20 Beneficial Natural Aids For Quitting Smoking

Smoking is a terrible habit one can have as it destroys your lungs, damages your breath and oral health, weakens the immune system and causes cancer. Smoking just not fall under cigarettes only, but people uses pipes and different weeds to smoke as well. Let’s not get into the origin of this habit but it is actually a slow poison which is killing people. With such dreadful damages to our health everyone must stop smoking. The possible reasons people can’t stop smoking even after knowing it all can be:


  • less knowledge about the possible ways to quit smoking
  • Unavailability of rehabilitation centers
  • The level of ecstasy it provides
  • Peer pressure to smoke
  • Status consciousness

A smoker not only disturbs his/her own health with the smoke of cigarette but the smoke also affects the health of others breathing in that smoke. During pregnancy this smoke just not only affects the mother but also affects directly to the child as well. This is why it is written “No smoking” in public places but the craving for nicotine makes people smoke in such places as well. It is very difficult to quit smoking for someone who becomes chain smoker. But nothing is impossible in this world. If a person is determined to do something he can do it then why not quit smoking. You are a chain smoker and wants to quit smoking for the sake for your and others health, don’t worry you are not alone. There are different professional institutes that work for the rehabilitation of such people and make them quit smoking. There are some medicines which are also available to quit smoking. Soon after you start the practice to quit smoking, you will see some good changes in your health that will motivate you to quit this habit even fast.

  • You will see your skin brighter and shining than before.
  • Your breathing will start to improve.
  • The dull and rough lips will be pink again.
  • The chances of heart attack will be reduced.


Apart from the medicated methods there are some other simple ways available to get all these listed benefits for health. These simple ways are natural remedies through which you can make this quitting thing happen. Some nicotine alternatives from the nature are available which can aid you to quit smoking. The list of such natural aids is as follows:

“Smoking is a dreadful habit and quitting is not easy until you have some natural support to handle craving.”

20. Honey

HoneyThe sweetness in diet helps reduce the craving for nicotine. And honey is one of the natural sugar ingredients and is a natural remedy to quit smoking. Honey contains different type of vitamins and proteins which helps in quitting on smoking easily. Honey is also a natural healer and heals different damages to skin and oral cavities caused by smoking. Due to such effects of honey, it is at top of our list being the best aid to quit smoking. If you want to know how to quit smoking, just try this simple DIY honey remedy and feel the amazing results for yourself.

  • Add honey into the water, mix it and drink it.
  • You can mix honey in juices as substance of sugar.
  • You can add honey in different desserts for your diet.

19. Cayenne Pepper

cayenne-pepper...2Cayenne pepper is a spice you can add in your daily cooking and have many health benefits. This herb contains many vitamins, potassium and manganese. Cayenne pepper is also one of the best remedy that aids to quit smoking. It helps to lessen the craving for smoking by soothing the respiratory system. Cayenne pepper also controls the craving of nicotine which is an addictive substance. Cayenne pepper, apart from as spice, can also be consumed in different ways to stop smoking including:

  • Add cayenne pepper to the juices for flavor.
  • Add cayenne pepper powder in water, mix it and drink it.
  • Use cayenne pepper capsules available in market.
  • You can also add it to your tea.

18. Water

waterThe use of water in your daily routine has many health benefits including it aids quitting smoking. Regular use of water helps flush the nicotine from the body and make the body stress free. It also helps to clear your lungs from the damage of smoking and smooths the blood flow in the body. It also keeps the body hydrated and helps avoid craving for nicotine. Water is supposedly considered as the best aid and most simple to deal with craving and hence lead the person to quit smoking. When you stop smoking, one of the most important benefits of quitting smoking you’ll experience is that your lungs will be clean from damages of smoking.

17. Ginseng

GinsengLearn how to quit smoking using this magical Chinese herb. Ginseng is considered as the best herbal treatment for quitting smoking. It also helps lessen the craving and keeps the chain smokers calm at mind because it helps the chain smokers to deal with stress. Not only this but ginseng prevents the release of, the main substance, nicotine in body and makes a person calm and less stressed during the quitting process. The ginseng powder is easily available in the market as well as the herb.

