20 Health Benefits Of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla has gained a lot of popularity over the years because of the vast health benefits associated with it. In India, it is used in the preparation of an array of dishes. Spicy pickles, jams and thick chutneys; to name a few, makes use of amla as its main ingredient. Amla extract has unlimited health and beauty advantages because it’s a packed storehouse of a lot of nutrients. Amla is successful in maintaining healthy bodily functions and also in keeping the skin fresh. It also promotes healthy hair growth. Nowadays, it’s easily available in the stores but to obtain in its purest form it is advisable to prepare it at home so as to remain protected from added preservatives and other chemicals. Amla is packed with vitamin C, iron, zinc, vitamin B complex and carotenes– such a power pack combination of nutrients brings a whole array of health benefits.

“Every Indian household is stacked with bottles of pickles, marmalades and jams made from gooseberries. The taste of every meal is heightened with its presence. It tastes good and promotes vast health benefits. It is effective to people of all ages. There are no adverse side effects.”

20. Burns Fat


Are you fed up of all those strict diet plans?Well, here is a simple DIY solution to your problem.

  • Amla is successful in reducing the cholesterol level of the body.
  • The excess fatty deposition under the adipose tissue is also reduced as a result of amla consumption.

You would start looking slim in a matter of weeks. Make sure you do regular exertion and avoid fatty foods.

  • Indian gooseberry has the capacity to increase the level of proteins in the body – an important constituent of our cell.
  • The risk of heart attacks are also minimized as it prevents vascular blockage. With clear passage, the blood flows through the vessels easily and without any disruption.
  • The walls of the vessel also remain clean and healthy.

19. Diabetes


Diabetic patients are always under a lot of stress as what to take and what not to. Amla is such a fruit that the diabetic patients can eat easily. In addition, it would also help them in controlling their diabetes.

18. Bone Health


Bone health is absolutely pivotal and amla ensures that! It prevents osteoclasts – cells that are multi-nucleated and nibble on the bone. They are like parasites – feeding on the bone and eating it away. Amla ensures that bone is protected from all sorts of invasion.

 17. Complexion


Amla is also effective in lightening the complexion of an individual. People are often seeking solutions to get a fresher look – well, here is a simple solution for all such people. It provides the skin with a natural glow.  By making amla juice and sweetening it with honey as per taste – a healthy beverage is prepared. Best results are produced if daily consumption of amla juice occurs.  It could also be used a face mask by enhancing the concentration of amla in the juice. You can also use amla oil or amla powder for this purpose.

16. Strengthens Hair


There are many hair products that contain amla. This is because it is responsible for providing strength to the hair. It also makes the hair grow longer.


  • Make a mixture of amla and lemon.
  • Gently massage your scalp with this mixture.
  • Leave it on for 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Rinse off preferably with warm water. Make sure you do not blow dry your hair afterwards.

This practice is most effective if performed twice a week. Amla oil can also be used for hair problems.

15. Dandruff Treatment


It is indeed very embarrassing to have dandruff encamping on your scalp ambushed amongst hair. By using amla extract you would prove to be inhospitable and get rid of the tiny fellows for good. Amla powder is also very beneficial in this regard.

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14. Good Conditioner


Why waste a lot of money on conditioners when you have an inexpensive approach available. Use amla juice and it acts as a natural conditioner, making the hair smooth and soft.

13. Eyesight


Eyes are the organs through which we can see the world. It is essential that we look after it because visionary problems can handicap a person immensely. Indian gooseberry is very beneficial for eye health. Hence, drink amla juice. It is very beneficial for the eyesight. Most effective results are produced if amla juice is consumed on daily basis. It also helpful in curing itchy and red eyes.

 12. Reduces Constipation


Amla acts as a natural laxative. Due to presence of fiber in it, it provides roughage to the stools; ensuring their smooth movement along the digestive tract and out of the body. Amla also aids in digestion.

11. Cures Insomnia


There are many nights when one stays awake and is craving for a little sleep. For attaining sleep, amla helps a lot. By adding nutmeg powder to the amla juice many other sleeping disorders can be cured and prevented. It is essential that you consume amla juice on a daily basis. Within days you would experience peaceful sleep. Undisturbed sleep is very essential for promoting bodily health – both internally and externally. Amla oil massage also helps in sleep problems.

“After reading this article, you would surely be tempted to try Indian gooseberries (amla) out to see the array of benefits it brings along. It would surely not leave you disappointed”

10. Reduces Smoking Aftereffects


At the beginning I would like to say to all those people who are indulged in the horrifying act of smoking cigarettes to end it immediately because it’s like handing out a free invitation to lung diseases and even death. However, amla consumption can ward off the effects of smoking to a great extent. This is because of the antioxidant properties it possesses. Smoking causes the production of free radicals within the body which can be successfully eliminated by the regular consumption of amla juice.

 9. Cooling Properties


Do not go for the fuzzy beverages that are packed with preservatives and food coloring’s. They are extremely detrimental to one’s health. Plus, they don’t even give you the required cooling effect that you are seeking to attain. Amla is a fruit that has cooling properties. So for all those people who want to get a cooling sensation from within must try out amla juice. You can also mix amla powder in drinks for amazing benefits.

