38 Medium Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

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Stylized, edgy and classic medium bob black hairstyles for black women always make one stand out in a crowd. They bring out a throughout new shiny look in women just like a perfect fashion accessory does.

Each new season the hairstylists surprise us by splendid mix of natural and weave hairstyle for every occasion and event. These hairdos are made to suit every woman in a different way and to make them look beautiful. Different types of haircuts among the natural medium bob hairstyles for black women are being worn. They continue to enchant and beautify any face shape look more glamorous. Below is a comprehensive list of chic, funky and exclusive medium bob hairstyles that will provide you the best opportunity to select a few updos and even what makes hair grow faster to make your look more stunning. Not only does it look uber chic but it is a great hairstyle to wear to any important event, like weddings or celebrity get together.

38. Choppy Bob Hairstyle For Medium Hair


Your elegance in medium bob hairstyle can also be enhanced by just upgrading your medium bob with the choppy finish for the ends. This will make you look classy and adorable in way that you will feel change in your whole personality. This hairstyle works good on oval and round face shapes.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Styling this cute hairstyle is not much of a hard work. It can either go with your look as it is or you can work along with some simple blow drying to add some bounce and volume.

  • All it needs is a very gentle hand of blow drying.
  • Take out a very small amount of styling crème (of your preference) and add it on to the front portion of your hair. It could be either the bangs or the front edge of the part you prefer.
  • Then slowly with the help of a paddle brush, smoothen out the crème using a medium heat blow drying technique.
  • After setting up the front, either brush along the rest of the hair or you can use your fingers to create some edge in the hair at the back.
  • Finish your work with some setting spray.

Recommended Faces:

  • This haircut looks best with oval, heart and round faces.

Recommended Product:

  • Our recommended product for you to help you add some sheer volume to your hair is Paul Mitchell’s Spray Wax.

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 37. Fabulous Fridays Hairstyle For Medium Hair


Get this style for your weekend to become invigorating in an awesome way. This hairstyle is amongst the list of trendy medium/short hairstyles for black women. Despite of any face shape, this style will go on every facial cut and hair texture.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This is one beautiful hairstyle and styling isn’t that difficult either. All you need are some basic curling expertise and you are good to go and dazzle the floor. Don’t forget to follow the footprints that we leave behind, in these steps below:

  • Take out a nickel size amount of hair styling mousse on your palm and gently wet the tip of your strands. Remember since we are going to curl these one by one so you have to be making portions of your hair strands.
  • Next up, heat up the curling iron and leaving just 2cms from the tip of the strand start twirling the hair on to the curler.
  • Leave it for 20-30 seconds (or less depending on the texture of your hair) and let the hair loose. The 2cm strand that was left from the bottom adds a really classy edge to the hair.
  • Slowly repeat the procedure on the rest of the hair and for the front it is up to you either you wish to add a semi curl or prefer straightening the bangs out.
  • Yet again don’t forget to finish off with some goo hair spray.

Recommended Faces:

  • The above hairstyle can be flaunted well by oval, triangle, square and heart shaped faces.

Recommended Product:

  • The hairstyle will look great if you can add some extra shine to the strands. We recommend you to use Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine for that subtle and light shine given to your hair.

 36. Dare To Be Danica For Medium Hair


This style is one of the cutest funky medium bob braided hairstyles. The fashion forward bangs and the extreme asymmetrical bob extension cut is everything a black woman wants now-a-days for styling. You just need to section out the top middle of the head. Braid hair into 5-6 rows. Sew the extensions to cane rows.

“Haircut is a main element to define your persona. It gives your image a whole new prominence. So it needs to be selected thoughtfully considering your face cuts and personality”

How To Style This Hairstyle: As daring as this hairstyle may be, the styling part can be a little straining. It requires a lot of practice and patience to bring that Danica dare in to your look. But to be precise the steps to be followed are very conventional and routine:

  • This hairstyle can be achieved using two different methods.
    1. Using a straightening iron to add curls.
    2. Using a ½ inch gold barrel iron to produce curls that are lifted away from the face.
  • Depending upon your expertise you can use either of the two tools to produce curls that are swept away from the face towards the crown area. The key is to create a dynamic lifted look on the top and since this is a pixie cut there aren’t many hair to be looking forward to.
  • Very neatly add some mousse to the strands and start adding curls. Let the strands stay in place for good 20 seconds and then begin curling the next strand. Remember slow and steady wins the race and here it’s, kills the style.

Recommended Faces:

  • The style is worn best on short hair so a slender oval face is best known to rock the look.

