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17 Texting Games To Play When You Are Bored

Our everyday lives have become too busy in general home and business chores that we don’t have time for ourselves and not even for our dear ones. As the technology is relentlessly sticking its feet in the brain of every human, it is causing some ridiculous drawbacks along with some fruitful returns. The most amazing things today’s science and technology is that it has crossed many borders and has facilitated us in all parts of life. The vast technologies that have overshadowed our lives are distributed as:

  • Communicational.
  • Entertaining.
  • Educational.
  • Infotainment.
  • Food.
  • Industrial.
  • Agricultural.
  • Transportation.

There are many other categories in which different technologies have shown some vast efforts. Our brain lacks the ability to understand all these hardcore factors and always want something that is straight and entertaining. Being a part of some busy schedule we take out less time for ourselves but whenever we are free we choose either of the ways to kill it for example:

  • Watching TV.
  • Cooking.
  • Listening to music.
  • Shopping.
  • Sports.
  • Some good time at the park.
  • Sleeping.
  • Games.

Here comes the very one thing we wanted to talk about for a very long time. Games are a big source of entertainment which itself is categories as mental and physical. There was a time when people use to play games in the form of outdoor physical activities. Sparing their time in some constructive games that will help them to move their body and rejuvenate their lifestyle. But that’s not the case anymore; mental games still have a separate part in everyone’s life. Games such as Chess, Ludo, Pictionary, darts and many others like these have a special place in the heart of a person who loves to play games. Our smart mobile phones nowadays are loaded with some gazillion gaming apps that can be used to entertain you. Even the dumb phones long back use to have some entertaining and exquisite games that helped a lot to kill boring time.

The debate is extensively long on this matter and we need hours to clarify what actually mankind wants to play whenever they are free. The problem is getting bored whenever they are free. Sometimes we are extremely bored of watching TV or doing any other spare time activity, so the question is what to do while sitting at home. As it’s not always necessary that you will hang out with your friends every time you get some time space. There is always a solution to every annoying boring spare time problem and that is to play a game with your friends using your phone but through simple messages “SMS” and not using any application. These games don’t cost many pennies, will strengthen your utmost friendship and will entertain you in all means. The main question is what to do when you are bored?

Let’s see what all games we can gather to give you a thorough knowledge of what all sorts of texting games you can play with your friends using your mobile phone. You do not need a smart phone for this very purpose.

17. Kiss, Marry, Kill

KISS, MARRY, KILLThis is one of the most interesting texting games that are played by many people across the globe. Honestly speaking, many people use alternative names for this game. The name seems a bit hesitating that’s why people have named it differently but they play it the same way it is supposed to be played, no matter with what work you replace the word “Kiss”, the meaning will remain the same. The game starts with texting a person with three people or celebrities and asking them which they would like to kiss, marry or kill. The game involves only two people, one texting the list and the other replying with an answer. The game is completely based on personal preferences, so it is better to involve a person having a good humor and is not offended quickly.


Supposedly your friend texted you with three celebrity names such as Robert Pattinson, Jude Law and Jack Black. So your answer would be to obviously kiss Pattinson, Marry Jude Law and certainly kill Jack Black because his major roles in the movies are quite annoying and negative.

16. Story Time

STORY TIMEThis game is all about collaboration writing but when two heads will make up a unique story it will be a great fun. With this fun texting game, one person starts texting with the beginning words, sentences or phrase of the story to his other collaborative friend. Once this is done, the text is sent to the other party and it is time for him/her to continue the story by adding the next line or phrase. The key is to make it interested so that both the persons can enjoy the game. The method is to forward the sent message and append it with a new story line. Restriction can be added to the game to make it more challenging and interesting.


Let’s take a classy example of a fairy-tale where you can add a beginning sentence like “Once upon a time” in the text message. The message is sent to the other player and he has to append this story in an interesting way like “Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess” and text it back to the first player. Later the game is played by adding sentences in the story one by one towards a unique and interesting story.

15. Abbreviation

ABBREVIATIONThis is one of the most difficult games in the entire texting trivia list. To play this game, you need to have a sharp mind and a good command on the language and the medium you are going to consider. The game starts with a person sending a text with the beginning alphabets of each word in a phrase to form an acronym; it is then sent to the other person. The other person receiving the text has to guess the complete phrase of the sent abbreviation. Variations can be added in the game by adding clues and hints.


I want my friend to guess a phrase “Be Right Back”, so I text my friend with an abbreviation “BRB” for instance. The person receiving this abbreviation should guess the correct phrase and text me back with the right answer. The game can be played vice versa and a few hints can also be added at the end of the message.