  • You can add ginseng powder as spice to different cooking items.
  • You can add ginseng powder to your breakfast.
  • You can mix and drink ginseng powder in fresh water to drink.
  • Chewing a small dried portion of this herb is most effective for quitting smoking.

16. St. John’s Wort

St. john’s wortDue to the beautiful color and enormous health benefits of this herb, it is considered to be used in elves medicines. The mystical name of this herb is the most suitable because of its mystical health benefits and some mysteries are still unfolded. This herb helps people quit smoking and its craving. The herb also releases the stress and different anxieties caused as a symptom to quit smoking. Studies shows that 450 mg consumption of ST. John’s wort had drastic effects like complete quit from smoking in just 12 weeks. The herb is available in market in different forms including capsules and liquid. Add the rightful amount of dose of this herb in your daily routine to stop smoking. One of the amazing benefits of quitting smoking using this herb is that it keeps you away from tension, depression and anxiety.

15. Oranges

oranges...3Smoking leads to many deficiencies in body. Some natural and healthy foods help remove these deficiencies and make you strong again. Orange is also one of those foods which lead to increase the quantity of vitamin D in body. Orange also helps a smoker to control the craving for nicotine. Orange is a citrus fruit and its taste and smell reduces the craving from cigarettes. It also helps develop the lungs which are affected from smoking. So, whenever you feel craving for nicotine eat an orange.

  • You can eat an orange as fruit in its natural form.
  • You can also drink orange juice to control craving and stop smoking.

14. Cloves

Cloves....3Clove is the best ingredient that can help you stop smoking and control craving. Adding this spice to your daily meals have other health benefits but if you crave for nicotine badly just take a clove and put it under your tongue. This little wonder will surprise you in minutes and will control your craving thus lead you to quit smoking. So if you’re wondering how to quit smoking naturally, just try this clove treatment. Cloves are available in market as natural herbs or in oil form.

  • You can chew a clove to control your craving.
  • Clove if added to a drink can add some different taste to the drinks.
  • You can use cloves in daily cooking for taste.

13. Lobelia

lobeliaWhen it comes to control the craving, lobelia is also one of the many useful herbs. It contains a very helpful ingredient called lobeline that is effective to control nicotine craving. Lobelia is available in the market as dried form and as a vinegar extract. Its dose is very sour and contains high toxic value so it is advised to use this herb under strict supervision of some doctor. To make an herbal tea which will aid for quitting smoking, follow these steps:

  • Take some herbs like lobelia, golden seal and skullcap in a pot.
  • Pour some water in another pot.
  • Boil the water for some time and then add this mixture of different herbs in it.
  • Let the mixture absorb in the water for some time and then strain the herbs out of the water.
  • Your tea is ready; you can drink it after it is cool.

There are many side effects associated with this herb so make sure it has no adverse reaction before use. A reasonable and suggested dose of lobelia is less than 500 mg.

12. Ginger

ginger...3Ginger is also a natural aid for chain smokers to quit smoking. Ginger helps relax your body and best medicine for nausea which is also a symptom of quitting smoking. Ginger has some warming effect on body which makes it sweat the toxins from body and relaxes it. Make sure to use ginger to get rid of this habit and enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking. Ginger can be consumed in different ways, if a person feels craving for smoking:

Quick link = Ginger benefits

  • Take ginger tea.
  • Drink ginger juice.
  • Eat ginger capsules.
  • Eat ginger raw.

11. Oats

OatsThe scientific name of Oats is avena sativa and is commonly known as green oats. Oats is an ancient method to help quit smoking and possibly the best of all. Oats help reduce the craving for nicotine and reduce the effects of its symptoms. Oats is under different studies to find out its effects to help chain smokers since 1971. Different studies has highlighted that oats reduces the desire of nicotine in body and affects the nerves to stabilize after a quit. Oats is easily available in market in herb and in capsule form and you can take them in your diet. This herb has no side effects associated so the preferable form to consume this herb is liquid.

