30 Best Designed Dream Wedding Dresses For The Most Spectacular Wedding Ceremony

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A wedding ceremony means wedding dresses; there cannot be a wedding without it. Most brides dream of finding the perfect dress but with so many to choose from they often get confused, even when it comes to hairstyles for weddings. Every bride deserves to look the best at her wedding and here are a few dresses capable of turning every bride’s dream into a reality.

30. 9252 By Allure Bridals


Style – 9252 by Allure Bridals is a mermaid styled dress. It is available in White/Silver, Ivory/Silver and Cafe/Silver colors.

This beautiful satin beaded dress is the perfect wedding dress for you if you love intricate beaded work. The fabric used is satin; therefore it is smooth and comfortable for wear. Beads are arranged in a vertical row at the back is the major stand point of this dress along with the intricate lace detailing.
The dress is sleeveless and should be paired with white peep toe shoes and tousled soft hair.

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29. Maloree By Maggie Sottero


Maloree by Maggie Sottero is a beautiful and unique second wedding dress because it strikes the perfect balance between a fairytale and contemporary ball gown. It is available in three different colors: White, Ivory and Ivory over Light Gold

The dress is made up of a delicate bodice, embroidered with beads and consisting of illusion cap sleeves. The tulle skirt is simple and unembellished. The dress consists of a scoop neckline and a deeper scoop at the back.

The skirt is voluminous and will make you feel like Cinderella on your perfect day.

28. Arlynn By Maggie Sottero


Arlynn by Maggie Sottero is an elegant timeless wedding dress that can be worn by women of different ages for that special day in their lives.

The dress features all over lace details, and consists of a sweetheart neckline. This A-line gown consists of floral lace appliqué work and details on the hem line. It is complete with a corset closure at the back.
It is available in White/Silver Accent, Ivory and Ivory over Nude.

The back of this dress is longer than the front and therefore ends as a gorgeous train.

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27. Camelia By Maggie Sottero


Camelia by Maggie Sottero is a gorgeous lace sheath dress. It is available in White, Ivory/Light Gold Accent and Pearl/Light Gold Accent.

This beautiful wedding dress consists of gold lace appliqué work and crystal buttons over zipper closure at the back. The illusion cap sleeves and details just below the neck are the most striking feature.

The dress glistens when in light and will surely have heads turning. Pair this dress with an elegant updo and you are ready for your dream wedding.

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“Are you having trouble trying to decide what to wear on the most important day of your life? Here are 30 best designed dream dresses to make your wedding ceremony spectacular.”

26. Odelle By Vera Wang

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Odelle by Vera Wang belongs to the Spring 2015 bridal collection. It is a soft and seductive bridal dress that celebrates marriage in the most beautiful way.

It is a minimalistic floor length gown, with no beads or lace detailing. It is simple and beautiful because of it. It is a mermaid style silk crepe gown with a strapless bodice and cut out back details. The cut is clean and the dress falls nicely. The dress is made up of layers of crepe. The bodice is soft and pliable, it is not restricting or confining. This dress is made for you to enjoy your wedding day effortlessly.

The designer – Vera Wang has described this dress to be “the collection’s minimalist masterpiece.”

The dress is perfect for outdoor weddings such as; summer beach weddings and garden weddings

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25. Odette By Vera Wang


Odette by Vera Wang belongs to Spring 2015 bridal collection.

Named after the Swan Princess – Odette, this dress is a gorgeous deep V-neck halter ball gown made up of silk charmeuse. It consists of a big tulle skirt and lace appliqué work.

The dress has a very bold and yet soft look to it. One can clearly identify how the Swan Princess might have inspired this dress. The theme of the dress is ‘ballerina’.

The bodice is of soft material and the neckline is present as a plunging deep-V. The back of the neckline is low as well. The bodice is glossy and has a certain sheen to it.

The skirt is made up of tulle that has been cut at different lengths, this has been done to provide airiness to the skirt. The dress is made to act as a showstopper. You will feel like a princess at your wedding, after all the dress was inspired by a princess as well.

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24. Paulina By Vera Wang


Paulina by Vera Wang is from the Fall 2015 bridal collection. The dress is short and flirty and it is perfect for summer weddings.

The dress is made up of lace material and ends just below mid-thigh level. The bodice is sleeveless and consists of unembellished lace. The skirt is voluminous and fun and flairs from just below the waist line.
One should pair this dress with a half up and half down updo.

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23. Penelope By Vera Wang


Penelope by Vera Wang belongs to the Fall 2015 bridal collection.

This stunning fit and flare dress is a pleasing combination between simplicity and elegance. The bodice is comprised of a sweetheart neckline and is strapless. The dress is very form fitted and flairs from the waist. The skirt is large and voluminous. The unembellished bodice and the large skirt are a classic that are always in the hearts of brides-to-be and those who were brides at one point of time in their lives.

