17 Benefits Of Cinnamon You Should Aware Of

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Cinnamon is a kind of spice which, simultaneously, has a sweet taste in it too. It’s not that spicy to eat, rather, it’s quite delicious. Even people who don’t eat spices can use cinnamon without any problem. Cinnamon has a plethora of benefits, more than what can be described here. For thousands of years, cinnamon is being used as a home remedy. People even used to call it a universal herbal medicine as it was advised to use cinnamon in one way or the other in every kind of health problems. From simple common cold to knee pain, cinnamon can save you many trips to the doctor and lots of cash. It is famous since medieval times and now even science is approving its benefits.

It will be impossible to list all the benefits that cinnamon has, so we will just tell you about the few that are very important and are associated with everyday problems.

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17. Helps In Heart Disease

REDUCE HEART DISEASEStarting with the big bad ones, first we have the benefit of cinnamon for people with a heart disease. Heart disease can be a problem of high cholesterol or high blood pressure. They all are the key elements that lead to the dreaded heart attack.

  • Cinnamon reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood.
  • LDL cholesterol is termed as the harmful type of cholesterol.
  • The levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood rise with the intake of certain fatty and salty foods.
  • Cinnamon reduces the levels of these harmful compounds in the blood by about 30%.

16. Helps In Diabetes

REDUCE DIABETESDiabetes, the disease in which blood sugar levels go out of control, is one of the most common diseases these days. Apart from having a lot of side effects, such as bone weakening and slow healing of cuts etc., diabetic patients also face the gruesome obligation of refraining from eating anything sweet. Cinnamon can help the sad diabetic patients out there a lot.

Cinnamon is known to reduce insulin resistance in our body, which is a major reason for type 2 diabetes. With cinnamon helping insulin to do its job, blood sugar levels are maintained.

  • Just take a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with every meal to regulate that sugar level in your system.
  • It will allow you to take a small piece of that yummy desert without any problem.

15. Reduction In Joints Pain

ArthritisJoints pain can be caused by arthritis, osteoporosis or just normal joint pain due to aging. Well any kind of pain it is, it can be reduced by the use of cinnamon. There have been many ways in which, the use of cinnamon, has been advised for people with a joint pain.

  • At some places it has been cited by people that; drinking cinnamon tea everyday, helped them in their arthritis problem, while in some places a massage of oil mixed with cinnamon was stated to have done the trick.
  • My personal favorite is missing a little cinnamon powder with any massage oil and taking a massage from it relieves muscle and joint pain as cinnamon gives a warm effect.
  • Also, adding a few pieces of cinnamon to your bath water gives a relaxing effect.

14. Benefits For Brain

Increases Brain PerformanceCinnamon has a wide variety of advantages that are related to brain activity. Starting with the improvement in response times and memory recall, regular cinnamon use is a secret recipe for them. It has been cited in many studies that cinnamon also keeps you alert and decreases frustration while performing an action that requires continuous attention such as driving.

There are certain brain diseases that cinnamon helps a lot with. They include the horrific Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well.

  • Cinnamon, mostly taken orally, drastically slows down the growth of Alzheimer’s in the brain.
  • The still going on study, is trying to prove that cinnamon can actually reverse the cellular and anatomical changes that occur in the brain with Parkinson’s disease.

13. Fights Against Cancer

cancer..2The un-curable, unpredictable, slow and painful killer disease known as cancer is the disease that every person on earth wishes to avoid. Well, you should start the intake of cinnamon as it fights against the probability of getting a cancer.

  • Cinnamon is said to be starving of cancer cells or molecules such as sugar that are needed to sustain them.
  • Cinnamon oil is said to be even a treatment for tumors or gastric cancers.
  • But for people who do not have cancer should use cinnamon too as it inhibits the production or sustaining of cancer cells.

