20 Fashionable DIY Ideas for Making Fantastic Jeans

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If you have old jeans lying in your closet and if it has been some time since you last reached for them, chances are that the next time you reach for them, it is going to be because you want to throw them away. But wait! All hope is not lost. Here are a few ideas to make those old jeans turn fashionable. These quick and easy ideas are not only budget-friendly but will make you stand out. You will never look at those old boring jeans the same way again.

“Tired of wearing the same old jeans? Revamp them by using these quick and easy DIY ideas that will transform them into trendy and chic fashionable pieces.”

20. Ripped Jeans

Ripped JeansYour wardrobe is incompleter if you don’t have ripped jeans in your dresses. You do not need to spend a lot of money on buying ripped jeans. You can easily rip the ones you have at your home. Jeans that have been worn a few times give the best results when ripped. Medium wash jeans give the best look.
You need something sharp to rip your jeans, preferably scissors. Lay your jeans on a flat surface.

Using a fabric chalk, mark the areas where you want to rip your jeans. Take your scissors and create cuts of various lengths. Use your scissors or hands to tug on the threads to create a more casual and frayed look. Make sure that you do not cut wholes that are too big. Start with small cuts and then proceed as you wish to bring about the desired effect.

19. Distressed Jeans

Distressed JeansDistressed jeans are very chic and trendy. Most designers sell them at sky rocketing rates but you can use your old jeans and turn them into trendy fashion pieces. There are various tools that you can use to distress your jeans. They include blades, scissors, sandpaper or a shaving razor. Lay your jeans on a flat surface. Mark the area you want distressed. Using any of the tools mentioned above create small holes in your jeans. Next, use sandpaper to make the edges rough.

That is all it takes, two easy steps to make distressed jeans. For extra texture you can wash your jeans with cold water to make the distressed areas more pronounced.

18. Acid Washed Jeans

Acid Washed JeansAcid Wash Jeans are a staple in many wardrobes.  You can make your own by following a few easy steps. Acid Wash Jeans are bleached Jeans which are done a little differently to make them fashionable.

Take your old jeans and tie different portions of it using large rubber bands. Keep tying bunches until your jeans is covered with them. The following steps should be done outside the house. Wear protective gloves and mix 80 oz. water with 48 oz. bleach in a bucket. Do not use extra bleach as it may make holes in the jeans fabric. Submerge your jeans into the mixture of bleach and water for 30 minutes.

Next, keep checking the jeans every few minutes until it turns into the desired color. Remove the jeans from the bucket and rinse it with a garden hose. Then remove the rubber bands and wash the jeans with cold water in the washing machine without adding any detergent. Your Acid Wash Jeans are ready.

17. Tie Dye Jeans

Tie Dye JeansIf you have dirty white jeans in your closet, this particular DIY idea is for you. This technique works best on wet fabric, so make sure to give your jeans a wash before you start.

Take your white jeans and tie together bunches of it using rubber bands. You should bunch together areas of different sizes for a non-uniform look. Follow the instructions at the back of the tie dye kit available in the market. Pour the dye in squirt bottles and squirt the color on the fabric. You can experiment with different colors at different areas. When you have finished tie-dying your fabric let it soak overnight in a plastic bag. This ensures the color to set in completely.

16. Patterned Jeans

Patterned JeansPatterned Jeans are unique in that you can experience with a variety of different patterns and different styles. You need stencils or lace for this DIY idea. If you have neither of these things at hand then you can make your own stencils by cutting out different patterns or designs on a sturdy piece of paper. Place your stencil on the jeans and secure it with tape. Take a sponge brush and dab it into acrylic paint. Use the sponge brush to paint on your jeans making light stroking and dabbing motions. Remove the stencil when the paint is dry. Repeat the process all over your jeans. There you have it, your old jeans have turned fashionable.

15. Monster Jeans

Monster JeansShow off your love for cartoons and monsters by pairing it with this adorable idea.
Rip your jeans in the knee area and make a hole. Turn your jeans inside out and glue white fabric arranged in small triangles, this will be the teeth. Next, glue or sew a patch of fabric over the hole in the knee area. Hot glue small white circles above the mouth and use a fabric marker to draw in the eye balls. Your cute little monster is ready to wear.

14. Studded Jeans

Studded JeansStudded Jeans are a very quick and easy way to turn your jeans fashionable. All you need is a hot glue gun and some golden studs. Be careful using the hot glue gun. Pour hot glue on the studs and place them where you want them to be. You can experiment with different areas, such as the pockets, the cuffs, and the waist band. You can create different patterns by arranging them either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
Pair these jeans with a golden sequined top and you’re ready for a night out!

13. Patch Work Jeans

Patch Work JeansPatch work Jeans are trendy and fashionable and all over the runway. Models wear them and so should you!
Cut out portions of your jeans using scissors. You can also use ripped jeans for extra texture. Next, turn your jeans inside out. Use any colorful fabric of choice and place it over the hole in your jeans. You can either sew the fabric in place or use hot glue. If you are using hot glue wait a couple of minutes before turning the jeans the correct way. Pair it with a beautiful top and heels and you are good to go.

