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Top 100 Appealing Tattoos For Girls Worth Piercing

26. Peacock Feather Tattoos


Peacock feathers might have the natures best of color combination and they are the most appealing feathers in the world. These feathers are also used for a number of things like used as bookmarks, given as a token of love or also handcrafted into pieces of jewelry. Thus, it was hard to imagine that no one would ever opt to have a peacock feather tattoo. Peacock feather tattoos for girls are one of the many tattoos that are picked up by women as they depict beauty, innocence and serene softness.

27. Cloud Tattoos


Everyone has had the taste of being at Cloud 9 at least once in their lives. That feeling is supreme and can never be duplicated, when someone compliments you on your looks your intellect or your talent and the compliment has genuinely come from an individual’s heart than it takes you straight up to the clouds. People in the world of tattooing also go for having clouds engraved on their bodies because they represent height, freedom and tranquility. This fluffy foam floating in up in the sky might not have a direct meaning but this sure is a great ornament in a bigger design.

28. Cancer Tattoos


Star sign fanatics love to have their sign engraved on their bodies. It is like a stamp of their traits and common characterizes that they share with other similar sign bearers. Cancerians denoted by the sign of the crab are highly emotionally and deeply in love almost all the time. The sign Cancer shown by the crab is known to be ruled by the planet Moon. The drawbacks of having a Cancerian around is usually the over expression of emotions and extreme moodiness. It has been believed that Cancer is one of the least bothered sign in terms of traits and behaviors. Those who do not prefer having a crab tattooed on their bodies can also opt for other aspects associated with the sign like having the birth or the gem stones engraved.

29. Ring Tattoos


A woman’s finest treasure is to have a ring on her finger, not possibly on one of the most important finger, but having rings in each of the fingers has been a woman’s significance since the beginning of time. There has been a latest trend to have all kinds of tattoos engraved on the fingers; it shouldn’t necessarily be a ring circling the finger. The most common of designs is the infinity design circling the finger. Some women also prefer having butterflies, quotes and even skulls tattooed on their fingers.

30. Tramp Stamp Tattoos


What is the sexiest place to view a tattoo on a woman’s body? That might be the place right below the spine and just above the booty. The most common place where women love to have a tattooed engraved is known as the tramp and the slang for it is called the tramp stamp tattoos. Most carefree and partying out females enjoy getting a tramp stamp because it signifies their carefree soul. But there have been numerous disastrous occasions of some hideous looking tramp stamps that are thus stuck with them for the rest of their lives.

31. Aries Tattoos


Aries the star sign that falls in the months of March and through April is the first sign that marks the initiation of the Zodiac Calendar and is under the planet Mars. This stubborn sign is symbolized by a powerful Ram with strong horns. The people that happily engrave an Aries Ram on their bodies are basically rulers, powerful, energetic, influential, dynamic and confident. Instead of having an entire Ram tattooed people prefer going with the simple Zodiac Symbol associated with the sign Aries.

32. Sagittarius Tattoos


Born in the coldest of seasons prevailing on the Earth Sagittarians are under the influence of the planet Jupiter. One of the most fun-loving, straightforward, freedom junkies, spiritually and philosophically invested people who are known to trust with their eyes closed. The symbol of the star sign is basically a half human, half horse figure with an arch and a bow, often known to be a centaur archer. One can associate it with the intellect and wisdom of a human with the power and strength of an animal. The geometric symbol is comprised of a sword like arrow.

33. Paw Print Tattoos


Going out for all the animal lovers who spend and devote their lives for the betterment of the creatures of the world, having a paw tattooed is one of the cutest gestures to express love for the animals in general as well as with the domestic pets that most people own. Some people get a paw tattooed on their bodies along with dates as a remembrance of the departed soul. Most females are diehard fans of having long lines of paws tattooed on their bodies like from the back of their neck towards their ears.

34. Libra Tattoos

Libra-Tattoos -Tattooing

The star sign symbolized by a balance scale is what Libras are all about. They are specifically known to strike this very balance in their own lives in terms of emotional and intellectual strength. They are all strong and vary of justice and equality. On the lighter side they are all towards sex, intimacy, have pretty good flirtatious skills and are often found to be indecisive. Libras fall under the most productive part of the year where all the hardwork is reaped towards the end of the year.

35. Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaii one of the most beautiful Islands associated with America is the place with the most diverse of culture, the people are genuine, and there is free spirit and excitement associated with the people of Hawaii. Known to be Polynesian culture a lot of people out of Hawaii are also opting to get tattoos that mean and hold strong meanings. There are numerous ancient Hawaiian designs that are associated with religious and spiritual strengths. But to have a tattoo that belongs to a different set of culture one must have a very strong knowledge about their meaning in order to understand the value of the design.

36. Spider Web Tattoo


Spiders are pretty creepy 8 legged creatures but some spiders actually look pretty attractive if they are held when they are possible dead. Having spider web tattoos in the current era is often deemed to be racist though the true reason for the racial background is still not definite. But many men are now in the loop to have spider web tattooed both in color and in black ink on their elbows. This might be considered one of the most looked down tattoosfor girls in the view that it is believed that the tattoo symbolizes murder or a long duration of prison time.

37. Capricorn Tattoos


Capricorns born in the coldest of the months are pretty easy going and freedom loving people. Though can be taken both positive and negative Capricorns do not believe in sharing and are highly possessive of their things and their relationships. The people under the sign are accepted to be practical and intellectual in general and on the negative side pessimist, miserly and the ones who hold things heart for long. The tattoos can be comprised both of the star symbol or the goat that signifies the zodiac.

38. Basketball Tattoos


Who doesn’t want to go to an extra mile showing their love for their favorite sports celebrity? Well there have been all kinds of crazy fans around the world who have done all kinds of creepy things to impress and attract their favorite celebrity. One of such trends was to have your favorite sports celebrity tattooed on your body and the most celebrities to be tattooed belonged to basketball. Michael Jordan has been the star sports celebrity and can be seen on the arms of numerous black men walking on the streets. Though this trend has lessened over the years but if not having the celebrity engraved people opt for their favorite team’s logos or any such thing instead.

39. Chinese Tattoos


Asian cultures have a weird kind of mysticism associated with them. In fact any culture that is not common to the understanding of the masses is considered to be quite cryptic and cynical. The same goes for the Chinese culture, though pure at heart the Chinese cultures is one the best cultures where there is wisdom, strength and intellect all found in the comfort of patience. People opt for famous Chinese quotes to be tattooed on their bodies. You might always see a Westerner with a foreign language tattoo like one in Chinese however no Chinese prefers getting a tattoo in their language.

40. Cancer Ribbon Tattoos


One of the most hated diseases in the world Cancer has had many who have lost their lives to it and the ones who have survived have everyone out there to support their journey. Many cancer survival patients opt to have the cancer ribbon tattoo where they might engrave the date on which they have won the battle against cancer. While there are many others who opt for the Cancer Ribbon tattoos for girls purely out of their support for the ones fighting for the disease or by the ones who have lost a dear and loved one to the fight.

41. Fonts For Tattoos


By font tattoos we mean quotes and specific dates tattooed in special and sexy fonts. Now if something is written in your own handwriting and on the contrary the very same thing gets printed out in a Calligraphic font which will have the most diverse impact? Obviously the one in Calligraphy. People have been opting for cool font tattoos for centuries and this might be one of the safest bet to get a tattoo but one major drawback of this tattoo are the spelling mistakes what have literally become inevitable.

42. Arabic Tattoos


Arabic tattoos for girls too are just like any other tattoo that is engraved in a foreign language. Arabic is one of the oldest spoke languages in the world and has a huge history associated with it. Many kinds have fought wars in the times of the Arab emperors and that era has a certain beauty associated with it. Now with the growing cultural influences men and women both love to opt for an Arabic tattoo where things and messages are tattooed in Arabic. Arabic tattoos are also associated with the henna designs that are commonly taken as fake/temporary tattoos.

43. Snake Tattoos


Having a slithering feeling as a snake crawls past your skin is one of the most feared feelings in the world. Though almost more than half of the world’s population is afraid of snakes, there are many daredevils who not only love snakes but are also bold enough to have snake tattoos on their bodies. Snake tattoos for girls are thought of to be classic symbols of art, snakes and serpents along with daggers have been artists’ objects of interest. There are more than a dozen meanings associated with snakes some of which might be diversity, mystery, fertility, evil, transformation and secretive.

