Top Super-foods for Weight Loss That Actually Work

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These days, as soon as we meet someone, the first thing people comment on or notice is the other person’s physical appearance, and weight is one of the major factors that count in one’s appearance. This weight loss affliction has affected people of all age and gender, and apparently every last one of them is out to search for the holy grail of weight loss. But my dearies, the simple truth of life is, that there isn’t any hidden long lost recipe to cut down all that fat, just a few ingredients which can easily be found right around the corner of your local market, and to put you out of your dilemma I’ve compiled a list of super foods which can help you lose those extra pounds.

“15 super foods compiled for you to benefit from in your weight loss program. The benefits of the having these 15 super foods which will facilitate your weight loss and how to include them in your diet.”

15. Water

 water There is no greater food, or rather liquid then water. Water the source of life, is what plays an extremely important role in weight-loss. Few ways in which water-therapy can be done to lose weight are;

  • Drink before every meal. Basically the idea is to fill yourself up with water, before every meal which in turn will make you eat less, thus lowering down your calorie consumption.
  • Drink at-least, half a liter of lukewarm water in the morning before breakfast, these washes out the toxins in your body.
  • All in all, drink as much water as you can, ideally 8-10 glasses per day.

14. Apple

appleAs the age old saying goes, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, well it doesn’t just keeps the doctors away, but it also keeps the extra pounds away. Apples are antioxidant rich foods, and they contain fiber. Fiber is a non-digestible material, and it tends to stay longer in your gut, thus promoting the growth of good bacteria and enzymes which help in weight loss.

Looking for ways to make eating apple interesting, look no more:

  • Cut an apple, sprinkle it with a pinch on all-spice and a pinch of cinnamon powder, and microwave it.
  • Voila! Your low in calorie apple pie is ready.

13. Oats

OatsOats are one of the most sought after and popular super foods. They are rich in fiber, containing 5 grams of fiber per serving. Also, they are fulfilling, so a breakfast of oatmeal would have you eating less throughout the day. In short, oats aren’t just belly-reducing; they are also, cholesterol-lowering and hear protecting. But be warned, only steel cut or real oats offer these benefits, don’t get lured by those flashy, sugary, calorie ridden instant oats.

Looking for ideas to add them into your diet, here are some:

  • Eat them will Greek yogurt, strawberries (or any fruit available), and a drizzle of honey.
  • Make your meatballs with oats instead of breadcrumbs.
  • Make oatmeal clusters with oats and melted dark-chocolate for a low calorie on the go sweet nibbler.

12. Lentils

LentilsLentils or Dahl, as they are known in South-Asia, are a protein power pack, they are full of fiber and low on fat.

They are the ultimate food for belly straightening because they contain nutrients which help in the strengthening of muscles such as protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber. They can also be replaced by meat in your diet to overcome our body’s protein requirement.

They can be cooked into various delicious concoctions such as:

  • South Indian lentil recipes are rich in flavor and not boring at all.
  • Cook them in vegetable broth to make a soup.
  • Add cooked lentils into a salad to make it more fulfilling.

11. Chilli

ChilliChilli contains a compound called capsaicin, which when eaten it has a thermogenic effect on the body, meaning it causes the body to burn fats. In short, chilli increases your metabolism rate.

  • Chillies can either be stuffed with things like goats cheese or they can simply be eaten as a spice in gravy, curry or salads.
  • Either ways, the hotter your food, the hotter your body becomes.
  • But don’t overdose on them or they might end up causing heat burn and indigestion issues.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar (ACV) helps lose weight in a variety of ways. First and foremost it reduces the urge to eat by giving the feeling of being stated. It also regulates the blood sugar levels which in turn reduce the insatiable urges to eat throughout the day. Along with that, ACV reduces fat accumulation by boosting the system of metabolism.

ACV is extremely acidic and shouldn’t be taken directly as it can affect the throat and stomach lining.

  • Start by adding one 1 teaspoon of ACV into one cup of water.
  • Then gradually increase the servings to an optimal amount of 2 tablespoons in one cup of water.
  • Drink it throughout the day.

9. Papaya




Papaya is an all-rounder fruit; it contains vitamin, iron, calcium and riboflavin and an enzyme called papain. Papain catalyses in the breakdown of the protein molecule, and is popularly used in meat tenderizers thus making papaya the official weight loss super food. It helps regulate the digestive system, which in turn aids in weight loss and makes your skin glow.

Papaya can be eaten in various ways such as;

  • They can be cut into cubes and eaten as it is.
  • You can make a papaya smoothie with milk, yogurt or orange juice.
  • Accompany them with other fruits in a fruit salad.

