10 Effective Home Remedies For The Loss Of Smell And Taste

The wide range of disorders is linked with the loss of smell sensation to deficiency of flavor sensation. The list of these ranges starts from the issue in nose functions to disorder in the nervous system, which is the brain system of humans. Among taste sensation list of damage systems, the most common disorder is named Phantom taste sensation. In phantom taste sensation disorder, the crude taste is felt by the inflicted person in his mouth, no matter whatever he inhales. Even after eating the food, it does not leave it place, just ruin the mouth cavity of inflicted person with filthy taste. There are many reasons for such illness. It may be due to the aging process. It can be due to the flue or may be due to any type of infection in the upper respiratory system. It directly affects the taste sense of humans.


If we consider what is Anosmia? It is the short time annoyance that is faced due to the smugness in the nose, which is caused by cold weather. After a certain age, when one get old, then the body system is not good enough strong to support too efficiently. It is at this phase of life when this problem is faced for a long span of time. Anosmia can lead your body system towards many other serious medical issues. Therefore, you have to work on your immune system. For this purpose you should consult the doctor, if you are unable to approach doctor then you have to resolves this issue by your own self. You have to operate some treatment to get rid of this problem of anosmia.

These organs work in sequence and in a proper manner, which assist us in utilizing our activate smell sensation. There is a specific track which smell organ follow. The molecules activate the nose nerves to function properly. These nerves forward the signal to the portion of the brain, which is connected with the smell. Here, it approves the smell. If there is any disturbance on the track of nerve, then it will automatically lead toward the deficiency of smell sense.


Reasons of Loss of smell sensation

The main reasons of Anosmia are:

  • Clogging because of frozen weather
  • Infection
  • Nasal inflammation

There are other reasons, too. The list include

  • The growth of a noncancerous cell in the nose in mild amount, which block the air path in the nose. So, it leads sinus block.
  • It can happen because of any mild or acute injury in the head. Any injury or surgery can lead to the smell sensation lose.
  • The disclosure to harmful chemicals or exposure to some of the drugs can also cause loss of sense of smell.
  • The aftermath of medicines or any other drug.
  • Misuse of narcotics can also cause loss of smell.
  • It can be due to aging
  • It may be because of the other diseases from which you are already suffering. For instance; the Alzheimer or multiple sclerosis etc.
  • It can be because of radioactive treatment, which may have taken.


Grounds of Hypogeusia and Dysguesia

  • Loss of taste can be due to the allergy in the respiratory path and in the ear section.
  • Taste sensation can be lost due to radioactivity in the region of the neck and the head.
  • Attraction towards the toxic chemicals. This toxic chemical list includes the drug which are used to cure infections and antibiotic.
  • The operation of nose, neck or of the ears, may lead to the taste nerves loss.
  • It can due to the hygiene issues in the oral cavity.
  • It can be due to any injury in the head. A mild injury cannot be ignored, it may lead to loss of taste sensation.

You can resolve these painful health issues, even without any expense. It can cure at home with the support of home remedies. It is the least inexpensive and reliable way of treating these health issues. In addition, these home remedies have no aftermaths and easy to follow. So, here you can check ten top home remedies for curing the smell and taste lost nerves.


“The above procedures are suggested to you because it will support you in getting rid of your nerve issues. The other main reason is that they are easy to apply. So, you can feel free for using them. You should concern the doctor for proper medical treatment. These home remedies have mild aftermaths. These home remedies are the long term project to get wanted results. Thus, you should carefully follow the instruction and methods for treating your smell and taste sensation issue resolved.”

10. Oil Pulling

oilsIt is used from ancient time and due to its efficient reliable results, it is in practice till now. It is capable of regaining the sensation of smell and taste also known as anosmia and dysgeusia. Its feature is that it keep dumping the taste buds of suffering the man, which assist in restoring the lost nerves of suffering man.   Moreover, it has the potential of removing toxic agents from the mouth cavity. In addition, it can be used for removing the toxic agent from any part of the body. You can practice it with any type of oil.


  • Fill your mouth with 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil
  • Then sparkle your mouth with the repetitive act of whooshing. Strike it in your mouth from every possible angle for 10-15 minutes. It sounds like a football game in the mouth.
  • After it clean your teeth with the assistance of brush.
  • You have to practice it on a regular basis for the efficient result. You have to perform it before taking breakfast.
  • Keep in mind, don’t inhale the coconut oil.

9. Cinnamon

CinnamonIt is the efficient DIY treatment for the nerve loss treatment. It has a pungent smell which plays the vital role in the treatment by activating taste buds. The strong smell is enhanced by the addition of aroma powder. It can be effectively used for loss of taste and loss of smell.

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For the treatment of nerves you need:

  • Cinnamon powder, raw honey


  • Grab both ingredients in equal amount.
  • Now blend it well.
  • Then put the mixture for ten minutes in your mouth.
  • After it rinses your mouth fully.
  • You should practice it twice a day.
  • Make it habit for the long term. It will support you in regaining the nerves.

8. Inhale Zinc Enrich Food

Inhale Zinc Enrich FoodLoss of taste and smell nerves may happen due to lack of zinc in your body system. Therefore, you have to consider the excessive amount of food items, which are rich in zinc. It will assist you in resolving your nerves issues and recover your sense of smell and taste. The symptoms due to deficiency of zinc are;

  • White stains appear
  • cracks in the nails
  • Hair fall
  • The speed of recovering injuries get slow down.

