32 Ultra Useful Curling Iron Tricks That Everyone Needs To Know

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Hair Styling – The Ornament Of Beauty

Hair is considered one of the beauty items since ancient times. It changed and was influenced by the trends of different times, culture, emotions and individual drifts.

Many cultures are even recognized by their signature hair styles, for instance, Egyptians, Chinese and African hair styles are well-known. Hair styles are cultural maps of nations. These certain types of hair styles convey particular messages about the individual’s personality, culture and many more. One’s relationship to his hair is a kind of love affair. Styles of hair evolved from long to short, wigs and side buns, straight to curls and from simple to complicated.

In the African societies, these different styles serve as a means to convey messages, usually about the age, status in the society, rank, caste, marital status, religion, position etc. It was in 1950’s that complicated hair styles with curls were usually worn. Fashion history is colored with a huge bulk and length of spiral hair-styles arranged on the top of head, buns, waves, braids and different ringlets.

Hair Styling – A Major Industry

In modern days hair-styling has become a vast industry. Now-a-days this field requires a proper training; tools for handling complicated hair styles have been invented to give it an easy and professional look. Today, in this industry, hair curling is gaining the focal attention of people from around the world. Curling irons of different sizes are available in the market now-a-days, which can be used to get elegant curls. In our granny’s time, hair rollers were used. Although, those rollers were perfect to give a perfect volume to the hair, but was a tedious and tiring job. Curling iron is the best alternative to those rollers. It still needs a lot of patience but is not that much tiring and time consuming.

Are you still wondering how to create beautiful, voluminous and soft wavy curls? Are you still looking at celebrities with awe and surprise? Are you aspired by their fabulous locks? If yes, then you can have your beautiful curls with simple techniques by using a curling iron. It is no miracle, but a tool, that would help you change your whole look quickly and easily. Be the eye turner at the parties with these simple hair tools and accessories. This magical device gives your straight hair a perfect volume and curls within split seconds.

“Hair styles are cultural maps of nations. These certain types of hair styles convey particular messages about the individual’s personality, culture and many more.”

If you are not granted with locks and you crave for it, then, you have come to the right site to make your dream come true and choose a perfect style that befits you best. You just need to be quite tricky to handle these items for the required results.

The desire to have glamorous curls dates way back in the past. So, if you are after spiral, tousled-beach waves, then this is a means to achieve that look. Just do not burn your hair to get a perfect lock!

32. Tricks To Use A Curler


While choosing a curler, one should keep in mind, some of the basic points about the curler.

  • Whether it gets hot enough to style your hair adequately?
  • To select an iron according to the hair texture.
  • To check the quality of the curling iron.
  • To pick the one which assures great ease in use.

Curly hair gives a very fresh, youthful and luscious look. Although it is a tiring work to carry out, but, you needn’t fret! With these easy tricks to follow, you can be as good as a pro- and you can have a glamorous new look with less effort. The way you hold the iron rod and twist the hair makes all the difference.

31. Ways To Style Curls


The curling iron we love to use today is the advance form of Velcro rollers used in ancient times. You can make a sumptuous hairstyle that befits best for formal and casual parties. Now sick of time consuming and old fashioned tools, fashion loving is driving away from straight and sleek hairstyles. To achieve your glamorous style select a curl and enjoy your new look with the ultra useful tricks.

Thing you must have before getting started;

  • Curling rod/iron.
  • Heat protection serums.
  • Hair spray/gel according to your preference.
  • Hair accessories.

30. Messy Waves For Shorter Hair


Messy waves are easy to form; you just need a 3/4″ or 1/2 inch curling barrel and a hairspray.

Brush your hair properly. Turn on the curling iron, let it heat. Now take a small chunk of hair and start wrapping the hair around the rod, facing downward, and clamp the hair in it. Let it heat for a few seconds and then unwrap the hair. Each time by curling the small chunks of hair, change its direction i.e. some clockwise and some anti-clock wise, till all the hair has been curled. Take some pomade or wax on your finger tips and apply it to your hair, especially the tips, to give it more volume do back-combing. Spray your hair with a good quality hair-spray. With that your messy-look hair style is complete.

29. Tube Curls


To have tube curls, first divide the hair into numerous small portions. Take one of the strands, clamp it into the curling rod from the hair tips and wrap it around the rod. Heat the strand for some time and then carefully undo the hair. In the process, care must be taken not to disturb the curls. Repeat the process for the remaining hair in the same way until all your hair is curled. Lightly spray the hair with a good holding spray. You can add hair accessories into the hair to give it a funkier look.

28. Spiraling Curls


The technique to get the spiraling curls is almost the same as that of getting the tube curls. The major difference being that in the latter case the hair strand is clamped in and wrapped around the curler in a top to bottom direction. After the hair is heated around the curler, the strand is carefully released and sprayed. This gives a perfect spirally look to hair and the hair style can be worn for any party to stand out among others.

