20 Secrets Of The People Who Never Fall Sick

If you go on comparing yourself with your ancestors you would notice that at your age they never had any such health related issues which you are facing. With the advancements in the new era people became more dependent on the technology to work for them. Staying healthy requires you to keep your body active. Health is not something within yourself but it’s a life style that you adapt. So here we will provide you with such daily amend mends and routine things which you shall adopt in order to adopt healthy life style.

“Are you having any health issues? No need to worry much, follow these 20 tips and enjoy a good healthy and an active life.”

20. Sleep Pattern

Sleep patternFor a good health a good sleep is the utmost important thing which mostly people ignore.
Doctors say a proper sleep is a must have to keep your brain activities healthy. So if you want to know how to not get sick, make sure to sleep properly. There had been a number of studies done to show that a disturbed sleep can affect the health adversely in various ways:

  • Cardiac disorders-a study concludes that sleeping 6 hours every night can in certain people be a cause CAD (Coronary artery disease) and even hypertension.
  • Body fats-a study shows that people who sleep less than 6 hours are more prone to gain weight than those who sleep more(more than 8 hours in a relative comparison).
  • Immunity-science has shown a connection between sleep and immune system. A recent study shows that sleep deprivation may lead to a low resistance in the immune system.
  • Diabetes-studies have found that people who sleep less than 5 hours per night are likely to develop diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is most commonly being found in such people.
  • Cold-a study reveals that people who take less than 7 hours of sleep per night are more to catch common cold.

So people who take a nice and a sound sleep every night which is likely be more than 7 hour s are the ones who possess a better health than those who are taking insufficient amount of sleep.

19. Early Morning Walk

Early morning walkEarly morning walks are sure to be healthy for you! Even strolling a bit could do it, otherwise a brisk walk is recommended for at least 25 minutes each morning. If you don’t walk or indulge in any physical activities you shouldn’t ask why do I keep getting sick. You just don’t get to walk but you also see the beauty of nature in that part of the day which you go missing on the whole day. That blissful sun rise and the soothing chirping of the birds makes you feel so relaxed in your mind. And a healthy mind is an everything you need. It means that morning walks provide some perfect DIY protection against diseases.

  • Walking in general helps you reduce your weight.
  • Not only this but the studies also show that walking for at l east an hour daily might help significantly with the reduction of breast cancer .
  • People with hypertension are recommended to walk daily as walking helps suppress high blood pressure in the body.
  • Staring your day with a walk helps to energize your brain as the blood flow to the brain increases. It also lowers down the risk of having disease like dementia in the senior citizens.

18. Body Hydration

Body hydration60 per cent of the body is comprised of water. So it is very important for our body to stay hydrated as much as possible. Learn how to not get sick by keeping yourself hydrated.

  • Drinking more water would help flush out the toxins from your body keeping it fresh.
  • Hydration also helps to keep the cellular function in the body to play well. As it is an important factor in transferring the nutrients from one part of the body to the other.

How to keep your body hydrated?:

  • Drink plenty of water at least more than 10-12 glasses of water per day.
  • Add hydrating food to your diet like fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, banana and cucumbers are very good sources of water.

Note: Along with all the above try to consume less amount of alcohol as it is a source of dehydration for your body.

17. Less Salt Intake

Less salt intakeA food dish is incomplete without salt. You just can t have your food when it is salt less. So salt is so important and with that importance you must know this too that it is the most consumed item by the body. Therefore, a balanced amount of salt intake is very very necessary. If you’re eating less amount of salt in your found you don’t need to worry any more or wonder “why do I keep getting sick”?

How does salt act in your body?

  • More amount of sodium in the body leads to increased eater retention.
  • Water retention leads to increase in fluid around the cells and the blood volume to increase.
  • This leads the heart to have an increased work load.

Hence, with the passage of time constant increased intake of salt can lead to pressure build up in the vessels and also heart attacks.
A healthy body should take salt in a normal limit!

16. Less Sugar Intake

Less sugar intakeSugar lover, give it a halt right there! You need to keep a balance on what you are eating. Those red velvet cup cakes and lemon cheese cakes are good enough to take occasionally. It’s tempting and very irresistible to leave it uneaten when you pass through a bakers shop but, health is wealth!

