15 Stylish & Easy Updo Hairstyles For Short Hair

As we kiss spring goodbye and the heat starts to roll in with the summer season, fashion has taken a leap forward as well and many things have changed, especially when it comes to hair. Many women look for easy updo ombre hairstyles for short hair that will not be of too much hassle.

Fear not, for the very same things are given below that will show others your brilliant fashion sense and modern taste. These 10 easy updo hairstyles will leave you looking stylish and chic in no time and will surely turn heads wherever you go.

 15. The Simple Yet Elegant Patsy Easy Hair Updo


Although this easy updo hairstyle is common, it leaves plenty of room to add you own touches and keep it to your taste. It is among old school classic black hairstyles for short hair. It may be common but this hairstyle suits short haired women extremely well and is a quite simple hairstyle to do. Here is how it is done.

 How To Style:

Get hold of 2 inch curling irons or hair rollers, whichever you prefer. Start curling the hair, but don’t curl them too much as it will destroy the natural look it comes with.

-Next, have a good soft strength hair serum at your disposal. Squeeze some onto your palms and massage the serum onto hair with soft, even movements of hands. Use your fingers to gently break any tangles in the hair, this will allow you to make a perfect hair updo. Also use your fingers while applying serum to make the hair in a curly fashion.

-Smoothen out the hair with hands to make a Mohawk and make use of hair pins to keep it in its place.

-Finish of this classic easy updo hairstyle with some hair spray to add sheen and firmness to the whole hairdo.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairdo suits women with oval faced extremely well. It also compliments women who have moderate and light facial features, not heavy set.

 14. Revamped French


The French roll goes back to the 1940s and remains one of the most classic and traditional of curly hairstyles to date. This is one of the easy updo hairstyles for short hair has stood the test of time because it incorporates a graceful, lively and captivating look in a hairstyle that is irresistible to anyone. Achieving this hairstyles for short hair is not easy, but it is worth every bit of effort you put into it.

Hairstyles are all about what you choose, so don’t back down but choose what you want to look like. There is an extensive variety in easy updo hairstyles and you find many luscious hair ideas that can match well with your personality and whims.

 How To Style:

-With your hands, separate the hair into 3 equal sections in a vertical manner. Even out the middle portion starting from the bottom of neck way up to the brow.

-The side hair portions should be fashioned into flat curls that are positioned in such a manner they come to the middle section.

-As for the rest of the hair that are positioned towards the face, make a hair roll out of them.

-Add finishing touches to the hairdo and then use a moderate strength hair finishing spray to keep the hairdo in its place and keep it in looking fresh for the long run.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairdo has the advantage that all facial featured women can wear this look and still look smashing. Among hairstyles for short hair, this hairdo goes extremely well for women who have brown or blonde hair. It is not dependant on the facial features of a woman and goes well on all occasions.

 13. The Old School Classic Bun


When discussing easy updo hairstyles for short hair, it becomes impossible not to discuss the classic bun. With many different hairstyles coming in with the change in weather, women have experimented with hairstyles for short hair and have come up with a new look for this classic easy updo braided hairstyles for short hair. A hair bun is simple, leaves enormous room to add personal touches and is fairly easy way. This is how you can rock it.

How To Style:

-Make 2 portions out of the hair, dividing them equally from the middle horizontally.

-With your hands, flatten the hair in front of head and make a ponytail from then and then use the ponytail to make a hair bun. Using hair pins, secure the hairdo in place.

-Even out the hair at the back and make a small ponytail from them and make a ringlet from them.

-Use hair finishing product to keep the hairdo in it place.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairstyle goes very well with women who have slightly long faces and hair of medium to short length. It can be styled on smooth, non curly hair types as they are manageable and can be styled with ease.

 12. The Fringy Hairdo


This hair idea in the gallery of short curly hairstyles is a versatile hairstyle, which allows it to be worn with the hair down or with voluminous hair. It really brings out the beauty in short hair and is a snazzy, cute hairdo to rock anywhere you like.

