Top 20 Lovely Long Prom Dresses

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Selecting a costume from the extensive variety of long prom dresses is not an easy task. You should focus, however, on an outfit that is well balanced between comfort and fashion and within a teenager’s budget.

Prom is one of the most important events of a teenager’s life. It signifies their ascension into adults and it is definitely an enjoyable night with many fond memories. Dressing up for the occasion is vital and long prom dresses are all the craze right now. The best tip for dress selection is to opt for an outfit that suits your body, not the one you want necessarily because you dress to impress. For all the ladies choosing among prom dresses that will cast the lime light on them, this list of spectacular long mermaid prom dresses will draw the attention towards you and elevate you to the talk of the evening.

 20. Long Gown With Glittering Jewel Beads And Side Slit Design


This lovely outfit stands out among long vintage prom dresses. It suits all ladies with a slim to medium figure just fine and gives them a very chic way of expressing their fashion sense and become the main talk of the evening. What really makes this long prom dresses so special is its figure cut-out and side slit style. The dress is sewn from Chiffon silk which makes a glamorous party wear dress. From all long prom dresses, this one goes well with evening wear events. It combines comfort, design and latest fashion sense in a lovely long prom dress.

 19. Neckline Beaded Long Prom Dress With Open Back


This dress has a one shoulder strap which goes excellently well if you are looking for a daring yet wondrous look. Its shoulder strap combined with open back and beads create an outstanding dress from long unique prom dresses. It has a very fitting stitching and goes very well on the body. It looks smashing on ladies who have a fit physique. The pretty design combined with the neckline will keep the attention on you.

 18. Long Gown With Sleeveless Side Split And Illusion Neckline


What really makes this dress stand out from all the others is its gorgeous neckline and the length of the dress really compliments long prom dresses fashion that is most in. These high low prom dresses make a bold fashion statement and speak out loud that the lady is not afraid of taking risky styles. This outfit rocks brilliantly on plus size ladies as well, which makes its dual body size adjustability a plus point to its already great look.

The proper dress can make your Prom so much more memorable. The right dress can make all the difference for the night and show your personality and fashion sense combined together. It is also the best way out to display your particular feminine fashion savvy and get applause for the best selection.

 17. Satin Gown With Silver Rectangles, One Shoulder Strap And Cut Out Waist


This cheap plus size prom dress is the latest in fashion and is already a huge hit among women tending for a more modernized fashionable look which shows their in depth knowledge about the latest in trends. This long prom dress fits like a glove in festive events such as cocktail parties and will sure get you the shower of compliments that you want on you special night. Red particularly makes it radiate and will make you stand out in the crowd. This dress has the new trend of built in bra which make it very easy for the ladies to keep themselves adjusted. The length of this prom dress adds more effect to this dresses beauty.

 16. Strapless Silver Beaded Long Prom Dress With Front Slit Open


This strapless long prom dress has the added effect of bare back which makes it a gutsy dress to wear. The dress draws attention towards the legs so choose this dress while having dashing legs will make them look even more fabulous. It mainly comes in 2 colors; black and white. Depends on what occasion and how you wear them. The white is a bit more formal and exhibits a reserved yet lively character while the black color brings out the dashing and social aspects. The neckline has been designed sweetly which makes this dress one of the top choices for long prom dresses.

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 15. Crystal Jewelled Floral Long Prom Dress With Heart Neckline


This white and gold prom dress fits very snugly on the body and delivers a killed body look. It adds dramatic effect due to its added length, so rock it the best way you can and show every one that you want to look special for your special night. It has beautiful finishing and it suits cocktail party occasions superbly. Its detailing is done with precision and designing is well thought of with understanding of female physique and how best to show it off. It is the best choice dress if you are looking for something safe to wear and still want to look stunning in front of everybody.

Long prom dresses come in all sizes, choices of fashion and body. Whether you choose for a more subtle look or a daring gamble, this gallery of glam has it all. Choose among these awesome dresses to show your deep knowledge, lively personality, fashion sense and to impress the people you would want to on the night. Make the night yours.

 14. Beaded Chiffon Long Prom Dress With Crossing Open Back And Spaghetti Straps


This chiffon prom dress is truly a beauty and a masterpiece. It is really unique and one of a kind dress and it would be no less to call it a masterpiece. The beads with spaghetti strap and crisscross open dress back with chiffon silk fabric makes it a smashing choice to wear to any occasion and reveal the hidden fashion talent that all ladies want to exhibit. Orange color in this dress especially draws out the real attraction that it keeps. The spaghetti straps and crossing over back make the dress interesting and the beads add their own beauty and shining gravitation that will pull anyone’s attention from the party towards you. Wear at your own choice, as this dress will make you the main attraction of the entire party.

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 13. Ruched Bodice And Beautiful Heart Neckline Long Prom Dress


This long prom dress is unique in its own aspects because its cutting, shaping, working and fitting is very different from traditional prom dresses. It has a very appealing floral design on the bodice which adds an appealing pretty look to the overall dress. This dress will separate your fashion sense from the rest of the ladies prom dresses because of its different fashion design and beauty in its simplicity.

It is an outfit that is well suited to not only prom but events such as weddings, cocktail parties, evening formal wear and many others. It is a sweet, lovely dress which captures the gaze of onlookers and gives the wearer a subtle yet noticeable attention.

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 12. Long Prom Dress With Halter Neck


This prom dress is the kind you simply don’t want to rent but purchase for your own. Just one look will capture your curiosity and trying it once will get your attention. For the long prom dresses fashion, it is featured in many a catalogue, making it the top trendy fashionable of prom dresses and hence many ladies are gravitated towards its charm, and rightfully so. It rocks fantastically on the body and with that it combines both fashion and comfort, making it an ideal choice for long prom events where timing and staying glamorous from start to finish is necessary.

Quality materials go into the making of this dress so its quality is something to be assured of. It also has the built in bra which allows the ladies to remain content and easy. This dress clearly shows good detail and thinking that has been put in its designing, so choosing it is an ideal choice.

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 11. Strapless Satin Long Prom Dress With Shiny Beads


This prom dress is a slightly formal in its look. It rocks in pink color and has a very appealing taste to all crowds. You can wear it to most occasions as it fits itself very well. Although this is a strapless prom dress, wearing a bra is still advised but this problem is solved by the dress itself because it comes with a built in bra. The dress has intricate designing as well, with a well designed waist line with masterfully executed finishing of the prom dress. This cocktail dress is an excellent choice for a prom evening that will be set in your memory happily for the rest of your life.

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