7 Top Exercises To Lose Weight You Should Aware Of

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Obesity cannot be compromised as it can cause too many health issues. Losing weight is not an easy job. You need to follow a comprehensive exercise plan and manage your diet leaving all that can increase your weight. Read below 7 top exercises to lose weight that can help you shed all extra weight within days. This whole procedure of losing weight can be boosted by simply having diet based on fat burning foods.

7. Racquetball

RacquetballGreat workout is involved in this exercise; side by side running, you move all your limb playing this game. This is also a hectic exercise that causes your body sweat immensely and hence melts the extra fat from it. This gives you best tone to thighs and legs.

6. Elliptical Burner

Elliptical BurnerElliptical burner is great cardio exercise and can be named as the top exercise to lose weight which helps you in building strong muscles and toning strong to the stomach. While doing exercise you can listen to your favourite songs and can enjoy while doing exercise.

5. Yoga

yogaYoga is immensely effective for weight loss. Doing this exercise, you will notice in your body a rapid improvement. What is important here is to follow the various yoga postures and do them exactly. Yoga has also psychological effect and hence the yoga exercises can help get rid of depression. If you are wondering how to lose inner thigh fat, then no need to any more – Yoga is simply the best!

4. Swimming


Swimming can be rated among those exercises that have immense benefit to lower the excessive fats from your body. If you swim an hour, you burn about 200 – 300 calories. This is an amazing benefit that hardly you can get from any other exercise. Thus we can safely cunt swimming among the top exercises for losing weight. It is said to be the fastest way to lose belly fat.

3. Cycling

CyclingFor those who can’t restrain themselves indoors for exercise and asking how to lose stomach fat, Cycling would prove the best and the top exercise to lose weight. It strengthens in particular the muscles of your body, burn excessive calories and dissolves the fat on your tummy. If you do exercise for an hour each day, you’ll see result in 2 weeks.

2. Kettlebell


This is also included in top exercise to lose weight. Kettlebell is an iron ball which has only single handle. It helps you to lose weigh with an amazing speed. Hardly an exercise could be so beneficial as using Kettlebell. It requires the strength of all muscles of your body and hence reduces weight speedily. In 20 minute this burns your 400 calories; this improves your posture, tones to your body and makes your muscles strong.

1. Push-ups


Push-ups target your upper body, lungs and your hips and thighs. They also help in improving your muscles and along with shedding extra weight from your body. Do at least 30 to 40 push-ups in a day to ensure maximum benefit.

Exercise helps you burn calories and maintain a healthy body. They should be necessary part of your daily schedule to ensure maximum benefit out of them. By doing regular exercise, you can increase your metabolism which helps you to lose weight speedily. Try these top exercises to lose weight make sure fitness.

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