 How To Style:

-Wash hair and towel dry them, not blow dry.

-Use a good brand of Styling Cream and evenly apply to the hair.

-By using a paddle brush, wrap the hair around it and repeat throughout hair when you are using blow dryer to dry the hair. This allows the hair to be very flexible and bouncy when the hairdo is complete.

-Now use Styling Wax at the ends of hair to create a wave at one side of hair. The wave should be just visible.

-Move that fringe to one side and finish its look.

-Use a light hold spray to finish the look and give it final touches.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairstyle suits women with oval and slightly long faces nicely. It gives a sophisticated look and hence is good to wear in urban areas. It goes well with hair that has less natural texture as it allows more manageable handling of hair. It suits blondes and brunettes especially.

 11. Cropped Up Hairdo


The cropped up hairdo is a snappy hairstyle that clears the hair around ears but the rest of hair are left relatively longer. This updo among easy hairstyles for short hair is a good choice to style whether going to a party or casual evening with family. It gives a carefree, light look to the hair.

Hairstyles tell a lot about a woman such as her tastes in fashion and her love to be unique and gorgeous. Don’t be shy; add your own changes to these easy updo hairstyles for short hair. Experiment and take advantage of the room provided by each hairdo which leaves you to add your own touches.

 How To Style:

-Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner of your normal routine choice.

-Use Volumizing Foam on hair and work it through the hair strands.

-While using blow dryer, use your fingers to keep the hair out of the way of face and from back of ears.

-Use a paddling brush to twist, wrap and turn the volume of hair while blow drying. This will add even more volume to the hair, complimenting this easy updo hairstyles. It also adds more movement in the hair, keeping it bouncy and giving it natural look.

-Use medium Styling Wax after hair has been styled to keep them in place.

-Use a medium strength finishing spray to keep the hairdo in its place and add sheen to it.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairstyle is an excellent choice for women who have oval faces. It brings out the beauty in their cheeks and if done perfectly, brings out the best of their hair.  Since hair styling products are used to style this easy updo hairstyles, it can be worn by women of all hair types, except those that have curly hair.

 10. Silky Red Flow


If you are looking for a daring easy short bob hairstyles for short hair that is risky yet totally worth it, go for this silky red flow hairstyle which combines an angled bob with daring looks that will surely put the limelight on you wherever you go. Not only that, this easy updo hairstyles is actually pretty easy to style and can be done if you are willing to put some effort into it.

 How To Style:

-Wash hair with shampoo that has natural oil extracts. Towel Dry.

-Use Hair Gel or Hair Serum to prep hair. Apply some onto palms of hands and work their way through the hair, using fingers to untangle any locks.

-Make portions out of hair. Part one portion to one side, using the hair eye as a reference to know where to start parting.

-Make use of a paddle brush to untangle hair and make them manageable. At the same time, twist, turn and wrap the hair over and over again while you are blow drying. This gives the hair good volume and movement at the finishing of hairdo. Use a round brush for the back of head hair because it adds volume to the hair as you blow dry it.

-Make a small pomade to keep the hair standing out in the crowd and give a feeling of innovativeness.

-If you think your hair type needs additional support, use spritz spray on hair as finishing spray. That ought to solve the problem.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This daring easy updo hairstyles for short hair matches women who have almost all facial features. it accentuates the cheekbones, making round faces seem slimmer. It also softens a hard jawline. Not only that, it draws attention away from a prominent forehead as well.

 9. Natural Spirals


The natural spirals is a unique one on each woman because it relies on the natural texture and conditions of hair and brings out their inner beauty, so this easy updo hairstyles for short hair is a timeless classic. You can rock this look at any occasion and show what your hair really mean.

 How To Style:

-Towel dry hair and use a humidity resistant curl control cream through the hair.

-Lightly tousle the hair with fingers and position them where you want them to.

-Don’t use a hair dryer or anything; let the hair dry on their own.

