30 Extremely Amazing Wedding Dresses To Obsess Over

For the centuries girls in the west have been selecting the traditional white outfit to exhibit an innocent and stylish look on most special day of their lives. Despite the simplicity of the dress, white color adds great charm to the bridal look, but recently it has been observed that same traditional outfit is a subject to tremendous change in west and girls find the white, long net frock ubiquitous. Therefore they prefer different styles, shades, designs in it to look perfect. The innovation in bridal couture has been admired by the brides-to-be because of their invincible appeal. The change in the bridal dresses is seen in the form of cuts, designs, styles, drapes and creativity. Another revolution in the western bridal dresses is embellishment of beads, embroidery and lace at the bust area, cuffs, waists and beaded strands on the back which give a fancy yet sophisticated look to the wedding gowns and dresses etc. Shortness in length is yet another mega change that has been observed in western bridal dresses whereby skirt type bridal dresses with stylish jackets and strapless blouses are also in vogue.

Here are 30 amazing wedding dresses you simply can’t miss to go through before choosing your wedding dress. You can also choose one of the compatible wedding hairstyles for long hair as well.

“Make your bridal shopping easy by going through these beautiful collections of bridal dresses to shine on your big day.”

30. Simple White Strapless Wedding Frock


This frock is just perfect for all simplicity lovers. It is simple yet stylish and a perfect attire for your special day. Stuff can be any but silk is preferable. The strapless frock gives beautiful look and will leave space for you necklace. Net is usually used for designing over the frock. For giving a trendy look to this dress stone and gems work on bust cups and waists will render a sparkling effect and will give royal and fancy look.

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29. Long White Frock With Stylish Strap


The long white frock with a brooch on straps is very in. It is admired by many brides-to-be and the light designing over the bust cups and waist adds more glam to it. This type of dress suits more on tall and thin girls. Silk is preferable for this kind of dress because it doesn’t cling to the body and at the same time drape of silk is always neat and all set. To try innovation, one can also select different light shades like baby pink, peach and blue for this dress.

28. Alluring Fish Style Wedding Frock


All those girls who want to look alluring on their most special day of life just can’t overlook this dress. It is a complete beauty of its kind. Fit at the buttocks, this dress gives the look of a streamlined fish body. More than one fabric is used in this type of dress.  Net and organza is used to make the crispy frill of the frock from below the buttocks. The jersey fabric is preferable for body of the frock for perfect fitting but silk can also be used.

27. Short Tail Chiffon Wedding Dress


These gowns are usually made of chiffon with a short tail and bow tied on the back. It can be backless or back full, customized as per bride’s choice. Similarly, it can be made with straps or strapless. The fitting at the back gives the elegant look and backless part gives the utter look to the open hairstyle of the bride.

26. White Long Tail Frock With Bows


If you wish to wear the dress that is perfect by style, cut, texture and tail, you simply can’t miss this one. This frock has more beauty at the back as the stylish bows start from the middle of the back and end at the end of a long tail. Designers usually prefer Batiste fabric for this kind of frock because of its light weight and softness.  Some designers also use Brocade fabric for this frock but Brocade is not recommended in warm weather. Embroidered net is used for the edges of the frock to give it a finished look.

25. White Frock With Colored Flowers And Frill


The floral designs at the back of the dresses are admired by all the brides-to-be. Those who love to catch attention this way need to consider this design. It comes with either long or short tail. The dress is sleeveless and strapless. Below the zipper the floral pins are used beautifully the make the ruffle. The flowers used can be of any color depending on bride’s choice. The embroidery at the edges gives the fine and elegant look to the dress.

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24. Short Knee-Length Wedding Dresses With Sleeves


This dress is the first choice for all those girls who love to keep their legs uncovered and have a balanced body. This short knee-length dress with net embroidered sleeves gives simple yet beautiful look to you on your special day. It is perfect for summer weddings as with bare legs and light makeup it’s the dress that makes you feel self assured.

23. Knee-Length Dress With Tail


It’s an asymmetrical strapless dress usually made of satin with the embellishment of beadings, appliqués, crystal floral pins and ruffles. Light hair jewelry and fancy stiletto heels add more glam to your final look on your wedding.

