20 Breath Taking Wedding Dresses Collection

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Bride should get to look like the most beautiful woman on the day of her wedding. It is their day and we will give it to them, but what about the bridesmaid who is going to accompany the bride inside and outside of the venue, they should look good too. On weddings you make memories that last forever, memories that will be saved in the pictures and every time you look into those pictures, you will be able to relive those memories. On an occasion as special as weddings, nobody would want to look bad; neither the brides nor the bridesmaids.

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20. Trumpet Dress With Longer Veils


Back in the eighteenth century brides used to cover their faces with a veil, a veil that used to be no longer than the length of their arms. The time is gone for good! Longer veils are in. The veils that today’s bride wears are of the same length as the dress, sometimes even longer, trailing behind as they walk. Here in the picture we have a white trumpet wedding dress combined with a nice and long veil with a crown to help you wear it on your head.

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19. Trumpet Silk Dress With Back Exposed


Here we have another trumpet dress made up of silk. The front and back is made up of lace net. There is something special at the back though. It is left exposed and the exposure is further enhanced with the lace net that shapes the area exposed. Women go for trumpet dresses on their wedding because it makes them look slender and slim.

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If you go for a backless dress, get your hair done at one side or get a hair up do.

18. Strapless Puffy Dress


No wonder a strapless dress is always sexy and do not even dare to doubt that. Here we have a strapless bridal dress with lots of volume and puff beneath it. On the waist there is some flower detailing done to further enhance the bridal’s waist. With a strapless second wedding dresses, you should wear a heavy necklace, preferably in silver. You can wear a long veil with this dress and gloves to further make it look extravagant.

“Wedding is the day to cherish for the bride and groom and bridesmaids help them do that. We have highlighted some dresses and shades for the bridesmaids to choose from, for their dear friend’s wedding. Brides are our priority so first 10 are for them”

17. Two Layered Dress


Layers and volume are always a good idea to opt for on your wedding day. Here we have some intricate work done on the layers of the dress which are off course enhancing the layers. The upper layer is made to trail at the lower one which makes it look quite different from the other bridal dresses. On the waist, too, there is some lace work done with diamantes to make it shine and bring it to notice.

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16. Trumpet Dress With Diamante Work


Here in the picture we have a designer bridal dress. It has some really intricate work done on the waist line to make it more prominent so that all eyes will fall on the bride’s waist. There is some embroidery done at the back-end of the dress too. This is again a strapless dress but this one is a trumpet dress and not a puffy one. Can you see those beautiful diamantes all around her waist? Also notice the beautiful circle the dress makes on the carpet floor as she stands still. She looks like a beautiful mermaid.

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15. Sensational Purple Mermaid Gown


Oh My God! This dress brought a huge happy grin on my face and now my heart is going to jump out of its place (it rhymes). I totally adore this dress. I have always said that we need to step out of our comfort zone and opt for colours other than white. Every colour has its own importance that no one can deny, white does too, but the rest of the colours are no less. Look at this dress; it is not too dark and not too light but just the right kind of purple for the bride.

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14. Peach A Line Dress


This is another colour which is not white but just about right for your wedding. Brides will look absolutely angelic in this colour and their groom’s will helplessly adore them all the more. It is a lace-net A line wedding gown in the lightest of peach colour.

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13. The Net Back Dress


Stepping back into our comfort zone, this is a white trumpet dress made up of tulle net with lace patterns all over it. It is a sweet heart neckline dress with net at the back, beautifully showing off the bride’s back. As you can see, the lady in the picture chose to wear it with a hair up do. Dresses with designs or detailing at the back are supposed to be worn with a hair bun, hair up do or all your hair styled sideways to show your back.

12. Imperial Train Gown


Talk about being Royal! Is this not an absolutely eye-catching dress? It is sure worth every penny it claims to be priced at. It is an absolute stunner with sequins, diamante and embroidery all over it. The straps are made up of diamante and the back is overloaded with it. The embroidery done on it enhances its long train. Look at its long train, the bride will need someone to hold it for her as she walks. This dress will sure make your wedding a royal memory and is a must buy if you can afford it or get it custom made may be. Do whatever you want to, after all it is your day and you deserve to look beautiful on it more than anyone else does.

11. Detailed Long Veil With The Dress


Remember I told you long veils are in fashion. You can add some more detailing into your veil with lace embroidery at the borders of your veil so that it will look even more beautiful. Detailing on your veil is not common so you can go for it if you want to look different. Attach this veil with your hair bun and look different.

