Top 7 Most Stunning Braided Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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The braided hairstyles for medium hair will make you stand out on a crowd and show that you have a very tasteful fashion sense when it comes to your hair.

“Braided hairstyles are the most widely worn hairstyles this season. Braided updo hairstyles for medium hair have been both dramatic and stylish. With the coming heat many women have chosen to opt for medium hair that appear impressive when adorned with flattering styling. Spruce up your fashion and do something new with these braided updo hairstyles.”

7. Foxy Fishtail Braided Updo Hairstyle


The Foxy Fishtail braid styles is altogether easy to wear, following only a few simple steps. Not only does it keep the hair out of face but it also keeps them looking stylish as well. Here is how it is done.

 Styling Technique

  1. Start off by making a ponytail out of the hair and use a ponytail holder to keep them in their place.
  2. To start the fishtail braid, make two equal parts out of the ponytail. Make smaller portions of the ponytail sections and bring them from outside of each part to the middle. Keep going until all hair have been done braiding.
  3. Use a ponytail holder to secure the hair at bottom of ponytail.
  4. Use a light strength hair spray to finish the look.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

The hairstyle goes best on people with medium hair which are thick as well. This hairstyles for medium hair suits women with oval shaped faces.

 Hairstyle Tip

The Foxy fishtail hair braid goes extremely well with a finishing product which adds sheen to hair. Random hair sticking out of a braid doesn’t look good. Moroccan Oil works like a charm to keep the hair shiny and their appearance soft.

 6. Bombshell Braid Hairstyle For Medium Hair

bombshell-braid-hairstyle-fo- medium-hair

In French Braid hairstyles for medium hair, this hair idea combines the best of both a rough look with the decent appearance of well-kept hair. This hairstyle for medium hair takes on the average look of the French Braid and adds more flavor to it.

 Styling Technique

  1. Use a small size curling iron and use it to curl hair.
  2. After curling the hair is done, give the hair a voluminous look with the help of a backcombing brush. Try to add volume especially at the back of head hair.
  3. Next, start making the French Braid. Start the braid at the back of middle head area. End the braid at nape of neck to the opposite side. The bangs can be left out to give this look a fresh appearance.
  4. Use fingers to give the braid a rough look. Do this by loosening the braided hair and leaving some strands of hair unbraided. Same can be done with the help of a rat tail comb.
  5. The hairdo is now done. Use a light strength finishing hair spray to keep it in place.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

Medium and long hair with thick texture are preferable for this hairstyle for medium hair as it requires hair to have volume to make a thick braid. It suits women with slim facial features. It can also be used with a slightly alter appearance for a round face to make it somewhat slimmer in form.

 Hairstyle Tip

The purpose of braided updo hairstyles such as bombshell braid is to give a casual and carefree look, so the hair don’t have to be exactly in place. Also, adding a few bangs here and there allows this hairdo to be versatile and gives more room to change it according to how you want it. To add more volume to hair, use a little dry shampoo. Apply some to the base of hair before using the back comb. This will easily give more hair body to work with.

Among braided updo hairstyles for medium hair, these are the top ones and wearing them will sure get the eyes on you. However, you must remember, each hairstyle needs its own type of hair texture and color and does not suit everyone.

 5. Side Pony For Medium Hair


With the advent of new season, new hairdos have come and among braided updo hairstyles for medium hair, the side pony with braid has been all the in fashion. Combining braid in this classic pony hairdo gives it a new touch and it is great for hairstyles for medium hair. It also gives room to make the hairdo as you please.

 Styling Technique

  1. You can leave some bangs from hair if you want; this gives the hair a good look. Start by making a separate section of hair from one side of head and make 3 further portions out of it. Make a French braid out of those hair in a manner that is starts from the top of one ear and ends at the base of the other. Make use of hair clips to keep the braid together when working on it.
  2. After the braid has been done, collect the hair that have not been braided and make a side bun out of them. Use the hair bangs that have not been braided or make a bun of to add some zest to the style. Use hair pins to secure them with the bun.
  3. As the braid is complete now, take off the hair clips on it and use bobby pins to secure the French Braid onto the hair bun.
  4. Spray this finished hairstyle for medium hair with a medium strength finishing spray to keep it in place.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This braided updo hairstyle suits people with thick, luscious hair that have many layers of hair. This allows a good French braid along with a proper bun to be made. It can also be adopted by women who have a somewhat round face and wish to make it seem slimmer.

 Hairstyle Tip

This sort of hair requires a good finishing spray to keep everything in place and to stop the hair from becoming voluminous later on as it spoils the look. A good classic hairspray by the brand of Bumble and Bumble will get the job done quite nicely. It boasts the advantage of keeping the hair looking natural in the long run and does not give a flaky or hard texture and feel later on.

 4. Hippy Braid Updo For Medium Hair


The hippy fishtail braid is a chic option in braided updo hairstyles for medium hair with a touch of bit carefree look. Hippy braid updo is combined with functionality that keeps hair out of the face. It is a retro stylish look that is still in fashion and continues to wow audience anytime a woman rocks it.

Styling Technique

  1. Get a medium size curling iron and curl the hair.
  2. When all the hair have been curled, separate some hair around the hairline that go back to about 2 inches. This can be easily remembered as approximately the distance between eyebrows. Make 2 further parts from this section and fishtail braid them. Alternatively, three sections can be made from the hair from hairline and a French Braid can be made for a change in fashion.
  3. After the braid has been completed, get your hands on some bobby pins and pin the braid to the crown are of head, near the hairline.
  4. Use a light finishing spray on this braided updo hairstyle to keep everything in place.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

The Hippy Braid suits women of all facial look and can be made from short to long hair lengths. It also suits almost all hair textures and colors. It really adds beauty and softens a prominent jaw feature.