12. Cinnamon For Cough And Cold

Cinnamon..Everyone must have had a bad flu or cough or cold, at-least once in their lifetime. Although it sounds like a simple and small, common problem but a flu or cold can ruin your 3 to 4 days for good. A person with flu cannot concentrate on his/her work nor enjoy picnics and parties.

  • Well the next time you feel like you are going to catch a cold or flu, eat a cinnamon stick or have a cinnamon and honey tea.
  • Cinnamon has the propensity to increase blood flow which increases blood oxygen levels to fight illness.
  • It also has warming properties which provides a soothing effect.

11. Anti Inflammatory

cinnamon oilInflammation in body is a very useful process of the body. Every burn or cut or scratch in any part of the body immediately forms an inflammation in that area. That inflammation is actually curing that area, fighting infections and repairing tissues.

However, inflammation process can sometimes backfire. It happens, on quite rare occasions that inflammation in some part of the body does not die out and starts developing an infection of its own. If you ever face this problem, just start regularly sprinkling cinnamon powder on it or using cinnamon oil on it and the anti-inflammation properties of cinnamon will work that inflammation right off.

10. Anti Bacterial

Removes BacteriaBacteria, or microbial, are the microscopic creatures that are responsible for half of our problems. These problems include common cold that you catch, bad odor problem in houses or even body odor, rotting of fruits etc. Infections that are formed on cuts on our body are also due to bacteria.

Cinnamon has amazing anti-bacterial properties.

  • Cinnamon oil shows great anti-microbial activity against Escherichia coli (intestines infection), Staphylococcus aureus (respiratory infection) and Penicillium digitatum (fruits fungal infection).
  • Cinnamon oil mixed with water can be used to disinfect door knobs, sinks, refrigerator and counter tops etc.
  • A couple of cinnamon sticks boiled in hot water can be used as a mild disinfectant such as a face wash.

9. Anti Fungal

ANTI FUNGALCinnamon also has amazing anti-fungal properties. Cinnamon sticks or cinnamon oil, mixed with a lot of warm water can be used to soak any area where fungus is developing and see the magic happen in a few days.

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Fungus can develop even in a human body. Cases of toe nail fungal infections and even fungus developing in respiratory tracts; have been reported to be treated easily using cinnamon.

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8. Resists Yeast Infections

clean infected areaYeast infections are the infection that can resist medication. They are very dangerous and very hard to treat, as any medication given to the patient for more than a week or two will become powerless against this infection. All the medical remedies of yeast infections, especially candida albicans fungus, mostly contain cinnamon in one kind or another to stop the resistance of medication by the infection.

There are many studies which show different ways to use cinnamon against infections.

  • One study shows using cinnamon oil daily to be very effective against candida.
  • Cinnamon tea infused with cinnamon bark oil is very effective for boosting immune system against yeast infections.
  • 1% cinnamon leaf oil, mixed with any other edible oil taken daily is another effective treatment.

7. Virus Fighter

VIRUS FIGHTERIt has become clear that cinnamon is a very good bacteria fighter. This makes it a good virus fighter too. Viruses are different from bacteria. They are more resilient and more dangerous. Cinnamon is famous as a fighter against many well known viruses.

  • A cinnamon derived medicine can save HIV virus infected people from developing full blown AIDS.
  • A primary constituent of cinnamon leaf oil is very effective against herpes, a very dangerous virus.
  • Cinnamaldehyde, a constituent of cinnamon bark oil, is very effective against adenovirus. It is a very common virus that infects the respiratory system.

6. Depression Reducer And Mood Enhancer

Relieves DepressionReducing depression and getting a good mood is important for tons of reasons. Statistics show that drivers, who are irritated or are in a bad mood, are more prone to accidents rather than those driving in a good mood. The smell of cinnamon improves the mood and reduces depression or irritability. It can be used as.

  • An air freshener with cinnamon flavor can help to create a good smelling environment plus a mood enhancer.
  • Put some cinnamon powder in your car’s freshener to reduce irritability while driving.
  • Use cinnamon in foods daily to reduce depression throughout the day.