14. Name Game

NAME GAMEThis game is certainly titled as one of the tediously bored games that are a complete time waster, but it has been extensively played in elementary school classrooms and many road trips. The game begins when the two text members of the game decide a topic so that the rest of the game is played according to that. A word is texted to the other person related to the topic and the person receiving it texts back another word starting from the last letter of the word sent by the opposite player. The game is quite tricky and requires good knowledge.


Let both the players choose a topic such as actors who are featured in superhero movies. The first player will start texting with an answer Christian Bale who played as a Batman in The Batman Series. The next player will respond with a name of an actor starting with letter “E”. This is how the game will work and become one of the games to play when you’re bored.

“Fun texting games can lead you with an enjoyable evening and will let you spend your spare time with your friends and family if they are away from you.”

13. Never Have I Ever

NEVER HAVE I EVERThis texting game is sometimes known as the 10 fingers game and is played inappropriately by many people. Thus, it can be played in a more sober way by two people via text messages. A specific number of lives are settled along with some other rules and regulations. The players make statements turn by turn and text it to each other. A person loses its points whenever the statement made contradicts with his or her own life experiences.


If I text my friend saying “I have enjoyed doing bungee jumping”. If the person receiving the text has already done this activity then they would lose the point. Same will be the case for you when you will receive a statement and you have already done that.

12. Movie Lines

MOVIE LINESSo what to do when you are bored, why not playing this very challenging texting game that will test your movie knowledge. The game seems easy, but it gets quite tough with the passage of time. You just need to challenge your friend over a text message to start a conversation while talking only in movie lines. This annoying game can be made tougher by picking up one particular movie or limiting the game to one artist. This game will make you think hard and the key is kindly not to cheat so that the game makes some sense.


You start the game by texting your friend with a movie line “I’ll be back”. The opponent player should instantly guess that this movie line is from the movie “The Terminator”. Try to send renowned movie quotes so that the player can guess it instantly.

11. I Spy

I SPYI Spy is worth playing when you are feeling bored and at the same time want to communicate with your long distance friends. It is an easy game and can be considered as a child’s play, but it gets difficult when the players are not in the same room. Play with someone from your family or close friend who is familiar with your current location. First text them your current location, pickup any object from the room which is familiar to the other player and text the initial letter or color of the object so that they can start guessing.


You are sitting in your living room and you start the game by sending the other player by sending him/her your current location. You then pick up a table lamp that is white in color and send him a message with text “L” and “White”. It is now up to the opponent to start guessing the object you want him/her to guess.

10. In Character

IN CHARACTERThe game is one of the fun texting games and will let you enjoy each and every aspect of it. It is to get in the character of your favorite personality. You just need to pick at least two celebrities or two people whom you know very well. You both have to decide who is going to pretend which character. Start sending a text to each other saying similar things your character usually says. You just need to stay in the character else you will lose the game. Avoid distractions and focus on your character is the important key.


You start a game pretending to be your mother and playing it with your mother who is pretending to be you. The game becomes very interesting and fun in this way. You text your mom, “Where are you going Brat?” and she replies with a fun answer, “I’m going out to play as I don’t want to my homework”.

9. Song Lyrics

SONG LYRICSThis one of the texting games is based upon fun and trust. You need to play with someone whom you have complete faith in it. The game begins when you send a text message to a person with some song words or we can say song lyrics. The other person has to instantly guess who the singer of this song is and what will be its name. Google makes everything very easy through a smart phone. If you trust the other person then play with it, if not then stick to some other game that will kill your boredom.


You just texted your friend with a song “Every night in my dreams”, it’s up to him/her now to reply back with a correct answer “Celine Dion” and “Titanic”. This famous song is sung by Celine Dion from the movie Titanic.

8. 20 Questions

20 QUESTIONSThis game is a 19th-century parlor game played well before the abduction of radio and television shows started their transmission on American TVs in the 40’s. It is one of the classic games of instant creativity and deductive reasoning, just require two people only. The game is simple, one person chooses and considers an object, place or personality in his/her mind. It is then guessed by the opponent using 20 questions or less. Once the object is considered and series of questions are texted to the first person who responds with right or wrong. If the person fails to guess in 20 questions, the game is over.


You start the game by choosing a celebrity that is “Michael Jackson”. Your first starts texting, “Is it an animal?” and you would then respond in a negative text back. The game continues with a series of 20 questions or till the correct answer is guessed.

“The time you are feeling bored grab your mobile phone and start a fun texting game with your close homey and friends.”

7. Would Your Rather

WOULD YOUR RATHERWould you rather is one of the games to play when bored. It is completely not based on someone’s moral and ethical values, you just need to have fun and that’s it, but it certainly reveals your true character at one place. The game plot is to send a text message to a friend who is willing to play prefixed with “Would you rather?” and then giving him/her two options to choose from. It is up to the opponent what he/she is going to choose and reply back. This game is all about choices and the enjoyment is simply amazing.


