25 Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Hairstyling means a lot on the very special occasion of your life. Don’t forget it is your special day and hence the preparation for it should also take your utmost attention. Searching for a flattering and unique hairstyle for your wedding is not so easy, particularly when you narrow your choice with medium hair only.

However, the list given below of easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair updos is pretty extensive and can help you choose one; the most adorable and compatible with your choice of a vintage hairstyle.

25. Braided And Twisted Half-Up Wedding Style


The superb flattering look is really adorned with this hairstyle for a modern bridal look. This half-up is a style that is emerged with a braided crown and twist. It is a simple and elegant style that makes your wedding outlook, a memorable icon of style and tradition. All you need is to make a crown in the middle of your head with backcombing.

The tresses on the front of both sides of the head will be twisted around the crown after getting the braided shape. You can also add some spice with the curls of the loose hair of backside. For a final and vibrant look, embellish the crown with flowers, beads, pearls or any other jewelry as per your likeness.

 24. Wedding Chignon Hairstyle For Medium Hair


In most of the traditional wedding medium hairstyles for women, buns and updos are mostly encouraged to wear.  For a divine feminine look and prominent facial features, chignon is the best hairstyle with a chain of variation. It is nothing much but a simple bun with embellishment. To make it, add some style with curls, sleek knots, braided twists, backcombing with a bun.

Bangs on forehead and locks to frame your face as the requirement of your facial features can also switch on your style. A hair net can also be used to keep the style in its place with its accessories by some professionals. It will surely be one of the fabulous and easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair.

The most important tip for wedding hairstyle is that you must try whatever you select before the actual wedding day. There is every possibility that your chosen style may not look as gorgeous as you might think. Thus trying these easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair one by one can save from every possible embarrassment.

 23. Wedding Ballerina Bun


A perfect and stylish bun is an outstanding choice to get a flare bridal look.  It’s awesome, alluring floral shape reflects like an over sized flower on the head. It not only unveils the beauty and glam of your face, but also supports the headpiece of your wedding dress.  It gives you the chance to stand out in a crowd with pretty confidence and enjoy the mesmerizing expressions of people for your dramatically charming look.

A pony band of thick frame is needed to make the style more impressive. Make a pony tail at the suitable height and put the band. Now splatter all the hair around the band equally, twist all the hair and wrap around the band. You can also twist the hair in braided shape. Fix the flyaways and the final shape of your medium-short wedding hairstyle using gel or spray.


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