Instead of opting for hairdo that you want, try to compromise and choose a hairstyle that goes naturally with the sort of hair and facial features you have. This will greatly bring out your natural beauty and the hairstyle will look every more gorgeous on you.

 Hairstyle Tip

This braided updo hairstyle requires a good French braid or fishtail to be made. If you happen to have hair that are fine in texture, then using some dry shampoo near the base of hairline will really help to add some volume and for a good braid to be made. Not only that, but the dry shampoo adds grip the hair so that they are perfectly done and do not come out of braid. This makes them easier to handle and braid.

 3. Below The Deck Braid Hairdo For Medium Hair


The Below the deck braided updo hairstyles is unique in itself among other braids. With everyone opting of one thing or the other, this one allows you to stand positively unique and contrasting with other fashions.

 Styling Technique

  1. Starting from the nape of neck, make three inch wide sections from the hair that start from one ear and end at the other.
  2. One either side, separate hair into further 3 sections and French Braid them. Use a hair band to keep the braid in place.
  3. Use a 1¼-inch curling iron to curl the rest of the hair.
  4. Use hair pins to pin the curls made from curling iron to the braid so that the braid becomes prominent. Don’t pin all of the curls, leave the majority of them be. Then pin the rest to one side of head.
  5. Use a light finishing spray to add final touches to the hairdo.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

In braided updo hairstyles for medium hair, it is also well suited for women who are looking to soften their strong facial features and want to make round faces slimmer. Medium hair are easiest to go for this hairdo as they are easily braided and this hairdo requires some quantity of hair to work with.

 Hairstyle Tip

This braided updo hairstyle looks especially good with some added sheen to hair. This can be achieved with both hair spray and serum. They can be added to curls after the hairstyle has been completed. Again, the Bumble and Bumble hairstyle works excellently for this purpose. After the hairdo has been completed, spray a little hair product onto palms and apply it to the hair ends to have soft looking and shiny hair.

Remember that this braid isn’t one of the easy hairstyles to get. It requires patience to get right as the braid is at the back of head. It is not easy to do it all right in one go. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. In braided updo hairstyles for medium hair, this is one of the most desired look as it looks very dashing, daring and chic. If you can’t do it alone, you can always get a friend to help you with it.

 2. Double Braid For Medium Hair


The double braided updos for long hair is a unique, new touch to the old French braid pigtails. It adds a touch on ingenuity and latest fashion to a somewhat old time tested look which results in an ageless classic which keeps the hair out of face and makes you look marvelous at the same time.

 Styling Technique

  1. In this hairstyle for medium hair, you can part the hair just as you desire. Just don’t part the hair from the crown of the head. On one side of parted hair, further divide the hair into 3 sections that begin at the hair line and start French braiding them until you reach the hair at nape of neck. Do the same for the other parted side.
  2. When both sides of hair have been braided to the nape of neck, combine the two braids together to make a single braid below the neck. Hold the braid in place with the help of hair band.
    3. Next, make the ends of the hair into a hair bun by twisting the end of braid so that it cannot be seen. Use hair pins to fasten it to the top of back of head.
  3. After the hairdo has been completed, use a light finishing spray to keep everything in its place.

Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo:

Women who have medium hair can select this hairdo from braided updo hairstyles for medium hair to look quite fantastically. This specific hairstyle does not draw attention away from facial features but emphasizes them, so know how you plan on looking before adopting this hairstyle.

 Hairstyle Tip

Before starting this hairstyle, use some hairspray to get the hair in a workable fashion. Moroccan Light Oil hairspray works well for this purpose, giving the hair natural shine and makes them manageable. It not only gives the hair grip for you to work on but keeps them looking natural and fresh in the long run.

Remember to braid the hair loosely, not tight as you do usually. This keeps the hair a bit fluffy and the braid bigger. Because this hairstyle is derived from the traditional French pigtails, you don’t want it to resemble it too much. Keep it different.

 1. Extra Big Braid Hairstyle For Medium Hair


The extra big braid works beautifully for medium length hair too, making it an excellent hairstyle for medium hair. It is an old school classic from the 80’s with a fresh touch of modern fashion from the latest season to it. Wear it to look trendy and show that fashion doesn’t die, it evolves.

 Styling Technique

  1. Part the hair into 2 equal sections. Then pin them to either side of head.
  2. Curl the hair on top section of head using bobby pins using a one inch curling iron.
  3. Comb the hair back on top of head that have not been pinned.
  4. After the Mohawk part of hair has been completed and raised to the length you want, braid the remainder of hair. Use a hair band or clip at the end of braid to keep it all in place.
  5. For this hairstyle, use a strong strength hairspray to keep everything in place.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This style does work best on women with long hair but can easily be adjusted as hairstyles for medium hair. It accentuates the face’s physical features such as shape, color and jaw line. For medium hair the Mohawk and braid will be somewhat shorter but will have its own specific look.

 Hairstyle Tip

To get the volume of hair to work with, you will have to have good back combing, as it will allow you to not only get a good braid but to get the Mohawk to its suitable height as well. Don’t go all berserk on you hair when trying to get this hairstyle. If you are too rough, the hair will be damaged and you will be left without good volume hair. The hair may also break, which will completely ruin the look and all of your hair. Be gentle when back combing.

“Many different hairstyles have evolved with the advent of this year’s summer. Old fashions have been reborn with a touch of fresh style and have been combined with existing hair to make them even better. Here is a choicest range for your selection. Try them one by one and see what suits you well!”

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