44. Daisy Tattoos


Women love to adorn feminine and intricate tattoos on their bodies because these are what signify their emotional features being a woman. Flowers are one of the common tattoos picked up by women and out of which roses and daises come on the top of the list. Daisies depict the childhood innocence that still resides within a woman where being a kid she picked up daisies and made them a part of her tea party. For women who have been born and brought up in the fields, daisies as flowers have a very close place intheir hearts.

45. Stupid Tattoos


There is no doubt in stupidity occurring in almost all the things in the world. There are all kinds of stupid and thus such stupid also lead to lifelong damages and symbols of embarrassment and humiliation. There have been hundreds of stupid incidents where a very clever and beautiful design has been ruined by a stupid and careless mistake made either by the client themselves or the tattoo artist. Though some tattoos are itself stupid enough that is impossible to understand why people even want to have such tattoos engraved.

46. Fairy Tattoos


Just like being a kid women no matter how old they might be always opt for tattoos that somehow signifies their childhood dreams and fantasies. Fairies as part of the fairy lands are free to fly and have all sorts of magical powers. To have a fairy tattoo engraved on the body is like they still believe in magic in their lives and that there are Special Forces that are always by their side and have helped them throughout in the toughest of times. Fairies are also one of the most commonly tattooed feminine designs.

47. Bear Tattoos


Having wild animals tattooed on the body symbolize a characteristic about the individual that style might not have been tamed and is out in the wild to experience all kinds of things. Bear tattoos for girls are example of one such tattoo that presents ideas of power, strength, bravery, confidence and on another side bears are also connected with the signs of magic and spirituality.

48. Aquarius Tattoos


Aquarians known to be the water bearers actually belong to the air sign. The Aquarians are known to hold a very strong outlook about their own life as well as of the ones they care about the most. Aquarians possess avery emotional outlook and are known to be humanitarians. Though, the same individuals go through extensive mood and life switches that make them highly unpredictable. With the song about, The Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the tattoo related with this star sign can be now seen with multiple variations.

49. Gun Tattoos


Might be one of the most favored symbol used by men for a tattoo is to have a gun engraved either on their wrist, arm or their chest. Gun depicts power, strength, death, crime or even an incident and accident. Many gangs wide spread in America have guns tattooed on their bodies along with a number that might denote a number of things unknown. On the other hand some swag loving males also go for the gun tattoos to show off their though tarnished, masculinity.

50. Feminine Tattoos


Women have strongly dived into the pool of having their bodies’ tattooed, in fact major population of females in comparison to males is known to be tattooed. Women love to indulge their selves in a well and intricately designed feminine tattoo and there are hundreds of feminine tattoos out there to choose from. The list goes from cute animals and pets, to flowers like daisies, lotus, rose, butterflies, and peacock feathers and on the wild side women are also attracted towards having hardcore tattoos like skulls, lions, wilderbeast etc. tattooed on their bodies. It is all about the femininity along with the power.

Important Thoughts Before Going For Your Tattoo

There’s a whole checklist that you should actually sit down and prepare now if you are really willing to go for getting your dream tattoo. Why is it really such a fuss? Only because tattoos are permanent, if it weren’t nobody would have actually given a second thought about getting one anyway. It is only because of the permanence that people need to give a very concentrated attention to both their mental and emotional thoughts.

A. Always Visit The Artist’s Studio


Before finalizing an artist for the tattoo session always make sure that you roam around and just have a viewing session at the artist’s studio because this will actually help you judge a lot about the work of the artist that you were considering.

  • This is recommended to see how the artist deals with its clients.
  • Make sure how the artist keeps his tools and belongings because one of the most important things that you need to take care of is proper sterilization of the tools.
  • Many home-based studio artists might lack this bit so it is recommended to do your studio research really well.
  • This will also tell you a lot about the artist’s own personality and the way of his work.

B. Wait For Your Favorite Artist


As we have said it out loud you must note it in bold letters. Yes, it is really important to choose one of the finest artists for your tattoo because it is only an artist that makes or ruins the tattoo dream for you.

  • If by any chance you are actually looking at the price tag attached with the artist then you certainly are not meant to have a tattoo.
  • Great artists have long waiting lists, as long as even a year but the wait is actually going to be worth it despite all the pain.
  • Even if you don’t get a chance with your favorite artist look for the one that comes second best right after your favorite one.

C. Don’t Decide Your Tattoo In A Hurry


You are definitely not going shoe shopping so you must not do about an hour long useless research on the internet and go for a design that you think looks only cute.