27. Beach Waves


In order to get messy, chunky beach-waves twist a strand of hair and curl it around the curler. Heat for some time and then release it. Repeat the same process in a random manner, each time taking a different amount of hair. Comb the hair with your fingers at the end of the whole process. This will give you’re a beach-wave look.

26. Boho Curls


The curling is started from the middle of the hair strand in this particular curling style. It looks better when a large diameter iron is used and the curls are loose.

25. Nifty Trick For Short Hair


To increase the volume of your hair at the ends, the curling is done outwards at the tips. Some strands of the hair at the front are not curled, leaving it as it is. This gives your hair a very cute and professional look.

“Curling irons of different sizes are available in the market now-a-days, which can be used to get elegant curls.”

24. Long Hair Locks


Take a 2 inch curler which is super cool for long hair. Curl the hair bit by bits in opposite directions to give it a natural look. When curled all the hair, gently brush with a wide tooth comb. Spray your new soft curls.

23. Beautiful Waves


Start curling from the ends tightly circling your hair around the curler. Heat it for a split second depending upon the temperature of your wand. Loose the curls from around the wand and let it cool for some time without disturbing the curls. Then slightly comb your hair with your tip to give it a pretty loose wavy texture. Avoid heavy hairspray as it will destroy all your curls so, spray lightly from a distance and let it dry.

22. Curly Braid


I love this simple curly braid which gives volume to my hair and is adored by everyone. As it gives a very beautiful casual look! All you need to do is curl your hair and scrunch it. Now make a loose braid, at the end tie it with a beautiful ribbon and that’s it.

21. Water-Fall Curls


Make a water fall braid. Curl the flocks of hair that are dangling outside the braid and curl them with a curler. This gives a fabulous waterfall look.

20. Princess Hair Do


The princess style is called so because of its flawless elegance and précised equilibrium. The style is easily made with curly hair. But those having straight hair needn’t worry as the curling iron is here to do the magic. First curl the hair with a rod then make a crown braid at the front and a bun at the back of the head, from the remaining hair. Secure the style with bobby pins. With this style, you are ready to enter a party like a princess.

19. Twisted Curls Bun


The twisted curls can make a perfect floral bun. Curl the hair with a rod and secure the curls into a bun at the back of the head. Each curl is rolled in such a way that it gives a look of a floral petal. It increases the volume of the hair and also looks great!

18. Classy Bun


Twisted curls from both sides and parted in the center. Rest of the hair is tied in a chignon at the back of the head. The free hair flowing from the chignon are curled into spirals and pinned into a loose bun.

17. Curl And Twist


The hair if divided into two parts and from one part a bun is made and the remaining other part of tresses is curled and pinned over the bun makes a wonderful and luxurious hair style.

16. Loose Pinned Curls


Pinned with bobby pins at the back top of the head, the curls and twists give both a classy and formal look at the same time.

15. Vintage Look


Softly brushing the finger curled hair and pinning some at the top with the rest of them falling freely gives a stunning look.

14. Cascading Curls


Bringing the hair to one side and curling them gives a perfect and elegant hair style to the brides on their wedding day. The hair can be decorated more with beads, pearl or flowers.

13. Formal Touch


The hair is straightened from the top and curled halfway to the end. The straight portion is back combed and raised a little high with pins, at the back of the head. The rest of the tresses are left to fall on the back. This gives a breath-taking and formal look.

12. Settle The Frizz


The crazy strays of naturally curly hair can be tamed into neat curls by double curling the strays hence reducing the frizz.

11. Ringlets


3/8” curling rod is the super curling device. To make kinky spirals, the hair is curled around the rod and the rod is pulled straight in one jerk. This gives a classic look to the personality.

10. Pony Tail


A thick pony tail is made by curling the hair with a small diameter rod, then brushing the curls and tying the hair into a pony tail to achieve a young look.

9. Side Puff


A side puff combined with gorgeous curls tucked at the back of ears, while the rest of hair flowing free at the back highlights the innocence.

8. Straight Frizz Mix 2

Straight-Frizz Mix-2-Needs-To-Know

Straighten hair first and then leaving the roots and ends of hair, curl the centers. Blow dry and make it frizzy.

7. Straight Frizz Mix 1

Straight-Frizz Mix-1-Needs-To-Know

The hair is straightened with an iron and then some of hair are curled randomly leaving the other portions straight.

6. Layers


Curling hair and pinning them in haphazard directions creates layer effect.

5. Turban Of Curls


Those having thick hair can curl and twist their hair into a giant turban over their head.

4. Fish Tail Style 1


Fish-tail braid from the front hair and simple curls at the back is a popular style among teenagers.

3. Fish Tail Style 2


Curl all the hair, then, leaving the forelocks, the rest be tied in a fish-tail braid and secure into a bun at the back or side.

2. Bouncy Curls


Curls made with medium sized rod and tied with pins till they cools up gives bouncy curls when the pins are removed.

1. Short Is Easy


The shorter the length, the easily they are managed. The curl reduces the length and reduces the fuss of great care for professional women.

“Curling irons can do magic by transforming dull looking persons into gorgeous divas.”

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