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15 Top-Notch Home Remedies To Increase Your Height

Long heighted people tend to be more confident and prominent among the majority. They seek more attention. You can increase your height by simple home remedies.

Long heighted people feel more confident among the people, as they are more prominent because of their height. A person’s height is mostly dependant on his genetics. Means if your parents are short you will be more likely short, if your parents have a long height you are most likely to have a good height too. But it is not necessarily the case every time. There are always exceptions. It depends on the growth hormone that it released by the body and it regulates height.

Following are some home remedies which you can try for yourself and will most likely help you out as they are beneficial as well as harmless.

15. Abstain From Alcohol And Smoking

Abstain from Alcohol and smoking-Height

Alcohol and smoking affect the liver and affect its performance. Liver is responsible to break down the useful substances and harmful substances and transport the broken substances to their desired location. If the liver wont function properly, height increment can be affected adversely. So if you want to learn how to become taller, make sure your liver is doing fine.

14. Avoid Fast Foods And Fried Items


Fast foods and fried foods do not make you long vertically; they tend to broaden you horizontally by making you fat. They do not have good nutritional values and are a junk for the body. If you desire, adequate growth of your bones, take foods that will enhance the growth of the bones.

Fast foods have nothing but fats in them. They must be avoided at all costs.

13. Stronger Immune System


A stronger immune system keeps you fit and disease free and your body has time to concentrate on growing rather than fighting diseases. You have to learn about making your immune system strong first before learning anything about how to increase height. This can be attained by consuming adequate amounts of Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid, which is found in lemons, oranges, Kiwi etc. You can either eat them as it is or try drinking the juice. Lemonade can be taken instead of lemons as lemons have a bitter taste.

If you have recently recovered from an infection, try adding vitamin C and raw vegetables in your diet. This will make your immune system stronger. Take nuts like peanuts, almonds, cashews on a daily basis as they contain essential fatty acids and good proteins which are necessary for the growth of your body.

12. Skipping And Jumping


Try skipping ropes for increase in height as it ensures adequate blood flow in the body. It ensures that the muscles and bones do enough work out which is essential for keeping them active. Jumping exercises also do the same thing. They ensure oxygenated blood to be transported to the muscles and the bones. Thus keeping the body in a growing state. So if you wan to know how to be taller, then you should start with these exercises.

11. Reduce Caffeine


Caffeine stunts growth. It inhibits the production of growth hormone in the body. If caffeine intake is reduced, you will be able to take proper and adequate sleep as caffeine causes the brain cells to stay awake. The more you will sleep the more growth hormone will be released and there will be more chances of you increasing your height.

Take milk instead of caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea. Milk will increase the calcium levels in the body and make your bones stronger and longer.

10. Drink Lots Of Water


Drinking lots of water is very beneficial for the overall health of the body. It ensures that the body gets rid of the harmful toxins which keep on accumulating in the body. If these toxins are not flushed out they have a bad affect on the growth of the body. Drinking at least eight glasses of water is a must for healthy body and healthy growth. This is the simplest way if you really want to know how to increase height.

Drinking water also increases the metabolic rate of the body which enhances growth and promotes the increase of height indirectly.

“Increase in height can be achieved by simple yet easy home remedies which are worth a try. These remedies have been tried by many people and the good part in them is that they are harmless.”

 9. Ashwaganda Powder


Ashwagandha powder known as Indian Ginseng helps in increasing height. This powder consists of very useful minerals that are necessary for stronger bones. The powder makes the skeleton of the body grow wider and longer.

It also increases the bone density and is thus a very helpful ingredient if someone is looking for increased height. Aswagandha powder can easily be found at any Indian Store. When using this remedy, avoid oily and fast foods otherwise your body will tend to become broader than longer. Here is how to increase height using this amazing herb.

  • Mix two tablespoons of Aswagandha powder in a warm glass of milk. You can take any milk but cow’s milk is most recommended.
  • Add honey if you want otherwise try developing a taste of this mixture as it will be taken as a medicine.
  • Take this mixture for atleast 40 days daily before going to bed.
  • You will notice an increase in your height on the 30th day if taken regularly.
  • Measure your height before starting the treatment and at the end of 40 days.

 8. Eat A Balanced Diet


Eating a balanced diet is necessary to provide the body, bones and the muscles with essential nutrients that your body requires for growth. You should make sure that you consume proteins in the form of eggs and meat. Plus you should also take nuts so that you get adequate amounts of fatty acids. Don’t forget to eat raw vegetables and fruits after washing them properly. So if someone asks you how to become taller, just suggest them make their diet healthy first.

“Having a good height is the dream of every person. Good height makes you prominent among people and builds confidence. It can be achieved by simple home remedies which are worth a try.”

7. Consume Milk


Milk is very necessary for the growth of bones and this ultimately leads to the growth of height. Milk contains Calcium and minerals which are necessary for strong bones. There are organic milks which are now introduced in the market. They contain enough amounts of calcium and Vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary to absorb the calcium in the bones otherwise the calcium is not absorbed and is excreted by the body. So if you don’t drink milk regularly and want to know how to increase height, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

6. A Good Posture


A good posture is necessary to keep the bones in the right position so that they might grow in the right speed. A good posture is when the neck and the spinal cord are aligned to each other. This makes the person look height and long. Whereas if you do not practice a good posture, it will make you look short. So learn how to be taller or seem taller with a good posture.

5. Participate In Sports


When you indulge in sports you will make sure that your bones and muscles get a good exercise and then they will be at a potential to grow faster and more. Games like tennis and basket ball are the ones which make you jump a lot and help you to gain height. Sports activities like swimming ensure the exercise of the muscles of the whole body. This makes the body grow at a faster rate. Activities like swimming and hanging with your arms horizontally with a vertical bar are also very good which increase the height. Exercise is the essential thing to do if you’re wondering how to become taller.

4. Stretching


Stretching promotes height growth. Basic stretching like standing on your toes, bow stretch, leg stretch are all very efficient to enhance your height. The stretching also ensures a good posture. So if you’re wondering how to increase height with exercise, make sure you’re doing proper stretching.

3. Enough Sunlight


Sunlight is very necessary for the absorption of calcium in the bones. If your bones do not get adequate amount of Vitamin D, then the bones become weak and this results in retarded height. Exposure to sunlight is necessary but to avoid over exposure to sun and Ultraviolet rays harming your skin, take a sunbath during the morning and the evening time.

2. Practice Yoga


Yoga is an exercise which helps in stretching the body and ensures healing of the body ailments from the inside. Yoga ensures good posture and enough stretching which promotes height growth. There are many postures in Yoga which make the release of growth hormone in the body. The release of the growth hormone makes the bones longer and increases height. Surya Namaskar is a series of postures which help in the increase of height. So learning yoga exercises is also very essential if you want to learn about how to increase height.

1.     Get Enough Sleep


60 Percent of the growth takes place during the sleep time.  Sleep relaxes the body and regenerates the tissues and muscles. When you sleep, growth hormone is released by the body which helps in the increase in height.


  • Do make sure that whatever method you choose, you do it consistently for at least more than a month to see noticeable results.
  • Consult your doctor before making any dietary changes if you visit a nutrition list for your diet purposes.


  • When stretching make sure you do not stretch that much that your body cannot bear. Otherwise you might end up straining your muscles.
  • Hang down for a maximum of twenty minutes, not more than that. Hanging for longer periods might cause your spine to become stiff and cause pain.


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