8. Flax-seeds

flax seedsWhen the talk is about weight loss, one simply does not ignore the incredible benefits of flax seeds. These little jewels of nature are nutrient power packs, they contain high fibre content and omega-3 fatty acids which are the “good” type of fat and help in reducing the “bad” fat that is LDL. The fibre content helps in feeling full and thus lowers the food intake. The best way to consume them is to freshly grind them and sprinkle it on your cereal, on your salad or bake them into your muffins and tea cakes.

“The super foods that will help in weight loss and have no adverse effects on your body. Have the body you have always dream of with these super foods. Most of them are easily found in the kitchen.”

7. Lemon

A Fresh StartLemons are high in pectin fibre which helps in fighting hunger craving. The best and the most tried and tested way to consume lemon is to start your day with lemon water with a wedge of lemon in preferably warm water.

  • Squeeze the juice of one whole medium sized fresh lemon into a glass full of warm water.
  • Drink it in place of normal water to reduce weight and make your skin glow.

6. Black Pepper

Black PepperBlack peppers aren’t just good for adding that extra kick to you salads, omelet or juice, they aid in weight loss as well. Black pepper contains substance called Piperine, which is known to stop the formation of fat cells, thus, stopping the entry of fat cells into the blood stream. Just increase the amount of these peppers in your everyday food and watch the magic happen.

  • Buy ground black peppers and blend them until smooth.
  • Sprinkle them on your salads, juices and the food you cook.

5. Cinnamon

CinnamonNo food gets a greater super food marking then cinnamon. It has some brilliant effects when consumed like; lowering the insulin level in your body, decreasing blood sugar level, metabolism enhancing, lowering LDL cholesterol, decreasing belly fat and last but not the least, it suppresses hunger pangs. What more could we ask for? Cinnamon being such a common house hold item, and off course with the exceptional smell and taste, it can be consumed in a variety of ways like;

  • Add it to your milk shakes.
  • Make a spread with honey
  • Sprinkle on oat meal.
  • Add a stick while boiling water for tea or coffee.

4. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry JuiceCranberries are small fruits which are packed with nutrients such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, and vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin B6 and E. They are also very high in antioxidants. When consumed, cranberry juice has an emulsifying effect on the fat which helps in losing weight.

  • Cranberry juice can be taken before breakfast or lunch, and
  • It can also be replaced with dessert after meal.

3. Grapefruit

grapefruitGrapefruits are the ultimate waist shrinking food you can find helpful. They are full of vitamin C and kick starts the metabolism with its fat burning capabilities. Again, these beauties stabilizes the blood sugar level of our body, and controls the hunger pangs by making you feel full.

  • They can either be eaten as it is, or
  • You can have them as grape fruit juice.
  • It can also be drunk with a sprinkle of black pepper to increase the weight reducing effect.

2. Yogurt

YogurtYogurt is full of probiotics and good bacteria which help in weight reduction, especially around the belly area. But when going for yogurt, look for the one that says, “Live and Active Cultures”, and stay away from creamy ones. Yogurt has numerous benefits for you to avail from. To define is to limit. The best part about yogurt is that;

  • It can be eaten as it is,
  • It can be made into smoothies,
  • It can be consumed with fruit salad or with oat meals.

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateThis might come as a surprise, but yes, dark chocolate actually helps in weight reduction. Mind you, dark chocolate, not the sugar loaded, milk ridden ones that we find covered in attractive wrappers, but the elegant beautifully packed ones which say 80% cocoa. Dark Chocolates are full of antioxidants and decreases the insulin resistance of the body which in turn makes you feel full. They also keep you in good mood so you resist the urge to eat out of depression. Small quantities of dark chocolates help in blood pressure reduction as well.

  • Have your dark chocolate as it is.
  • Make a chocolate shake with fat-free or skimmed milk, added with some honey or brown sugar.
  • Make a nice chocolate cake out of it with extra virgin olive oil in place of butter and brown sugar in place of normal sugar.

Therefore, losing weight doesn’t mean starving yourself eating bland foods, there are some pretty good foods that can be eaten without getting guilt ridden. As long as we eat well, exercise daily and keep drinking water, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving that perfect figure that is our final goal.


  • Papaya is really beneficial for your skin when consumed as well as when applied as a face pack.
  • Replace your desserts with juices of cranberry and apple to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your weight under control.
  • Grapefruits, apple and cranberries are all rich in antioxidants and therefore amazing for your skin.
  • Lemon water removes toxins from your body and makes your skin get fresher, day by day.
  • Dark chocolate is another beauty that is filled with antioxidants which will keep your skin from aging too soon.
  • You cannot just consume yogurt to lose weight, you can use it as a protein mask for your hair for your next protein treatment therapy at home.
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