So, you should take the zinc rich food items. The list include

  • Oysters
  • Beans
  • Nuts, Walnut
  • All types of grains
  • Energetic corns in breakfast
  • Products made of milk

7. Castor Oil

CASTOR OILThe best home remedy for the treatment of smell and taste nerves is the castor oil. It has no side effect. It is an anti-allergy ingredient. Moreover, it antioxidant, antimicrobial. All these as it have the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and the antioxidant effect, they all help to keep the nasal passage to clear. Here is how you can use it to treat anosmia and dysgeusia.


  • Heat up the oil.
  • Now, settle the oil drop in the nose.
  • Practice it two times in a single 24 hours. One time in the morning and the second time when you are about to rest at night.
  • Make it habit until you get rid of smell and flavor nerve issues.

6. Garlic

Minced GarlicGarlic is a good choice for this treatment. It is effective in its function of restoring the sensation of smell and taste. It also assists in resolving congestion problem. It clear the nasal track. In such manner, it treats the smell nerves. So must try it as an effective treatment of loss of smell and loss of taste.


  • Garlic; water


  • Dice the 2-3 pieces of garlic.
  • Now, keep them in water for 5-15 minutes.
  • Now, pour it and drink it. While drinking, it should be warm.
  • It should be practiced twice or thrice in 24 hours.

5. Ginger

ginger..Ginger is the essential item for enhancing the flavor of a dish. But it can also be used as treatment of regaining sense of smell and flavor nerves.   The ginger have potential of activating flavor nerves by sending activation signals to the taste bud.

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  • Eat the ginger in a natural form at regular intervals.
  • You can make it little tasty by adding little amount of rock salt in the chopped ginger.
  • Take it almost 30 min before the food.
  • Follow the routine for a long period of time.
  • The alternative is there if you are unable to inhale it in pure form. Then make ginger tea and drink it on a regular basis. Take 2-3tea cup in a single day.

4. Steam Inhalation

steamingNasal clogging is treated with steam. It is also recommended by doctors to rapidly resolve the nasal issue. That why it is considered in the treatment of smell and flavor nerves if it is because of nasal clogging. It is humid and hot steam, which has the potential of reducing the inflammation chance. After it clears the blockage path of nasal. Many experts recommend it for treating anosmia and dysgeusia.


  • Take the water in small bowl and boil it.
  • Then add in water some drops of the peppermint or the eucalyptus oil.
  • Now, cover your head with a towel and take the steam for few minutes.
  • Practice it more than two times in a single day.

3. Cayenne Pepper

cayyene pepper...Any issue whether a surgery or any allergy regarding the respiratory region can lead to disturbance in smell and flavor nerves. Then, you can rely on the cayenne pepper for treatment. It contains constituent capsaicin. This chemical is capable of improving nasal tract if it is due to nasal congestion. It has the potential of activating the production of saliva. The saliva production can also improve the taste nerves. Here is how you can use it to teat loss of taste and loss of smell problems.


  • Honey, Cayenne pepper.


  • For making mixture mix honey in the one teaspoon of the cayenne pepper. Mix it well.
  • Then inhale it as a medicine. It will support you in removing the fungus. In addition, it will trigger the secretion.
  • Cayenne pepper is also used in cooking. It has the potential of triggering the secretion of the salivary gland. Moreover, black pepper works on the same pattern.
  • It will trigger the taste bud for improving sensation nerves.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR...4Although, apple cider vinegar is sour in taste and acidic in taste. It functions like a stimulus for taste bud. It vanishes bacteria in the mouth cavity, in order to regain the sensation nerves of smell and flavor. It is also an effective ingredient for the treatment of nasal infection. Follow these steps to restore your sense of smell and taste.


You need;

  • Raw apple cider vinegar, Baking soda, Water


  • Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and the ¼ tablespoon of baking soda in the ½ glass of water.
  • Stir it well.
  • Take this liquid solution twice a day.

Alternative Mixture:


  • Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, raw honey, water


  • The alternative solution can be made by adding one to two teaspoons of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and little amount honey in 1 glass of water.
  • This solution you have drunk it twice or thrice times a day before taking food.

1. Lemon  

Lemon....Lemon juice is used as a remedy against black spots. It is easy to use and efficient in results. Moreover, you can approach it from your kitchen, or from the nearest market. It is vitamin c rich ingredient, which assist in will power and support our immune system.

Quick link = Benefits of lemon water


  • Honey
  • Lemon
  • Water

How to use it?

Directions are easy to apply it.

  • Clutch the lemon in a glass of hot water.
  • Blend honey in it.
  • Take it twice a day.
  • Eat lemon without peel during meals. It has the potential of functioning as a stimulus for taste buds.
  • You should inhale the little amount of lemon juice in the morning time as well as in evening times.
  • Make it habit for a couple of weeks.
  • Lemon juice not only enhance the flavor effects but also help in regaining fresh skin and in losing weight. So, it is the vital product. You may call it small packet with the versatile application. The lemon juice has the ability to enhance the flavor of foods.


  • You have to use medicines suggested by a qualified doctor.
  • Consult a doctor for proper medical treatment.
  • In case, if you are facing some health issues or any infection, then you should not rely on the given home remedies.
  • You should follow precautionary measures and diet chart, as there should be no compromise done on health. You should have to make a follow-up chart
  • Schedule your routine according to the treatment demand.
  • You should enhance the circle of your food variety. Add sour and sweet food items in your diet list. It will improve your nerves of taste and smell.
  • Your application of method should be done in proper manner. Otherwise, it is useless to apply these home remedies.
  • Select home remedies carefully. Consider your toleration level and then opt.


  • Almost shuns the dishes that contain onion and garlic. Or at least use in very little quantity.
  • Don’t sniff the excessive lemon. It may lead to inflammation.
  • Make sure that the remedy you are using must suit your body system. Be careful in selection. Don’t use the remedy which affect your health, replace it with a suitable one.
  • Even do not turn to another remedy at the instant.


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