5. Weight Reducer

weight loss...The most wanted and most needed benefit of these days is weight reduction. Weight problem haunts majority of the world population because of fast foods and other stuff that we are not here to talk about. Weight reduction medicines and instruments are also one of the most scammed products as well. So instead of buying those expensive products under the fear of getting scammed, try out the cinnamon remedy. The main points to know about cinnamon as a weight reducer are:

  • Cinnamon has blood thinning properties, which causes more metabolism activities and hence, weight reduction.
  • Blood thinning also works as an anti-clot agent. Useful for heart disease patients.
  • Only cassia cinnamon is useful for this. Ceylon cinnamon does not thin blood.
  • Cinnamon should not be used with other blood thinning medicines, as too much thin blood can cause liver problems.

4. Bad Odour Repellant

BAD ODOUR REPELLANTNow moving on from health related benefits, cinnamon has a lot of non-health related benefits too. The first up in line is the ability of cinnamon to neutralize bad odours. Everyone would say we have air fresheners for that, but what no one knows is that air fresheners actually just mask the odour, while cinnamon here actually removes bad odour.

Any kind of bad odour comes due to bacteria that are producing it. Even the bad body odour is due to bacteria. Cinnamon leaf oil, mixed with water kills the bad odour causing bacteria. You can use it while cleaning the house and while taking a bath.

3. Insect Repellant

cinnamon teaInsects are another annoying little thing that everyone wants to get rid of. Well stop spending all your money on those expensive and promising insect repellents. They do work, but there is another much simpler and cheaper solution to get rid of insects of all kinds. They include:

  • Head lice be removed by using cinnamon oil to massage your hair.
  • Red ants, roaches and dust mites. They can be removed by using cinnamon oil mixed with water to wash floors, counter tops, doors etc.
  • Bed bugs. Just sprinkle cinnamon powder on sides of bed.

2. Nutrients

VegetableNutrients play a vital role in our diet. Even water that we consume is not just important for hydration, but it is also important for the minerals and nutrients it contains (this is why ‘mineral’ water is good for health). The important minerals that cinnamon contains are:

  • Manganese (16%). Manganese is important for metabolism of bones. Hence, it is essential for people who have osteoporosis problem (weak bones).
  • Iron (4%). Iron is used by blood for transporting oxygen. So, iron is very important for red blood cells and for people who have breathing difficulties.
  • Calcium (2%). Everyone knows that bones are made up of calcium. But calcium is also important for muscle contraction, messages transmission through nerves and the release of hormones.

1. Food Preservative

picklesAll the kinds of food preservatives present are actually anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are substances that prevent the oxidation of any material. Oxidation is the process of rotting and decaying of foods. Additionally, bacteria also need oxidation process to survive.

Cinnamon is known to be an excellent anti-oxidant. It is so popular, as a food preservative, that the preserving seals present in bread packets and many other preserving packaging actually contains 6-7% cinnamon. Cinnamon powder is used in many hot Asian countries not just for taste, but also coz it keeps the food fresh for longer periods of time without the need for refrigerator.

There are many more other benefits of cinnamon that would take up 10 more pages to write them all down, so I’ll end it here hoping that these advantages might be enough to wake you up to the awesomeness of this nature’s tasty gift for us. The most fascinating thing about cinnamon is the versatility of the ways it can be used. I’ll tell you some of the amazing ways.

  • Sprinkle cinnamon into your coffee each day.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon into popcorn to make it taste good too.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon into dark chocolate and try it out. You will love it.
  • Add cinnamon to your meals and spice it up a bit.

Olwomen Note To Remember

Start consuming cinnamon but be sure not to get too fascinated and don’t overdo it. There are some potential risks of taking too much cinnamon. So enjoy, have a tasty and healthy meal and keep it under control.

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