Recommended Product:

  • You will have to control any frizzy or rebellious hair on the sides so it is great to use any olive oil based pomade to control the frizz.

 35. Sleek Bob For Medium Hair


Want a perfectly attractive classic bob with a heavy side bang? This splendid sleek bob will make you look fabulous and same way a lady with class. Apply a styling cream on towel dried hair. Section off the top of your hair and begin flat ironing hair, make small sections and bend the ends a little. You can also flip back your bangs for a wavy look, plus a small amount of oil can also be applied to mid of your hair just to give them a touch of shine and glimmer. Applying hairspray to the ends will also go for a classic sleeks. This sleek bob will look good on oval, triangle and round shape faces.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This pretty hairstyle is known to swoop any woman of any age and make her look every young and ever graceful. If you wish to cut your hair short and do not want to go over the edge with anything too out on the street, this is the one hairstyle that will never disappoint you. Styling this is also a piece of cake.

  • The classic cut requires a classic inward blow dry.
  • Apply some matte texturizing powder that will help hair on your crown area to grab some volume and lift as you blow dry.
  • Grab your paddle brush and gentle start blow drying towards the inside. The tips of the hair are meant to be folded inwardly, rather outward.
  • For a final touch, blow dry your front bangs by lifting the front section up and concentrating on the roots of this section, this gives a handful of bounce to the bangs.
  • And to make the look secure, spray with some good flexible holding spray.

Recommended Faces:

  • This hairstyle looks good on all face types.

Recommended Product:

  • To have  good blow dry means that your hair are not weighed down at any point during the event or meeting that you are attending. For that reason OSiS Dust It mattifying powder helps in keeping the volume of your hair top notch.

 34. Blunt Bob With Short Horizontal Bangs


If you want to give yourself a touch of elegance with style, have this beautiful bob haircut. The short bob hairstyles will accentuate your lovely facial features, drawing attention to your eyes, lips and the chin outline. It will certainly be making you salient feature in a gathering.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This Taraji P, slender Bob with those sexy bangs is one hairstyle to eye for. Not only does it look uber chic but it is a great hairstyle to wear to any important event, like weddings or celebrity get together. Again, this hairstyle is more about technique and precision rather than hard core science.

  • Start with setting up the parting of your hair that you want to carry in your final look.
  • Begin making small portions of hair, add on mousse to the strands and with the help of ¼ inch curling iron add definitive curls to the hair.
  • After curling the entire head, slowly push and release the curls strands to give them a lively bounce.
  • Finish off with a good shiny spray wax. Don’t forget to add in the bangs in the curling practice.

Recommended Faces:

  • This hairstyle works great with faces having a pointed chin, like; oval, triangle, diamond and heart.

Recommended Product:

  • It is great to look after your hair after such strenuous activity, L’Oreal has a wide range of professional hair care shampoos and conditioners that not soften the hair but also protect them from damage caused by excessive styling.

 33. Smooth Shoulder Skimming Bob


One of the simplest forms of medium bob homecoming hairstyles for black women! If you observe the evolution of this hairdo, you will notice that starting from this classy asymmetric version with layering through the front pieces; it comes to be a little tapper at the ends. This skimming bob looks extremely gorgeous when done on oval or round faces.

How To Style This Hairstyle:  There is no such thing as an untidy haircut. So for this very chic kind of shoulder length layered bob, there are all kinds of styling, from medium curls to beach waves.

  • You can always wet your hair by applying a generous amount if mousse and then use a curling iron to add in short length curls to the hair strands.
  • Loosen up the curls and you can even brush the curls slightly to add that beachy texture.
  • Lock it by spraying it lightly with setting spray and you are good to go.

Recommended Faces:

  • Oval, round and square are the best face types for this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • In order to keep the curls intact for a longer period of time try using Oribe Superfine Strong Hold Hairspray.

“Medium length bobs with bangs look awesome on perfectly smooth and shiny hair. Depending on your style and type of face, the sharpness of a bob haircut may be either accurate or softened with light trimming at the ends”

 32. Gorgeous Waves Bob Hairstyle For Medium Hair


If you are looking for volume and grace in your hair, these gorgeous wave hairstyles for medium hair are the perfect choice. An asymmetric bob doesn’t lose its charm even when it’s curly. On the contrary, it makes you look more romantic, tender and approachable. Try this beautiful haircut to get noticed in a bunch of crowd.

How To Style This Hairstyle: The name even suggests that a good work of curls on the haircut will not only add volume but also some fine texture to the hair, itself.