Now We Have Sugesstions For The Bridesmaids

The dresses chosen for bridesmaids are such that they will complement the white dress of the bride.

10. Red Silk Floor Length Dress


Silk is considered to be a luxurious fabric – a symbol of lux and red is the colour of love. Red and white makes an amazing combination so red is one of the many colours bridesmaids can choose from. It will not just compliment the bride’s white dress and make her stand out but also make the bridesmaid look beautiful.

9. Red Chiffon Floor Length Dress


This dress, again, is red in colour and compliments the white dress of the bride. It is made up of chiffon – a body hugging material. The dress has a lot of flares in it which end up in a V shape. However the flares will go flat as it is made up of chiffon, unless you wear a petticoat inside to add volume. You can couple it with white or silver flashy jewellery and stiletto heels to complete the look.

8. Aqua Green Strapless Dress


Here we have another brilliant idea for bridesmaids to choose their dress from. Green, no matter in what shade it is, compliments white really well. Aqua green is a beautiful colour to opt for as a bridesmaid, it will make your dear bride stand out among all you beauties. Being a cool toned shade, it goes great in springs and summers.

7. Royal Blue Strapless Dress


Look at this picture. It is such a happy picture. Being a good bridesmaid, it is your duty to take such a picture with your dear bride and make her big day a memorable one. It is obligatory on you.

Royal blue is so the colour to opt for as a bridesmaid. It will complement the bride’s dress and brighten her day, adding some beautiful colours to it. Make the wedding thematic and add garlands to the theme for all the bridesmaid and bride to wear.

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6. Black Dual Knee Length Silk Dress


Here we have a budget-friendly idea for all the bridesmaids to look up to. Opt for a knee length A’ line formal dress. Budget-friendly, how? You can wear it at your friend’s wedding and once it is over you can save it for your university prom night. Such a budget friendly thought, isn’t it?

5. Light Blue Tulle Short Dress


Short dresses are always cute and sexy. Paired with a cute head piece it will look even cuter. Enhance your cuteness with this cute short dress. Light blue is another colour that will complement the bride’s white gown. This dress paired with white heels or silver diamante heels and diamante jewellery will look really nice. Natural makeup with smoky eyes will complete the look. Go for it and be a cute bridesmaid.

4. Light Blue Knee Length Dress


Here we have another cool tone of blue colour. Blue no matter in what shade it is, compliments white. White is already a bright colour, but some colours when combined with it, they further enhance it. Blue is one of those colours. This is a knee length dress made up of silk to make your dear bride standout. It is a one side strap dress silk floral detailing done on it to make it cuter. Coupled with natural make up and peach blusher this dress will surely look good. Wear silver jewellery and silver heels with it.

3. Royal Blue Front Cut Dress With Surprise Inside


This girl has done what I have been telling you from the starting. She has coupled her royal blue dress with silver heels and silver earrings. KUDOS to her for that!

This is a flared chiffon royal blue long dress cut from the front to show the sparkly blue short dress inside. The sparkly jersey dress is like a little surprise hidden inside. Royal blue as I mentioned before, will complement the bride’s white dress. DO NOT COMPARE ROYAL BLUE WITH DARK MAKEUP! Her make-up is dark in the picture but she is a model and she is made to look good with it, if you go for dark make up with a royal blue dress, you will end up looking like a vampire and you don’t want that.

2. Emerald Green One Sided Strap Dress


A neatly designed emerald green silk dress is what you should go for. It will compliment white and look great on you. Here in the picture we see a one sided strap dress made on a modest fit. It will go great with both, gold jewellery as well as silver jewellery. Being a dark shade, it calls for light make up, just like royal blue. You do not want to do a lot of contouring with it, only do some natural make up with a neutral shade of lipstick or a bright one may be, if you want but DO NOT GO BEYOND THAT. This is your make up limit.

1. Bright Peach Dresses


Peach is an amazing color, it makes you look attractive and brightens you up all over. Peach is an interesting colour and compliments white really well, as you can see in the picture. You may combine it with silver flashy jewellery and silver heels. The make-up can be however you want it to be, you can be creative or you can keep it natural and stay in your comfort zone. All you bridesmaids can go peach for your friend’s wedding and make her stand out. It is just the color to opt for in summers and springs.

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