22. Short Wedding Dress With Appliques Organza Flowers


This dress is perfect for all summer brides. Sweetheart neckline and built in bra gives the perfect shape to your body. Designers usually prefer satin, organza and lace for this dress. Embellishment of the dress can be customized as per bride’s choice. The essence of the dress lies in cross-cross, flowers, appliques and cascading tight ruffle. If you want to look absolutely stunning then this dress can’t be overlooked.

21. Classy Short Wedding Dress With Flower Waistband


This classy dress is a complete love for women who want to sparkle like a star on their wedding day. The sweetheart neckline with organza ruffles and colored flower waistband gives the prefect look to your figure. If you want to look like a dainty darling, try this!

20. Short Side Tail Wedding Dress


Look at the lady in above picture. Isn’t she looking gorgeous? Yes, you can also look as gorgeous as her on your wedding by wearing this dress. It is stylish, unique and alluring. You can also try this side tail design with straps and sashes or ribbons and appliques. This short bubble wedding dress can be made in any color but lighter shades will add more glamorous look. Beading on waist and bust cups can also make it fancier.

19. White Frock With Colored Fancy Panels


This luxury bridal dress with stones and gems work on bust cups and panels of the frock render a sparkling effect which seems royal and fancy. The panels can be of any color. Dark colored panels compliment the overall look of the dress. This dress can be strapless or with straps depending on the bride’s choice. A matching customized clutch further enhances the look and brings perfection. Bride can also use net veil or a scarf hanging behind.

18. Dress Up Like A Frozen Princess On Your Wedding


Ever wished to look like a Disney Princess on your wedding day? If yes, then look up for this dress. The gown can be made in any color. White is preferable for weddings. Silk and shiny net is used to give a fancy look. Frill of the frock is embellished with beads and diamante’ to make you sparkle. Full sleeves and sweetheart neckline add more glam to it.

17. Ball Gown With Furry Ruffles


Ball gowns are very in nowadays. Many celebrities prefer this dress over others because of its unique and stylish look. If ball gowns can be celebrities choice, then why not yours! Ball gowns come in variety of styles and designs. The lady in above picture is having a seducing look because of her furry ball gown. If you want to try it with innovation, try it with different cut, drape and color.

16. Ball Gown With Flower Ruffles


Ball gown with a drape and a ruffle of dense flower give u a very stunning look.  Organza and satin are the perfect fabric for this kind of dress. Fully lined dress with huge floral ruffle is suitable for all seasons. The dress comes up with sweetheart neckline and zipper at the back. Double layer long veil adds more beauty to it as you can see the girl in above picture.

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15. Ball Gown With Cascading Ruffles


The cascading silk ruffle of the dress with ribbon on the edges makes you look fabulous on your special day. Girls are ordering this dress in different light colors now. Light and stylish hair jewelry adds cuter look to the bride. A brooch on the waist makes it fancier. Want to look as fabulous as this lady in above picture? Then don’t think, just go for it!

14. Dazzling Red Organza Dress


Want to wear this dreamy dress on your wedding then you are not out of luck! It’s easy. What you are supposed to do is to take this picture with you and ask your designer to make such dazzling red dress for you on your happiest day. Don’t forget to tell him that you want these matching red gloves and hair band too. The cascading silk ruffle and floral pins in between gives the fantastic look. The sweetheart neckline gives your body a perfect body shape like a Barbie. So be a Barbie on your wedding day and feel overwhelmed!

13. Printed Wedding Dresses


If you want to bloom like a flower on your wedding day then you simply can’t miss this dress with floral print over it. The floral print wedding dresses are the most refined and stylish outfits which have the grace and sophistication exhibited through the rich base of the fabric that falls perfectly along the figure to offer a fresh, slender, slim and smart look. Another benefit of wearing floral print dress on your wedding is that you don’t need to wear heavy jewelry. A light pendant will be enough with this dress.

12. Leopard Print Wedding Dress


Animal skin prints are in vogue not only in casual dresses but also in wedding and formal dresses. These bridal dresses are for all those ladies who love animal skin prints. These prints are generally expensive but are available widely and easily. The lady in above picture is dressed in leopard skin print for her wedding day.  The ruffle and net panels in leopard colors are giving the elegant look to her. Animal skin prints would never go out of fashion, these prints are the fashion statement of today and they remain ever green

11. Zebra Print Wedding Dress


This playful zebra print wedding dress with elegant beading on bust cups and cascading ruffle gives the dazzling look to all the brides and will catch attention of everyone the moment you make your entrance. To make it look funkier you can also ask to add bows and ribbons on the waistline. Seize the day at your wedding with a sensational long zebra print dress and enjoy looking beautiful.