  • Start by taking out the parting you are most used to. The start adding small curls to the end of the strands and leave them to settle for a while.
  • Next step add in setting spray to finish up the look.

Recommended Faces:

  • This medium length bob hairstyle looks perfect on inverted, triangle and oval face types.

Recommended Product:

  • You can always hair gel in the beginning of styling your hair instead of using a setting spray at the end. Short Sexy Hard Up Gel is what we recommend as a great product.

 31. Polished Feathering For Medium Hair


Polished feathering comes out to be a particular choice for the ladies who want to give their hair a look of flawlessness and perfection. Here is another sleek bob that additionally integrates a special well decorated and adorned texture and lengthen asymmetrical braids. Elegant yet simplest of medium bob short hairstyles for round faces!

How To Style This Hairstyle: This hairstyle is on point with the most minimum effort required. The very classy polished bob is the trend of 2015. And you might be surprised to know that this gets styled within minutes.

  • Grab your favorite bottle of styling gel and add a generous amount on top of our hair and spread It around. Now use the straightening iron to straighten out the rough edges and keep on straightening till you get a very straight and smooth look.
  • The other way, is to add in curls with the help of pencil and you can find all kinds of pencil curl tutorials on Youtube (just look around).

Recommended Faces:

  • This hairstyle looks fine on slightly slimmer faces, especially on oval, heart shaped and inverted.

Recommended Product:

  • We recommend the same Short Sexy Hard Up Gel to add in volume and shine to the hair.

 30. Creamy Asymmetrical Bob For Medium Hair


This is a very showy modern version of a bob haircut: one side reaches the chin point and the other touches your collarbone. These medium bangs can be styled straight or curled and flicked impressively.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This sassy hairstyle is going to get the people around on toes. Just a little touch of even more class and you are always ready to break some stares.

  • Use your straightening iron to add that crazy tilted waves at the end of your strands.
  • Specially cruise a wave on your bangs using the straightening iron.

Recommended Faces:

  • Best facet types for this hairstyle are round, square and heart shaped.

Recommended Product:

  • The Prive Texture Spray being light as feather will not add weight to your hair and will work towards to add the glamour and shine to it.

 29. Stunning Inverted Bob For Black Women


This inverted bob displaying form of texture at the back of your neck and emphasizing the beauty of your neckline. It works awesome for slim ladies having thick hair. The effect can be enhanced or made breathtaking if it’s complemented with successfully selected hair dye.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This sexy inverted bob will make heads turn with a great selection of base and ombre color. It is better to have a good hairstylist for consultation and dying.

  • Great colored hair then needs a good hand of blow drying.
  • Inverted bobs are very classy and a good and subtle blow dry is what it needs to finish off a great look.

Recommended Faces:

  • For inverted bob hairstyle, it is great if you have inverted or oval face type.

Recommended Product:

  • Redken Rewind is one hell of a product to add volume and charisma to your hair.

 28. Awesome Sew-in Bob


When going to party, try this medium bob hairstyle in a way that it looks very natural and you can wear it temporarily if you do not want to cut, relax and dye your natural hair. Its fluent lines and edgy contours are excellent ideas to go for real cuts as well. Red ombre hair will certainly add sauce to your beauty.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Have you seen this beautiful haircut lately? Well we suggest you should be picking up a date with your hairstylist as soon as possible because this is a killer haircut and we are damn sure this is on fire when it comes to styling it in short amount of time.

  • Not only does it look crazy but it will give a fresh air streak to your inner rebellion.
  • Adding in ombre shades to the top portion f your hair will be a great way to kick some judgmental butt.

Recommended Faces:

  • This hairstyle looks best on chubbier faces and sharp jaw lines. Oval, heart shaped and inverted are the best out of the lot.

Recommended Product:

  • Redken’s Water Wax is a great product to smoothen out the dry edges and add volume and shine.

 27. Sparkle Medium Bob Hairstyle For Black Women


Don’t ever forget that a haircut is your face frame, and it should be ideal in its shape. This medium bob is exquisitely terrific in its shape. It illuminates your complexion and especially the eyes which look more sparkling due to this spectacular style.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This medium bob is a very mature kind of a haircut and for this a classic blow dry is what you should go for. Being of a slightly shorter length, curls wouldn’t be too much of a great option. Go for something that adds volume to the short hair.

Recommended Faces:

  • This hairstyle is made for oval, round and square face types.

Recommended Product:

  • Redken’s Water Wax helps add shine without adding too much grease to the hair. Hence, recommended!

