7 Weird Food Combinations You Should Try At Least Once In Your Life

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

Human are strange creatures with set standards of everything ranging from behavior, dress codes and even the eating patterns. Anyone deviating from the standards is declared to be insane. But this is a universal reality that every single human is unique and has different likes and dislike. Deviation from standards in dressing, behaving, norms and eating have always been there and as far as the food is concerned humans sometime get crazy to try various combinations. Here are some weird food combinations that sound crazy but people enjoy eating them.

7. French Fries Combined With Milk Shake

French fries combined with milk shakeThis sounds out of ordinary and seems funny when you think of dipping French fries in your milk shake glass but this is an amazing of weird food combinations that you should be trying. You are going to love the sweet and savory variation of the two especially if you are lover of the sweet and salty combinations.

6. Dark chocolate And Parmesan Cheese

Dark ChocolateDark chocolate and parmesan cheese make deadly combination that is delightful for the taste buds. Simply eating them together or turning them into sandwich will give you the pleasure of awesome taste. This weird combination is also available commercially these days with companies selling the medium dark chocolates that have center filled with parmesan cheese. Besides dark chocolate is good for your health and it also improves your mood

5. Peanut Butter With Cucumber Pickle

Peanut butter with cucumber picklePeanut butter with cucumber pickle is one of the weird food combinations that give the tinge of sour flavors along with the crunch of peanuts and smooth butter; you may be thinking of it as strange but it is one of must try.

4. Banana And Mayonnaise Sandwich

Banana and mayonnaise sandwichApply some mayonnaise on bread slices and then place sliced bananas in between them and enjoy the extraordinarily delicious treat that is easy to make and nobody would have told you before.

3. Pizza With Nutella

Pizza with nutellaAnother of the sweet and salty weird food combinations that delivers the chocolaty sweetness, crunchy nuts and the savory tastes all once. Your taste buds would definitely love the combination and will make you crave for it.

2. Strawberries, Balsamic Vinegar With Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberries, balsamic vinegar with vanilla ice creamThis is the weirdest food combination you would have heard of but it leave your taste buds submerged in the pleasure of rich flavor that reminds of a sweet tart with a very light sour feel.

1. Chicken Nuggets Dipped In Sprite

Chicken nuggets dipped in spriteDoes this sounded like weird to you? it would have surely. You need to try this at least once the frizz of sprite along with the savory chicken nuggets is simply amazing.

Taste buds might like what seems strange to the eyes so you can give these weird food combinations a try and let yourself know if your taste buds like them or not. These combinations will also bring in variation in the way you eat things and the typical flavors you have been experiencing in everyday life or you can find a weird combination of your own; perhaps you would already have one!

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