28 Tips On How To Get Skinnier Legs In A Week

Proper diet and exercise will give you the healthy body. In women fat content should be 18% so she can get the slenderer thighs. If you want to keep your body in shape then do not stop workout, it helps100% to get the perfect figure. You cannot get skinner body or legs with starving, empty belly will not give you healthy body, you need fresh food and juices as well to reduce the body fat. Daily work out will give you flexible legs and cellulite free thighs. You should not do the work which is just for tighter the thighs, it will spoil your shape, you have to work out for whole body and take proper diet, so your leaner legs will give you perfect look. Here we bring some tips for you to get healthier and skinnier thighs.
Skinnier legs with the help of exercise

28. Select The Suitable Exercise

Select the Suitable ExerciseSelection of perfect exercise may help you to get skinnier legs, for this purpose you can do these exercises: jogging, aerobics, power walks or you can use step machine because they involves your legs nonstop. You can increase the intensity of workout according to your passion. If you want to use elliptical trainer for reducing fat, you should know how to use it correctly otherwise you will get the larger thighs in the end, so better to find some instructor for this.

27. Cardiac Intensive Exercises

Cardiac Intensive ExercisesTry to do cardiovascular exercises 5 to 6 days in a week. These power workouts/aerobics have reasonable time which your body can easily accept, try to do 30 to 40 minutes maximum. Interval trainings are not good for those which have burly legs, you should emphasis on cardiac exercises, this will definitely help you to shed the legs fat and they will become skinnier.

26. Pilates For Fitness

Pilates for FitnessThis is an easy work out to get skinnier legs and thighs, they don not reduce the fats too fast but you will get shaped muscles, stronger and flexible body. This exercise needs accuracy for that you may get help with some videos related to this or join some class. The exercise not just includes simple crunches but the technique is important.

25. Rolls And Raise Of Legs

Rolls and Raise of LegsLegs rolls and raise is an easy workout which will activate your body. Easily apply at home. Place an exercise mat and lie on it, support your body with left arm and lie on right side. Now start rise you hip up with the help of left leg.

“Just slimmer legs will not give you the perfect shape, work out to shape your whole body.”

24. Crouching Or Bending Exercise

Crouching or Bending ExerciseCrouching or bending exercise is usually known as Squats. This is the most effective workout for legs, you can do it in many ways and the most effective way is standing at your feet, distance of your feet is till the shoulder level stretch your arms forward and move your bum downwards slowly as slowly as you can ensure that your back is little bend from the front. 20 squats in 3 sets will get you well shaped skinny legs. Now think for a while that your leg is inside the drum and you have to trace the drum with your toes, by this motion your legs will move downwards and upwards in spheres. Do the same procedure with both the legs and make 80 to 90 circles.

23. Jump Squats

Jump SquatsSquat jumps are very useful for hamstrings, gluts and calves. Stand straight with your feet little bit wider than shoulder width push your back little downwards toes pointed forward than jump into the air forcefully. Do this exercise in three sets of 20 repetitions.

22. Bridge Exercise With Towel Squeeze

Bridge Exercise With Towel SqueezeRelaxe your arms and lie straight on floor, put a small hand towel between the knees, squeeze it uptill you feel the pressure on your thighs, now lift up your hips slowly above the floor, remember your hand will straight on the floor while lifting the hips, do the exercise for 15 minutes.

21. Crescent Kick

CRESCENT KICKCrescent Kick is very effective to get the skinny inner thigh. In this exercise, one leg off the ground bend your knee with your hands on your sides right or left which ever you want to use first then move around in a circular motion, you can stretch your arm forward also as shown in the below picture.

20. Lunges

LungesLunges is an effective fitness exercise for the legs, technique of this exercise is to keep your body straight with forward one leg make sure your legs are aligned, lower your back knee towards the floor with the help of your back and hips keep the weight on your heels as you push back up to the starting position yon can also do this exercise by holding a dumbbell in both hand for the resistance of pressure.

19. Inner Thigh Attitude Pulse

Inner Thigh Attitude PulseStanding on one leg while one leg is off the ground, few inches above and bend the leg from the knee bring leg across the front of your body so that your right knee is past your left leg, lower your left leg back to the floor then lift it as high as you can keeping heel up. Repeat this movement 15 times or 15 minutes whichever you wish to do according to your stamina and do the same for another leg.

18. Cycling

CyclingCycling is the best way to tone your leg muscles. You can do easily at home with standing bike, it will help to burn the fat of legs fast, if you burn almost 450 calories in an hour so you can easily slim down your legs in a week.

