20 Fast Ideas On How To Make An Awesome Hair Style

The following 20 styles can be carried with any kind of outfit and face cut.Want to give sometime to your hair before moving out of your house? Try these.

1. Make a FishTail Braid

Make a FishTail BraidIt is a good style for long hair and rushy mornings but you need to practice it to learn how to do a fishtail braid neatly and get proficiency in it.


  1. Part your hair from center into two sides, use a comb or brush to part your hair equally or just simply do it with your hands.
  2. Now pick a thin strand of hair from the outside of left segment and put it inside the right segment.

If you need tight braids, take equal strands from each side. If you like messy styles, pick unequal strands; the way you want it to be.
For more perplexed braid, use very thin strands. It will take more energy, however it will look flawless.

  1. Repeat this on the right side too. Take a strand from right side and draw it over to the other side.
  2. Continue rotating each side until you achieve the bottom of your fishtail. Following the casual look you can also tie it up through the halfway to give it a blended look.
  3. Tie the end with hair bobble or anything you have. You can also tie it with a ribbon or barrette.

Having long hair? Then you can do more styling after making a fishtail like tucking hair into a bun or weave it around your head or to the front.

2. Try the Half Twisted Pony Tail

Try the Half Twisted Pony TailSteps:

  1. First part your hair into two layers the upper and the lower layer.
  2. Now pick the upper layer and leave two strands out, pull the upper layer away from your face and make a ponytail. You can cover the elastic or hair bobble by leaving another strand out and wrap it around the bobble later.
  3. Now start twisting the two strands tightly so they remain twirled, as shown in the image above. Secure them on your ombre hair tie using hair pins.

3. Enjoy the French Hair Roll

Enjoy the French Hair RollDo you love to make yummy French rolls, make one of your hairs too?


  1. First comb all your hair towards back, and then brush the right side hair to the left. Secure them by using hair pins in vertical lines overlapping each other.
  2. Now pull the left hair to right by rolling the ends of the hair around your hand. Hold the hair roll in the middle and start securing it by putting pins to the right side of the hair roll.
  3. Tuck in the last ends of the hair into the bottom of the roll by securing it with pins to give it a neat look.

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4. Make a Hair Bun

Make a Hair BunYou can also make a hair bun when in hurry. Here you can read the steps for making a tight and loose hair bun.

Tight Hair Buns gives you a neater look than the loose one.

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5. For Tight Hair Bun

For Tight Hair BunSteps

  1. First make a high ponytail.
  2. Now start twisting your pony tail.
  3. Put your finger in the middle of the hair bobble and circle the twisted pony tail around it.
  4. Secure your bun with bobble pins and use a hair spray to keep them tight.

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6. For Loose Hair Bun

For Loose Hair BunIt is also called the messy bun.

  1. Make a high pony tail.
  2. This time double your hair back on itself and secure it using bobble pins.
  3. Now gently pull out the bun a little bit and spray it.

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7. Making a Perfect Hair Puff for Your Casual Day Out

Making a Perfect Hair Puff for Your Casual Day Out


  1. Gently brush your hair and entangle them. Divide it into two parts by separating the front hair for making the puff.
  2. Now raise your hair from the front. Use a tease-comb and brush the back of your front hair in up and down motion.
  3. When you are done teasing, now use a hair spray on it and allow it to dry.
  4. Then gently use your hand or tease comb to curve that front sprayed hair on your head crown.
  5. Secure it using the hair pins and spray it again so that pouf stays stable for longer time.

You can now straighten rest of the hair or make a pony tail, either way you prefer it.

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8. Making the Bow

Making the BowSteps

  1. Pull your hair using a pig tail. Make a circle utilizing most of the hair into the pigtail, leaving a loose end.
  2. Tuck the remaining hair into elastic to keep the circle set… This loose part turns into the center piece of the bow. You ought to be left with what looks like a loose bun with the hair closures safely tightened under the hair tie. As shown in the image below.
  3. Take some hair gel in your hand and rub them together before forming the bow. Gel will help you in shaping and forming the bow. Utilize a small amount of gel so that you don’t over wet your hair.
  4. Partition the circle looped hair. Make two equally distributed segments. To make it neat, work hard on one part at a time. These will shape the sides of the bow. Utilize a mirror to guide the division and help you to keep it even.
  5. Cut one circle off to the side. Utilize your finger to straighten out the circle and push it in level against your head. Embed a bobby pin through towards the base of the circle. Place another bobby pin from base to the top. Do likewise with the other loop.
  6. Now make the center part of the bow. Take the free strand of your hair before the bow fastened by the elastic in the start and force it back over and through the center of your bow areas. Verify you get the majority of the free strands as shown below.
  7. Tuck the strands of hair safely into the barrette. You may need to utilize a little hairspray to keep the hair set up.
  8. Secure the strand with bobby pins. Push no less than three or four pins into the strand and into the pin to tighten the whole piece. Verify that the bobby pins are not very noticeable.
  9. Puff out the bow. Utilize a teasing brush or your fingers to cushion the hair. If your hair doesn’t hold the bow shape all alone, hold one area out and fix it with additional hold hairspray. Do likewise with the other segment.

