the production of oxygenated red blood cells, to bone marrow, in case the oxygen level gets low and the kidneys are not able to get the required level of oxygen.
  • Regulating the Acid Level: because of cell metabolism, acids are produced in the body. The food that we eat has a property to either increase the acid level in the body or to neutralize it. But, for proper functioning of the body, it is important to keep these acids in balance and kidneys are the organs that perform this function for the body.

These are the some necessary functions that are performed by the kidneys in the body. Mostly all of the people are born with two kidneys. But, it is not necessary to have both for the whole life, people can live with one kidney as well.

Major Kidney Problems

The kidneys are involved in many major functions of the body also they have to deal with all of the toxins of the body. Therefore, they become vulnerable to many different kinds of problems ranging from minor to some major issues. Some of the kidney diseases include:

  • Minor Infections
  • Stones
  • Cysts
  • Cancer
  • And in extreme cases even the kidney failure

Treatment of Kidney diseases

For minor kidney issues there are several cures that are available and such infections could be treated easily with simple medication. But, in case the kidney fails completely, the only treatment is to either go for the regular dialysis or kidney transplant.

It is usually said the prevention is better than cure and this is right. Instead of facing the disease and to spend thousands of money on its treatment, it is better to take such foods that are great for healthy kidneys and will also save them from getting any kind of issue. Here we will discuss the top 20 of such foods that are excellent in keeping your kidneys safe and healthy.

Top 20 Foods for Healthy Kidneys

There are certain foods that naturally contain antioxidants like vitamin C, E, beta carotene and lycopene etc. These antioxidant containing foods not only slow down the infections but also help in maintain the health of the kidneys. So, here are 20 such foods that are not only good for those suffering with kidney diseases but also for all the others.

“I am sure the above article would have been more than helpful for you in attaining sufficient information regarding the appropriate foods to be consumed to promote kidney health. That everyone should become aware because healthy kidneys promote healthy body with a guide. Kidneys are like a cleansing machine and are in operation 24/7.With such workload, all we could do is to opt some measures and eat a healthy diet so the kidneys continue to perform their function to their absolute potential.”

20. Red Bell Peppers

Red Bell PepperRed bell peppers are very good for the healthy kidneys as they have low level of potassium and are rich with necessary nutrients like Vitamin A, C, B6, fibers and folic acid. Besides enhancing the taste of your food it also has antioxidant that is very useful for protecting against some types of cancer. You can use these red bell peppers as toppings to your foods or can also use in chopped form.

19. Cabbage

CabbageCabbage has a natural ingredient called phytochemicals which is present in very few other vegetables and fruits. These phytochemicals besides being beneficial for the kidney are also good for fighting against cancer and maintain good cardiovascular condition.

Being rich with vitamins K and C, vitamin B6, folic acid and fiber, cabbage is an inexpensive food for a healthy kidney. You can add cabbage to your favorite every day food like salads, tacos, and rolls etc. Boiled, steamed or micro waved, cabbage is a healthy addition to your food. Just sizzle the cabbage with little bit of pepper, cheese and cream and enjoys the food that is not only appetizing but is also healthy for your kidneys as well.

18. Cauliflower

CAULIFLOWEROne of the many super foods good for kidneys is cauliflower. Cauliflower is high in vitamin C, foliate and fiber. It also contains certain elements that are useful for liver in neutralizing the acidic substances. Cauliflower can be used in every day meal by adding it either in salads or in dips. You just need to add a little bit of seasoning and it can turn into an excellent side dish for your meal.

17. Garlic

Garlic...Everyone is aware of the natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the garlic. It is a real natural gift for treating any kinds of diseases. It is also good for the individuals having blood clotting problem. It could be used either in its original form or in the form of powder. You can add it in your food in whatever form you like. It is a necessary part of many every day dishes like meat, vegetables, sauces and soups. Once you start using it in your food, you will be surprised to see the great results that it produces for your body.

16. Onion

Onion ...Onions are used in almost every type of food either cooked or salads. They are rich with flavonoids that help in preventing the blockage in blood vessels caused by the fatty acids. The antioxidant present in the onion is known to have great advantages for heart and cancer patients. Onions have very low level of potassium because of which they are good for kidneys and also have special mineral chromium which is very much helpful in metabolizing the fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

15. Apples

APPLE..It is a famous saying that an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. It is said because of the innumerable health benefits of the apple. Being rich with fiber and having anti-inflammatory characteristics, apples are good in lowering the cholesterol level, preventing against heart and cancer issues and reducing constipation.

