14 Things All Women Should Know About Pills

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Taking pregnancy control pills is a very common practice for those couples who are not yet planning for a family. Women who take these birth control pills have them because this one is the most easiest option to go about. But have they ever wondered how could it affect their system? Surely very few had ever gone into the details of it. Well, like any other drug/pill this one also has its pros and cons.

Some might even omit it completely out if their life the idea of taking a pill on regular basis while some would still think not to quit if they have been taking it throughout. You can decide for yourself after reading this weather you want to take them in future or continue with them if you are already taking them.

14. Fertility


You might not want to conceive at the moment but you would want to later in life of course. For the sake of stopping the pregnancy you start with a daily dose of birth control pills. So, if you knew how it could fertility you might not opt for it.

  • It disturbs your cycle of menstruation.
  • If you had been on it for a long period then you may have delay in fertility as first you would have to get your cycle proper after the leaving the pill.

13. Cure Of Migraine

Cure of migraine

Migraine is one hell of a headache which you would never wish to have. The most common type of migraine which is experienced is the half headed one. The exact cause of it has not been found but and not even the most exact remedy has been discovered till now. But there have been different drugs to suit different people to reduce migraine pains.

  • It has been noticed that birth control pills can reduce migraine pains.
  • Not just the migraine pains but about 60 % of the women get menstrual pain relief with birth control pills.

12. Choice Of Guys

Choice of guys

This is actually kind of shocking to reveal this that birth control pills can alter your choice of guys. If you have a likeness of guys with soft features and emotional then you could switch on to the opposite of it when on a pill. There had been a research over this topic and it had been found that women who have been taking pills were more likely to like men with a heavy physique rather than the leaner ones. It has also said that men who look more masculine and macho are the attraction for the ladies on pills.

  • So if you start developing a likeness for such men all of a sudden then know it that it’s your pill working.
  • It could be a life changing change for you.

11. Reduced Libido

Reduced libido

You might want to know the reason as to why your crazy sex drive has gone down slope. Maybe your partner would be thinking the same and would like to have a discussion over it, but, you do not even know yourself. This could even cause frustrations and a sense of agitation.

  • It has found that having pill can reduce the urge to have sex to a good level.
  • The reason that has been found is the lower level of testosterone.
  • Hence if you go through a decreased sex drive than you can point on your pill if you’re on one.

10. Helps With Acne

Helps with acne

Acne is literally a mark on beauty. Your spotless skin looks great but when it is smoothness is interrupted by the breaks created due to acne it is not at all attractive. To encounter these acne problems you can take different home remedies and not just these you can find a dermatologist to help you with it.

  • With all these above mentioned treatments one more is added up to the list and that is birth control pills.
  • Birth control pills are said to treat acne issues because they tend to decrease the level of androgens.
  • This is not a treatment of choice but it is one of the benefits of birth control pills.

9. Reduces The Level Of Vitamin B

Reduces the level of vitamin B

Vitamin B is an important vitamin that is needed for a good eye sight for your body. Along with this vitamin B also helps our body reduce the risk of heart diseases and reduce stress. This one is also said to keep you happy and healthy. You intake vitamins with the natural food that is available but at times when your diet doesn’t meet the required amount of level needed you switch to the food supplements.

  • It is found that when you intake birth control pills there is a reduction in vitamin B level.
  • By keeping this fact in mind it is always recommended to take birth control pills with vitamin B.

“Pill can be a friend in need for you but don’t take it for a longer period of time as it could be foe that can upset a lot of things within your body.”

8. Cardiac Disorders

Cardiac disorders

Heart diseases are already on a very high scale. Hypertension has become really common individuals. Later on if no proper care is given it can turn out to be worse for the other organs as well. Cardiac attacks and strokes can be lethal for the patient and one must always try and take precautions to avoid it.

  • There are many factors that lead to heart attacks and strokes.
  • And surprisingly it has been found that birth control pills can be one of the many reasons too.
  • A correlation between estrogen-progestin birth control pills and heart attacks or strokes has been seen.

7. Newer Pills Not Safe

Newer pills not safe

The “newish” pills available in the market contain DSRP or drospirenone. This compound is basically a synthetic form of progesterone.

  • After the consumption of theses birth pills that contain DSRP there had been a number of health difficulties found in women.
  • The ones who had been taking low does estrogen pills were not reported with the similar cases.

6. Clotting Of Blood

Clotting of blood

Blood clots in the vascular system are extremely dangerous. When a clot forms due to any reason in the vessels the flow of blood is hindered over there. There is no way that the blood can pass the clot and flow forward. Hence it gets very dangerous for the system to encounter this pathology.

  • A study concluded on Danish women over a period of ten year that women who took birth control pills were more prone to develop blood clots than the ones who did not.
  • The women who are above 35 years of age or are heavy weight are likely to develop blood clots if on birth control pills.
  • Heavy smoker women who take birth control pills are also on the risk to develop blood clots.

5. Carcinogenic Compounds

Carcinogenic compounds

Carcinogenic compounds are those which tend to develop cancer in the human body. Such compounds have the ability to cause mutation and alter the natural process of cell development.

  • According to World Health Organization these pills contain the same category of carcinogens like that of tobacco.
  • Hence it has potential for the development of cancer.

4. Reduces Ovarian Cancer

Reduces Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cysts and ovarian cancers are being found very commonly in women these days. It could be monocystic ovaries or ploycystic ovaries and the cysts could involve both the ovaries if not just one. At times these cysts are harmless but at times they could be alarming! And one could perceive them to be ovarian cancer.

  • There are treatments for ovarian cancer which involves medications and surgeries.
  • Birth control pills are said to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancers. So this adds up to the positive list.

3. Effectively Controls Birth

Effectively controls birth

Unfortunately at times it happens that even after taking precautions pregnancy occurs. There are different ways that you can try in order to avoid any unwanted pregnancies.

  • 90 % of the times it is found that birth control pills work effectively to avoid pregnancies.
  • Hence they are reliable enough to take, if not cent percent then atleast 90 %.

2. Increase In Breast Cancer

Increase in breast cancer

As discussed earlier birth control pills are likely to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, but if we talk about breast cancer then it is where you would take a back step.

  • A study was carried in 1996 which stated that women who had pills were likely develop breast cancer as compared to those women who didn’t take it.
  • But it has also been stated by some doctors that it’s not like the pill would cause breast cancer in ladies. Hence this fact still remains questionable.

1. Stress On Your Mind

Stress on your mind

It has been experienced by ladies who had been on pill for more than a decade they develop some routine changes in their life. If they were an early to bed type people but now even after a stressful day they still feel restless.

  • On examination the only thing found as a culprit was the pill they had been feeding there system with for a long period of time.
  • So sometimes pill can affect your moods, behavior and routine as well.


  • If you are taking a pill make sure that you are on a supplementary dose of vitamin B as well.
  • If your body starts to become restless or you experience some behavioral changes in yourself, quit the pill.
  • Take the pill after consulting your gynecologist.

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