  • Take two cups of water in a pot and boil it.
  • Take one table spoon oats raw and mix it in boiled water.
  • Leave this mixture for a night.
  • In morning pour the mixture in glass and drink it.
  • You can also eat porridge including oats to stop smoking.

“You can quit smoking by taking some natural aids in your life and can live a healthy life again.”

10. Mimosa

mimosaLearn how to quit smoking and enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking using this magical herb. Mimosa tea is made from the extracts of a shrub named mimosa and is known for its potential health benefits. This shrub was used in different medicines and available in paste and tea form in the markets. The mimosa tea provides peace of mind and relief from anxieties which are symptoms of quitting smoking. These symptoms can disturb the mind of a human but mimosa tea is there to help you ease your mind and have peace. You can also use extracts of this shrub in preparation of different juices and smoothies.

9. Banana

BananasBanana is the best fruit which you can consume to control craving. It is advised to use banana in the first week especially after quitting smoking. Banana is a rich source of vitamin B6 and potassium which are considered as the best aids to control craving for cigarette. Vitamin B6 is used to control your nerve function and potassium balances your heartbeat. These both can help control the stress also. Banana is also effective to repair damages caused by the smokers. So banana is best aid to control your craving and manages the stress. Enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking, using these simple tips:

  • Start eating banana raw or add it in different desserts.
  • The best and most effective way is to add banana in your diet is to add banana cuts in milk and eat it.
  • Banana can also be used in different desserts to eat when you feel craving for cigarette.

8. Apples

appleApple is considered as the healthiest fruit on earth with so many health benefits to cure all your problems. Don’t forget the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” because now I am going to prove this fact by disclosing the benefits of this fruit in helping quit smoking. In 2007, a study by the researchers from United Kingdom was established and results of the study discovered that the people who eat one apple a day have better lungs with proper functioning than the ones who does not eat an apple. So If you want to know how to quit smoking using some simple and natural way, just eat an apple a day.

Apples contain different antioxidants that are associated to strengthen lungs and their proper functioning. Lungs are main part which is affected by smoking the most. Apple and smoking truly have a direct relation in this way.

  • Preferably eat apple raw with its peels on.
  • Baked apple with cinnamon is also helpful to control craving of nicotine.

7. Licorice

licorice...3Medical research has no evidence of the fact that licorice helps people quit smoking. Some researchers consider this fact a myth while others believe the fact because of so many stories attached with it. The root of licorice is considered as best aid when it comes to craving for smoking. Sometime the people who are on path to quit smoking do not crave for nicotine as much as they want to put a cigarette again in their mouth. Licorice root is best to handle such craving because it has structure like a cigarette which you can put in the mouth. The herb itself is very sweet in taste and has a special aroma so doctors suggested that chewing the herb can also a good way to handle craving. For safety reasons do not take this herb for more than six months as it can cause some problems. If you are suffering from some hormonal abnormalities it is suggested that you must avoid this herb.

6. Valerian

ValerianThe root of this flowering plant is used in different medicines. The most important use of this herb is to fight against insomnia but some of its nutrient properties to make it a suitable aid to help quit smoking. This herb controls the craving by interacting with the brain receptors and produces a calming effect on the body and brain. This herb is also very effective when it comes to deal with symptoms of quitting smoking including anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The herb is available in different forms like capsules, powder and other forms.

  • Valerian tea is the best way to consume this herb to stop smoking.
  • The alcohol extract of this herb is also effective and easily available.

5. Passion Flower

Passion flowerThis flower is best to control irritation and anxiety which is the main symptom when it comes to quit smoking. This flower relaxes the mind and is also helpful to fight against insomnia and restlessness. Thus this is a best calming remedy with a history prolong from 70th century. Apart from calming your mind it is also good to use to control craving for cigarette. The extracts of this flower can easily available in form of capsules and tea. Because of high toxic value associated with this herb, it is recommended not to use this herb without consultation of any expert.

