20 Truly Impressive DIY Ways To Create Cool Winter Accessories

Submitted By Zack Adam  

As summers will soon over and winter will make its way with cool and soothing breezes, it is now time to take out your old winter stuff and get them renovated. Gather some ideas and get them a funky new look. You will definitely save a lot of time and money which people like to spend on loads of accessories every year. You don’t have to envy others this time just show them your amazing new styled accessories, no doubt people are going to envy you this season of the year.

We have gathered 20 most impressive DIY ways to create some cool winter accessories. Let’s have a look and follow each and every step to create some basic and stylish winter accessories.


 20. Beaded Winter Cap


Knitted caps play a vital role in keeping you warm and cozy in brisk winters. If you don’t feel like wearing those same old caps which looks just too simple to wear, you just have to give a few touch ups to give them a new style statement. Take out your old winter knitted caps and get some colored beads.

You might be saving those beads somewhere in the drawer or you be able to easy get them from any sewing material store. Just place them on the cap to make some cool motif or you can randomly sew them for a fuller accessorized cap. The beads can also be glued on the cap depending on its size.

 19. Fur Ear Muffs


Fur ear muffs are too simple to create; you just have to follow a couple of steps properly to get the right accessory. You need some simple stuff to create these gorgeous muffs. All you need is a pair of scissors; some trimmed fur, a headband, felt and glue gun. Cut some felt into round shaped circle bigger than the size of your ears. Glue the trimmed fur on the felt in circular motion; keep twisting it all over to cover the felt completely. Now glue these two fur ear cuffs to the headband. Here you go your gorgeous new furry ear muffs are ready.

 18. Sweater Bangles


A woman’s fashion is incomplete without a beautiful pair of bangles and if those bangles are matching your current season than it is like a cherry on the top. This simple DIY can just transform your old pair of bangles into something really exciting and colorful. You just need to assemble couple of stuff and you get a new accessory in your hands. Just get your old pair of thick bangles, some old piece of sweater most probably a piece from the sleeves and some glue.

Trim the sleeve to the size of the bangle, roll it over the bangle and securely glue it. Keep it a side for day and give it a bit time for drying up. Your fancy sweater bangles are just ready, you can wear them in school, colleges or even some casual parties.

 17. Pearly Gloves


As diamonds are woman’s best friend, pearls are also not lagging behind in this race. Being natural and close to nature pearls can enhance the beauty of anything with which it is incorporated. If you are bored with the old pair of gloves and don’t want to spend a penny on new ones then just follow a few steps to give a life to your old pair of knitted gloves. Take some pearls which are usually used in dress designing and your old pair of knitted gloves. Arrange them on the gloves to create a perfect style. Securely sew them one by one and finish it up to get a gorgeous pair of pearly gloves.

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