 26. Glamorous Diva Bob Hairstyle


The glamorous diva is a kind of unique medium bob hairstyles for black women. This short plus medium bob looks fantastic, and is more refined hairstyle to make you look outstanding and confident when in public. This hairstyle is best suited to oval shaped faces.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Did you read ‘Diva’ in the title? Hell yeah babe, you did. Diva is something that every woman dreams of and it’s not that hard to achieve the Diva look.

  • You need a good mousse, some bobby pins and a hand of blow dry.
  • You don’t need a proper blow dry done for this one. Just runs fingers through your hair as you’re in the drying process.
  • Later, tie up your hair below the crown area with the help of bobby pins allowing some strands to fall through.
  • With this much effort you just achieved the Diva look, in no time.

Recommended Faces:

  • This smart haircut looks best on heart shaped, round and square face types.

Recommended Product:

  • Kerastase Nacre wax from the Nutritive line is suited best for weak and dry hair.

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 25. Graduated Bob For Black Women


Ideally sleek bob that demonstrates the perfection of your medium haircut! Locks are centre-parted and graduated in medium angled layers at front. Your freely-hanging tresses are medium enough to reach the shoulders.

How To Style This Hairstyle: If a haircut gets on the list on our Diva Rihanna it sure is to go crazy viral with women demanding their hairstylists to bring that charm on to their faces just like Rihanna.

  • Glam up like a doll with straight shiny hair created with the help of a good straightening iron.
  • Don’t forget to use a good product on your hair before you do the extensive straightening regime.

Recommended Faces:

  • Just like Rihanna, faces that are oval and heart shaped look great with this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • Use Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste to keep the edges of the hair strands smooth and straight.

 24. Slightly Angled Symmetric Medium Lob


One of the funky medium hairstyle for black women! Get ready to show off this smart partially tilted bob that brings out the shine and strength of your gorgeous thick hair. It will make your hair look graceful in terms of volume.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This is one hell of a crazy ride of a haircut and by adding some crazy curls to it will glam up the entire look. Curled angled symmetrical cut is best worn on weddings and red carpet events.

  • Prep-up the hair with a good hair wax or gel.
  • Use a gold rod curling iron to accentuate the texture of the hair and to add volume to the crazy curls.
  • Finish off with a good gush of setting spray.

Recommended Faces:

  • Sexy oval and inverted triangle faces are the lucky ones for this hair cut.

Recommended Product:

  • Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Hairspray is what will keep your curls tamed and in control for a longer period of time.

 23. Medium Bob In Fluffy Curls


This style can easily be carried and you will see other girls copying your style, just be sure to take care of the basic haircut. A medium bob will just do fine when you go for basic hairdo. This hairstyle comes in the list of an elegant medium bob style.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This sexy 50s-60s hairstyle is what your Momma used to rock when she was of your age. This time is yours and this fluff curls haircut is going to bring back the golden era, through you.

  • Fluff up your hair by adding a good styling mousse and run a blow dry over it to slightly blend the mousse.
  • Next with a thick rod curling iron add in curls to the strands, or you can even use the conventional method of using curlers to set in the old aged curls if you have more time on your hands.

Recommended Faces:

  • Heart shaped, square and round are best for this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • Grooming Cream by Privé is a much lighter version and avoids adding grease to your hair.

22. Lightly Curled Medium Bob


This lightly curled medium bob looks adorable on oval shaped faces. Lightly curled medium bobs are one of the softest and simplest hairstyle and shows off the bulkiness of your hair. You just have to add curls at the ends of your medium bobs to get originality in your looks and thus getting noticed in any occasion. Make sure not to curl your hair too higher to get a better curl on the ends of hair. Certainly a fantastic choice in medium bob hairstyles for black women!

How To Style This Hairstyle:  Diva Rihanna has definitely given her female fans a lot to follow this year and women have been crazy after her new look. It seems she had flaunted more looks this year than her songs. For this Curled Medium bob follow the steps believe to achieve the look.

  • Use a medium barrel gold curling iron to add in tighter curls to the strands.
  • Start by prepping up your hair with styling gel or wax according to your hair type and then keep on adding curls from front to back.
  • For added volume, tease the upper crown to create a thicker, fuller look.

Recommended Faces:

  • Oval, inverted triangle, look best with this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • Shine Spray by Privé locks and seals the look for you.

21. Mid Length Bob With Textured Ends


We have already seen a chic bob haircut of famous personalities and to access all this comforts of styling. It takes a simple bob with shoulder skimming, and the ends are made highly textured to get these indulgent bouncy curls.

