20 Home Remedies For Hair Growth

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Currently, the market is filled with a ton of different pills, and additives that are supposed to make your hair grow long surprisingly fast. But the bitter reality is that there simply is no shortcut to long and healthy hair. A first time experience can be surprisingly frustrating for you, given the numerous issues you will have to deal with, including split ends and hair fall. It is always best for you to keep the things natural.

The best possible way to grow them fast is to keep them healthy. You could also acquire certain herbs capable of producing desirable results, but here is a list of reliable home remedies for hair growth that you simply must try if you are looking for ways to make your hair long, luscious and healthy.

20. Egg Massage


Egg white is known for its surprising healing properties, as it is packed with essential proteins. In addition to that, they also contain surprising amounts of sulfur, iron phosphorus and selenium. All the more beneficial for your hair growth. Apply a mask of two to three egg whites every other day, and you will notice your hair feel stronger, and a lot healthier. They will grow faster consequently.

19. Onion Juice


Onion juice is one of the most effective home remedies for hair growth. Smelly as the idea sounds; it actually is very effective to boost your hair growth. The method has been around for a very long time. Onions are rich in sulfur which efficiently boosts collagen synthesis in our bodies, leading to formation of collagen tissues, making your hair grow faster. Squeeze out the juice of three to four onions, preferably red, after you have grated them, and apply the fresh juice to your scalp for an hour. Make it fifteen minutes if you don’t have that much time.

18. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar works best for hair growth. It not only stimulates the formation and growth of hair strands, but also strengthens the follicles, keeping your hair from falling. It cleanses your scalp, and maintains a healthy ph., suitable for perfect growth of your hair. Vinegar is applied after you have washed your hair. Gently rinse your hair with a mixture of the vinegar and warm water. Use this as a final rinse. You made add essential oils to the mixture, if the smell bothers you.

17. Fenugreek


This ages old remedy is popular among home remedies for hair growth all over the world. The paste has many benefits. It not only accelerates hair growth, but it keeps them healthy. All the essential proteins also help to maintain your natural color, which is something oft sacrificed in order to attain the desirable lengths. For best results, apply the paste for thirty minutes before washing.

16. Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne pepper is very effective in stimulating hair growth, all the while keeping them dense and preventing hair fall. Capsaicin, found in the pepper is a stimulant, which increases blood supply to the scalp, maintaining healthy hair and preventing hair fall, all the while, growing your hair. Mix powdered pepper with twice the amount of olive oil, and apply to your scalp. Rinse off with cold water.

15. Coconut Milk


Coconut milk is packed with proteins, essential vitamins and minerals like iron and potassium. Coconut milk is used in combination with certain herbs to treat a lot if diseases, and for keeping the skin healthy. It is most effect in the list of home remedies for hair growth. Simply extract milk from one coconut, and apply it to your scalp. The milk needs more time to show its effect, so it is recommended to keep it overnight. Rinse off with water the other day. This method has shown astonishing results when experimented with. You may use coconut milk in combination with vinegar, for better effect.

14. Castor Oil


Castor oil is packed with vitamin E, and other fatty acids which are very important, and act as tonics for your scalp. It promotes hair growth, all the while maintaining your hair’s health and your scalp moist, well-moisturized and healthy. However, t cannot be applied directly, owing to the high viscosity possessed by the oil. Experts recommend coconut oil or almond oil mixed with castor oil for added effectiveness. You might want to use some other oils as well, if you need to get rid of the smell. The effect is immediate, and you will certainly feel your hair stronger overnight!

13. Ayurvedic Herbs


Harking back to Indian traditions, these herbs have time and again been researched on. The results are always more than satisfying. They promote hair growth in every way. The simplest method is to mix two teaspoons of amla powder with lime juice. However, shampooing your hair with amla coupled with other herbs is perhaps the most effective method. Shikakai and retha are other herbs that have proven to be equally effective in home remedies for hair growth. A combination would certainly be effective in stimulating hair growth.

12. Massage


All adducts and herbs aside, sometimes, physical therapy can prove to be more effective than its counterparts. Make sure you have regular spa days, involving hair and head massage. Massage relieves tension, regulates blood flow, and keeps your head fresh. All the while stimulating hair growth. Although simple massage is very effective, it is best to apply different nutritive oils for added effect and comfort. Apply oil to your hair. Go with warm if possible. Then, gently rub your scalp before you rinse off the oil. You may let it stay for 15 minutes if you can. It always helps.

11. Cumin Seeds


Cumin seeds are also teeming with a multitude of nutrients, all of which are absorbed by the skin. They have the cumulative effect of keeping your hair strong, preserving your natural color and stimulating growth. To prepare the extracts, soak the cumin seeds in olive oil, for 6 to 8 hours, rather overnight, and then apply it to the specific areas you need to. Using a mild shampoo to wash it off will remove the stench, leaving behind shiny and strong hair. The best of all home remedies for hair growth!

