7 Most Genius Way To Knit A Scarf For Less Than 30 Minutes, With Just Your Arms!

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The word is basically derived from ‘knot’ which means binding with a needle. Knitting is a fabric creating technique form the early ages. It was in 1527, that the first knitting trade guild was started in Paris, when knitting machines were invented. Hand knitting then gained a status of a craft and art which is still adored by many. It is a very complicated, yet an easy art of loops interlocking loops called stitches in a consecutive lines and rows. Its gauge is very important to give it a desired pattern.

Every person has this inborn desire to be unique and to create something new. And this lust paved the way towards different inventions and techniques. In ancient times people used straw quilts to protect themselves from cold during harsh winters. But now this knitting art is way more classy and gorgeous than a rough and dull straw. Woolen products are in high demand during winters. Knitting techniques are refining and diversified progressively since ancient times, making cool warm stuff.

“Arm knitting is not only a fun way to occupy our free time but also helps improve our wardrobe. The funky colors of an arm knit scarf, splash colors on our personality.”

7. Knitting Leisure


Knitting is leisure for all. A research has shown that knitting calms a person and induces relaxation. It decreases stress and lowers the heart rate while at the same time creating impeccable accessories. In fact, it is an effective DIY therapy against stress, anxiety and depression. By keeping aside the daily stressful thoughts and the repetitive motion of stitching is the key to calmness. A person who knits can tell you how much they feel relaxed while knitting.

6. Scarves- A Fashion Accessory


In winters, due to the harsh cold weather people wear things that are mostly dull and dry. Everything around reflects to be dying and lazy, life as a whole seems boring and lifeless. But you can transform your dull colorless season to more lively and colorful winter. Colors do bring freshness and comfort in the atmosphere. In this regard scarves can play a very important role in your fashion world. The sprinkle of so many colors in a scarf, during the dry winters also takes away the dull effect from the weather and adds a touch of spring to it.

It is definitely an obligatory accessory for this season. You can wear it with your jackets, coats, sweaters, casual and formal dresses gracefully. They will keep you warm as well as stylish and classy. You can make your scarves easily by knitting with your arms and it won’t take more than 30 minutes. ‘Knitting by arms’ may probably sound crazy, but it certainly is a remarkable and fascinating procedure of knitting scarves. It’s not a hard nut to crack in-fact it is a very interesting, unique and easy craft. It is also fun to make your own fashionable, cute scarf for the winter season. Now-a-days, these knitted scarves are in trend again.

5. Thing You Need


Do not consider it a tough job, although it looks complicated dealing with the loops, but once you learn it I bet you’ll enjoy it. It is rather more of a fun than a task. Things that you will need for arm knitting are; yarn of your choice (two bundles of thick yarn), scissors and of course your arms, instead of knitting needles! This technique would certainly blow your mind when you are done with your super cool creation within an hour. You only need to learn some of the stitches like ‘casting on’, ‘casting off’ and the basic ‘knitting stitch’. Casting on is the beginning stitch and is a little bit tricky to explain. But once you learn it, it is certainly easy to handle.

  1. Take the ends of the yarn from both the bundles and measure them together. Take about 8 feet long strings from each; string them to the side to leave a tail.
  2. Make a loop at the 8 foot mark, make a slip knot, and pull the yarn through it in such a way that the four strings of yarn are hanging down from the loop.
  3. Now slip your arm through this knot. Make sure that it is loose enough to easily glide your arm in it and befits the mid of your forearm or wrist too.
  4. Now for the “cast on” take the working yarn, placing your thumb and pointer finger in between the working and tail yarn strands. With your thumb over the working yarn and grabbing the tail yarn with the index and middle finger create two loops by going in from the outside to the next loop.
  5. Repeat the process for at least 11 to 12 stitches; this determines the size of your scarf. You can reduce the number of stitches up-to 10 or even 8 stitches depending upon the desired size.
  6. Hold the ball of yarn with the same hand that your stitches are on and pull the first loop/stitch over your hand, making a new loop.
  7. Now sliding the free hand through the newly created loop, pull the bundled wool to tighten it. This new stitch will knit the original stitch. This process is repeated for all the other stitches.
  8. When you are done with this hand, you’ll see that the stitches would be transferred to your other hand automatically. Now repeat the same process.
  9. Knit the rows as many as you need. You can check its size folding or wrapping it around your neck. You might need 25 rows for a complete scarf.
  10. When you are done with your knitting, you will require a final stitch that is ‘casting off stitch’ to secure the whole knitting. Do not fret! It is also very easy to do. Suppose your knitting ends on your right hand, continue the knitting in the same way as above, but for only two stitches. So that 10 stitches remains on your right wrist and two on the left.
  11. Now leave the working yarn and take the first stitch on your left wrist (the nearest stitch to the elbow this time), pull the first stitch over the second stitch on the left hand and drop it.
  12. From your right hand onto the left hand, knit another stitch. Continue the process of casting off stitches and dropping it one by one in a row from the right hand. Pull it firmly to give it a neat finishing.
  13. Cut the loop in half and knot it tightly to bring the ends together for binding. Start weaving the stitches by its tail and tuck them in such a way that it should hide the rough ends.