How To Style This Hairstyle:  Not everyone is easy getting a short bob or even a Pixie, mostly women prefer getting a medium length bob and it actually redefines your feminine streak. For a mid-length bob it is great to add in some texture to the end of the hair strands.

  • This way an outward blow dry adds some layers to the freshly chopped hair.
  • It also adds dimension and volume to normally flattened hair.

Recommended Faces:

  • It is great for square and round faces to get a mid-length bob, it suits them.

Recommended Product:

  • Here again Shine Spray by Privé can be used to add shine to the hair post blow drying.

 20. Chin Length Bob With Side Swept Bangs


This dashing caramel medium bob hairstyle brings out your skin tone. Its A-line projection maintained by the medium side-swept touch looks especially stylish in irregular hairstyles, when one side is tucked behind the ear.

How To Style This Hairstyle: For those ladies who are too afraid to get a very dramatic cut but also need to shed those years off of their faces, a chin length bob is a classic haircut. This haircut has been there for ages and has been ever loved b women of all ages.

  • This is a completely manageable haircut and demands pretty less attention.
  • For thicker hair it is not necessary to go through a blow dry regime, each morning. But for thinner hair women, a little teasing on the crown area and some subtle inward blow drying will define the cut for them

Recommended Faces:

  • Chubbier oval and round shaped women can flaunt this look, easily.

Recommended Product:

  • Ultra-Hold Sculpting Clay by Alterna Bamboo Style is known to hold your look for the day without you even worrying about it.

 19. Medium A-Line Both With Asymmetry


This irregular and lovely bob looks very charming and rocking. The medium left side of your haircut will mix with the side bangs to place an emphasis on the upright lines; this is the frequent style in this cut and works good on round and square faces.

How To Style This Hairstyle: For those cute smiled and sharp boned ladies this is the perfect haircut for you and we have got the simplest of ways to help you style it up and look sassy all your way to the events you’re set to dazzle at.

  • Pick up your straightening iron and follow it up down the length of your hair but twist your hand a little towards the end of the strand and set free.
  • This technique adds an outward edge to the layers and edges, giving a much defined look.
  • Finish this look by adding the same curve to the front bangs.

Recommended Faces:

  • The haircut suits oval and heart shaped faces, the most.

Recommended Product:

  • Shine Spray by Privé will help you settle your problematic areas easily.

 18. Cropped Bob With Thick Blunt Cut Bangs


As the name indicates, this cropped haircut in medium bob hairstyles for black women displays horizontal lines and perfectly accurate edges. Similarly when flicked cut is given additionally, a smooth vintage flair is there to give you astonishing beauty.  This style can be worn in different occasions and it goes very well when paired with red lipstick.

How To Style This Hairstyle:  For the ladies who have mostly kept fringes throughout their life should once go for a very classy and edgy short bob, more like bringing back the golden era of classy Hollywood divas.

  • The only care this haircut needs is for its fringes and to style the fringes is not much of a task.
  • A god dab of hair wax or gel to smoothen out the rough areas and then using a slight touch of an inward blow dry gives the fringes the fluff that it needs.

Recommended Faces:

  • Round and chubby oval face types flaunt this hairstyle, the best.

Recommended Product:

  • Ultra-Hold Sculpting Clay by Alterna Bamboo Style will help you get a grip of your bangs.

 17. Highlights With Heather Bob Hairstyle


This medium bob hairstyle is very easily maintained style and is able to be modified into beautiful loose curly waves from an aligned smooth look. Best suitable for oval shaped faces and medium textured hair.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Highlights are pretty amazing when it comes to balancing out any highs and lows in your overall cut or texture of hair. Therefore a lot of women opt of hair dying, streaks and ombre to add that oomph factor in their personalities.

  • For the Heather bob consult a good hairstylist that can recommend you a good color and style of dying.
  • Once done, you can easily go for straightening or curling as both will add a contrasting effect on your face and personality.

Recommended Faces:

  • Slimmer faces like the heart shaped and oval can flaunt this haircut in style.

Recommended Product:

  • Grooming Cream by Privé helps tame any uncontrollable hair.

 16. Two Toned Tony Bob Hairstyle


This classic bob weave gives you an immense protective style which is very easy to do and will last for at least a month. This sleek two toned tony works good on all face shapes and is suited for every hair type that has varying lengths.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Two toned means a good sharing of color magic with a great hair cut. A great cut with a great dye not only elevates the overall look but also adds it up to your personality.

