15 Simple Yet Beneficial Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

What is tuberculosis? Tuberculosis also known as TB is a respiratory infection which is a result of the bacteria termed as ‘Mycobacterium tuberculosis.’ This disease certainly needs to be taken pretty seriously because it can turn out to be extremely fatal too. However, it’s a respiratory infection but can cause harm to other organs of the body due to its existence. Moreover, the bacteria can supposedly be present in the body for years and years and never rise in order to lead to damage but just hints of a weak immune system can conclude to its awful existence raising itself for destruction. However, it’s advised never to leave it untreated as this ugly disease can turn out to be fatal and destroying for the poor person suffering from it.

Furthermore, tuberculosis is an illness which is highly contagious due to its airborne element. It can sufficiently spread from one person to the next through coughs and sneezes. However, a random presence of the ill doesn’t really harm but a long term and prolonged contact can. This could be in cases inclusive of when the ill lives or works with others while carrying an active infection. However, other than an active infection; one can even suffer from a latent one which means that there are no evident symptoms of the disease and neither can it spread amongst others. Moreover, it can certainly swap into an active infection but seeking medical aid or remedies to combat against it can help decrease the risk a great deal.

You can figure out if you’re suffering from tuberculosis if you’re undergoing symptoms like fever, chills, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, coughing blood, a long term cough, chest pain and night sweats. Below are some of the home remedies gathered for your convenience in order to kick off the unwanted disease, tuberculosis.

“Found yourself worried because you’re suffering from tuberculosis? Not anymore.”

15. Mint


Dear readers, now you will know that mint isn’t just used to prepare mint iced teas, ice creams, wafers, chocolates, lemonades or toothpastes but they can be efficiently used to treat tuberculosis as well. It can definitely provide a swift and quick DIY cure from this awful disease. It’s further recognized to help clear the nose against a blockage and loosens the mucus so that one can blow it away and get rid of the unwanted nose blockage and flu. Furthermore, mint is used to nourish and revitalize the lungs while making the body resistant against falling prey to other infections and diseases. It is really effective in reducing tuberculosis symptoms.  All you need to do is,

  • Extract fresh mint juice.
  • This can be obtained by boiling some mint leaves in water and later cover the top with a container.
  • Otherwise, grind the mint leaves or crush them along with some water in order to extract the juice out of them.
  • Then mix the mint juice with honey and malt vinegar and drink it.
  • In order to get quick results, drink this juice twice a day.

14. Milk


Milk is considered one of the dairy products which is widely used to various and different purposes. Be it as a facial cleansing agent, calcium provider, breakfast need, cooking sweet dishes or treating tuberculosis. Moreover, it’s one of the easiest approachable remedies that one can get their hands onto in order to cure the awful disease, tuberculosis. Since milk is a great calcium provider, drinking it can enhance the level of calcium in one’s body and help treat the fatal illness efficiently.

  • If you’re suffering from tuberculosis you can even swap your meals or dietary chart to an only-milk diet so that it helps you get rid of the illness soon enough.
  • You should drink milk twice a day; say in the morning as your breakfast and at night before going to sleep.

13. Green Tea Extract


Green tea is a result of the camellia Sinenses plant leaves and is usually dipped and soaked in warm or Luke-warm water to produce a tea which is suitable for drinking. Ladies generally prefer green tea for weight loss, to appear extra smart and find it a good substitute for the normal ilk tea which can be considered to be rich in sugar. Moreover, it can even be used through capsules for those who prefer them. Furthermore, it can be used to provide an efficient tuberculosis treatment as well but the ill should consult their physicians before initiating its in-take because it doesn’t turn out to be effective and an appropriate option for everyone.

12. Custard Apple


They are actually a sub-tropical deciduous tree which has its roots in the Annonaceae family. They’re considered to be very delicious and are a good treat to one’s taste buds. Moreover, they’re fresh and healthy munchies for kids and toddlers which they will long for more. Moreover, it’s known to contain those elements which are similar to the ones that are possessed by the drugs used to treat tuberculosis. Moreover, its juice is a good cure to level down and heal the symptoms of tuberculosis which are seen rising in one’s body.

