20 Of The Most Useful Clothing Hacks That Will Save You A Lot Of Time And Money

We all face issues in our clothing every day. Sometimes they get stained and impaired and you could find no other solution except to replace them. Replacement is not always the best option though. If you want to save your time and money, you need to learn the following clothing hacks. These clothing hacks will also let you wear your favorite dresses for a long time.

20. Remove The Balled Up Fiber From Your Jeans


The daily wear and tear often makes our jeans a bit rugged. It starts losing its color and we often see small fibers popping out from everywhere. These white fibers on dark-colored jeans often ruin the whole look and we end up discarding the jeans from our wardrobes. However, if you want to save yourself from buying another pair of jeans, we have an interesting idea for you to remove those balled up fibers.

In order to remove the fibers, you need to run a razor over your jeans. The sharp blades of the razor will remove all the extra fibers which are popping out, giving you a clean cloth to enjoy. You may then use tape to remove the leftover fibers on the jeans. This method will let you end up with fiber-free jeans which will most likely appear like a newly bought one.

19. Remove Bleach Stains


It is very common to get a bleach stain. Since the stain can decolorize the affected part of your clothes, we often discard the cloth which has been stained by bleach. However, bleach stains can easily be covered and you can save a lot of money of buying another dress.

All you need to do is take Sharpie pens of the relevant color and hide the stains by coloring the affected area. These pens will camouflage the stain and your dress will get back into its previous look easily.

18. Pressing Collars


Straightening irons are not just useful for making your hair straight; they are also very handy in pressing clothes. Their heating property can be used to remove the creases in a cloth just like waves and curls are removed from the hair. While the normal irons are best for this purpose, it is always irritating to plug in the iron just to press the unruly collars.

For the purpose of clothing the collars, we can easily use a straightening iron which will remove the creases just like the normal clothing irons. You will just have to be careful not to let the straightening iron stay on your clothes for a long time.

17. Fix A Zipper Yourself


We often get depressed when our favorite dresses get ruined because of a stuck zipper. You need not get sad over it anymore as you can now easily fix your zipper at home. Whenever it gets stuck, rub wax on the teeth of your zipper and move it up and down. You can also use crayons and nail polish for the purpose. Use this tip every time your zipper gets stuck and you will no longer have to discard your favorite dresses.

16. Remove Make-Up Stains


Mistakes can happen almost anytime while doing the make-up. There are chances when you may end up splitting your liquid foundation over your favorite dresses. If that has happened to you, stop fretting about it as we have an efficient remedy for you. You can now easily recover your favorite dresses from makeup stains in a few minutes only.

Whenever you stain your dresses with makeup tools, and the stain does not go away with a wash, try applying some shaving cream on the affected area. Let the shaving cream stay for a few minutes and then wash off the cloth along with the cream. The cream is effective enough to take away the stain with itself.

15. Widen Your Shoes


Have you ever come across some attractive shoes while shopping but failed to get the appropriate size? It is indeed a very disappointing situation to face. Well now you can easily buy the shoes you have had your eyes on without any worry of their fitting. If the shoes are a little tight for you, you can easily expand them at home. All you have to do is put plastic bags full of water in your shoes and put them in a refrigerator.

You might have studied expansion and contraction principles in your science courses. The same principle applies to shoes as well which get expanded when they are put in a freezer with water in them. This may sound like madness but it actually works. This tip lets you wear our favorite shoes even if you cannot find your perfect size at the store.

14. Get The Hood Strings Back In Your Hood


Losing a hood string can sometimes be disappointing for most of us. Once the strings come out, it is extremely difficult to place them inside the hood again. If they do not go back in the hood, we often end up with string less hoods to wear. To avoid this issue, tie the string you want to insert inside with a straw.

Then staple the string and the straw to avoid loosening of the string in the middle of the insertion. Now insert the string inside the straw, making an effort to push the straw from one of the passage to the other. Since it is easy to move a straw in the opening, the string attached to the straw will effortlessly get inside the hood.

You can also tie your strings on a pen too but the pen marks can ruin your hood.

13. Remove Stains From Leather


Have you ever spilled something over your favorite leather jackets and shoes only to find that the stain cannot be removed through a simple wash? We know how disappointing it is to see your favorite clothes getting tarnished by the stains. Instead of discarding your shoes and buying new ones, however, why don’t you try removing the stains through this amazing hack?

