20 Easy DIY Hairstyles That Will Not Take You More Than 5 Minutes

Makeup has a crucial role to play in making you look good. Hairstyles, however, also play a very important role in completing the look.We usually spend so much of our time doing our makeup that by the time we reach to the point of making our hairstyle, we are left with the least bit of time and energy. Therefore we have chosen some ombre hairstyles that will take no more than 5 minutes of your precious time and a few joules of your even more precious energy. Special emphasis has been laid on braid hairstyles since they make you look good with the least amount of hair products and hair accessories.

20. Braid Band Coiffure


This is a must try DIY hairstyle for all those ladies who own naturally wavy hair. Even if you do not have naturally wavy hair, don’t lose heart. You can actualize these beautiful waves by curling your hair with a curling wand. To make this hairdo, make a centre part. Curl all of your hair and brush them once they are curled. When you will brush them, the curls will open up and mimic natural waves in your hair. Then you will pick up a little chunk of your hair from behind your ear and start making a braid.

You will continue the braid upwards and keep going until you reach the other ear. Pin up the braid behind the other ear and hide it with the hair left loose. Spray all over the hairstyle and smoothen a bit with your hands to avoid any flyaway. Within no matter of time, you’ll get one of these amazing braided hairstyles.

 19. The Simple Side Braid


This is just a simple three stranded braid styles jazzed up with a little volume at the top. As you finish off your makeup, start by giving some volume to your hair at the top by either teasing them or adding a bump-it inside. Smoothen it with the comb and pin it up. Then bring all your hair to one side and make a braid. Fasten the braid with an elastic band at the end.

Now we will come towards taking our super simple braid to another level. We can do this by pulling it in opposite directions to create a bigger, more bulky braid and we can add hair accessories or hair ornaments to the braid to make it look more feminine.

 18. Side Fishtail With Bangs Twisted Up


Summers are around the corner. Leaving your hair loose doesn’t seem like a very wise option during summer. A few strands left loose is tolerable but to let them all lose when heading out on a sunny day is just not my thing.This french braid hairstyle is favourable for the summers! To pull it off you will first pin up your bangs. Make a side part. Twist all your bangs outwards and pin them up at the side of your head.

Gather all your hair at one side (wherever you want your braid to be), and make a fishtail out of it. Tie it with an elastic band at the end. To jazz up the look you can add flowers to your braid or wear a floral band.


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