  • Go for a tattoo that actually seems to have a deeper connection with you.
  • Don’t go after googled images or the ones that are commonly shared on social platforms. Research according to your will and take as much time as your heart desires.
  • Come up with something that is unique and has a strong meaning attached with it.
  • Because images picked up only through web search are often found to be too common.

D. Test A Tattoo Before Getting The Work Done


This might be the ultimate cause of a tattoo gone wrong when people are actually not clear to their artists about any kind of past skin allergies that they may have had or are having, just out of fright that a tattoo artist might let them down.

  • Never really risk your life for something that might not be worth it after all. If you are actually allergic to stuff like lead, lipstick ingredients or any other cosmetic substance then the key is to get a small area of your skin tested before you begin with the tattooing process.

You can even consult your skin specialist before going to an actual tattoo artist and ask the doctor to run a couple of tests that can easily identify if there is any kind of possibility for you to develop an allergic reaction post a tattoo.

E. Go With Good Vibes And Believe In Communication


How do you feel when you come across a stranger and they tend to give the world’s sweetest smile and you can’t help but resist the beauty of that moment? Things have to be pretty much the same in almost everything that we do in life; it has to be filled with good emotions and positive vibes. Since, there are people who are immediately attracted or repulsed by other peoples’ aura as soon as they meet them.

  • It has been shared by many people that they have been brutally rejected by artists’ moments after they have entered their studio, though there has been no exchange of any strong words or demonstration of physical arrogance but the artist didn’t bet their time on them.
  • This often occurs when the artist after taking a quick glance over the prospective client carefully deduce a long list of facts that often end up true about them and they feel no pressure into indulge themselves in a client that might end up arguing over a dollar.
  • Another matter of significance is that when you have finally booked your tattoo artist and you have arrived closer to your day of final appointment make sure you have communicated your demands and needs with respect to your design as clearly as possible because the clearer the artist’s vision the better the tattoo.

F. Recheck And Proofread To Save Embarrassment


Even Masters in Literature make the stupidest of mistakes when it comes to spelling based or grammatical errors, but as long as it isn’t hurting someone the mistake is nothing critical.

  • This doesn’t however apply to someone who is intending to have a huge scripture tattooed on to their chest.
  • Whenever you are planning to have even a single word tattooed on your body always recheck and thoroughly proofread again and again.
  • Don’t hesitate to get it checked by someone else because at times your eyes go bling over a simple mistake that lies right in front of the eyes and a second person can easily identify it for you.
  • Having a misspelled or grammatically incorrect tattoo is nothing but a huge load of embarrassment.

G. Tattoos Will Hurt And So Will They Fade


Why wouldn’t it hurt when a needle is actually pricking though your skin at such an enormous speed? I mean yes all people who have intended to get a tattoo are perfectly affair of the painful part of the tattoo but they are still determined as they know what holds right beyond the pain.

  • It is known that some parts of the body hurt far greater than the rest of the body.
  • But the pain certainly varies from person to person and their individual ability to bear the pain.
  • The most painfully endangered parts are the ribs, the fingers and *ehem* the butt. Some also recommend grabbing a painkiller quickly after you are done with the tattoo as it may suppress the pain as soon as possible. However, it is never recommended to take one before the process to avoid unnecessary bleeding.
  • Yes tattoos despite being permanent fade away. This happens when the dermis layer of the skin is constantly exposed to direct sunlight and the UV rays damage the inked portions that are then discarded by the body as bad cells.
  • Fingers and knuckles being the most exposed parts of the body suffer from maximum tattoo fading.

H. Getting A Dip Within Two Weeks After A Tattoo Is Prohibited


There is a long list of precautions that one has to take care of once they have committed on to getting a tattoo. Nothing beautiful comes as easy as it might seem but the art of tattooing is pretty difficult when you come to know of it, in depth.

  • Clients are not recommended to get into any kind of water body that is based on chemical ingredients like swimming pools, hot tubs, or even lakes.
  • To avoid is a better option than to grow an infection.
  • Till then it is recommended that you go only through quick and clean showers.
  • Avoid direct contact with sunlight; if you have gotten a tattoo that can be hidden and covered by a piece of clothing then do so to avoid any fading of color.
  • Otherwise, cover up your tattooed skin with sunscreen to protect the tattoo.


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