  • Begin by extracting the pulp found inside the custard apples.
  • Next, boil at least three of them with seedless raisins.
  • Continue boiling it until one-third of it remains.
  • Strain the solution.
  • Later, make it a habit to drink it at least twice a day for a speedy recovery against tuberculosis.

11. Astragalus


It’s a huge genus which consists of around 3k various species of herbs and shrubs which comes into existence from the Fabacae family. Moreover, it’s actually a Chinese medication native to Mangolia, Korea and some other parts of China. It can even efficiently treat tuberculosis and should be taken thrice to four times for quick and efficient results to heal the tuberculosis symptoms. But don’t have it alongside imuno-suppressants as they can counter affect both their properties.

10. Garlic


Garlic is one of the items of home remedies which work for various uses such as combating against tooth ache, heart diseases, cancer, weight loss, irritating throat, diabetes, weak immune system and even tuberculosis. Moreover, it’s filled with sulfuric acid which helps in sweeping away the germs and a bacterium’s which end up in TB. Furthermore, allicin and ajonoe are also constituents of it which obstruct bacterial growth and its anti-bacterial and immune-boosting effect help in rejuvenating a TB patient’s health quite a great deal. You’re required to follow these steps to use garlic as an effective tuberculosis treatment:

  • Mix a half teaspoon of chopped garlic, some water and milk together.
  • Next, continue boiling it until it’s reduced a bit.
  • Drink this mixture at least t thrice a day for efficient results.
  • Or you can even mix around 10 droplets of garlic juice in warm milk.
  • Later, drink it before going to bed.
  • However, don’t drink water afterwards as it can refute the benefits caused.

9. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)


Indian gooseberry also termed and known as ‘Amla’ is used for various medical and culinary uses. It’s highly recognized as a great contributor to Ayurveda medicines as well while making pickles and some other dishes as well as sweet dishes too. Furthermore, it’s widely known across the entire globe for its hair fall treatments and is used as a primary product in loads of commercial products such as hair shampoos, hair conditioners and hair oils. However, if you didn’t know but Indian Gooseberry treats TB pretty well too by lowering down the tuberculosis symptoms and making the ill escape it easy and quick. All you need to do is,

  • Extract the Indian Gooseberry juice nicely.
  • Add a bit of honey to the juice.
  • Drink it empty stomach, early in the morning and get rid of TB pretty soon.

“Before stepping out of your home sweet home in order to see a doctor to treat tuberculosis, try these home remedies which are listed just for you which will help you get cured of it soon and quick.”

8. Black Pepper


Did you ever realize that the small pot which is filled with black pepper lying somewhere in your kitchen cabinet along with other spices is an amazing and a much desirable cure to tuberculosis? So it won’t just be used as a sprinkler over your morning omelet or half-fry egg, your chicken corn soup or over your fresh orange juice but will be used to help you combat against a much fatal disease which is tuberculosis. Moreover, it sufficiently clean away the lungs and makes the mucus loosen by reducing its production. Consequently, since these elements are contained in black pepper then they will further help in comforting you against the chest pain bought by tuberculosis. It even consists of anti-inflammatory properties which will tone down the disease, its infection and the related coughing too. All you need to do is follow these steps to use it as an effective tuberculosis treatment,

  • Fry a bit of black pepper in butter.
  • Next, fry it until it produces a paste.
  • Then add a pinch of asafetida powder to it.
  • Keep on having a half tea spoon of this paste after every few hours over the course of a day.

7. Drumstick


I’m sure that most of you ladies weren’t aware of the fact that drumsticks are a perfect home remedy to cure tuberculosis. It actually consists of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory elements which can help in eradicating the bacteria’s found in the lungs which lead to tuberculosis a great deal. Furthermore, it even lowers down and pulls away inflammation which is a direct cause of continuous coughing and infection. And as a cherry on top, they are full of calcium, carotene, phosphorous and Vitamin C as well. Follow the steps described below,

  • Boil drumsticks leaves in a cup.
  • After it cools down include salt, pepper and lime juice in it.
  • Drink this mixture early in the morning on an empty stomach for efficient results.
  • Or have boiled drumsticks daily to get rid of the infection caused.

