Why Don’t I Drink Alcohol & How To Cut Back On Booze Without Having A Hermit

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

Drinking excess of alcohol has never been good for the health. The other reason that leads me to cut down on alcohol was my aggressive behavior after drinking more than 2 packs. This is never acceptable to anyone at all and surely not even to me. If you are not aware of the fact that what alcohol can do to your brain activities then know this for sure what it does is not liked by any.

As long as it is effective it doesn’t let you think clearly this is for a reason that such activities occurring in the brain are controlled by the pineal gland. A gland that is present in the frontal lobe of the brain is known as the third eye which is awakened during meditation. It is also responsible for the release of oxytocin and serotonin. When such effects are constant on the brain then one should know it is time slow it down and cut it off. Below are the reasons that will help you cut down on the alcohol you want.

6. Make Your Drink

Make your drink

Well you see there is a trick with this one. If you ask someone else to make your drink they will add what they like. And you know that you are trying to avoid what they will make for you so a possible thing you can do here is get and make one for yourself.

Sometimes what you drink has a similar color just like that which others are drinking i.e. alcohol, but, yours is not the same but that, is only you are aware of.

  • Well you can fill have a tall glass filled with just water, yes I said water, and make sure you put a slice of lemon on the rim of your glass or just dip it in your glass.
  • If you didn’t know why did you do this, so you must know that you are actually mimicking gin and tonic here!
  • Other than this you can always fill your glass of wine with an energy drink, like, red bull because it will give your glass the color of red wine and the taste of your choice!

5. Be The First One To Arrive And Also Leave

Be the first one to arrive and also leave

Now, this one will help you reduce your no. of drinks even if your friend forced you to have some. When you are the first one to arrive and no one is there so you can always say that you have had a couple of drinks before anyone had arrived. So, yes you see the trick is effective and you will be saved easily.

The other one also plays the similar role, but how? See when you know there are friends around you who will keep you late in the gathering and then you all will surely drink more than expected, so the best possible thing here would be to leave early. So, as you will early you will surely not drink much.

  • When you arrive early make sure that you hold a glass of wine in your hand but make sure that it is just filled with a last sip.
  • So, people can see that you are already holding a drink in your hand.
  • And the empty part will signify that you have had a glass of it at least.

4. Fake It When Necessary

Fake it when necessary

Well, there are times when the above given trick might not work too so, don’t worry we have another solution for you here. This is not that difficult too, act a little smart and you can do it. Faking sometimes is never that bad, and if it s something that can save you then you must go for it. The better you fake it, the better you are at avoiding drinks actually.

  • The trick here is to say yes, you got that right! You have to say yes when someone offers you a drink. Because you see, there are colleagues to whom saying no is not a good idea. There might be a possibility you’re at a happy hour and your boss offers you a drink.
  • So, saying yes doesn’t mean that you will drink it as well. You are just going to hold the glass in your hand and move away from the place and move around.
  • You can always keep the glass somewhere when no one is watching you and join back giving an impression you finished the drink.

3. The Healthful Qualities

The healthful qualities

Having a neat drink is not healthy, while some drink it as a cross i.e. mixing it other liquids like an orange juice or an energy drink or whatever suits the best. The drinks you have are not having a great deal of health qualities and you must know it. Anything mixed with alcohol will not do justice to your health and most particularly your liver. You must not think this and drink as much as you like that you are adding other liquids to it and it will not give your health the adverse effect. Always, try and avoid anyways.

  • Give your body a break from these drinks and have something healthy.
  • No drink will give your body a health requirement fulfilled, because these tetra packed juices are also not preferable as well.
  • So, you have got to switch it anyway. No excuses will work here.

2. No Bars For Socializing

No bars for socializing

While you want to choose a place to chill with your buddies you must also think of a place that will not just have alcohol all around. So, this trick will help you automatically cut down a lot on you dose of booze. If your friends ask to come over for a drink at the nearest bar, just to chill and relax then you should give an excuse. The more you try and stay reluctant on going to such places, the better it is. You will automatically have a great reduction in the amount of drinks.

  • You can ask your friends to join for a movie and spend a movie night either at the cinema or at your place as well. Where you can keep anything but alcohol.
  • Besides this, you all can go out for a dinner together as well.
  • And you can keep a change in the routine and ask your friends to join for a yoga class or else you people can go for some gym sessions together.

1. Find Fun

Find Fun

If you think fun is just drinking alcohol then you must change your thinking. Yes, I definitely agree to the fact that drinking is a lot of fun, but it is not the last thing on earth that will help you enjoy. There is a lot more to enjoy other than this and it is just a matter of your thinking, so you have got to change it to change your habits.

  • Start your activities other than just drinking to enjoy.
  • Go out for hiking or just a random camping weekend with buddies.
  • Find yourself better options like indulging into arts.

These will surely keep you busy and will be fun to do it.


  • The best way to cut down on your booze is not immediate.
  • If you are a heavy drinker cut out a single doze for the first time.
  • You do not want to have the withdrawal effects so, go for a tapering dose thing
  • Before you start on the quit alcohol mission, make sure you have found some good alternatives.
  • Keep your lifestyle healthy and feel good about the change.

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