With this you are done with your brilliant knitting and can try this wonderfully knitted scarf on.

“Wearing scarves in different ways enhance our appearance differently. The bulkier appearance due to winter clothes can be easily reduced by wearing a scarf stylishly around our neck.”

4. How To Carry A Scarf


Scarves need to be worn properly to enhance your grace. It is not just a matter of draping it around   your neck haphazardly but it needs a proper attention and skill to carry. Scarves are like any other accessories to merge in combination. On one hand if they can add to your sophistication and can upgrade your outlook, on the other, it can also degrade your charm if you do not pay an appropriate attention towards it. The skill of carrying scarves is versatile. Wearing scarves around your neck has endless variations and has several ways how to wrap it around with different costumes and at different times.

You might be facing difficulty in wearing winter scarves that seems bulky. Here are some of the wonderful ways to tie your scarf smartly.

3. Easy Folded Loop


It is one of the easiest and warmest of ways to wear a trendy and apparently lengthy scarf. First fold it in half, and then wrap it around the neck. Now, through the loop of the folded end push the two loose ends of the scarf. Tighten it as it requires and look drastically chic!

2. Loose Wrap


For this wrap you take a long or medium sized scarf and drape it around the front of your neck such that the ends of the scarf are falling at the back. Now crisscross behind your neck and bring the ends to the front. Loosen it and make it sure that the scarf is perfectly centered.

1. Layered Knot


Longer scarves can be modishly tied into a layered knot. By draping the scarf around your neck, crossing it behind the neck and pulling the ends again to the front similar to the loose wrap but the disparity here is due to the knot in front. Slightly loosen the scarf around your neck to make it more comforting and smooth layered. The ends of the scarf hang down freely in the front with one strand somewhat covering the other. The final look is more stylish and dazzling.

Tying a scarf in different ways, make a lot of difference in one’s appearance. A scarf can be wrapped around the neck with a tight knot or a loose knot or even a half knot, and all the different ways will enhance your style. The bulky winter clothes make our appearance bulky too, but if the scarf is wrapped stylishly, it can reduce the bulkiness and increase the elegance.

Arm knitting is an amazing technique and allows us to knit the scarf of our choice within minutes. The texture and quality of wool used gives a characteristic appeal to the finished scarves. Different types of wools can also be used in combination to give a mix texture to our products. The chunky loops and knots in an arm knitted scarf give it a more fabulous look. The scarf not only protects from the harsh weather but also signifies the style of our dresses.  These dress items are popular among all classes of the society. Be it the teenage girls, or a sophisticated professional lady, the scarves are equally popular among them. The difference is the quality, color, the style with which they are wrapped and the dress combination in which they are used.

Funky bright colors and neon colors are more popular among girls these days as they give them a more daring and bold look that boost their confidence while working ladies like more subtle and soft colors to wear to work.

Arm knitting is also a very easy DIY technique that not only passes the time qualitatively but also is economical for many. One can make a scarf as quickly as in 30 minutes with this simple technique. With the knowledge of arm knitting, now you don’t have to go to store and spend money on buying expensive scarves. All you have to do is grab a ball of wool, start arm knitting and go out-wearing the scarf as a fashion diva.

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