25 High Low Prom Dresses

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The high low prom dresses repertoire comprises the best summer collection for prom or any other formal gathering. Here you can find the top celebrity designs in the most refreshing colors, adorned with glittering accents.

Prom invites you to inspire people! Your dress and of course the prom-hairstyles plays a vital role in building your image and glamorizing your personality with the extraordinary alluring touches. Dress selection is thus of prime importance to ensure an inspirational and sensational look! This collection of high low prom dresses introduces you to a host of bright ideas comprising stylish, comfy and irresistible costumes that can make this prom event for you an unforgettable moment of your life along with some elegant prom makeup.

“Having a variety of impressive and alluring styles sometimes fail you in grabbing the best one! The easiest solution is to find out a dress that revamps your looks and accentuates the beauty of your curves and features perfectly.”

25. Sherri Hill High Low Prom Dress


Your enthralling entrance with this breathtaking dress is going to be the part of your golden memories. The fully fitted bodice of this high neck prom dress is stunningly designed with rhinestone embellished lace texture. The dress emerges as the real picture of a superb idea in the variety of high low mermaid prom dresses. It attractiveness becomes higher with a leaf appliqué design that looks really fabulous. The jeweled belt amazingly features with smashing and the magnificent net back that expresses a romantic look of the dress with keyhole style. With the same leaf appliqué texture as on the bodice, its short skirt helps to get the final and modern look of the dress. The foot length chiffon overlay with the feature of open front give this dress a gorgeous look.

24. Strapless High Low Prom Dress


To wear the best of your looks at the approaching prom, this stunning option in vintage prom dresses sounds really cool. The specialty of this dress is the rippling sequin touch on the bust and on its skirt which is the major element of its beauty. Its strapless bodice with sweetheart neckline accentuates the beauty of your glorious neck. This strapless prom dress gets a ravishing high low dress style with a beautiful layered overlay that has a nice, long back and short front shape. This flamboyant dress is actually the best to attend a celebration such as the prom night.

23. Short Strapless Sequin Prom Dress By Sherri Hill


By wearing this short amazing dress you are going to hit your party with a stunning look. This dreamy short dress by Sherri Hill has a blasting impact just because of its marvelous sequin embellishment that covers the entire bodice. The melody of this dress becomes sweeter with a unique style layered skirt which also glows with the same sequin spark. The sweetheart neckline encourages its beautiful girlish look. This short high low costume imparts a dazzling twirl in your personality. Undoubtedly, one of the unique prom dresses.

22. Inexpensive High Low Prom Dress With Stunning Lace Embellishment


Perfect to impart you a memorable and a spectacular appearance! If you are worried because of your little pocket to get a glorious outfit then this dress is a right and affordable choice. Its amazing bodice features stunning lace embellishment that casts an appealing impression. Sweetheart neckline adds an aura of glam and sparkle to your alluring persona. Overall, this inexpensive formal dress in high low prom dresses allures you to be in love with its smashing outlook.

21. Strapless Sequin High Low Dress For Prom By Sherri Hill


This is a cool and astounding option in prom dresses by Sherri Hill. It is a marvelous creation of a rare idea. This strapless dress with multi color sequin embellishment fills you with pride over your sweet and charming look. The shimmering effect that covers its full bodice and beaded sweetheart neckline enhances the glistening flare of the dress. Its amazing high, low playful skirt with vertical shimmering sequin work attracts the attention of people around you and gathers lots of appreciation.

20. High Low White Strapless Prom Dress With Ruched Bodice


This white high, low dress would be a tremendous addition to your wardrobe and let you to be relaxed to choose what to wear on prom and after it on other special occasions. The strapless dress with ruched bodice flats against the curves and nicely shapes your divine feminine beauty. The notched neckline lets you to be confident with a delicate necklace. Its short high-low skirt gives the final touch to your glamour and sparkle of the dress.

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“The outline of high-low prom dress is perfect for prom festivity; it is filled with definition and coverage! These dresses are fascinating with the huge variety of styles in bodice, neckline, sleeves and luxurious embellishments.”

19. Short Lace Spaghetti Strap Shift Prom Dress


A superb outfit among the white and gold prom dresses collection. This dress has a natural divine look because of its specific white color that gives it a heavenly expression. The lace detail fabric of this loose, shift style dress makes its presentation quite different rather than casual. It is a very comfortable yet stylish and suitable for the girls having a thin body frame and helps to accentuate style and beauty. Thin spaghetti straps on a deep rounded neckline create an alluring back design that gives the dress a dramatic twist for a pro, fab and modish impression. A delicate overlay marks a flowing high low hemline that increases its attraction.