10. Tulle Wedding Dress With Classy Hat And Floral Print


Does the hat remind you of the gorgeous Titanic girl? If yes, then be like one on your wedding day. This golden tulle dress with printed silk and a net bow at the back will make you look not only gorgeous but royal too. This hat is beautifully crafted to give you a royal look. Hats range from big brimmed sinamay dishes to felt caps. They can be trimmed with feathers and flowers.

9. Exquisite Embroidered V-Neckline Wedding Gown


This V-Neckline embroidered bodice A-line gown is made of lace fabric and is suitable for weddings in all seasons. The exquisite hand-done embroidery on the neckline and bust cups gives the gown the look that will catch everybody’s eye on your special day. The skirt features the luxurious symmetrical draping and lengthening vertical train. To try innovation, you can order it in colors other than white or in combination of colors. So, puffy sleeves vintage dress is for all Diana’s fans.

8. Wedding Gown With Long Sleeves And Bare Back Style


The beauty of this dress lies in its sheer long crochet sleeves and open back style .The chapel length train makes it more alluring. The fitting if perfectly set, gives your body the shape of a mermaid. So, be at your best on your special day by wearing this dress and dazzle the audience.

7. Wedding Gown With Off Shoulder Neckline


If you want to show off your beautiful shoulders and clavicle on your big day then this dress is the perfect choice. This off shoulders design renders an absolutely rich and sophisticated look to even simplest bridal attire. The off shoulder designs in lace gowns come in a huge variety and definitely become hard to choose. So, look exquisitely beautiful on your day by wearing this off shoulder design.

6. Wedding Gowns With Puffed Sleeves


One of the most remarkable and striking feature of this gown is the puffy sleeves and pleated neckline. Sparkling stone and gems work on the borders of neckline and sleeves gives the elegant look. It is undeniably one of the best wedding gowns. Usually lace and tulle fabric is used and are available in variety of colors. Puffy sleeves dresses got popular after Lady Diana wore full puffy sleeves wedding dress on her wedding with Prince Charles. The dress was widely copied and became choice of many girls.

5. High Neckline Dresses


This traditional wedding dress with high neckline never goes out of fashion. If you want to look simple yet glamorous then it is sure that you won’t let this go. This dress comes up in variety of fabrics like Brocade, Chiffon, Crepe and Damask. Embroidered net has also been used by many designers as per bride’s choice. So wear it and make your best moments timeless forever.

4. Wedding Dresses With Stylish Jackets            


Many wedding dresses now come up with detachable jacket with beautiful and elegant embellishment. This jacket can be worn with any type of sleeveless gown. It can be worn with A-line frocks, mermaid gown, Tulle and ball gown etc. The only thing that needs special attention is the fitting of the jacket. This dress is suitable for wedding of all seasons be it summers, fall or winter. Satin fabric is preferred for this kind of wrap. Try this on your big day to achieve the stylish looks.

3. Wedding Dresses With Lovely Polka Dots


See this girl wearing polka dots frock on her wedding day and, I am sure that you will fall head over heels for this one.  Polka dots will give your dress a super cute look. If polka dot veil is worn with this dress, it will make your dress more adorable. Polka dot dresses usually come in tea length. Many famous designers are using polka dots in their bridal attire because it never goes out of fashion.

2. Beautiful Backless Gowns


These gowns are for all those ladies who love to expose their beautiful backs. These gowns come in floor length with court train. It is made more beautiful by adding pleats ruching on the bust cups and ruffle to the skirt. These dresses are usually customized according to size and color. Brides usually ask to add high slit in the skirt to give a sexier look. Enjoy being sultry on your big day.

1. Beaded Backless Gowns


Look at this bride in the picture and you will fall in look with her breathtaking backless wedding gown. These beaded backless gowns are in high demand around the globe and is absolute love for all those girls who want to be a little bit flirty while still remaining royal and classy on their special day.  The beautiful bead strands on the back give the delicate look to your body. We are sure that these jaw dropping backless gowns will make you the prettiest bride ever. So wear this dress and swoon over the crowd!

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