17. Swimming

SwimmingSwimming is the perfect exercise for whole body especially for legs, you can burn almost 500 calories, if you spend an hour in water. This will help to tone your whole body muscles and help your body to keep in shape. You can try different strokes in water if you are perfect swimmer, this gives you the relaxed body.

16. Join Gym Or Exercise Class

Join Gym or Exercise ClassTaking the class for slimming legs faster is better, you will get motivated by watching others and get help from the instructor. Join Zumba dance class is also good it can help you to burn around 500 calories in an hour.

15. Stretching Legs

Stretching LegsStretching the legs muscles after every exercise will help you to reduce the tenderness or pain. Stretch your legs about 1 minute will give you activeness.

“Be patient when you start work-out, you will not get the results in minutes, it’s a time taking work.”

14. Sports As Exercise

Sports as ExerciseYou can slim down your thighs with some team sports like soccer, basketball ice hockey etc. These are the best games to tone your leg muscles.

13. Exercise With Treadmill

Exercise with TreadmillPeople consider this as boring exercise, but walking or running on treadmill is also very effective to get skinnier legs, depends on you how fast you go on it. You can burn 400 to 500 calories by walking on it.

12. Effective Home Chores

Effective Home ChoresThe home chores are also helpful to get body in shape, we do not consider them in exercise but they effect on our body and help us to loose calories. Work like; laundry, dusting and cleaning floor will need your energy and engage your whole body. Mark one of the work in your daily routine this will give you the clean house as well as smart body.
Skinnier legs with the help of diet

11. High Protein Foods

High Protein FoodsProtein rich foods are very effective and important for toning the muscles. Make sure to add chicken, turkey and fish in your diet plan.

10. Take Vegetables And Fruits

Take Vegetables and FruitsThe high amount of vegetables and fruits will help to reduce the fat from your body and increase the nutritional fibre.

9. More And More Water

 WaterIncreasing the intake of water will help to flush out all the toxins from body. At least take 8 to 10 glass in a day. Water will help to keep the skin glowing and moisturized whole summer.

8. Reduce The Salt From Life

salt.The foods which are high in salt are harmful for your body and health and salty foods obstruct skin moisture.

7. Say No To Fatty Foods Or Junk Foods

Say No to Fatty Foods or Junk FoodsThese foods will decrease the energy level into the body and a lot of calories will increase the leg fat which make you dull and low in energy.

6. Check On Calories

Check On CaloriesThis is very important to check on your calories in daily routine, otherwise you can’t get the skinnier in a week. Take the calories on the basis of your body requirements. Woman needs less calories then man. According to American Heart Association, women need 2000 to 2200 calories in a day on the age of 19 to 30 with healthy activities and the level of calories decreases with the age, so when woman reach at the age of 50 the body needs only 1800 calories while the man needs more.

5. Foods To Burn Fats

Foods To Burn FatsWhen you make the diet plan to get skinnier legs in a week, must add those foods which burns fat of the body and make the legs slimmer. So the nutritionist recommend the “salmon”, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, it boost your metabolism to work effectively. Also use nuts, olive oil and avocados these foods have monounsaturated fats which also increase the metabolic rate.

4. Avoid Sugary Brews

Avoid Sugary BrewsIf you have the habit to take soda or different juices, so avoid them. These are the main hurdle in hasty life, they are rich in calories and saturated fats which increase your weight, avoiding them will endorse you towards skinnier legs faster.Your dressing also embraces on your physical appearance, you can give the illusion to look slimmer with your dressing:

3. Wear Dark Pants

Wear Dark PantsDark colour presents you as a slimmer in look. Go with black, dark blue or purple. Your legs will look slimmer in these colours.

2. Denim Jeans With High Heels

Denim Jeans with High HeelsDark blue denim jeans with pair of heels will give your legs slimmer look, they give you height. Full length pant are the best choice to include in silhouette.

1. Choice Of Skirt

Choice of SkirtThe A-line skirt is best choice to look slimmer. The skirt in A-line shape give your legs slender look. So you must try the A-line except the fitted one.


  • Try to get motivation from exercise videos or gym.
  • Do Exercise regularly as long breaks in exercises create more trouble for you to get your body in shape and harder in returning back for the exercise routine.
  • Take very good care of your diet because you only get the best when you do in the combination of diet and exercise
  • Start your workout with slow, steady then gradually build the rhythm. In this way you enjoy your workout.


  • Don’t work out like crazy it will harmful for your body when get tired of it.
  • Don’t use elliptical trainer without knowing its use, otherwise you will get worst results in shape of larger thighs.
  • Consistency is the key. Don’t do the exercise in hurry, be patient and consistent.
  • Don’t eat junk food too much. Make your diet plan according to your need and workout plan.

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