18. High Low Strapless Sequin Prom Dress By Alyce Paris


This strapless fully sequined dress by Alyce Paris is a wonderful creation in modish prom dresses of the recent season. Its strapless bodice that exactly fits to your body shape enhances the girlish look on a higher scale. Its sweetheart neckline with the accents of glowing stones adds more drama and flare to the dress.  Its open back design covers the whole story of fashion and glam. The alluring high, low hemline gives this dress an eye catching look which is surely bestow on you a lot of appreciation.

17. High Low One Shoulder Prom Dress With Rhinestone Embellishment


This high, low prom dress by City Triangles is a true picture of style and sophistication. Its exclusive design is enriched with so many amazing touches. Its one shoulder rhinestone embellished strip is the primary element of the new and different style. It creates a beautiful open back design for a chic, romantic and modern look. Its pleated work on the waistline unfolds the charming and heavenly picture of your personality. The flowing chiffon skirt with high low hemline creates an interesting and pleasant air on the dance floor.

16. High Low Illusion Prom Dress With High Neckline And Lace Appliqué


Create a long lasting impression with your stylish look. The chic dress provides you a classy appearance with its high neckline architecture adorned with lace appliqué. The elegant dress is available in diverse prints in vibrant colors. You will feel very fresh and get a lively look after wearing this costume. The illusion high low hem makes it more fabulous. The sheer overlay in long skirt is an engaging feature of the dress that imparts you a decent and charismatic look.

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15. Corset Cutie High Low Prom Dress


A prom perfection to get beguiling impression in the season best collection of high low prom dresses! The strapless bodice decorated with sparkling stones and tonal crystals nicely fits around the body and shapes a heavenly figure that leads to a youthful look. Sweetheart neckline is enough to reveal the glamorous exposure of the dress. A floor length overlay with its chic and charismatic profile finds the final touch of the fascination.

14. Strapless Mini With Detachable Overskirt Prom Dress

Strapless Mini with Detachable Overskirt Prom Dress

With the versatility in the range of prom dresses this outfit is a real visual stunner.  This strapless mini dress gets tremendous cheers with its sweetheart neckline possessing shimmering jeweled accent on edges. Its gorgeous featured bodice nicely shapes the curves. The interesting feature of the dress is its detachable flirty skirt that can easily be attached with stunning adornment and gets the chic high low prom dress style.

13. Lavishly Layered, Strapless Bi-Level Formal Prom Dress


This mesmerizing dress by La Femme helps you for the blasting preparations for prom or any of your special occasions. The first sensational impression of the dress emerges with the v-shaped cutout at the front middle of the neckline. Glorious pleats fit the bodice and shape the curves of the body. Smooth layers of the playful skirt flow from the front to the floor length of the back and complete the description of an ultra-glam outfit.

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12. Strapless High Low White Lace Texture Prom Dress


A captivating silhouette to look like a super star! It can be rated safely as one of the cute high low prom dresses. Its strapless bodice with lace texture impacts gracefully with glowing beaded embellishment. This white sequin dress lets you feel like a fashion queen. Its pencil skirt flows freely with a layered overlay that is high from the front and low from the back. Opting for this chic dress is to ensure an aura of glam and fashion!

11. Ruffled High Low Strapless Prom Dress


An emblem of fashion, style and beauty in the series of super and sassy prom dresses! This super feminine costume makes sure to engage the attention of all in the prom court! Its strapless sweetheart bodice creates its magical effect with very delicate but wonderful bead work. Dazzling ruching on bodice flatters the curves and gives it a spectacular and lovely look. Its high low skirt of chiffon layers adds melody to the music of the dress and creates the much needed ultra-glam look!

10. High Low Sequined Strapless Prom Dress With Sweetheart Neckline


Luxurious embellished to make an indelible mark! Its strapless bodice has a marvelous trendy look because of the rich work of rhinestones and sequin accent. Its sweetheart neckline accentuates the beauty of your bare shoulders and your neck with delicate accessories. Its short high, low flirty skirt with flowing layers adds flare and drama to the dress and makes your presence really notable and pleasant for the eyes looking upon you.