14. Cranberries

Cranberry JuiceBy making urine more acidic, cranberries help in preventing the attachment of bacteria to the inside of the bladder. They also protect the body against cancer and heart attacks. Cranberries could be used in every day meals in the form of juice or cereal and salad item. Cranberries are very useful in lowering the risk of kidney stone formation and also help in healing the urinary tract infections.

“The remedies are not only restricted to adults but serve equal purpose for children. In fact, right from an early age children should be encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables; it should form an integral part of their daily diet. Spread this knowledge to your friends and family.”

13. Blueberries

BLUEBERRIESNo doubt, blueberries are a delicious fruit used in many items. They have an antioxidant named anthocyanidins that not only gives the blue color to these berries but also has many benefits. These berries are also rich with vitamin C, manganese and fibers.

12. Raspberries

Red Raspberry..Raspberries have ellagic acid useful for kidneys. They also have anthocyanins that are very strong antioxidants. Besides these, they are also high in fiber, manganese, folate and vitamins B and C.

11. Strawberries

strawberriesStrawberries are known to have the anti-cancer properties. Besides, they have anti-oxidants, vitamin C, fiber and manganese. They can be used in eth form of smoothies, juices, dessert toppings, cakes and cereals.

10. Cherries

Cherries_They have the very useful antioxidants and phytochemicals that are good for heart. Fresh cherries are delicious to eat and could be used in making pies, cakes and other desserts. You should keep a regular intake of cherries in whichever form you like.

9. Red Grapes

Red grapesMany kinds of flavonoids present in the red grapes give its color. Red grapes have the property of reducing the blood clotting and oxidation. The flavonoid resveratrol, increase the nitric oxide production in the body that results in muscle relaxation of blood vessels which is good for smooth blood flow. They are good for the patients who are recommended to take a fluid- restricted diet.

8. Egg White

Egg WhitesEgg whites are pure proteins and provide the best quality protein to the body besides providing the necessary amino acids. They also have a low level of phosphorous which is good for kidneys. Egg whites could be used in making omelets, smoothies and sandwiches etc.

7. Fish

FishFish is a high source of protein. Fish is recommended to the diabetic and heart patients. Fish also has fats known as omega-3 that have anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce the bad cholesterols like LDL and also help in increasing the good cholesterol such as HDL in the body.

6. Olive Oil

olive oil...Olive oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties. The oxidation, which is really harmful for the kidneys, could be reduced because of the mono-saturated fats present in the body. Olive oil is also good for removing the kidney stones. You can use olive oil to cook your food or could be used in making the salad’s dressing.

5. Lemon Juice

lemon juice..The acid present in the lemon juice helps in breaking the kidney stones naturally. Not only it helps in curing the stones, it also prevents the binding of already present crystals in the kidney. Two tablespoons of the lemon juice daily could definitely keep your kidneys problem free.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple JuiceApple cider vinegar can treat almost all kind of diseases. Not only is it beneficial for heart, weight-loss and blood pressure, but is also beneficial for your kidneys by regulating the acid level in your blood making it easy for kidneys to take all the waste out o body.

3. Carrots

carrotsCarrots are rich source of soluble fiber pectin which increase the urine output and also lowers the creatinine level. It also has vitamin A producing beta-carotene. Vitamin A is very useful in repairing the affected kidney tissues.

2. Coriander

Coriander seeds..Coriander is an excellent natural ingredient for healthy kidneys. It naturally removes harmful metals like mercury and lead etc that are very dangerous for kidney tissues. It also prevents oxidation and the damage caused to the kidney because of it.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric..Turmeric has a natural strong antioxidant called curcumin. This antioxidant reduces the oxidative stress and helps in smooth functioning of the kidneys. The diabetics develop the kidney problems earlier than the others. For those patients, turmeric reduces the risk of getting kidney problems.


  • Eat healthy diet
  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily routine
  • Take a lot of fluids, juices and fresh fruit shakes etc.


  • Do not ignore any pains or other kidney related symptoms
  • Do not eat food rich in phosphorous.
  • Do not eat food that enhances oxidation or acid production in the body.
  • Avoid high intake of calcium and sodium.

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