Does Drinking Water Help Lose Weight?

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You would have read to drink water as much as you can to lose weight. People would have also advised you to do that but does drinking water help lose weight? Is it just a myth or water does it in reality. The few words you are going to read will reveal you the truth.


Water is a precious gift of nature and is the basic element of life that is essential for your health. This vital ingredient helps in losing weight in many ways. Although the concept that water flushes out the fats is simply meaningless but still water consumption and weight loss are directly related. Various scientific studies have been conducted to reveal the secret behind this incredible phenomenon. Some studies suggest that water helps to detoxify the body by flushing out the harmful elements thus performing a natural cleansing and purification.


Scientific evidence revealed while studying does drinking water help lose weight in Germany that water intake elevates the rate of burning calories in the body but the study suggests that the impact of water intake on weight loss is just modest. Calorie burning is undergone through metabolic activity of the body which signifies that water directly affects the metabolic rate.

The increase in metabolic rate is witnessed after ten minutes of consuming water and it reaches the maximum limit after thirty of forty minutes. It is also believed that cold water will help the calorie burning even more as the body will have to work harder to digest cold water; temperature of water needs to be increased to get it through the system.


Another fact that cannot be neglected when discussing does drinking water help lose weight is that water acts as an excellent suppressant of appetite; drinking water at the key times can accelerate the after effects in terms of weight loss. Drinking water before you take meals will make your stomach feel little full and reluctantly you will eat less as stomach sends the signal to mind that it is full, which then commands you to stop eating.

An interesting fact is that most of the people confuse hunger and thirst; they crave to eat something even when they are thirsty so it’s better to drink a glass of water to confirm whether you are really hungry or thirst is tricking you.  It is advised to wait for thirty minutes after drinking one glass of water; if you still feel hungry then go ahead and feed yourself.


As far as the query of does drinking water help lose weight is concerned; you must have been satisfied by now but the new question that strikes mind is how much do you need to drink? It is recommended to eight glasses of water every day but this is not the rule of thumb as everyone needs different quantities of water to get appropriate hydration; reason being the different lifestyle and different level of physical activity.

The key indicator to find out is the color of urine; if it’s clear or pale yellow then your body is adequately hydrated whereas you need to drink more if the urine is darker.

After knowing the inside out of does drinking water help lose weight you should utilize the knowledge to get the maximum benefits out of it. Stay healthy and fit with the goodness of this vital element of life.


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