The dress is floor length and thus should be paired with heels. Brides should opt for soft curls instead of updos when wearing this dress.

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22. Carolina Herrera


This stunning bridal gown was worn by Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in the movie “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

The Carolina Herrera dress was especially designed for the character and was custom fit for Kristen Stewart. The handmade creation is made out of crepe Satin and French Chantilly lace; it took a total of six months to complete. With 152 Buttons lining the back of the dress and additional buttons on the sleeves, the gown was made to feel romantic.

The estimated value of this dress is $35,000. It received widespread approval and a positive response from all fans.  If you are a twilight fan and want to live your twilight fantasy, this dress is for you.

21. Sarah Burton For Alexander Mcqueen


English designer – Sarah Burton for Alexander Mcqueen designed the much anticipated wedding dress for The Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton. The dress has also taken the title of being “The Royal Dress”

This elegant wedding dress features a deep V- neck tight bodice and lace sleeves. The long skirt forms a semi bustle at the back and ends as a short train, which measures less than three meters in length.

Your dream royal wedding can never be complete without this dreamy royal wedding dress.

20. Bridal 2015 Look 1 By Oscar De La Renta


This dress is Look 1 of the Bridal Collection 2015 by Oscar de la Renta.

This beautiful white cotton dress is an A–line gown. The cotton eyelet decorated trim is the most stunning feature of the dress. The dress gives an earthy glow to the bride. Add a floral tiara or headband and complete the look with minimal makeup.

If the bride loves nature and all that it has to offer, she should opt for this dress. As she will look nothing short of a modern woodland fairy bride. The dress brings to mind Peter Pan and what his bride would have worn.

19. Bridal 2015 Look 10 Colette By Oscar De La Renta


Bridal 2015 Look 10 Colette by Oscar de la Renta is a beautiful trumpet gown.

The gown is made up of white tulle material and a form fitted bodice. The dress features flowers corded together in Chantilly lace and intricate beadwork. The half sleeves are of lace material and they have been adopted by many designers for their dresses this year as they contribute greatly towards the magnificence of the gown.

18. Bridal 2015 Look 11 Chelsea By Oscar De La Renta


Bridal 2015 look 11 Chelsea by Oscar de la Renta is a beautiful A-line gown.

The gown is made up of white tulle material and is complete with organza flower embroidery. The dress features sequins all over its surface giving the dress an ethereal glow. The sequins provide a glow to the dress that is unlike any other. The sequins pass off as a perfect addition because of being just the right amount. The dress comes off as glowy without being glittery.

17. Bridal Fall 2014 Look 2 Bella By Oscar De La Renta


Bridal fall 2014 look 2 Bella by Oscar de la Renta is voluminous ball gown.

The strapless gown is made up white tulle material which is pleated together. Hand cut white daisy and lily motifs adorn it surface. The skirt is huge and the material provides airiness.

Pair this dress with a gorgeous side bun.

16. Bridal Fall 2015 Look 12 Delaney By Oscar De La Renta


Bridal fall 2015 look 12 Delaney by Oscar de la Renta is a short and fun cocktail dress.

This short dress is made up of corded guipure lace. The sleeves are long and made up of lace as well. The dress comes with a stretch wool twill belt.

Pair it with high heels and you are ready to begin your special day.

15. Zelda By Monique Lhuillier


Zelda by Monique Lhuillier is a tea length dress.

The dress showcases a sleeveless racer front. The fabric is bunched loosely at the waist and falls beautifully downwards ending at the perfect length. The front ends higher up than the back.

This simple wedding dress is for all those brides who don’t want to show too much or too little skin and want to look elegant for their groom.

14. Alessia By Monique Lhuillier


Alessia by Monique Lhuillier is a short and sweet dress.

This beautiful A- line dress is designed to end just above the knees. The back of this dress consists of a key hole. The dress features illusion neckline and cap sleeves. Pair this dress with loose curls and high heels.

Give this dress a chance if you want a more modern yet soft and romantic look.

13. Floressa By Monique Lhuillier


Floressa by Monique Lhuillier is a spectacular blue colored dress.

The dress screams and demands attention. The attractive blue roses are just one of the many amazing features of this dress.  The bodice is tight fitted and strapless. The skirt is made up of the fabric arranged into roses of various sizes, big and small. The flowers start just beneath the waist line.

If you like flowers, you will like this dress. This dress brings to mind a modern Alice from Alice in the wonderland. Pair this dress with silver high heels and ankle cuffs shoes.

For a more modern and regal look, try straight and sleeked back hair instead of an updo.

12. Majorca By Naeem Khan


Majorca By Naeem Khan Is From

The most arresting feature of this dress are the beaded details on the upper half of the front of bodice. This gown is unlike any other. All of Naeem Khan’s dresses have a distinctiveness about them which no other designer can possess. The dress consists of chiffon cap sleeves.

