7 Effective Indian Skin Care Ideas

Skin is the most sensitive part of your body. It needs proper care on your part to look young and fresh. Having an Indian skin, you need to be even more conscious of it, keeping in mind the extreme hot weather in most part of the region. With regard to Indian skin care, there are some tips and advices everyone must know to understand the skin tone and texture completely. Following are some best things you can adopt for your skin care.

7. SPF For Life

SPF for lifeOne of the most crucial things in Indian skin care is to get SPF moisturizing cream. The naturally Indian skin tone burns with long exposure to sun rays as compared to other skin tones. So the first and foremost advice would certainly be the SPF 30 or greater in your purse 24/7. It would definitely help you to maintain the natural gentle and smoothness in your skin.

6. How To Deal With Oily Skin

How to deal with Oily skinComparatively the Indian skin gets oilier, so it’s quite essential to exfoliate the skin frequently. For that purpose, there are so many options to opt, which include the skin cleanser having exfoliating agents, or the sugar scrubbing. The use of lemons and honey is also worth a dry for oily skin. The regular skin exfoliating remarkably decreases oil content and provide an eminent beauty to your skin.

5. No More Dry Skin

No more dry skinThe people worried for their dry skin better grab this useful tip for a life time. The use of eggs yolk, oatmeal and honey overcome your dryness of skin very effectively. It is applied at the face for about 20-30 minutes and then washes it with warm water. This is the most simplest and effective home treatment with regard to Indian skin care.

4. Anti Aging Tips

Anti aging tipsThe Indian skin is probably the few among all, which looks extremely awesome with growing age. It’s possible only when it’s wrinkled free. To maintain your skin, first of all you have to take less stress and smoke fewer cigarettes. Moreover drink plenty of water and take vitamin D supplements along with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. If you massage organic sesame oil in your body repeatedly, you will feel an extra warmth and freshness in your skin.

3. Simple Cleansing

Simple cleansingThe overuse of cosmetic items mostly the medicated ones for beauty concern are not so healthy for Indian skin care. The best remedy is to do regular cleaning rather going for such creams which may produce effective results for a time being. But on a longer run, the skin gets sensitive and looses it original tone for sure. The simple face cleansers are more than enough to wash off all the dirt from the skin.

2. Massage And Bath

Massage and bathIt has been observed that people who get massage once or twice in a month have very soft and attractive skin structure. Furthermore, taking a bath of oils and moisturizer for about 30 minutes fulfills all the pores and dryness of skin completely.

1. Importance Of Healthy Diet

Importance of healthy dietLast but not the least; the healthy skin tone is a result of healthy diet. The more you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, the more you look younger and healthier. Avoid eating oily foods, because it ceases the normal functioning of various organs thus resulting in decrease blood flow ultimately causing paler skin color. In short healthy diet is essential for your health and beautiful skin.

One of the most important things in skin care is to understand your skin texture. People have got different skin tones in different regions of the world. That is why, the dermatologist always recommend you to use specific kind of skin products that suits your skin fully. For Indian skin care, the above mentioned products are indeed the most suitable for you.

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