-Use a humidity resistant hairspray when the hairdo is done. This will keep the hairdo in its place longer.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This look is simplistic yet elegant in hairstyles for short hair. The beauty lies in the fact that it looks great with any hair color, texture and facial feature. This look brings out the inner beauty in any woman and because of this; it is a very popular easy updo hairstyles for short hair.

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 8. Pumped Up Pixie


The pumped up pixie is a great easy updo hairstyles for short hair to show your chic flavor in fashion. It is a cropped and root lifted hairdo which goes well with short women and those who have small faces.

 How To Style:

-Get some heat styling hair spray on dry hair.

-Using a flat iron, flatten the hair.

-When using heat on higher hair sections, left them up. This will give them lift and height when you are done.

-Use modeling wax on hair, using it to make a faux hawk from the midsection of hair.

-Use moderate strength finishing spray to apply touches.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairstyle goes great with short women who have small faces. It also suits round but not fat faces.

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 7. Sleek & Shiny


The sleek and shiny look will make you look modern and keep your fashion sense tingling.

 How To Style:

-Use Styling Cream and massage onto hair, straightened by iron.

-Again use flat irons to smoothen hair and style hair from down to top.

-Use light shine mist to add sheen to hair.

-Spray with medium hold spray.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

Generally, the black short hairstyles go very well with oval, square and long faced women. It also hides strong facial features.

 6. Curly Cue


In collection of easy updo layered hairstyles for short hair, curly cue combines a load of spirals with short bobs to give a very beautiful look.

 How To Style:

-Massage Styling Cream onto hair.

-From the center of head, part hair to one area.

-Use hands to tousle hair and use blow dryer to dry them.

-Use a ¾-inch barrel curling iron to add ringlets.

-Again tousle curls.

-Use hair finishing spray.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairdo goes well with oval, long and heart shaped faces.

 5. New Heights


The New Heights uses faux hawk to go for a daring look and it makes the most flattering one in the entire range of easy updo hairstyles for short hair.

 How To Style:

-Use hair gel evenly on hair.

-Use paddle brush to wrap and turn hair while blow drying as this gives volume to hair.

-Push some hair to back of head and use bobby pins to keep them in place.

-Finish with a volume spray and remove the pins.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairstyle for short hair goes well on pear shaped soft complexion women.

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 4. Laid Back Look


 How to Style:

-Use Styling Cream on hair.

-Using a paddle brush, wrap and turn hair as you blow dry.

-Make a pouf out of some hair at front of head.

-Make an X pattern from them and secure with bobby pins.

-Make use of texture wax to finish off.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

The laid back look has recently come into fashion and is quite easy to do.

3. Pop Crop


 How To Style:

-Apply Root Booster to hair roots.

-Make a pie shaped parting starting from center of head. Turn hair towards face and through the back sections of hair, shift to back of head.

-Use paddle brush to Twist and turn hair to add volume. Turn hair at front of face towards face. Use light wax to finish off.

-Make use of strong finishing spray.

What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This easy hairstyle for short hair makes use of pixie hairstyle to add volume to hair.

2. Expresso Self


 How to Style:

-Use a hair Smoothing Gel to untangle and prep hair.

-Use paddle brush to wrap hair as you blow dry. This time blow dry in sections and will leave some natural texture.

-Use medium finishing hold spray to finalize hairdo.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairstyle adds bobs but with textures, which makes it very appealing.

1. Platinum Perfection


 How To Style:

-Use hair gel or serum and massage onto hair.

-Part hair starting from the eye as start.

-Use paddle brush to turn hair as you blow dry but this time start from bottom to the top of head.

-Now add Styling Wax of medium hold and add some style to the back.

-Use Spritz Spray.

What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairstyle is awesome in the repertoire of easy updo hairstyles for short hair because it combines an icy blonde hair color with shiny finishing look.

Changing season always calls for changing fashion and fashion keeps on going. The best way to know about it is to keep in touch. These easy updo hairstyles for short hair will definitely keep you occupied and looking fashionable this season.

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