12 Best Flat Irons To Try

Are you confused with what hairstyle you need to make for the party then the best way is you keep them straight and sexy. Straight hair suits every age and every face cut and is the most easiest to carry. It could even be a very sleek look for your office where you can tie up your hair in a pony tail and still look gorgeous. If you want to know the best hair straightening iron for your hair then read here and look for the best product for your pretty hair.

12. Chi Ceramic Flat Iron By Farouk

Chi Ceramic Flat Iron by FaroukChi is a well known brand particularly from straightening irons. Girls with curly hair need not to worry when chi ceramic flat iron is available. Those of you who have think coarse hair and still want to get and dead straight look then try this hair straightening iron for your thick or curly hair for a change. It is really amazing in helping you get some beautiful short hairstyles of your choices.

  • On a website this iron got 4.5 star rating which is definitely not bad at all
  • And on the same website 81 % people claimed for it to purchase this straightening iron again.
  • It costs around $100.

11. The Instyler

The InstylerThis is another very amazing hair straightening iron which you need to know about if you’re wondering how to get straight hair. Those of you who are extra possessive about their hair can try this one because unlike the usual flat metallic hair straightening irons this one has a hair brush like appearance, which makes it unique from others.

  • It is a rotating hot iron with a set of bristles to separate the hair.
  • Then comes the rotating cylinder that polishes the hair and makes it straight.
  • It costs about $100.

“The trend of keeping the hair straight in the parties is getting common day by day. So, give your hair the sleek straight look with the new range of straighteners in the market.”

10. Salon Tech Silicone 450 Professional Hair Styling Iron

SalonTech Silicone 450 Professional Hairstyling IronThis is another really good hair straightening item for your hair. You want your hair which is thicker than the usual to get straightened with a sleek look then go for this hair straightening iron. Really helpful for both short haircuts and medium or long haircuts of your choice.

  • This iron has a unique of its own to communicate with you, when it is ready to be used it produces a particular sound for you to start with the work.
  • It has a built in protective mechanism in which it gets shut off when not in use for half an hour.
  • It costs around $122.

9. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium

BaByliss Pro Nano TitaniumBaby is amongst the best brands for hair straightening and making curly hairstyles. The products are amazing because of its excellent result production. This product of babyliss has been on the top of the list for consecutive two years in a few magazines. It is perfect choice to make beautiful hairstyles of your choice.

  • It promises to straighten up the dry, fizzy and curly hair with the best straightened look for hours.
  • This iron is available in different sizes that is ½ inch. 1 inch and 1 ½ inch.
  • With its slender thin and weightless size it straightens the hair without any damage because of its amazing titanium plates.
  • This straightening iron costs around $129.

8. GHD IV Styler

GHD IV StylerA great hair straightening iron for curly thick hair but not a good option for fine hair. This straightening iron is said to work best for the thick hair that needs to have a high amount of heat as it gets heated up in 15 seconds. Either you want to have long hairstyles or short, this is the perfect product for maintaining an amazing style.

  • This straight iron though gets heated really fast but has a drawback because it doesn’t have any temperature control.
  • Always use a protecting serum before starting to straighten up the hair.
  •  This iron costs around $185.

7. The TYME Iron

The TYME IronThis little hair straightening iron might be a little costly but it is worth buying. It is one of the hottest irons to straighten the hair or curl the hair as well. You just need to know the technique how to do it.

  • If you are not willing for a straightened look for the night and want some loose curls or beachy waves than use this iron. You can easily learn how to get wavy hair at home with its help.
  • This iron costs around $190.

“Your frizzy hair needs to get the hair straightening iron which would make the hair straight without any damage. Look here for the best flat iron that would justice to your hair.”

6. Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron

Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat IronThis is again a one the popular hair straightening iron been available in the market. This one has an affordable money range comparatively.

  • This could be used for a normal thickness of hair.
  • ts price of $120 makes it a good buy for the ones who do not want to go too high on the budget.

5. FHI Heat Technique

FHI Heat TechniqueThis flat iron with tourmaline could be a long time usable product. It is not pricey yet it gives god results. It costs less than $100 which is just $ 90. So if you want to go little low on the budget buy this hair straightening iron for your hair.

4. Hai Ceramic Flat Iron

Hai Ceramic Flat IronThis again another flat iron which is not really high in price.

  • This iron gets hot enough to straighten up the hair nicely. Its gets ready to be used in just 30 seconds after turning it on.
  • This one costs around $ 56.

“If you want to have that celebrity look on your face then you need to make your hair that way! Straighten up your hair like a celebrity with the best flat iron that you can choose for yourself here.”

3. Remington S-9951 Frizz Therapy

Remington S-9951 Frizz TherapyThis iron contains a special fluid inside it which is amazing for the frizzy hair. This iron is specially designed for the frizzy hair and doesn’t even cost that much. This iron is perfect for making all kinds of prom hairstyles and party hairstyles by making your hair straight.

  • Its plates contain porous ceramic which contains silicon based conditioner inside.
  • It can reduce the frizz of hair upto 65% and the hair remains straight for about 15 hours.
  • The best part is the fluid inside it can stay upto 4 years.
  • This iron costs around $49.99.

2. HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline

HSI Professional 1 Ceramic TourmalineThis is again another flat iron which is very popular with a 4.5 star rating. This flat iron comes with argon oil that does wonder to the frizzy hair. It is really a suitable choice to get beautiful cute hairstyles at home.

  • This iron has many temperature settings which you can choose for your and along with that it is not even costly.
  • It costs about $40.

1. Chi Wet To Dry Flat Iron

Chi Wet to Dry Flat IronThis flat iron is again the best one to choose for yourself. This iron could be used either ways even when you have a wet hair or you have a dry hair. This iron will straight your hair sleek and straight with its flat plates and give your hair the gorgeous straight appearance for hours. It’s also a really amazing choice if you want to get beautiful long layers or short layered hairstyles.

Tips To Straighten Your Hair

  • Before you straighten up your hair always use a get protecting serum.
  • When your straightening your hair always so it in sections.
  • Don’t heat the iron too much if you have thin hair.
  • Don’t use the iron more than twice on the same set if hair.
  • When you go to buy a hair straightener always look for the one which is best for your hair.

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