  • Research about all the possible colors that will suit your haircut as well as your skin tone
  • Always consult your stylist before finalizing any look.
  • Once done, go for the big change.
  • On another note, the two toned technique means using a base color completely different than the ombre or at times it occurs that the base color is applied leaving a half an inch away from the base to add the root black color to the two tone.

Recommended Faces:

  • This haircut is made for all face types.

Recommended Product:

  • KMS California provides Hair Play Clay Crème, the product is enough to fulfill all your styling needs.

 15. Tapered Bob With Swoopy Bangs


Stylish bob with the length at the neck features swoopy bangs and a narrow outline with volume on the top. The interesting coloristic solution is also there which is, you can color your hair and by doing so, this short styled bobs can be made awesome to the next level.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Covering the forehead is always a deal for women who have broader foreheads and it becomes a big deal at times. So the better it is to have good thick and saucy bangs n the forehead to cover up that extra mile.

  • Use a volumizing crème especially for the bangs and use a straightening iron to smoothen it out.
  • Spread the bangs over the forehead to cover up the space, in style.

Recommended Faces:

  • Round and inverted pyramid can work this haircut in the best of ways.

Recommended Product:

  • Bumble and Bumble’s Sumotech is the kind if product you should be looking for to get better hold and longer stay.

 14. Bob With Angled Layers


The ends of this medium bob are textured and coupled with extremely tilted layers that can be incorporated throughout your black locks.

How To Style This Hairstyle: For ladies who are more into straighter and sleeker looks the angled bob with layers is a very clean and neat choice.

  • This haircut can be styled by adding fringes to the hair, it could be either faux or you can even opt for real fringes instead of bangs for a change of look.
  • This haircut is known to deduct some years from your actual age.
  • The only thing this haircut needs is a good straightening regime to smooth out any rough edges and to neaten the overall look.

Recommended Faces:

  • Square and oval are good players for this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • Oribe Superfine Strong Hold Hairspray helps keeping the fringes and the rest loyal to you for a longer period of time.

 13. Stacked A-line Bob Haircut


One of the finest examples of medium bob hairstyles for black women is this groomed and impulsive bob haircut. From front, key facial features such as the lips can be beautifully framed and emphasized. This magical combination of lengths possesses heavenly beauty that impart you a stunning and the most impressive look.

How To Style This Hairstyle: There were times when it was called the mushroom haircut, don’t know the reason behind calling it that, in particular. But this haircut requires some good teasing to create a nice volume filled hairstyle.

  • Straighten out the hair and then slowly and gradually move forward towards the crown step by step teasing from below the crown area.
  • You can also add streaks of bold colors to add a rebellious touch to the overall look.

Recommended Faces:

  • Heart shaped and oval can enchant the world with this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • Kerastase Nacre wax from the Nutritive line provides a very light and soft finished look.

 12. Layered Bob For Adorable Curls


The bangs and layers allow showing off the lovely disconnected locks with edgy tips. By giving more emphasis on straightening the hair, this medium bob hairstyle acquires even more charm and overwhelming appeal. Looks more impressive when styled off from the centered!

How To Style This Hairstyle:  So for the ladies who have naturally curly frizzy hair they can flaunt this hairstyle in class and uber chic sense without having to do any hard regime following at all. Because naturally wavy hair when cut short are rolled up into natural and very amazing curls, on their own.

  • This adorable curls loaded layered bob keeps on adding volume with ever layer.
  • The natural curls give it a very glamorous look.
  • Always use a setting gel post shower to hold the curls in place with minimum effort.

Recommended Faces:

  • Natural curls work great with all face types.

Recommended Product:

  • Nutritive line providing the Kerastase Nacre wax has given a great alternative for using the conventional setting mousse.

 11. Asymmetric Bob Crop


Fun medium bob hairstyle crop will instantly make you the center of everyone’s attention. Its lovely wispy texture and asymmetry of the cut makes you extraordinarily smart and gorgeous. If you want to create a chic graphic style, this asymmetric bob will also look great on relaxed locks.

How To Style This Hairstyle: The Asymmetric Bob crop I basically a pixie cut and thus it doesn’t need a lot of gadgets and tools for styling but what can actually lift this haircut is a good hair dye, either two tones, ombre or even streaks.

  • The dye will bring a whole new dimension to the cut and the personality as well.

Recommended Faces:

  • Slimmer oval and heart shaped faces are able to rock this look.

Recommended Product:

  • Paul Mitchell’s Spray Wax will add a good amount of subtle shine to the hair.