8. Regulates Acidity


Amla juice is alkaline in nature. Its due to its pH level that amla is used to cure the burning sensation in the abdomen. It is also very successful in curing ulcers. The combination of pure ghee and amla can help with gastritis. Regular consumption of Indian gooseberry is essential to promote fast effective results.

7. Increase Immunity


The immune system of our body is protecting ourselves against harmful attack. The consumption of amla juice strengthens the work ability of the immune system. This is because of the abundance of vitamin C packed in amla. It fights against infections and other illnesses also.

6. Cold And Sore Throat


Everyone experiences soreness of the throat and cold every now and then. Though it can be treated with medicine but it’s always wise to initially go for a natural approach as it does not pose any harmful side effects. The person promptly regains health without having to intoxicate its body with various drugs.

  • For effectively curing soreness of the throat and cold. It is recommended to mix 2 teaspoons of dry amla powder with 2 teaspoons of honey  and consume it thrice daily.

5. Purification Of The Blood


Blood purification is very important because it is the very fluid that gets pumped around the body. Its contamination with harmful substances can be a cause of many diseases. Amla acts like a detoxifying agent removing toxins and other unwanted substances from the body. It is responsible for enhancing the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood. Increase of hemoglobin is essential because it is provided with the task of carrying oxygen to various parts of the body. For best results it is essential that daily consumption of amla juice occurs. Amla powder can also be taken for the purification of blood.

4. Enhanced Metabolic Activity


Due to the presence of proteins in amla, it is very helpful in boosting the metabolic activity of the body. The plant proteins are broken down into simpler forms – amino acids and are used as important constituents and usable proteins for the body. It is helpful in the maintenance of organ health, development of muscles and cellular growth. So make sure to use Indian gooseberry to avoid and prevent this problem.

3. Heart Problems


Heart problems can be effectively dealt with, with such a nutritional remedy.

  • The heart muscle gets strengthened as a result of gooseberry juice’s (amla) consumption. When the heart is strong it would be more effective in performing its task.
  • Amla also ensures prevention of heart strokes or related heart diseases.
  • It promotes clean blood vessels through which fluent flow of blood would occur. Elimination of fat from the body promotes healthy conditions.

2. Improves Appetite


Appetite is increased if Indian gooseberry powder (amla) along with butter and honey is consumed before meals. The level of oxygen content gets also increased in the body as a result of amla consumption. Increased oxygen level is essential as it plays a major role in many chemical reactions occurring in the body. This technique can be employed for both adults and children.

1. Anti-Aging


Stop spending money on those expensive creams promising you a younger looking skin. Try amla consumption and you would be surprised by the miraculous skin you get. This is because of the antioxidant property that amla possesses. The amount of free radicals are reduced in the body promoting greater skin health and giving it a resplendent glow. Both men and women can opt for this approach. Regularity in amla consumption is essential. The results would not appear promptly in this case but would be apparent with the passage of time. Amla oil or Amla powder can also be used for anti-aging treatment.

Added Advantages

Amla also acts as a diuretic. This means greater urine production occurs. As a result greater removal of toxins from the body occur. Amla also helps in tissue repair. This is because of high levels of vitamin C present in the fruit. Problems of dry and scaly skin are also combated through them. It’s the solution to sagged skin if regular consumption of Indian Gooseberries occur. Cancer could also be prevented because it restricts the formation of free radicals in the body. Oral health can also be attained by amla. It is also the remedy to bad breath and is also successful in treating a lot painful mouth ulcers. Menstrual cramps are also treated with this. The liver is also protected from amla. It also helps with the hangover effect. Amla or Indian gooseberry also nourishes the brain and increases its functionality. When amla juice and an egg mixture is massaged onto the head, the scalp is nourished promoting shiny silky hair.

Preparation Of Amla Juice

The advent of the winter season brings along fresh gooseberries with it. Culinary experience would be incomplete without its usage.

Although amla juice can be easily available at stores but utmost satisfaction is only gained when one prepares it at home from scratch. The method is simple.

The required ingredients are as follow:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Cardamom (optional)
  • Amla


  • Clean about a cup of gooseberries.
  • Chuck the gooseberries into a pan of boiling water and leave them to soften in there for about 45 minutes. (Cook until the gooseberries are softened)
  • Remove them from the pan.
  • Cut the amla into pieces and remove seeds from within.
  • Grind amla with sugar and salt according to taste. Then your concentrate amla would be prepared.
  • Add two teaspoons of the amla concentrate to a glass of water.
  • Sprinkle some cardamom powder on top

The great thing with this is that the amla concentrate can be stored for a long period of time. However it changes its colour with the passage of time. The maximum time till it can last in the freezer is approximately 7 months. (Changes may occur)


  • Continue with the consumption of amla juice without brining a gap in between.
  • Mix it with honey for enhanced taste.
  • Nutmeg powder could also be added for added flavour.
  • You can enhance amla intake as per your desire.

Do Not’s

  • Do not eat amla with its seeds.

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