10. Flip Your Hair Over


This strangely obvious method might seem to be a pointless idea, but it works well. It’s simple. Even simpler is the theory behind this specific remedy. Bowing your head or stooping brings more blood to your head due to gravity. Thus enhancing the supply to your hair impeccably. Anyone can do this, and it is not very demanding in terms of expensive oils and ingredients.

Flipping your hair over regularly: three to four minutes each day will prove to be effective in stimulating growth. There are no side effects to this simple trick.

9. Garlic


Garlic is used as one of the traditional home remedies for hair growth in many a civilization around the globe. This idea has its roots in the ancient times. Researches have proved that there is more to it than that. Garlic contains lots of vitamins. By boiling garlic in coconut oil and then removing the cloves, you can easily extract all the important nutritive properties.

Apply this oil to your hair for fifteen minutes and then gently wash your hair by using a shampoo, in order to get rid of the stench. The method is very effective when it comes to hair with low density, as it circulates blood and stimulates growth of new hair follicles.

8. Coconut Oil


Unlike the common misconception, coconut oil and coconut milk are not much alike in their nutritive properties. Both are beneficial to your scalp in different ways. Coconut oil comes packed with the essential fat soluble vitamin that make your scalp healthy. It keeps the scalp moisturized and soft. The proteins within help initiate formation of new follicles, and they strengthen existing hair, thus allowing hair to grow well, all the while fighting hair fall.

7. Trimming


Of all the home remedies for hair growth, you will find this weird. However, the logic behind it justifies this remedy’s merit. As your hair grow, the tips become weathered and dry due to lack of nourishment at such a distance from the scalp. This leads to split ends and dry hair tips, making home for many diseases and dandruff. Thus in consequence halts hair growth.

Frequent trimming will keep your tips healthy. The hair will grow at a healthy rate, and your head will remain fresh and shiny. It is preferred to get your hair trimmed about a centimeter every five to six weeks for best results.

6. Hibiscus Flower


This is another possible and effective home remedy for hair growth. The flower itself is renowned for its properties as a very efficient cure for dandruff. They call it the flower of hair care. Apart from that, the flower extracts will keep your hair fresh and the color natural, preventing your hair from premature ageing. The most effective method is to crush the flowers, and make a paste with coconut oil. Spread the paste over your head properly and uniformly. After thirty minutes, rinse it off with the help of a mild shampoo.

5. Peppercorns


Getting your hands on peppercorns may be difficult. You don’t come by them at your local store. Black peppercorns were used in the Subcontinent home remedies for hair growth before the remedy made its way to the rest of the world. It holds your hair’s texture, and gives your shine, making them more lustrous. Use black peppercorns rather than white for maximum results.

For the paste, you must mix it with lemon juice. Half a cup of lime for two teaspoons will make the best paste when blended. Apply this on your scalp, making sure, the paste makes contact with the head beneath your hair. It is best to cover your hair for a few hours before you wash, so that the nutritive components penetrate through your skin. Apply this paste every ten days, and you will be able to observe the change in your hair’s health, and the sudden boost in growth.

4. Rosemary Oil


Rosemary oil has certain organic chemicals that imitate body hormones in their functioning: they stimulate cell multiplication and blood flow in areas the paste is applied. Rosemary hair also acts as a hair tonic. This oil can be added to your shampoo. It will complement its effect. Separately the rosemary oil may be mixed with coconut oil to prepare a more favorable combination.

3. Lavender


Lavender is again one of the common and very effective home remedies for hair growth. It is effective also in a disease called alopecia. Its functioning as a hair growth stimulant could not be more obvious. The best method is to apply lavender oil to your hair, particularly to patches of rapidly thinning hair, to help your hair become healthier, and to grow faster.

2. Protein Rich Foods

Protein Rich Foods

What are hair strands but compacting of collagen and keratin protein fibers. By eating a protein rich diet, you ensure a constant supply of proteins to your head. They are not only the materials for hair follicles, but are also helpful in keeping the scalp healthy. They make your hair look shinier and feel stronger. A regular intake of protein rich food is elementary for you, if you want to grow your hair faster.

1. Vitamins


Although, one can always compliment his dietary deficiencies by taking vitamin supplements, but it is most favorable to keep a healthy diet. Make sure you are eating enough greens to allow for a constant supply of A, B, C, D and E vitamins. Plant oils, especially castor oil and coconut oil are also efficient sources of fat soluble vitamins. They will directly affect your hair growth and health. These vitamins are also essential for you own health as well.

Every new resolution comes with a ton of related troubles that will make you lose your hope midway. The same goes for all the little things like growing your hair. Not only is it time consuming, but a first time experience can be very distressing. Longer lengths come with greater problems.

Make sure you know what you are doing. Always make sure each and every step you take is justifiable, and it doesn’t have any negative and harmful effects. Here is a logical list of home remedies for hair growth. Make sure you make the most of it and whatever material you have at hand.

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