5 Irresistible Collection Of Wedding Dresses By Julie Vino

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Julie Vino is one of the most renowned and passionate Canadian-Israeli wedding dress designers. Her Haute Couture designs are by far uber, chic and one of its kinds. Each piece is handled and manufactured with love, care and proper supervision. All her collections are eye-catchy and a beautiful combination of classic yet modern trends. She is mostly inspired by the latest and trendy fabrics and accessories which lets her to create new ideas and designs, ending up showcasing beautiful pieces around the world.

She loves to import fabrics from around the world to create master pieces and make them more intricate and exquisite. Her passion for designing has taken her way beyond in this field and she loves to sculpture the bride’s body with a gorgeous draped dress that can stun anyone in the wedding. Her irresistible collection of wedding dresses this season can be seen and judged just by going through some of the important details and stunning shoots.

Julie Vino’s latest Spring-Summer collection is categorized in three different mesmerizing collections keeping in mind that each and every bride can look for her dream dress maintaining her exquisite style and comfort. Here are some of the stunning designs from her latest collection that can spice up your big day:

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5. Urban Collection

Urban-Collection-Julie Vino

Keeping in mind the urban culture the designer has created some unique and profound designs to cater the latest trends. The cuts and stitch is just according to the ideas which she has sketched on the pieces of paper. The gowns are modern and classy yet they are kept quite contemporary to meet the urban fashion trends.

As white is the color of all times and almost all the brides opt for this color, Julie Vino has gone far in her ideas to present some beautiful pure white and minimalist set of pieces. Every handcrafted piece shows an extensive use of lace on the body which is a light and an airy material. A touch of flairs and pleats have made these dresses more beautiful and elegant. The over all theme of the urban collection is a combination of lace and silk with some unexplainable cuts, deep necks and beyond beauty backless.

The designer has outlined the dress keeping in mind the shape of the body. The dresses are more structured than usual, an obvious shape and cut has been given to the gowns so that it fits well and gives a vibrant look and feel. The collection is quite grand and a beautiful trail is added to each dress so that the bride can become the beautiful center of attention. This collection of Julie is best for the brides who want to keep themselves a little simple yet graceful on their big day. The look gets complete with a twinkling pair of shoes, veil and some star studded diamonds.

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4. Mystic Dusk Collection

Mystic-Dusk-Collection-Julie Vino

If you believe in fairy tales then these bunch of beautiful dresses are just for you. If you want to feel like princes on you wedding day and you want to flaunt in front of your guests then you have a good choice of dresses to choose from. The dresses can take you to the twilight time with a glowy and dreamy look. These pieces look upscale and romantic with a sophisticated combination of vintage laces and other classic elements to give a classic look to the dresses. Fairy cuts, laced bodies and little touch of gold are just giving a wow factor to these gorgeous pieces.

Some gowns are sleeveless with neck less detailing while others are draped up with sleeves giving an elegant detailed touch. The designer seems quite keen on creating some mystical and spell bounding dresses so that the big day can become a magical fairy tale for the gorgeous lady. She has paired some gowns with silk scarves so that it can be worn later on to steel the show.

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3. Empire Collection

Empire-Collection-Julie Vino

Empire is a collection of red carpet like gowns where one can breathe easily and wear it for multiple occasions. This stunning collection is quite exquisite and affordable. All dresses are made with textured fabric along with some extra detailing of embroidery and use of pearls and stones. Other than Urban and Mystic collection these dresses are less laced up and more other elements are acquired to make these pieces more amazing. Some bold cuts and slits are also introduced to add some seductive look to the beautiful woman.

Very fine embroidery has been used along with some high quality tiny accessories. Pearls, beads and stones, all these are giving a bling to each and every dress. The backs are kept deep and the necklines are made broad so that bride can showoff her beautiful neck bones. This collection of Julie Vino will make any bride feel like a Hollywood star, the way she will move on the aisle, will feel her moving on the red carpet on her big day.

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2. Desert Rose Collection

Desert-Rose-Collection-Julie Vino

This cool and airy summer collection is for the brides who are willing to get married in hot summers. These stunning and flaunting designs are so created that you look like a rose in a hot desert. Keeping in mind the comfort and coziness the designer has used light and flowy fabric, so that the bride wearing it can feel herself at home. The details are précised with lace touch ups on the upper body and on the borderline of the draping flow. Julie has designed a few pieces where the body is worn separately and the rest gown separately. Some gowns are kept with straps while others are strapless to give a chic look. This collection is suitable for brides with hot looks and can carry them off with tip toes.

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1. Provence Collection

Provence-Collection-Julie Vino

Provence is a former collection of Julie Vino that was introduced in the market last year. The collection is quite huge with a wide variety of evening gowns and bridal dresses and somehow shows a grand diversity. This whole collection is inspired by a region close to the heart of France, as the designer feels herself comfortable in creating a variety dedicated to a specific region.  Provence is a region and old province of South East France on the Mediterranean Sea. It was once settled by Romans and Greek which was later on passed to Angevin Dynasty and France.

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Each dress is throwing a pleasant royal effect and showing the comfy it will provide to a beautiful bride. The gorgeous cuts and slits are letting the back and legs expose to the world elegantly. The feminine desire that it will provide to the one wearing it can take her way back in to her dreams which she has always looked for. Some pieces have been kept loose fitted by the designer; as she is not in a mood to give a deep fitted cut and considering the level of comfort.

A few designs have kept strapless to feminize the dress even more. Beautiful lace embellished with unique silk embroidery is giving a boost and gorgeous appearance to all the dresses. The straps are not kept simple but given an outstanding twirls just to make it more appealing. Fitted waist line has been designed by Julie Vino as it is a major requirement of any wedding dress across the globe. The following design by Julie Vino is more of a strappy back less gown with fitted waist and hip line and a beautiful combination of lace and silk with huge fish tale flair. Never the less the whole elegance of the dress is in the net trail she has introduced in this dress which is giving a vibe and volume to this stunning piece.

The irresistible choice of embroidered lace and use of beautiful fabric elements like pearls and beads can make any dress more beautiful to wear. This has to be the best design from her Provence collection. The following displayed dress is one heck of a stunner. The buttoned up back with see through net almost feels that the back is bare with just a touch of pearl button. The fitted waist and hip is making this dress for which one can flaunt with head high. The embroidered net trail peeping from the hip line with a gorgeous cut is giving a tempting flair to the dress. The cutout border is just unique and making this piece one of a kind and stylish.

Using a great deal of beautiful and unique fabric from around the world has made Julie Vino’s collection grand and gorgeous. Every piece has its own uniqueness and style that will reflect the beauty inside a woman. The material she has used in many dresses is from the same origin but in different forms. Some pieces are showing a draped jacket effect as if something is worn on the top. The delicate invisible stitching and the loose cuts are just making the dresses more intricate and lovely.

The irresistible wedding collection of Julie Vino has won many hearts and still working hard to win million others. A tremendous amount of deep and creative ideas are made to life by this designer which is making each of her piece unique and out standing which anyone can flaunt off. She has become a hallmark in the global fashion industry and there are thousands who can get a super inspiration from this talented designer. We wish her best of luck in her future endeavors and hope for a gorgeous latest collection.

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