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9. The Triplet Twister

The Triplet TwisterSteps

  1. First make a left parting of your hair. Then make another parting in the middle with the crown. This makes a rectangular segment.
  2. Now make a ponytail on one side with the rest of your hair. Make a low ponytail.
  3. Part that large rectangular section into 3 small sections.
  4. Make rope like braids of these 3 segments each. Secure the each braid with an elastic.
  5. Now when done twisting the braids give the braids a shape by placing it on your head and taking the ends towards the ponytail.
  6. Now secure these twists with the pony tail using pins.

Your triplet twists are on your hair. If you have long hair you can make a braid from your pony tail, or a side bun or anything you want to make yourself look like. It is indeed a super duper cool look.

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10. French Braided Headband

French Braided HeadbandSteps

  1. First entangle your hair and segment your hair to one side. Like you can segment it in middle and make a French braid on right and left side.
  2. Create a segment of the hair you want to be there before the headband. Now make a rectangle section of your hair from about 2 inches back from this segment. Braid the vast segment of your hair first.
  3. If you plan to make a ponytail or hair bun then end the braid 2 inches above the ear. And if you will keep your hair open then bring it to the end of your ear.
  4. Put rest of the hair in a ponytail so that they don’t come in the way. Now start making French braid as taught in 1st hair style. Separate your hair into 3 segments and cross the leftmost to the center and then add the right strand in it. Keep it going till your braid is done.
  5. Do it on the other side too and pin both the braids.

Now carry it the way you want whether with open hair or a ponytail.

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11. Wet Hair, Start it now

Wet Hair, Start it nowThe lower twist and 3 buns are one of the best hairstyles for wet hair. This style makes the upper hair smooth and gives loose curls to the hair ends when opened after drying.


  1. First comb your wet hair and segment it into 3 even parts.
  2. Now twist the middle segment and circle it in the form of a bun at your neck’s nape. Secure the bun by using bobby pins.
  3. Do this second step with the right part also and twist it into a bun along with the first bun and secure it using bobby pins also.
  4. Similarly make a bun from your left section too and place it in line with other two buns and pin it.

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12. The Side Pony Tail

The Side Pony TailSteps

  1. First decide you want a neat or a messy ponytail. For neat look straight your hair with a straightener or if you prefer a messy look then let them be casual.
  2. Brush all your hair to one of the sides depending where you want your ponytail to be.
  3. Gather your hair and tighten them with a ponytail, below your ear. Smoothen your hair with your hand or brush.

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13. Get Inner Curls

Get Inner CurlsCurl your straight hair.


  1. Part your hair in two sections
  2. Take small strands/sections and use curling rod.
  3. Curl it in using the rod towards your face.
  4. Repeat it until all your hair doesn’t get curled.
  5. Now twist your curls with hands in to your face.

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14. Sock Bun

Sock BunSteps

  1. Cut the toe of your old thin sock. And roll it in the shape of a donut.
  2. Now make a high pony tail and secure it with elastic or pony. Now pull and move your pony tail on the donut shaped sock.
  3. Using your hand smooth the hair on the sock. Starting from your ponytail, tuck in the ends.
  4. Repeat all these steps as you calmly roll all your hair on the sock.
  5. Now secure the hair bun made on your ponytail base using bobby pins or elastic.
  6. Use a good hair spray to keep the hair smooth and tight.

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15. Style Your Short Hair look

 Style Your Short Hair lookGive loose curls to yourself.


  1. First spray all your hair by using a hair spray and a good volume mousse.
  2. Now blow dry your hair
  3. When dry, use a curling rod and wrap your hair around the rod and curl them.
  4. Curl all your hair.
  5. Spray them once again.

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14: Got a Bob Cut, Style It and Stay Fresh


  1. Wet your hair and apply some mousse.
  2. Use a flat paddle brush and blow dry your hair by parting it in sections.
  3. After your hair get dry, use straightener to smooth the hair closures.
  4. Keep the style as you desire.
  5. Finish it with a hair spray.

