8 Sucessful & Practical Relationship Tips

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Every relation has its ups and downs and marriage is definitely not different. Difference of opinion and conflict is inevitable in a healthy relationship and if you resolve your conflicts and differences with honesty, care and love, your relationship will become stronger and better than before. So never be afraid of these hurdles and rough patches on the marriage highway and if you follow these useful guidelines and relationship tips the journey will become more smooth, easy and beautiful. Either you are having an open-relationship or closed, these relationship tips are both for men and women to develop a successful relationship strong and full of love.


Dull and Boring Routine Life Weakens Relationship


The dull, boring and frustrating routine weakens the relationship and lead to dissatisfaction with a relationship. Small and pleasant changes in the usual routine can give a new life to a relationship. Don’t forget to compliment your partner. The little words like “thank you”, “please” and “you’re welcome” can assure your partner of your respect and love. Make sure these little compliments come from your heart. Compliment your partner’s choice and show your trust on his decisions. Always make eye contact and give a pleasant smile while complimenting your partner. So we can say that positive change is the key factor in these relationship tips.

These little things will give your relationship a fresh and new life and you’ll be able to know more about the likes and dislikes of your partner. You’ll know completely how to make your partner happy or hot with these little things. Always try to see the positive and good qualities of your better half and ignore the negative things. Show and express your joy and happiness when you’re with him or when he comes back from office. Surprise your wife with small gifts and breakfast or coffee in bed on Sundays works like a magic. Make sure to give long hug and kiss when your partner comes back home. These relationship tips will surely keep the dullness and frustration away from your relationship and will make your love last forever.

Forming a Strong Bond


No matter how hard your work is, always make sure to give proper time for the nourishment of your relationship. Always make sure to spend at least 30 or more minutes every day talking with each other about your goals, plans and topics of mutual interest. Try to form a strong friendship with your spouse. According to experts, friendship makes a relationship stronger and sexier.

According to studies, “touching” is one of the most important parts in a healthy relationship. Touching a love one releases the endorphins in body that are responsible for making us happy. It is a way of expressing your love and desire for the person you love. Holding hands, kissing and cuddling in the morning, touching your spouse lovingly will revive the early days of your love life. According to the most successful married couples, touch is even more important than sex.

So spending positive time with each other and touching makes a marriage stronger and helps to develop a successful relationship. Always support and help your spouse through thick and thin and never reveal your other half’s secrets to anyone. Always make time for intimacy even if you have to schedule it. Spontaneity in a relationship is important but if your partner is willing for physical love and affection, don’t waste this quality moment.

Conflict Management


As we have discussed before that conflicts and misunderstandings are bound to happen in every relationship. Blaming your spouse is the easiest thing to do when you will feel angry, disappointed and bored about your marriage. This is the wrong way of dealing with things and in the end conditions will worsen instead of improving. It means you’re completely ignoring the positive and good qualities of your partner that are more than 90 percent and concentrating on the 10 percent that you don’t like. Most of the times conflicts starts when people start to have unrealistic expectations which are very hard to come true.


The positive and effective way of dealing with this problem is try to address your own flaws first and change yourself. Then concentrate on the good qualities of your spouse and ignore the bad ones. This way your spouse will feel appreciated not angry or disappointed. Your love and positive attitude will force your soul mate change him or her for you. When you’re very angry or disappointed with your spouse, try to think about the things you love most about him or her. Try to remind yourself the positive qualities like his/her love and care for you.

Always remember, nobody’s perfect in this world, so never blame yourself of all the problems in your relationship. Try to remind yourself of your qualities like your loving nature, your kind heart or honesty. Guilt can also damage a healthy relationship, so stay positive and believe in your spouse and yourself to develop a successful relationship.

Choose Healthy and Joyful Activities


If you want to have a happy relationship, try to indulge in the positive activities that make you happy. If you’re enjoying your daily life, this happiness will seep into your relationship and will ultimately make it more enjoyable.

As the relationships grow old, we often take them as granted. In the earlier days of marriage we usually pay extra attention to our clothes, hair and appearance. Now, it is usually some old ragged shirt and jeans. So it is time to change your look, hair and dressing. If you are feeling good about yourself, your happiness and good feelings will transform your dull relationship into a sparkling and happy one.

Positive Attitude is the Key


Positive attitude is another key to develop a successful relationship. If you deal your conflicts and problems with a positive and right attitude, these conflicts will make your marriage more intimate and successful. According to a study in Florida, about 70 percent of successful couples have great skills of solving their conflicts.

First of all, don’t prolong argument and avoid criticism and confrontation. These things are like a poison for a relationship. According to research, 79 percents of the failed marriages are caused by the long and hostile fights. On the other hand, successful and happy couples take a break when an argument gets out of hand and avoid intensive verbal fights. Try to change topic, if things go too far, walk away and give your spouse and yourself some time to cool down.

Choose Peaceful and Right Time for Discussion


Always choose right time and place when you want to talk about your problems and issues. Don’t try to discuss serious issues if you are distracted. Always try to choose free and peaceful time to resolve your conflicts.

According to experts, don’t try to discuss serious matters when you are hungry or not well rested. Often these talks don’t end well. Also avoid alcohol for the similar reason. Always make sure your kids are not around when you’re trying to solve serious marital problems. So perfect timing is another one of the most important relationship tips.

Listening is The Key of Understanding


It needs great courage to open your mind, speak less and listen more. Confrontation, insult and blame game is the downfall of a relationship. Listen to your spouse’s feelings with care and total attention. When you listen to their inner feelings and emotions, you really start to understand them. Sometimes men face it extremely difficult to understand that what women want and this is all because of the lack of communication and listening to each other needs and problems.

So one of the most important relationship tips is listening and understanding your soul mate’s feelings.

Sometimes Distance is Important in Relationships


It is very important to spare time for each other, but sometimes it’s better to give yourself and your spouse some time alone. You should spend some time with your friends. It is true that distance makes the heart grow fonder. When you’re not with your spouse, you’ll miss him or her more and it will keep your relationship fresh.

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