30 Best Designed Dream Wedding Dresses For The Most Spectacular Wedding Ceremony

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When a girl is born, what comes to mind before even the happiness of being parents of a beautiful daughter is someday a prince will come on his shiny horse and will take away their daughter into the dream world. Girls grow up listening to all these tales, making their mind to leave their parents one day, waiting for that royal duke who will take her away in the safe haven.

But since girls are complicated, they not only desire a prince but also a big wedding with all the rituals. A wedding day is said to be a big day for a girl and every girl in the world wants to look the most beautiful of all. But to look beautiful, you need a mind blowing dress and this is the place where you can find the most amazing as well as second wedding dresses designs. So, don’t wait and jump to the dress number one!

30. Antique Lace-and-Silk Atelier Versace Gown


Yes, the bride is none other than Angelina Julie and the groom is none other than Brad Pitt. What Angelina is wearing is a traditional antique lace-and-silk Atelier Versace gown along with a veil on which her children drew something they desired! The excitement of the children is so obvious in the picture. How sweet!

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29. Laces Make The Dress


Laces make the dress more and more attractive! Definitely worth a fortune! The dress was designed by a famous designer in Los Angeles and walked down on the ramp by this stylish model. The dress basically consists of two layers; the inner one is silk and the upper is made of net along with some really beautiful laces.

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28. Real Combination of Comfort And Attraction


This multi-layered wedding dress is spectacular in every sense! This dress was designed for your big day in such a way that you not only look beautiful, but also feels comfortable. A real combination of layered hairstyles can simply induct ultimate comfort and attraction!

27. Simple And Elegant


Simple and elegant, adds to the beauty of the bride by a thousand times! Not all the brides want some heavy, long and amazing wedding dresses. Some of them want them simple but stylish, both at the same time and if you want something like that, this dress is just made for you.

26. Embroidered Skirt Wedding Dress


What a beauty this two-in-one dress is! With the embroidered skirt and even without the skirt, this dress does wonders to the bride’s beauty! Most of the times, it happens that once you get rid of all the festivities, the wedding dress just keeps there hanging in your closet for the rest of your life. But this dress can be put on anywhere, any day in your life and will remind you of your big day as well.

This beautiful and unique wedding dress is something to die for! Such a class! Basically, this dress is usually different from the others and from the traditional ones as well, because first of all, it has a different shade of white. Not only the shade is different, the work on the upper half of the dress is also quite unique.

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25. The bold and The Beautiful


The bold and the beautiful! With classy hairstyle and dark makeup, this dress is something to drool over! This dress can be divided into three sections: the upper most section, which is backless and silver just shines there like a star, the middle one which is sewn like a skirt and the last one, that is the skirt, which is again multi layered and totally mesmerizing.

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24. Nice And Shine


A little different from the rest but what an alluring dress! Adds to the beauty of the bride! A little bit enhancements in this dress can also be made. Dark make up and a little heavy jewelry could have complimented the dress a little more.

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23. Scarfed And Multi-Layered Wedding Dress


Multi layered dress with a head scarf and flowers, perfectly complimenting the charisma of the bride in every possible way. This dress is not only unique because the strapless gowns do not look like this. Also, the fabric of the upper most layer of the skirt is quite different from what we see in day to day wedding dresses.

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22. Simple Chain Belt Wedding Dress


Simplicity is the best policy. This dress is all about it. With a beautiful chain belt, this dress is what every girl dreams of! Well, this dress looks simple in the first gaze, but trust me the designer must have thought a lot before designing this wonderful piece of art.

21. Heavenly Front And Back Designed Dress


Net at the back, with some flowers in the hand; this dress is heavenly!

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