12. Fringed Jeans

Fringed JeansFringed Jeans are very much on trend and they require very little effort to make them.
You need a yard of fringe of any color. Cut the bottom of your jeans so that the fringe, when placed, will end right above your ankle. Turn your jeans inside out and fold the hem. Place the fringe over the hem and fold it one more time. Sew the fringe in place using the sewing machine or plain needle and thread. Rock this look with some heels or leather boots.

11. Lace Jeans

Lace JeansAdding lace to the cuff of your jeans is another way to spice up your old jeans without doing something over the top. This is a simple, elegant and effortless way to wear your jeans.

You will need white lace and a hot glue gun. Choose a floral patterned lace if you’re going for something chic. You can either glue the lace in place over the cuffs, or you can turn your jeans inside out and glue them on the inside so that only a hint of lace shows through.

Both ways are equally amazing and will make those old jeans the object of everyone’s jealousy.

10. Watermelon Jeans

Water Melon JeansWatermelon Jeans are very cute and perfect for those long summer days.
You need to bleach your jeans and then dye them a pink color. Wash them with cool water and then leave them to dry. Once the jeans are dry, take your fabric marker and make little seeds all over the jeans. Color in the seeds with the fabric marker and once again leave to dry.

Pair this amazing fashion piece with a loose white shirt.

9. Polka Dot Jeans

Polka Dot JeansPolka dots are exceptional in that they look good on almost everything. There are polka dot shoes, shirts and head bands. And now you can have polka dot jeans as well. You will need white acrylic pain and a stick or a dotting tool. Start with laying your jeans on a flat surface. Dip your stick into the white acrylic paint and dot away!
To make your jeans more fashionable, restrict those dots to specific areas. Limit them to the pockets or the knee areas. You can also make them fade out as they go downwards or upwards.

8. Paint Your Jeans

Paint Your JeansIf you have dirty dark wash jeans, you should try this DIY idea. It completely masks all stains and dirty areas and gives your jeans a different new look. You need acrylic paints of various colors. Lay your jeans on a flat surface and paint different colors using a sponge brush. Use a different sponge brush for every color. Get creative and paint different colors on different areas often creating different designs. No matter how many times you make these jeans, every new pair turns out different.

7. Bow Jeans

Bow JeansAre you the kind of person that likes all things related to bows? Here is a quick and easy way to make fantastic jeans by cutting it into bows.

You will need scissors, a hot glue gun and your jeans. Make uniform horizontal cuts on the side of your jeans that are equally spaced. Take the fabric between two cuts and hot glue it together. Take a strip of denim material and wrap it around the scrunched part and secure it with glue. Repeat the process until all bows have been formed. Your bow jeans are good to go!

6. Bedazzle Your Back Pockets

Bedazzle Your Back PocketsIf you have old buttons, jewels, sequins and studs occupying space in your drawers, it is time to put them to use. This looks best when done on back pockets but it can be done on front pockets as well. Use a hot glue gun to glue different buttons, stones or motifs on your back pockets. Arrange them in such a way that they make unique designs. You can try different designs on both back pockets if you want your jeans to be unlike the others.

5. Zipped Jeans

Zipped JeansZipped Jeans are very retro-chic. Pair them with a leather jacket and some leather boots and you are ready to walk on the runway.

You will need golden zips and an old pair of jeans. Turn your jeans inside out and cut a straight vertical line where you want the zips to be placed. Place the zips on the cut area and secure it in place by sewing it to the fabric. Wear your jeans with the zips open rather than closed.

4. Ombre Jeans

Ombre JeansOmbre is very fashionable. It is being done on hair, on nails, on shirts and now on jeans as well.
You can do ombre in two different ways: It can be done by fading the color above or below the knees.
Mix three parts water to one part bleach in a bucket. Wet your fabric before bleaching. Soak the area that you want bleached in the bucket. Take the jeans out of the bucket when the desired color has been achieved. Rinse it with water from the garden hose and wash it with cold water in the washing machine. Do not use any detergent. Leave it to dry. Your Ombre Jeans are ready to be worn. Adding salt to taste, red ombre hair can be a great combination.

3. Galaxy Jeans

Galaxy JeansA wise man once said that we all are stars and we carry the entire galaxy within us. If you need help in reinforcing that idea try out these galaxy jeans. They are fun and easy to make.

Lay down a dark wash pair of denim and paint on it using a sponge brush. Use acrylic paint of different shades of blue, purple and white. Use a dotting tool to make small dots all over the jeans so that they look like stars.
Pair your galaxy jeans with plain tops and show the world that you are a star.

2. Tribal Print Jeans

Tribal Print JeansIf you have light wash or bleached jeans, you should try making tribal or Aztec designs on them. This requires only one tool: a fabric marker. Place your jeans on a flat surface and draw on them using a black fabric marker. Try making the design on rough paper first so that you do not ruin your jeans. Have fun by simply outlining designs or filling them in. You can also make floral designs or write a quotation on the hem line. Try finding inspiration on the internet or magazines.

1. Get Creative

Get CreativeLet yourself experiment with different options, do not restrict yourself to only one idea. You can combine various ideas together to revamp your jeans. You can combine lace and studs on ripped jeans. You can also combine the patch work idea with fringes. There are numerous possibilities which you should not hesitate to explore. Experiment with your friends and turn these into fun projects.

“You can finally put those old and boring jeans back to use by following these quick and easy DIY ideas that not only make fantastic jeans but also make you stand out.”

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