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Top 33 Best Baby Shower Games

31. Inside The Diaper Bag


This has to be the game for the experienced Moms and of course for the Mom-to-be as well. This game shall prepare you for the times when your baby will be busy throwing a huge tantrum, either publicly or at home and you shall be busy not only holding the baby but to also managing to quickly find something out from the diaper bag that must be amusing for the child. This game is not only fun but it also triggers a lot of memory cells inside your brain.

How to play

  • Either ask an experienced Mom to prepare the bag for you or borrow a bag right on the spot. You can also do the preparation on your own, if you want to.
  • One by one the contenders shall come up to the table, blindfolded and pop their hands inside the bag.
  • The more the participant correctly names the items inside the bag, shall be the winner.
  • You can even switch roles and make the men at the party to specially attempt this game.

30. Name That  (Baby) Tune


This would one of the most innovative and unique baby shower game ideas. Not only is it contemporary but is also a little different than the usual baby shower game routine. This time either you or your BFF has to make some effort and compile a mix CD/DVD of as many songs as she could, that has the name Baby/Babe in it. This deal isn’t that tough, a good one hour Google search and download sessions will blow away your mind. From the times of your Nanna, Momma and now, you, there have been innumerable songs with the words baby and babe.

How to play

  • Compile a mix audio DVD of as many songs as you can, with the words baby or babe.
  • Play a short chunk of the song, either the beginning or the middle that trickles the memory cells of your guests.
  • The more a guest guesses the songs right, is declared to be the winner.

29. Guess The Baby


You are all going to be in a huge roll with this amazing fun baby shower game ideas. The concept is very simple but it requires a good input from your guests. The theme is to guess the baby photos and connect it with the right individual. Sounds like an easy peasy game, right? Trust us, it isn’t, at all.

How to play

  • While sending out invites to your guests for the baby shower, send in a request and a reminder to them asking them to bring along one of their tiniest baby photographs.
  • Something extra small (age wise) will be good because this makes the game tougher, to guess.
  • So, the next is to pin up the photographs to a board or magnetically attach it to the board.
  • As the guests have a hard time guessing the individual, we are sure that the party will be lit up with loud laughter and exchange of all kinds of old memories.

Every baby shower is loaded with fun filled games, snacks, pictures, props and obviously a theme around which everything is planned and executed.


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