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16. Water Fall Braid

Water Fall BraidSteps

  1. Part hair on one side.
  2. Get a little portion and part it into 3 areas.
  3. French twist the front about 2-3 inches. This will secure the “waterfall” and verify it doesn’t fall in your face.
  4. After you’ve French twisted few inches, free the top of your braid. It’s alright. Give it a chance to fall.
  5. Get another segment of your hair from specifically behind where you’ve dropped the top piece.
  6. Continue moving around the head. Keep in mind, each time you snatch a segment of hair from the highest point of your head to add to the twist braid, let it drop and blend it with another area.
  7. When you achieve the opposite side of your head, secure the end of braid with Bobby pins.

Additional Tips

You ought to brush your hair before styling. Bunches and tangles make it hard for the individual making your hair.

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17. Wavy Hair Curls

Wavy Hair CurlsThis is a hair style girls with long hair usually carry and love it also.


  1. Begin by refining your twists. For straight hair, utilize the hair curler to make twists. For wavy hair, fix your hair with sparkle serum to take out frizz.
  2. Tease a little segment of your hair in the back of your head close to the crown, this is the spot where you will hold your bobby pins.
  3. Part hair in the middle or marginally the way you prefer it.
  4. This hairdo is done by utilizing the “pin and wrap” technique. To do this, freely take locks of hair and bobby pin them to the area you already teased. Utilize little bobby sticks, and divide your hair segments.
  5. When the majority of your hair has been curled up, slide a pencil or the tail of a rodent tail brush under the segment of hair before the pins and draw up marginally on it to include volume.
  6. Use a hairspray softly.

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18. Short Hair Style

Short Hair StyleSteps

  1. First dry your hair and use a soft hairspray on it.
  2. Make partings by dividing hair into 3 segments that is left, right and back area.
  3. Starting from the left, brush your hair and entangle them. Use an iron curling rod to make soft curls starting from the roots to the hair ends.
  4. Repeat the above step for the right segment also. Using the rod curl the right side from roots to the ends also
  5. Next smoothen your back hair. Use the curling rod and create spiral same as above of the back hair too.
  6. Loosen the curls using your fingers.
  7. You can also do a little bit of backcombing to give your hair some volume.
  8. Finish it by using a hair spray.

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19. Long and Loose Curls

Long and Loose CurlsThe most effective method to style:


  1. Blow your hair out using a styling crème.
  2. Set hair in the biggest rollers and splash them hairspray. You can even use a curling rod if you want to.
  3. Let hair cool on rollers totally before uprooting. Use a brush to smooth through twists while wrapping around your fingers to protect the twist.
  4. Set the style using spray that includes sparkle and volume, however isn’t too hardened.

The best part about having your hair up in rollers is that you can invest all that additional energy while they’re cooling, on getting makeup and getting dressed.                     

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20. Blow out Curls

Blow out CurlsThe most effective method to style like this is


  1. After hair is dry, segment your hair.
  2. Wrap medium estimated segments around the outside of your hair curling accessory.
  3. Don’t get confused about choosing even strands, just pick a segment, get them in there and let them cool.
  4. When your curling accessory (rollers) gets cool, you can put them away smoothing your hair outwards.
  5. Must spray your hair for curls to stay there for a long time.

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20.  Punky Hair pony tail

Punky Hair pony tailSteps:

  1. Brush your hair properly to guarantee that your hair is free from any bunches and tangles.

2.You will need to part the top segment of your hair, to do this, take the last part of your styling brush and make two straight lines either side so you are left with an area around 2 inches wide.

  1. Take this segment back to the crown of your head and separate it with a hair band while we keep an eye on the hairs that are resting.
  2. You ought to be left with the greater part of your hair down and the top segment secure in a hair band. You will need to take another hair band and secure the remaining hair with the goal that you have the capacity to focus on the top area with no bits of hair meddling from the base segment.
  3. We are going back to work on the top area to make the punky braid; you will be French braiding this segment right to the back to where this segment closes. Begin at the front by taking three equivalent measured segments and start a basic three strand braid; you will then need to take an area from the left side and include it into the nearest strand in the segment. Proceed with this with the right side as well, rotating between the left and right side. Tie it back securely where your crown is.
  4. Presently, for the base area, you’re going to need to brush the majority of the hair back tenderly and conveniently into a braid, guaranteeing you get the end segment of the twist into this as well; then you can take out the hair band from the tied hair so it falls with whatever is left of your hair in the pig tail.
  5. When you have secured your hair into a braid, you have to take a little segment of your lower hair and wrap them around the base of your pig tail. This will cover your hair band and make the hairstyle look super smooth. Secure it with bobby pin, guaranteeing that the hair band is shrouded and the finishes are perfectly concealed.
  6. Use some hairspray if important.

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