6. Oranges


So Orange isn’t just the new black but it’s an effective home remedy for treating tuberculosis too. So from now on it won’t just be about orange peels or orange juices but about the minerals and compounds which they possess that turns out to be essential for helping combat against a fatal disease, tuberculosis. Moreover, oranges consist of a natural saline function which in turn leads to loosened up mucus and clearing away a blocked nose. So a shout out to all those suffering from tuberculosis symptoms, just add oranges in your diet and escape this disease within no time! All you need to do is,

  • Extract the juice out of two equal sized oranges.
  • After extracting the juice, add a bit of honey and salt to it.
  • Drink this juice as a primary part of your breakfast and get rid of TB soon enough.

5. Walnut


It’s considered as a nut which is used for food after having it processed. Moreover, it’s rich in proteins and vital fatty acids as well. A walnut it used for various purposes inclusive of making inks and dyes, cleaning aviation parts through walnut shells, medical uses and other culinary purposes. Moreover, it’s very effective in helping to treat tuberculosis by upholding and revitalizing the immune systems of one’s body and not letting it grow weak and decay. And the nutrients present in it help in speeding up the recovery from the disease.

  • You can eat them directly for rejuvenating your immune system.
  • Or begin by crushing a walnut into a pure powder form.
  • Next, add a tsp. of garlic paste and clarified butter in the crushed walnut powder.
  • All you need to do is eat this powdered mixture on a regular basis to let go off tuberculosis for good.

4. Pineapple


Pineapple can be used as an effective tuberculosis treatment. Now you’ll know that pineapples aren’t just limited to pinna colada’s, fruit salads, canned fruits or pineapple cakes but as an essential cure for tuberculosis too. It’s an amazing remedy as it helps loosen the mucus and makes it easier to blow it off leading to a faster and a speedy recovery from tuberculosis. If you’re suffering from this disease then just include fresh pineapple juice in your dietary plan and you’re good to go!

3. Bananas


After knowing the merits attached to bananas you’ll start loving them more than those cute little yellow colored minions ever have! A banana is an essential beauty agent which efficiently provides against skin blemishes, skin tan and damaged hair. Moreover, it’s a great cure for tuberculosis too. This is so because it’s filled with a great source of nutrients and calcium’s which upholds one’s immunity system and doesn’t let it grow weaker. Furthermore, it even helps one get rid of the typical cough associated to tuberculosis. So make sure to use banana regularly for reducing tuberculosis symptoms.

  • Drink a raw banana juice on a regular basis.
  • Or mash a ripe banana and mix it with a cup of coconut water, half a cup of yoghurt and a bit of honey.
  • And you can even try sipping on banana stem juice at an interval of every two hours until the symptoms of tuberculosis decrease.

2. Bottle Gourd


This vegetable is a good cure to tuberculosis. If you’re suffering from tuberculosis then strictly include bottle gourd as an essential part of your diet because it upholds the body’s resistance against TB germs. Furthermore, it even helps in boosting one’s immunity system a great deal and becomes a safeguard from it becoming weaker or decaying. So all you need to do is eat it and get rid of the symptoms, germs and tuberculosis itself.

1. Celery Leaves


So from now on celery won’t just be used for garnishing, making a subtle mint flavored drink or adding a tranquil green color as a finishing to a dish or salad but also as an effective and known home remedy for treating tuberculosis. The celery leaves are usually suggested and recommended for patients suffering from tuberculosis. Just follow a few basic steps which are listed below in order to treat tuberculosis,

  • Begin by grinding celery leaves.
  • Next, extract their juice by grinding.
  • Drink the juice obtained at regular interval along the course of a day.
  • This home remedy will help combat against the symptoms of tuberculosis to a desirable extent.

Additional Tips:

  • Avoid close contact with others if you’re suffering from active TB.
  • Make your diet rich of proteins.
  • Exercise regularly, try waking up early and going for morning walks or jogs. Exercise is a really effective tuberculosis treatment.
  • Always keep in touch with that type of diet which will boost your immune system.
  • Try to keep a safe distance from stress and tensions. Moreover, even if you undergo it just let go off it after relaxing in a warm bath.
  • Consume a healthy diet which is full of proteins, carbs and vitamins in order to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Undergo meditation or yoga to let go off stress.

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