  • The best way to consume the benefits of this herb is through tea. Drink tea three times a day for best results on health and get help to stop smoking.
  • The herb can be used as a flavor in different beverages and foods.

4. Acupuncture

AcupunctureAcupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of medication. This method can be used for medication of different diseases. The best the acupuncture can do is aid a chain smokers to quit smoking. In this process small needles are inserted in some acupuncture points to help control the craving for cigarettes. This method makes a person satisfied in its needs and lessens the anxieties, irritations and craving. Make sure to consult a professional acupuncturist to get rid of this habit and enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking.

  • For an acupuncture therapy to quit smoking, the areas around the ear are the most effective.
  • Use sterilized needles to apply in the selected acupuncture points of your ear.
  • Quick link = Home remedies for ear infections

3. Chewing Gum

Chewing gumChewing gum helps handle craving for cigarette for a chain smoker. It makes your mouth busy add some flavor to your mouth which reduces the craving. It also distracts your mind from the craving. If you adopt this routine you can save yourself from cigarette for long time. Whenever you feel like smoking just put a chewing gum in your mouth.

2. Skin Patches

Skin patchesSkin patches are part of nicotine replacement therapy. When you start avoiding cigarette as first step towards quitting it, you occasionally crave for nicotine badly. A right amount of nicotine is provided to your body as part of a therapy. Skin patches or should I say nicotine skin patches helps you control craving and relaxes your body. It is the most widely used and best way to avoid cigarette and stop smoking.

While using nicotine patches, there are some things which should be considered and followed to avoid any accident.

  • Do not apply patch to oily or damaged skin. It will cause irritation this way.
  • Pick dry and less hairy part of your body to apply patch.
  • Remove the back cover of a nicotine patch and apply to the skin immediately.
  • Wash your hands properly after applying or removing the patch from body.
  • Do not apply more than one patch on body at a time.
  • Each time apply patch to different part of the skin to avoid damage to the skin.
  • Do not cut the patch as this will waste the effects of the patch.

1. Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigaretteAs part of nicotine therapy we can also use electronic cigarettes. This is a new idea to handle the craving for nicotine. These are actually some devices to simulate the actual smoking process. Electronic cigarette produces smoke but it is not harmful in comparison to actual cigarette smoke. This therapy is same as a nicotine patch but electronic cigarettes are more healthier, safest and cheapest way of quitting the habit of smoking.

While writing this article, I have just realized that world’s No Tobacco Day is on 31st May and is about to come. Let’s make this day special by promising the world health and quit smoking. The listed home remedies have such incredible benefits for quitting smoking that you will not want a cigarette again. In start days of quitting smoking you may have some of the following symptoms:

  • weight gain
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • dizziness

Don’t worry, if you are determined to quit smoking these symptoms are just some stones in the path to success. These recommended aids will also help you fight your anxieties and reduce stress. While using these aids try to remember some Do’s and Don’ts to avoid any kind of harsh circumstances. We have listed some Do’s of Don’ts that will help you understand the best and worst practices for quitting smoking.


  • Follow these natural aids under the supervision of some health care provider.
  • Eat properly and exercise daily.
  • Distract yourself to handle craving for cigarettes.
  • Carry a bottle of water and pack of chewing gum always with you.
  • Add more green vegetables in your diet.


  • Don’t drink carbonated drinks.
  • Don’t use nicotine patch more often if you are pregnant, have asthma or skin problems.
  • Don’t use toxic herbs like ginseng, lobelia and mimosa if you are suffering from heart problems and diabetes.

Just by following few of these tips and techniques you will save yourself from dying young. Don’t forget that this dreadful habit has killed 100 million people worldwide and you can be next unless you follow some aids to quit this habit and start living again.

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