The gown is neither loose fitted nor form fitted. Instead, it flows over the body’s natural curves and is cinched at the waist by a silver belt. The skirt flows beautifully and ends at floor length.

11. Greece By Naeem Khan


Greece is another one of Naeem Khan’s beautiful creations.

This tulle ivory long sleeved gown is a floor sweeping dress. It consists of beaded work and delicate details over the whole surface of the dress. The dress possesses illusion top and long sleeves. The upper half of the back of this dress consists of a narrow slit and is madeup of light see through tulle material.

10. Bellagio By Naeem Khan


Bellagio by Naeem Khan is a different dress in that it consists of metallic detailing.

The dress is made up of tulle material and it consists of an illusion top. The bodice of the dress includes bead work that gives the whole dress its metallic glow. The bead work is not restricted to only the bodice but it is present down the skirt. The bead work keeps getting more spaced apart as it goes down the length of the skirt.

This sleeveless gown should be paired with metallic heels and a dark lip color.

9. Sardinia By Naeem Khan


Sardinia by Naeem Khan is a full embroidered dress.

This tulle dress is strapless and the bodice is shaped into a sweetheart neckline. The dress is of floor length and is leather embroidered.  It accentuates the collar bone and is very form fitted and shows off a woman’s curves.

This dress is better suited for those brides who do not like simple and small details. Pair this dress with a gorgeous updo and some light and natural make up.

8. Tati B By Houghton


Tati B by Houghton is perfect for those brides who have dreamed of their wedding being a glamorous event.

The dress features a deep V- neck front and back. The bodice is accented with hand beading. The beads are also present in abundance on the skirt. The dress is more than floor length and creates a very stunning train. The dress is composed of silk charmeuse.

Wear this dress and you are nothing short of red carpet ready!

7. Christy By Houghton


Christy by Houghton is a plain and straight long dress, perfect for the nontraditional bride.

The dress is made up of high quality silk and features a string tie halter top. The metal ring in the front is the most arresting quality of this dress.

The bride who gets this dress will most probably be getting a lot of wear out of this, as this dress is perfect for other occasions as well. It is beautiful in its effortlessness

6. Altair By Alberta Ferretti


Altair by Alberta Ferretti is a beautiful long gown. It belongs to the Alberta Ferretti 2015 Forever bridal collection. The collection is inspired by stars and constellations. The dresses combine both romantic and modern elements, and that is what sets this collection apart from others.

This stunning gown features a form fitted bodice that ends at the waist from where the gown flows downwards. The inner slip gown is sleeveless. The outer lace overlay is of floor sweeping length. It is included in the dress and is tied in front. The lace falls over the material of the gown giving it an extraterrestrial look.

5. Meissa By Alberta Ferretti


Meissa by Alberta Ferretti is a long floor length gown that is also included in the Forever 2015 bridal collection.

The gown mixes both celestial and delicate elements to give a very goddess-like look. The gown is A-line and consists of long sleeves. The illusion long sleeves and the upper half of bodice is made up of lace material. The skirt also displays some lace details.

4. Adhara By Alberta Ferretti


Adhara by Alberta Ferretti is perhaps the most beautiful wedding dress out of the Forever 2015 bridal collection.
It is striking in its simplicity and yet it boasts of true elegance. The long floor length draped gown features spaghetti straps and a rushed bodice. The dress falls beautifully. It consists of a silver sash at the waist line which showcases light flowers and other floral elements.

3. Pegaso Lilac By Alberta Ferretti


Pegaso lilac by Alberta Ferretti is another one of the beautiful dresses from the Forever Bridal 2015 collection.

It is beautiful in its boldness and in its gracefulness. This dress is for brides who do not want to go for a traditional look and like experimenting with different styles. Brides, who are not scared of being bold and beautiful. This rich colored dress can also be worn on other occasions, so your wedding day will probably not be the one and only day you get to wear this dress.

Pair this dress with silver high heels.

2. Prala By Pronovias


Prala by Pronovias is from the 2016 Pronovias bridal collection.

This is a beautiful A line tulle wedding dress. The bodice is form fitted and consists of a sweetheart neckline along with spaghetti straps.

The underbodice is sheer and is decorated with gem stones.  The back is plunging round and deep, it is completed with gemstone embroidery on its trim. The skirt is wide, voluminous and has appliqué work on its surface.

Complete the look with a beautiful veil.

1. Primosa By Pronovias


Primosa by Pronovias is perhaps the most traditional looking bridal dress out of the collection. It has just the right amount of lace detailing, not too much and not too little.

This off the shoulder lace dress consists of elbow length sleeves (off the shoulder). The tulle bodice Is form fitted and ends at the beautiful beaded sash across the waist line. The veil consists of details at the trim line.

Pair this dress with dewy makeup and a beautiful hair ornament to secure the veil. Get your hair done in a loose style. Wear elegant yet simple white heels with this dress and you are ready to walk down the aisle towards your groom.

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