 10. Layered Lob With Thick Bangs Across The Forehead


When thinking about having a haircut, do not forget this flawlessly straight polished bob. It is most pleasant form of medium hairstyles for black women varying only in length and finish for the edges. For twisted face framing and blunt bangs across your forehead, this is the hairdo with all its gorgeous medium angled layers.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Beyonce being the Queen B is very particular about what he wears, endorses or even what haircut she flaunts. This Fringed layered lob is not only giving her a exotic look, but the way she had been carrying it is simply mind-blowing.

  • The fringes need a good setting product and a nice hand of straightening iron.
  • It depends if you want to opt for an inward blow dry to add a thick volume to the fringes.

Recommended Faces:

  • Inverted triangle, and heart shaped are rock stars of this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • A small dab of Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste is good enough to lock this look for a long while.

 9. Emediumated Bob Hairstyle For Black Women


This one hairdo is best known for emediumating your face shape. This medium bob hairdo will make your chin visible in a way that it draws attention towards the chin. Thus makes your facial features more prominent in an attractive way.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Black women have particularly difficult hair types to look after and it isn’t easy to form a good hairstyle out of the typical haircuts. The current trend thus, is going for all kinds of classic and crazy bob haircuts and hair styles.

  • The side swept emediumated bob looks very chic with a nice blow dry session.
  • Though it might stay for too long but till it is, it will make you feel really special.

Recommended Faces:    

  • Square and round face types are great at flaunting this hairstyle.

Recommended Product:

  • Water Wax by Redken helps add shine without overloading the hair with extra grease.

 8. Choppy Lob For Thick Locks


This medium bob with a choppy finish casually forms the nonchalant impulsive look with light waves. It helps you get a trendy and smart and spanking new look hence a perfect choice in medium bob hairstyles for black women. The style can be worn for a specific event. If styled with the help of a shine enhancer, this style is sure to get you noticed!

How To Style This Hairstyle: Sometimes some haircuts are defined after they have gone through a good dying session. For pretty ladies who have just got a good two toned hair dye or even an ombre and have particularly thicker, fuller hair should opt for thick locks.

  • An outward blow dry gives a smoothened look to the edges of the haircut.
  • You can eve add medium locks to this haircut.

Recommended Faces:

  • The recommended face types for this haircut are square and oval.

Recommended Product:

  • Mousse by SEVEN is a great option prior to giving the hair a good blow dry.

 7. Shoulder-Grazing Lob With Medium Bangs


If you want to enjoy the silk and sleekness of your relaxed black locks, this gorgeous shoulder-grazing lob is perfect for you. This haircut with bangs and waves complete your look and add an attractive flair.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This haircut is such pleasure seeking for women who are fun loving and just want to be on their own. Specifically cut in a medium length with straight layers let loose on the shoulders is what creates that class and sophistication to the look.

  • This haircut only requires a good hair straightening regime.
  • Always make sure to use good products before straightening to prevent any damage.

Recommended Faces:

  • Oval and heart shaped faces along with inverted pyramid are meant to rock this look.

Recommended Product:

  • Don’t Blow by Bumble and Bunble adds a very glamorous shine to the hair.

 6. Jaw Grazing Bob


Want a style that’s not too short and not too short nor too long? Try this jaw grazing bob with a strong bang. It will give you the pleasure of being prominent in a crowd and all eyes will be on you. Oval and triangle face shapes are the best to carry this haircut. Try adding curls to your bobs just to the ends for a fashionable smart look grabbing attention.

How To Style This Hairstyle: If you’re a lady with a sleek jaw bone then you should definitely consider having this haircut. This cut is meant for women who have very well defined jaw bones. The bob resting on the jaw bones elevates the sharpness and adds subtleness to the face.

  • This bob requires a good blow drying sessions prior to any event and later on a good spray for settling and locking the look.

Recommended Faces:

  • Heart shaped, and pyramid face types are perfect for this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • Pureology’s Silk Bodifier is meant to be a great styling foam, aiding a perfect blow dry.

 5. Classic Symmetric Bob


You should always go for a classic and stylized haircut. This medium bob hairdo comes out to be one of that. This beautiful symmetric bob delicately frames your face, thus it is turned out to be one of the elegant medium hairstyle for black women accentuating its lovely features and ideal proportions.

How To Style This Hairstyle: For the darker souls, the symmetric bob and a great dark and rich black or gray hair color is what will make a number of heads turn anywhere that you go.

  • Always opt for blow drying slightly damp hair and not completely wet hair as that causes more damage to the hair.
  • The smooth edges add a very mystical and cryptic look.