  • Studies have shown that people with more sugar levels are more to have cancer.
  • Not only this if the blood sugar level rises above the normal range than it s very hard for the insulin in the body to break it down hence leading to diabetes.

Therefore, less sugar consumption should be your priority.

15. Less Fats Consumption

Less fats consumptionSmell some pizza? But wait! Do you know the cheese in it would give your body some really good extra amount of fats? Learn how to not get sick by cutting down fat from your food.
Creams and cheese and oil these are direct source of bad cholesterol in the body. And bad cholesterol is a threat to your cardiovascular system. It would accumulate in the vessels and obstruct them leading to:

  • hypertension
  • coronary artery disease(CAD)

hence there should be a check and balance on the amount of oily, fried and cheese stuff you are taking in. lesser the amount of fats better ill be your heart health.

14. A Glass Of Milk

A glass of milkA healthy way to get good amount of calcium is a glass of milk taken on daily basis. Milk is not only good for the children in growing age to help build their bones but it is important in every age. Especially in women who suffer through osteoporosis more often than due to the hormonal changes.

  • Milk contains vitamin D essential for healthy bones
  • Calcium which is require for the bone strength is also found in milk
  • Contains riboflavin that works to build body tissues
  • Milk contains other vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B6.
  • It also contains minerals like zinc and phosphorous.

So taking a glass of milk daily is a habit of those who keep themselves healthy.

“Are you having any health issues? No need to worry much, follow these 20 tips and enjoy a good healthy and an active life.”

13. Fish

FishSea food I’m sure is liked by all. Who doesn’t like to eat it? Besides its unique taste it has got a number of health benefits as well that makes it among the top most nutritional food. If you want to know how to not get sick any more, make sure to eat fish 2,3 times in a weak.

  • Fish is rich in proteins.
  • Fish is low in calories but contain omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for the brain and the heart. It is counted as good fats. So who ever likes to live healthy shall take fish in their meal at least twice a week?

12. Healthy Breakfast

Healthy breakfast“You should eat like a king while having your breakfast”. Yes, it is true; you should have the most nutritional food in the morning. As when you wake up your stomach is empty since the whole night. Children who take good breakfast before going to school show better performance in the class and have more energy to participate in physical activities. A healthy breakfast must include the following:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Milk/fruit cocktails
  • Some dry fruits
  • Proteins and fats( like eggs)

A portion of each one these must be a part of your breakfast.

11. Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetablesOne should incorporate fruit and vegetables in their daily meals at least once in every day. Fruits and vegetables helps to give us the nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy. Following fruits and vegetables must be a part of meal:

People with good health never skip taking fruits and vegetables!

10. Drinking Water Early In The Morning

Drinking water early in the morningWant to know how to not get sick? Science has shown that drinking water right after waking up helps your system work well. How?

  • A glass of water early in the morning helps to flush the toxins in your body
  • Helps to aid in digestion
  • Also helps in weight reduction, if you mix some honey and lemon in it.

So, drinking a glass of water is indeed a healthy way to start your day with!

9. Early Dinner

Early dinnerLove mid night snacking? But the next day you wake up with an upset digestion. Your system needs a stroll around after you have eaten your meal to aid in digestion. But when you eat late at night and go to bed you start feeling regurgitation and acidity issues. To avoid such problems one must make a point to have their dinner early and at least 3 hours before going to bed so that the digestive process has already been half through its way.

8. Quit Smoking

Quit smokingSmoking is not at all healthy. It is repeatedly being told by the doctors that it destroys your lungs like anything. The toxins present in it get accumulated in your lungs and keeps on destroying them. Healthy people avoid smoking as smoking can be injurious to health. Don’t ask yourself, why do I keep getting sick if you smoke regularly.

  • Smoking can cause lung diseases
  • It can also cause gum recession which can lead to poor oral health.
  • It can also cause hardening of the arteries.
  • Smoking can reduce the fertility rate as well!

So if you want to stay healthy, quit smoking!!

