11 Ways How To Stop Being Reactive All The Time

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You can help yourself through all the odds; you just need to be determined over it. There are habits and situations that are unavoidable but, it is never impossible in doing so. Your reactions are greatly impactful on your life and you must have a keen eye on them. You must not react in certain ways that will be regretful for you later. You must be positive and for that you have to work a lot on your inner self. You would never like to see yourself in a place in life where you would just regret saying “I wish, I had never reacted that way”. So to avoid it you must try and give your best. And it must start form today!

Read here how you could avoid being reactive to people and situations. And always remember one thing; every situation and every person in your life doesn’t need a reaction. Only the real important ones do, the rest is going to be fine.

11. Give It A Halt

Give it a halt

Yes some times when there are situations where you just want to snap act, but, just stopping yourself right there is what you need to do.
Reacting suddenly to a situation is not a sign of maturity. One needs to get mature enough to step into taking decisions. Situations are always not how you want them to be like, infact you need to make adjustments according to them.

  • Stop, before you utter a word. And stop before you take a step.
  • This is really important for you to move forward sensibly. Give things a halt, always! Never react spontaneous.

10. Don’t Jump To The Negative Side

Don’t jump to the negative side

When you undergo situations which are not going in your favor, you tend to jump towards negative conclusions. This is surely a normal behavior to act. But if you see, jumping onto conclusions immediately is not a sane act. Your reactions must be positive and have a pessimistic approach. You might not want to do it though. But, that’s how things move.

  • Always, look at the broader picture and never react suddenly.
  • Negative thoughts and negative approach towards things can only lead to unfavorable conclusions.
  • You need to clear your thoughts first, because what you think your reactions follow it. So, make sure you keep it positive in the head and so will the things appear for you, consequently your reactions too.

9. Step Into Their Shoes

Step into their shoes

There are times when you get certain irrelevant and immature behaviors from a very sensible mate. So, what it is it? There could a lot of reasons for a person to behave that way. A number of reasons to lead a person act a certain way.
Even if you are in very close relation and intimate terms with that person you still do not get the reason of their behavior.

  • In such situations you mustn’t be reactive; rather you shall be thoughtful upon the behavior.
  • You shall step inside their shoes and see what might be the possible things that they must be going through.
  • Stepping in their shoes will help you think their way; it will help you to understand the behavior better. Hence, altering your reactions towards it.

8. Change The Environment

Change the environment

In the heat of the moment you say a lot of things that must not be uttered but you do it. Why is that so? It is because the situation gets so infuriated and the more you stay in that situation the more it gets ignited.
It is important for one to leave the place as soon as possible because; it is the best possible thing to react in that situation. Yes, a person needs to change the environment in order to have that change.
Every one is aware of the fact that, when there are a lot of ailments stressing a person and no medications tend to improve it then, the doctor ultimately asks to change the environment. Hence this showcases a prominent phenomenon that to get rid of the negative vibes and negative effects on our body there should be a change in the environment that shall be favorable.

  • Similarly it goes for a situation where you no longer tend to hold your patience, it’s better to move out of place or the person for the time being.
  • This really helps to react in any way.

7. Channel Out The Energy

Channel out the energy

Sometimes you need to channel out your immense energy. There are a number of ways to do so. The ones which are positive and also the ones which are negative. But you have to be wise enough to choose the better one. Negative way to channel out the energy is the worst one. Once you have channeled out the energy, you feel better and relaxed to react to any situation immediately. Hence, you are left with the positive one. So, how do you think it could be carried way from your body?

  • The positive way is to start with the exertion. Yes, you need to stress your body to release the energy.
  • You can do it in many ways like going out to a gym, or jogging aggressively etc.
  • Kick boxing is one more way to do that. So, you shall be adapting one of these habits.
    They might be a help for you!