9. High Low Strapless Yellow Prom Dress With Back Zipper


Make your prom more romantic and enthralling with a stunning entrance choosing this unique costume in high low prom dresses! The strapless bodice channelized with ruched detail and fits nicely against your figure. The beaded waistline creates an alluring harmony with sweetheart neckline. Back zipper makes it more comfortable and easy to fit and adds chic flare to the beauty of the dress. Its high low layered skirt adds more spice to its free flowing movement and let the hearts of the viewers beat with the movements of your feet on the dancing floor.

8. Sweetheart High Low Prom Dress With Shimmering Waistline


This strapless formal dress by Alyce Paris is simply incredible in elegant prom dresses for a gorgeously flared look! Its awesome shimmering waistline is the most breathtaking feature of the dress. The strapless bodice with ruched bust and sweetheart neckline exposes the beauty of your personality and make it more sensational and inspiring. Its layered skirt has a terrific twist to make your appeal enchanting and glorious.

7. Sequin Strapless High Low Prom Dress With Jeweled Embellishment


A must-have in the series of flattering high low prom dresses! The sizzling vertical sequin accent throughout the dress is the prime sensation of the dress. The ideal beaded waistline works nicely to fit the dress across the curves. Its high, low skirt with flowing layers displays the whole story of the romance and elegance. The impression of the dress gets more flare with very delicate and nice jewel accessories.

6. Sequined Halter High Low Prom Dress


This ultra modern and comfy dress is perfect t steal the show! Its mesmerizing shimmering halter neckline creates a spicy melody with its enthralling ruched bodice. The alluring feature of the dress is its midriff panel that shines with an awesome sequin accent. The chain of many amazing and stylish features of the dress links to the exceptionally high low skirt. It brings a cool accent to the dress with its enchanting ruffled layers that play a magnetic role to catch the attention of people around you.

5. A Long-Sleeved, Asymmetrical High Low Prom Dress


This stunning evening gown by Angela and Alison enchants every spectator at first look because of its fascinating and glamorous picture. Its straight neckline fulfills the definition of fascination with the symmetry of lovely earrings. Full sleeves of the dress impart an adorable look for a luxurious appearance. The full bright sequins decorated cuffs; midriff and bust are the most attractive features of the dress. Layered short skirt with an alluring front looks exceptionally beautiful. The open back style of the dress with low back sequined border creates a romantic aroma. A must-have in exquisite high low prom dresses!

4. Chic Prom Dress With Shimmery V-strap


This chic gown by Tiffany Designs rates an amazing scale among the huge variety of high low prom dresses. The thrilling feature of the dress is its glowing V-strap neckline. Ruched bodice produces a rich harmony with jeweled accent that nicely covers the curves and figures of the body. Its layered chic skirt with a short hemline from the front and long from the back gives the final nice touch to the dress. You really get a notable exposure by wearing this extraordinary dress.

3. Sparkling Halter High Low Prom Dress


This high low gown designed by Dave and Johnny fills the party with lots of pleasant colors. This playful dress embraces the dazzling look with its halter embellished neckline. The glittering jeweled accent plunged to the bodice and gathers the pleated work on the bust. Ruched waistline fits the dress to form the silhouette. The rainbow flirty skirt adds flare to the costume and creates a melodic impression with its trendy hemline.

2. Luscious Sweetheart High Low Prom Dress By La Femme


Simple, elegant and chic! You can go for this flattering option in high low prom dresses to gain a mesmerizing image! The very feature of the dress that makes it exotic in its place is its one piece styling. Its strapless bodice exhibits the figure with one strap holding on the back. The sweetheart neckline lets you expose the splendor of your graceful neck. The dramatic conversion of the bodice into a flawless high low gown is the real excitement of the dress. Its sweetheart back waistline accentuates the sizzling impact of the dress, adding a unique flare to your feminine beauty.

1. Draped Delight High Low Prom Dress


This breathtaking, stylish dress by Allure is perfect to make your prom worth-remembering. The strapless bodice with sequin sweetheart neckline reveals the sensation of the features along with a glowing crystal belt. Full glittering sequin fabric of its short mid thigh fitted piece is the real magic of the dress that entices the eyes to revolve around it. The melodious overlay flows to the floor sweeping length to give it a sweet high, low prom dress form.


These exciting high low prom dresses will prove immensely helpful to finalize a figure flattering silhouette to wear to prom and more. To amplify the fabulous factor, you should go for statement jewelry and other accessories and develop a confident and alluring look for the much-awaited prom celebration.

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