7. Say No To Alcohol

Say no to alcoholAlcohol can lead to serious issues; people who are severe alcohol drinkers damage their hepatic system just too early, as the liver is unable to remove the toxins. Avoid alcohol and learn how to not get sick and stay healthy.
The possible long term effects can be as follows:

  • Liver cirrhosis or hepatitis
  • Alcoholic cardio myopathy
  • Mouth, trachea or esophagus cancer.
  • Long term intake may also cause delusions and hallucinations.

Hence alcohol intake must be reduced and better be avoided as much as possible.

Note: alcohol and smoking both act as a synergist to each other. One must avoid these two together.

“Never knew about what is the secret behind that old ladies’ health in park that you see waling every morning? To find the secrets to a healthy life read these incredible 20 tips and see the healthy change in your life.”

6. Yoga

yogaHow many of you have watched yogi bear on the most viewed cartoon channel in the childhood?
Yogi bear loved doing yoga and keep himself stress. Yoga is a healthy people’s favorite form of mind and body exercise. Look for its benefits:

For the mind:

  • Helps improve the memory
  • Neutralizes stress
  • Unlocks the energy flow
  • Improves intuition
  • Increases confidence

For the body:

  • Improves digestion
  • Helps to lower down the blood pressure
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Helps in weight management
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Pain relief

If you want to be healthy, try going for yoga classes now and feel the difference within yourself.

5. Positive Attitude

Positive attitudeHave ever felt comfortable around certain people and not around the others? Why is that so? What is it that is making you feel uncomfortable? It’s actually the vibes a person is emitting from his body that you are receiving. A positive way of thinking can improve your life in so many ways. People who are affirmative in their thoughts and try to look for the good in every bad are the ones with the most peaceful mind. And a peaceful mind is the key to your healthy life. So start being positive in your life and see the change within yourself. You would not only feel peaceful at mind but along with that you would see lot betterment in your health.

4. Eating Clean And Staying Clean

Eating clean and staying clean“Cleanliness is next to godliness” so, cleanliness is the most important aspect in your life. Staying clean is staying healthy.

  • Stop there, if you’re eating with unwashed/unsanitized hands.
  • Do not cook those vegetables without giving them a nice wash.
  • Try not to have preserved food item. Fresh food is always the best, in taste as well as quality.

Staying clean would help you eliminate the germs around you and on your body. The lesser the germs the more healthier will be your life.

3. Exercise

ExercisePeople usually who go out for morning walks are seen exercising as the last part of their activity before leaving. They actually warm up the body by walking and when the body is prepared for exercise they start doing the regular workouts they do on daily basis. One of the most effective ways about how to not get sick is daily exercise.
Exercise helps to keep your muscles toned and body in shape.
Daily exercises must include:

  • 10 minutes of pushups
  • 10 minutes of squats
  • 10 minutes of weight lifting.

Exercise not only keeps your body healthy but also lets you have a better sleep at night.

2. Less Medication

Less medicationSick? Are you not feeling well? Caught some cold? Well, no need to see a doctor as these little issues could be resolved without taking any medicines. Home remedies could just make it fine.
People with generally good health try not to take medicines very often as medicines also have their side effects. They love to make their ailment better by considering some home remedies like:

  • Having constipation?- try some fibrous food; increase the intake of cucumbers and bananas.
  • Common cold- try a cup of ginger tea with cinnamon added .you would feel a difference after three cups

So, help build your immunity stronger by avoiding medicines and taking home remedies for little issues just the way healthy people do.

1. Exposure To Sun

Exposure to sunNow days youngsters are going through severe Vitamin D reduction problems. With such reductions people go through bone pain and lethargic legs.

Even if you take vitamin D through diet you still require the sun light to fulfill the bodily requirements as sun converts 7-dehydrocholicalciferol to vitamin D3 in the body.

Hence a daily exposure to the sun is a very important factor for good bone strength!

Habits to adopt

  • Try and empty your bowel between 5am-7am as detoxification in the colon starts.
  • Breakfast must be taken between 7am-9am as the nutrient absorption in the intestine starts.
  • Avoid eating overly cooked food as it burdens the liver.
  • Between 11pm-1 am liver detoxification starts so ideally one should be sleeping at that time.

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