The trick is to mix some water and vinegar together in a spray bottle and then spray the mixture on the stains. Let the mixture do the job for a few minutes then wipe it off once the stains are removed. This remedy really works in removing the stains which destroy the beauty of your clothes and shoes.

12. Unstuck Your Zipper


Our zippers often get stuck while moving up and down. When they get stuck, we sometimes use force to move them up or down and end up breaking the zipper. Instead of fighting with your zippers, try the following hack to move the stubborn zips.

The trick is very easy. It only involves greasing the zippers with Vaseline or any oil so any hindrance in their movement is removed. Once the friction in the movement is removed, your zippers will move with ease. Make sure to not spill the oil or the Vaseline on your clothes though.

11. Remove Odor From Your Sneakers


We know how embarrassing it is when you pull out your sneakers in front of your friends and the room gets filled with an unbearable odor. Not only do your friends feel weird from the odor, but you feel utterly embarrassed and ashamed from the lack of hygiene and cleanliness. Well, if you often get an awful smell from your shoes, its high time that you do something about it.

The trick to remove the odor is to cover your shoes with baking soda. Baking soda has the power to remove the sweat and the bacteria which make your shoes smelly. Hence the next time you feel that an odor is coming out of your sweaty shoes, cover your shoes with the baking soda to save yourself from the embarrassment.

10. Fix Buttons On The Shirt


The buttons on our shirts are often on the verge of falling out of the shirt. The thread gets loose at times, making it difficult for us to button up the shirt properly. To avoid this issue, fix the buttons on the shirt by applying a nail polish to them.

The nail polish will firmly fix the buttons on the shirt without the need to bind them with a thread. This trick is best for you especially if you are in a hurry and have no time to sew the button with a thread. Just make sure you do not apply the nail polish on the shirt.

9. Jeans Shopping Made Easier


Jeans shopping is very time consuming. Not only do you have to shop for your favorite jeans type, you will have to try each one of them to see if it will fit your waist perfectly. Thus, instead of wasting your time in trying every other jeans, just see if the jeans fits in your neck. If it does, it is highly likely that the jeans will be best on your waist as well.

8. Removing The Stain Of Red Wine


Red wines can easily leave a stubborn stain on our clothes which is difficult to remove by a simple wash. The stains of red wine look bad especially if they are on light-colored dresses. Fortunately, there are a number of tips to remove the stains of red wine, including the use of white wine to remove the stains.

To remove the stains, soak the affected area in white wine. Then cover the stain thoroughly with a thick baking soda paste. Let the soda stay on the stain for a few hours and keep sprinkling water on the stain to keep the soda moist. Wash it off to get a clean shirt.

7. Clean Your Leather


Another good way to clean your patent leather is to use a window cleaner on the stain. The window cleaner has the power to remove the most stubborn stains on the leather as well. Spray the cleaner on the stain and then wipe it off as usual.

6. Remove Oil Stains


We have all been to some big fat weddings where we have spilled the delicious but oily food on our lavish formal clothes. A single stain of oil can sometimes destroy the whole look of the dress we love wearing. In order to remove oil stains from your favorite dresses, sprinkle some talcum powder on the stain and let it stay overnight. The talcum powder will soak the stain and will clean your dress.

5. Remove Lipstick Stains


Lipstick stains are also very common for which we usually do not know a solution. To remove a lipstick stain, all you have to do is spray your normal hairspray on the stain and let it stay for a few minutes on the affected area. Wash it off like you normally do. The hairspray will remove the lipstick stain with ease.

4. Remove Odor From The Jeans


Does your pair of jeans often feel smelly and weird? If yes, then try putting your jeans in the freezer to remove the odor. The low temperature inside the freezer can kill all the bacteria which have been trying to make your jeans smelly.

3. Get the Distressed Leather Jacket Look


If you love the distressed look on the leather jackets, then instead of buying them from the market, try giving them the look yourself. This is easy if you have a new leather jacket which you want to change. You can easily get the vintage look by wearing your jacket out in the rain as the bad weather will help you get the desired look.

2. Remove Armpit Odors


Nobody loves an odor coming out of the armpits. If you are facing this issue of armpit odor then we suggest you sprinkle some lemon juice on your armpits. The lemon juice will remove the odor fairly quickly.

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1. Make Your Shoes Fit Perfectly


If your shoes do not fit into your feet when you wear socks, here is a tip to resolve the issue. The tip is just to wear your socks and shoes and heat the two using a hairdryer. The heat of the dryer will expand the shoes, making them more comfortable for you.

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