The game starts when you text your friend with a message, “Would you rather go to a park or a stunning beach?” Now it’s your friends turn to reply back with an answer he/she mostly likes. The series of questions can be enjoyable and can be asked one by one from each other.

6. Hangman

HANGMANHangman is a fun game we use to play one a piece of paper with our friend and family. The concept of the game is to guess a complete word which is either shown with a missing letter or all the letters are missing. The number of letters is defined on the page using an underscore symbol “_”. This game can be well played when you are feeling bored, you just need to text your friend a complete word with some missing letters and the opponent player has to guess the complete word letter by letter. If he makes a mistake then a point is deducted from his scoreboard.


Start the game by sending a text to your friend with a word with missing letters like “S _ _ T _ L _”. Your friend has to guess the first missing letter in the row that is “E”. If he/she fails to guess correctly the points are then deducted. A hint can be given whether it is a city, state or country. The correct answer would be “Seattle” at the end.

5. List Builder

LIST BUILDERThis interesting game can also be named as Categories; both names can be used to play this game because the concept is the same. The game starts when you and your partner decides you favorite genre or category with which you want to play the game; it can be either a list of branded Japanese cars or movies of classic actors. You start the list by sending the first name from the category and your opponent will just append it with another name from the same category. The game can be made more interesting and difficult by adding some hard rules such as alphabetic and other restrictions.


The game starts when you decide a category such as “Green Vegetables”. You send your friend a text with a message “SPINACH”. Your friend then replies back with a quick answer:


The game continues till one of the players can no longer answer and loses the game.

4. Where Am I?

WHERE AM IThis texting game is a lot of fun and guessing is the main key. You just need to have excellent guessing techniques to play this game. It revolves around different locations whether it is some country, city, a close place or even your own home. You start the game by texting your friend, “Where am I?” He/she then respond and ask a few questions to locate and guess your location. It is not necessary that you have to be present in that place, it can all be imaginary.


You text your friend with a clue, “Where I am standing it is filled with grass”. Your friend instantly replies back with an answer “Garden”. This is the way it is played and more difficulties can be added by challenging your friends with some hard to guess locations.

3. Simple Quiz

SIMPLE QUIZSimple quiz is a fun texting game that is based on series of questions. The game seems easy, but it all depends on you how difficult you can make it for you opponent partner. The game starts with choosing a particular topic or category. You can be the one to ask certain short quiz questions and you also must have knowledge about the questions you are going to ask your friend. You text your first question and your friend replies with an answer. In case your friend enables to answer then it is your turn to get back and answer the questions asked by your friend.


The game starts with choosing a category “Animals”. You through a question “How many legs an Octopus have?” Your friend should reply back with a correct answer “8” the series of questions continues and difficulties can also be added to make the game more interesting.

2. What If..?

WHAT IF.This dream comes true game is very enchanting and takes you to another world. This game is just like a popping question in your mind, What if? It is a series of question you ask yourself and fulfill your dreamy desires. This game can be well played with your favorite homey or friend via text messaging. The game starts when one of you starts a text with “What if?” situation and asks your partner           what they will do in such a situation. You will be getting some interesting answers and then it will be your turn to reply back. This fun texting game will also give an insight of your friend’s life and thoughts. A variation can also be added by giving multiple choices and forcing your friend to answer one of it.


Let’s see how this game works, you send a text to your friend “What if?” Now it is your game partner’s turn to reply you back with an interesting answer like “What if I never talk to you again?” The answer can be as interesting and annoying as they can be. So enjoy every bit of it.

1. Truth Or Dare

TRUTH OR DAREThe very old Truth and Dare game can be played via text messages and you can certainly make your boring time enjoyable. This game is most traditionally played at family/social gatherings and slumber parties but nowadays it can be more interestingly played through text messages. In this game, you usually text your friend with two options:

When Truth is chosen by your partner, he/she has to answer a personal question truthfully and correct without any fear. What if Dare is chosen, a daring challenge is given which has to be fulfilled and can be viewed through phone’s camera.


You start this interesting game by texting your friend with a message “TRUTH OR DARE”. Your partner replies back with a text “TRUTH”, it is now your turn to ask a question like “Have you taken a bath in this week?” The game goes on with a series of truth and dare questions and you can enjoy a series of full enjoyment.

Gaming Tips

  • Whenever you wish to play a texting game, subscribe an affordable SMS package so that you can easily and affordably play full texting games whenever you are feeling bored.
  • To make I Spy texting game more interesting you can also choose an imaginary movie or book location to choose from.
  • These games become more and more interesting with deep and sincere involvement.
  • Keep your text short not more than 14o character so that your question reaches as a single message.
  • The record of points can be noted on a diary or piece of paper for convenience.
  • To make your texting more happening keep a pack of chips and some soda to enjoy more.
  • To play different games keep your mind broad and open, as you may expect any sort of reply.


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