6. Clarify And Communicate

Clarify and communicate

When there is a difference in communication you must be aware of the fact that there is nothing in the world that can fill that gap until it is done by yourself through communication. Talking and clearing out matters is the best possible solution to any conflict or misunderstanding.
You must adapt this habit of sensible communication. There are a lot of problems that could be solved on just a cup of coffee only if you are willing to give it a proper time and sincere consideration.

  • With the things remained unsaid and the words remained unfinished, there could be a millions of questions rising in your mind. And those questions need to be answered.
  • When lingered on with the same communication differences, a level of frustration starts developing and so sudden reactions are normal on that.
  • Those reactions might seem to be sudden but they are actually a buildup. So, one must avoid such build ups in order to avoid any sudden reactions.

5. Accept The Reality Gracefully

Accept the reality gracefully

You need to accept it to let it go. Nothing in the world could be carried for long on denial. Denials are nothing but a beautiful illusion to make you feel better, but only for a time being. You need to be mature enough to accept the reality as much as soon as possible. Learn to accept what the reality is and then you would be able to be clear on situations. Living in a denial situation and then hoping on to reality checks will lead to dreadful stress. This stress is never good for you. It leads you to react all of a sudden.

  • Try and accept the reality for your peace of mind.
  • In order to avoid any insane reactions you must avoid to live in your denial fantasies as hoping back and forth between two different phases will let your reactions alter. And that you would never want.

4. Keep Your Positivity Enlightened

Keep your positivity enlightened

You need to take care of your negative and positive aspects dwelling within you. If you want to keep yourself way from any bad vibes then you must work on the positive person inside of you.
Positivity needs to be fed and nurtured to avoid the worst possible scenarios. If you want to have an affirmative affect on your life then you must try to act upon it.
Your reactions are a reflection of your inner self and your inner self needs to be altered with the best possible ways.

  • Keeping yourself positive leads you to react better.
  • It helps your reactions mold in a better way rather than having any negative feedback.

3. Break The Stress


Stress! Yes, stress it is. You need to break it. By breaking it doesn’t mean you need give a tensile stress over it. That surely is not the case. You need to have a let out of all the emotions. For that there are a number ways or more correctly there are a number of activities you could do. Letting out your stress helps you alter your reactions in a better way. You tend to behave in a much different manner after you have broken your frustrations and stress. The most helpful way is your favorite form of art. You just need to choose from them.

  • Singing and writing are supposed to be one of the recommended forms to help break your emotional stress.
  • Writing helps you put your feelings into words and singing helps you flow out your emotions intensely.
  • Colouring and painting also play a vital role in that. It helps with the emotional stress very well. One must try it! A must recommendation.

2. Water Is The First Thing You Need


In a heated up situation you must try to calm yourself down. There shall be no rush to speak up. This scientifically proven that when you are hyper your blood pressure rises. Hence in that situation the first thing you shall grab on to is a glass of water to calm you down

  • It is even said that if you are standing then it is better that you sit, and if you are sitting then it’s better that you lay down.
  • If you can lie down then lean on to something.
  • These changes of postures will help you soothe down a bit.
  • Glass water is a must to have before reacting to any situation. It will not only help you cool down but also take some moments before reacting to any situation.

1. Take Your Time

Take your time

Time plays a vital role, everywhere and in every situation. But always give time some time. It requires time too. Never rush into hasty decisions; never rush towards any conclusions without thinking over them. It is not that you shall over think but it is like you need give a proper time to it before taking a step or showing any reaction. Always remember, speedy decisions can sometimes be the most regretful ones. And once a decision taken it is stuck with you throughout your life. Any reactions you choose to take must be given ample of time before showing them.

  • You need time to give a sensible reaction, so, never step back from taking that step.
  • Take your time and be mindful of how so ever you react. You need it. And you must do it.


  • Always think a hundred times before taking any decision and giving any reaction.
  • Once you have taken a decision and given a reaction stand by it.
  • Try to be the positive person in every aspect.
  • Never give up on your best qualities over certain conditions and react to them in a rageful manner.

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