7 Most Trendy Hairstyles For Long Hair In 2014


With spring just around the corner and fresh new trends pouring in, us girls could use a little heads-up and be spot on with our fashion choices. When it comes to hairstyles for long hair, most of us who’re afraid to experiment too much, there’s good news. This is the year of ‘natural’. Yep, you heard that right. No more coifed, prim and proper, stiff hairstyles, especially for those of us with long hair. Read on and familiarize yourself with these extremely gorgeous, easy-to-do, and super trendy hairstyles for long hair this upcoming spring/summer 2014. You too, can now step out of the house feeling bang on trend, each time!

Bed Head


Now this one may sound vaguely familiar, like you’ve already heard about this hair trend and thought it was long gone. Guess what? It’s the biggest hair trend that’s hugely popular with the young and hip this Spring/Summer. It’s a feel-good, bouncy and carefree hairstyle that is super easy to master.

All you have to do is finger-comb your long locks, enough to de-tangle your hair. Now flip your head upside down and give those hair roots some body by either spraying or using a wide-toothed comb to give your hair roots that extra fluff. Scrunch your hair with your hands, making soft, barely there waves and flip your head back. If you’re tempted to smooth down your hair or make a parting, resist! This is the key to these grow hair faster, natural looking hair that looks like it’s always ready to rock and roll.

The Messy Side-Braid


Now this hairstyle is probably the most happening and flattering one this year, with everyone from models on the catwalk and celebs on the red carpet giving it an approving nod. For girls with longer hair, this one’s a keeper for sure when it comes to attractive and beautiful long hairstyles.

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Now your hair doesn’t need to be squeaky clean or even properly brushed through for this one to work. Just sweep all your hair onto one side and start braiding loosely. You don’t even have to be a pro at braiding for this, just braid messily to the ends of your hair and secure with a hair-tie. Now tug softly at different parts of your braid and the top of your head, adding just the right amount of body and there you have it. So easy and quick, that you’ll find yourself falling in love with this hairstyle, especially in those long and hot Summer days.

The Low Pony Tail


Remember the high, sporty ponytail that had everyone piling their hair high on their head? Forget all about it as the low ponytail is this season’s biggest comeback. Seen on the catwalk in some of the latest hot shows so far, this one is making everyone reach for a brush and hair-tie. Perfect for casual and chic, to polished and formal, this hairstyle is a winner all around. Even for those of us looking for more sporty easy hairstyles, this one fits into that category too. Just ensure you have your hair snugly secured, and wear a sports band around your head to keep the sweat and stray hair far away from face. While this hairstyle works on almost every texture and type, straight hair goes amazingly well with this hot trend.

Braids, Braids Everywhere

One of the most popular haircuts for long hair that seems to be a sure-shot favorite with hair gurus is the beachy, just-decided-to-go-to-my-10-am-class braid. Whichever way you take your braids, the key to cool (instead of prim and uptight) is texture: embrace the flyaways and loose layers to get perfect braided hairstyles. The most funky aspect of this hairstyle is that you can get away with randomly placed and different sized braids. Whether you opt for just one or multiple braids, remember to leave a large section of your hair down and frame your face with soft loose tendrils. Also, second-day hair works best; this is lazy girl hair!

Straight And Bouncy Hairstyle

If you ever thought these two words couldn’t go together, the year 2014 proves you wrong. With all these beachy and wavy natural looking hair being super-hot this year, don’t think straight and boring is out of the hot zone. Boring is definitely out, but bounce and fluff is back. If you’re naturally blessed with straight hair, or are a big fan of them, you’ll love this one.

For this hairstyle for long hair, simply brush out your hair, and make sure they look reasonably smooth and non-frizzy. You can always take a drop of anti-frizz serum and after rubbing it on your palms, smooth it over the flyaway zone. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to make the ends of your hair softly rolled out or in, depending on your preference. Take a paddle or large round brush and get a firm hold of a large chunk of hair, keep brush angled and hold for a few seconds. For a longer lasting effect, a quick blast of heat from your handy blow dryer will help a lot. There’s always the good old fashioned way of using large rollers, but only for the bottom half of your hair. Finish off with a little bit of back combing at the top and sides of your head for that extra oomph. You’re all set to hit the town!

The Side-Swept Hairstyle For Long Hair

If you got a glimpse of the Oscars this year, this one may seem familiar. That’s because it was spotted on almost every celeb with long hair. It was touted as the best red-carpet hairstyle of the year, making everyone wanting to try it out. Not only is it flattering on almost every face shape and hair type, it’s easy and fun to do too.

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First of all, make a clean side parting, and sweep all your hair to the opposite side of it. Brush through your hair to get rid of any tangles or frizziness. To make sure your hair is glossy and smooth, freshly shampooed hair work best, plus a spray of hair shiner or serum for gloss will go a long way. If you decide that your natural look is the way you want this hairstyle, then this is where you stop, but if you want to go for the Sandra Bullock way and opt for romantic curls, then grab a hair curler or even a hair straightener. Softly curl sections of your hair around the roller and hold for a few seconds. Not all of your hair needs to be curled precisely. The key here is to have romantic softly curled hair swept off to the side. For extra hold through the day, spritz hairspray all over and you’re done. Chic, romantic and trendy made super easy!

The Extreme Side Parting

Bold and gutsy and got long hair that feels boring? If that’s the kinda girl you are, this one’s for you. For those of you more daring and willing to experiment with their long locks, read on to bag this trending hairstyle.

For this bold and hip hairstyle to work, all you need is an adventurous streak! Part your hair an inch or two behind your usual side part. If your hair doesn’t stay put in the new parting, use bobby pins to secure and hold hair in place. From the front, your parting shouldn’t be easily seen, that’s your cue. Now either go for a low ponytail/messy bun, or leave open and natural. On the runways of 2014, this hairstyle is most popularly being worn in ponytails, and with the spring and hot summer approaching, it makes sense why!

We all have our days when we’re too lazy to glam up and look tidy and well-kept, especially if we’ve got long hair to take care of. Luckily, this is the year with the most relaxed, laid-back and fun hair trends that can motivate the laziest of us to look hot and trendy, with minimal effort and time. So, what’re you waiting for? Try one of these prom hairstyles for long hair out now and see the diva in you come out!

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