Recommended Faces:

  • Slightly heavier cheek bones and defined jaw lines, oval shape and hear shaped face types.

Recommended Product:

  • TIGI’s S –Factor Smoothing Lusterizeri is the product to protects your hair from constant straightening and also provides that natural shine to it.

 4. Asymmetric Bob With Uneven Length


This is the best example of a fantastic hairdo in medium bob hairstyles for black women. This hairstyle not only displays the classy haircut with a unique twist, but also the wavy and crippled look in your hair length. Try to style your bob with a side parting. It is of great value that asymmetric hairstyles are more stunning and appealing than the symmetric ones, and most of the celebrities adopt this trick to their advantage.

How To Style This Hairstyle: We know you are the ones who always want to do something different with their lives and this haircut gives you the opportunity to try something different and unique from the rest. The uneven edges ads a mystical touch to the overall personality.

  • Most bobs are great when they are straightened nicely but for medium length bobs, one can also add smaller and shorter curls that are thicker towards the crown.
  • Smaller hair are not only easier to handle but are also trend setters wherever you will be setting your foot to.

Recommended Faces:

  • Round and square face types are best at flaunting this bob style.

Recommended Product:

  • CHI Volume Booster a liquid spray is a great product to keep the style on point but with minimum product on the hair.

 3. Chopped Shattered Bob


As the name indicates the choppy ends of this haircut provide the chic A-line picture and fabulous texture to play with in different hairstyles. Apart from its versatility in style, this can rock bob sleek and glossy or in a bang way with shaggy ends.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Adding a very twisted hand of curls to this shattered bob will give an entirely new personality and life to your persona. The curls wound around the edges of the hair add a wicked charm to the overall look.

  • Use a thin rod curling iron and pick bigger chunks to add thicker curls.
  • While loosening the curls twist the curler in between the straight layers as I you are trying to hide the curls inside.
  • This technique tends to tangle the curl and straight hair together.

Recommended Faces:

  • Oval and triangle can go ahead with this look.

Recommended Product:

  • OSIS Soft n Straight gives a smooth finish to the final look.

 2. Mid-Length Bob With Face Framing


This medium bob hairdo having its own special flair and character boasts of the statement bob. By doing this hairstyle you will fall in love with its A-line silhouette, flattering length and layering for the face-framing locks. These can be finely styled in the form of flicks.

How To Style This Hairstyle: For slightly chubbier older women it is not easy to flaunt excessively short bobs, so hairstylists usually keep the length midway till the shoulders and with women having thicker hair, an addition of a couple of layers gives life to the seemingly dull hair.

  • Blow drying lightens up the curls and give a glamorous look.
  • Curls added with curling iron are more rigid and formal and require more work.

Recommended Faces:

  • Chubbier, square and round faces will look best with this hairstyle.

Recommended Product:

  • Pureology’s Super Smooth provides a great ground for black women who have excessively frizzy and out of control hair.

 1. Layered A line Medium Length Bob Hairstyle


Getting bored of your casual hairstyle? Try to have this medium bob. This exceptional bob looks ideal for medium wavy and slightly messy hair. If you add a touch of razor layering, it will give an effect of irregular streaks which are kept loose to enhance the charm of this gorgeous A-line bob.

Bob haircuts when done on thick hair, look fantastic and suit all face shapes. Throughout this fashion history, the bob hairstyles have always been recreated many times. The need is to only select for the right length and modification. There is no surprise celebrities find attraction in bob hairstyles, and most of the looks in bobs are spotted on famous personalities.

How To Style This Hairstyle: For rock star babes and biker goddesses it is very important to carry a rocking but not so time consuming haircut. The classic ‘A line’ bob is what comes first to their minds.

  • A line bobs can be best styled straightened as they are very closely linked to pixie haircuts and thus curling is not a very suitable option.

Recommended Faces:

  • Slim and on point oval and inverted face types make great ‘A line’ bob babes.

Recommended Product:

  • Piece Works Defining Paste by Eufora is a great product while working with layers and trying to keep a volume.

Many techniques have been developed keeping in mind the various styles of medium bob hairstyles for black women. The best African American hairstyles include a new range of twists, bouncy and curly wavy bobs. Afro hair are considered to be the best hair for the medium bob hairstyles. Above is the list of tremendous medium hairstyles for black women, give anyone of them a try and have a wonderful personality. These bob hairstyles find a true meaning when done on afro hair. Their fluffy curls are now becoming a new season’s trend and are being copied by the girls having straight hair.



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