10 Best Designed Dream Wedding Dresses For The Most Spectacular Wedding Ceremony

Submitted By Jane Sills  

Girls grow up watching those Disney cartoons which picture an ordinary girl getting to have an extraordinary wedding. After they grow up, this visualisation becomes their heartfelt desire to have the ethereal wedding they have been watching in those cartoons and why not. Every girl deserves to feel like the most beautiful woman on earth on her very special day, her wedding day. They deserve to get their makeup done by the best makeup artists. They deserve to get their wedding managed by the best wedding planners. They deserve their wedding kiss to be photographed by the world’s best photographer and most importantly, they deserve to wear the best wedding dress anybody has ever seen.

 10. Volume And Flares


The more the flare, the more ethereal the bride looks while walking. Girls usually do not select a wedding dress with too much flare thinking that they might look fat in it. That is not true, it is absolutely false. It in fact makes you look like a princess. You must have noticed back in 18th century all the princesses used to wear dresses with generous amount of flares in it.

 9. Princess Kate’s Dress


In the picture the dress looks very ordinary, however it is not. The woman wearing it is not an ordinary woman, she is the Belgian countess and her dress is designed by the ever-so-famous Ellie Saab. Her groom is the prince of Luxembourg and the wedding was surely a royal one, one that people drooled over for an appreciably long time. Kate’s dress looks so elegant with that beautiful long veil which was worn along with the dress.

But you know what the best part about her dress was? It was not the beautiful veil or the 13 feet long train tail of her gown, it was HER CONFIDENCE and HER BEAUTIFUL SMILE which showed how happy she was.

 8. Disney Themed Wedding And Bridal Dress


To theme your wedding with respect to your favourite Disney characters and their wardrobe will be an amazing idea for all those women who are looking out for something different and fun. You can get this gown custom made by your favourite designer and a custom made dress for your groom, likewise. Later at the wedding when you are all styled up to rock the wedding floor, you can have your pictures taken by your wedding photographer while dancing like sleeping beauty and her prince. You must, I repeat; MUST take a picture like the one above, with you resting on a couch and your groom, absolutely ready to kiss you.

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