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Top 100 Appealing Tattoos For Girls Worth Piercing

76. Old School Tattoos


Many people when they think of diving into the pool of tattoos and get over the board researching for the best kind of tattoo it gets difficult and difficult with every passing tattoo. But for those who have a heart as old as a 100 year old it is always the thought of having an old school tattoo that strikes them the most. What do we really understand by the term old school tattoos? Well basically these are engraved in solid colors having either black and blue outlines while the colors filled in are all solids means there is no artistry happening anywhere. Moreover such old school tattoos for girls are bigger in size and often include military, war or patriotic symbols.

77. Black Rose Tattoo


What can define a rose for it shall remain beautiful in any color it appears. For many people a red rose would be the ultimate definition for beauty while still there are a lot of people out there who look for beauty in the darkest of corners. Black Rose is one such beautiful asset of Mother Nature from which a person can never look away. Though having a black rose tattoo denotes either walking a dark path or wanting to choose a dark place. People also denote death and sorrow using the help of a black rose. There are many meanings associated with the tattoo of black roses but all are said to be in the negative aura.

78. Knuckle Tattoos


Knuckles are one of the coolest places to have a tattoo especially for gangsters and criminals. Though they can’t be judged based on that but these tattoos are highly picked up by women who are fighters and want to show off their new tattoos every other time. Just like finger tattoos the knuckle tattoos are also the worst in terms of longevity as due to water and sun exposures the tattoos fade quickly and at times they even simply vanish from a number of places. So you have to be in the constant loop to get your finger and knuckle tattoos retouched.

79. Fish Tattoos


There’s so much to look out for when you are actually out to get some tattoos. No wonder people cry and go crazy unable to decide what they really want to get for a tattoo. So much for being indecisive all the time. It’sodd that people don’t really do tattoo counseling for there be a long list of people back again at the doors to demand a refunds for suggesting a bad tattoo. One another for of a good tattoo are the fish tattoos.

80. Deer Tattoos


Some animals though taken to be fierce in nature are lovingly adorned on the bodies as tattoos. Lions, bears, wilder beast, deer and many such animals are in a line to be picked up by a person and being tattooed on the body. Deer in comparison to all the rest of the animals being mentioned is quite peace loving and is often found to be scared by the slightest of human contact. Both Does and Stags are known to have separate meanings and are taken up individually by men and women. For does it is all about motherhood, love and compassion, as for Stags the meanings are more raw, fertile and full of lust.

81. Virgo Tattoos


Virgorians moving through August to September are pretty calm people by nature. Known as the only start of the 12 star calendar to be represented by a Woman, Virgos are more modest than any other star. Virgorians can go to opt for having a Virgo lady tattooed on their bodies or can prefer having the symbol engraved. The best colors for them to get tattooed might be the ones that are suitable for their sign and are, green and brown.

82. Scripture Tattoos


Getting long quotes and valuables versus out of Bible is one of the many tattoo ideas that people go for. You may see many men and women involved in having long scripture tattoos on their bodies and it looks equally amazing. Though there is one huge concern associated with having a lengthy scripture tattoo and that is to spell-check each and every word for all kinds of grammatical and aesthetical errors. Because one small mistake of an I and O and you shall be doomed for life. You will literally hate the permanence of your tattoo after that it would be that dreadful. So think a hundred times and proofread a gazillion times before going for such tattoos.

83. Pin Up Tattoo


Thinking of a tattoo and you know the horny side of yourself than why not opt to have a Pin-Up girl tattoo? Now there needs to some sort of explanation of being a pin-up girl, such girls were termed pin-ups in the early 40s to 50s for their temporary relationships. We have a whole new set of names for these women now. They were sexy, smart, and clever and knew how to have their way around men. Pin Up girl tattoos are equally shared by men and women and thereis no cliché in men not having such a tattoo.

84. LeBron James Tattoos


LeBron James is the famous NBA player known in the world with his body full of tattoos. Though he has a total of 16 tattoos on his body but all of which are visibly noticeable and have a sharp connection with his life and struggles throughout. It is known that he has a tattoo engraved on his body with each special memory. He even has portraits of his son and very own mother included in those tattoos. Being a star and to be able to sport your past and its impact on you as openly as having tattoos all over is a high spirited job.

85. Joker Tattoo


Jack of all trades and deemed as a good for nothing in the deck of cards the Joker has nothing good to do for anything and anyone. We for once couldn’t ever really understand the purpose of having a Joker in the deck anyway. But now there is not just a card joker, there’s the Joker from the Batman who might be one of the most influential villains in the comic history, someone that the people relate to more than the hero. People who have had troublesome pasts have chosen Joker to be their masterpiece in the world of tattoos.

86. Cat Tattoos


This would be the ultimate tribute of a cat person to its pet cats and that is to get a cute cat engraved on their body. Now many people would think to have a cat tattoo as too easy for a choice. But to flaunt it like a masterpiece is all about the thought. Cat tattoos are cute and a lot of girls go for such tattoos on their wrists and keep its small and simple. For instance getting a Hello Kitty tattoo, it sure looks cute all the way.

87. Money Tattoos


Money is the root of all kinds of worst in the world but still money brings happiness and it is lie who says that no one can buy happiness with money because with money you can buy all kinds of stuff that can keep you happy for as long as you want. Money loving creatures or even gangsters who are involved in drug dealing and heavy exchange of money are known to have money based tattoos on their bodies. Would look kind of needy and greedy but a trend is what a trend is.

88. Inspirational Tattoos


Have a tattoo and have the audacity to inspire someone. People go for tattoos that are closer to their hearts but then there are people who opt for tattoos that might inspire some other people as well. On the way they want to inspire people with their own thoughts or by sharing tattoos of people who thought the world to be the best place. Such tattoos are mostly based on inspirational quotes and some aesthetically designed tattoos that have some intricately woven meaning around them.

89. Key Tattoos


Follow your heart and take the key to open up someone else’s heart. It is not easy to open up another person’s heart to know what all the secrets are that have been hidden from the world for long. Key tattoos are often narrated as secretive and cryptic perfectly associated with the rightly meaning of a key for a key is always used to hide something, to hide a secret in the heart or to hide a treasure in a box. The key is also known to free all those that are captivated by the mind and by the hardships of their past.

90. Giraffe Tattoos


Standing like a Giraffe, all tall and strong, people love having such a tattoo on their bodies that describes that strength and stature of their commitment towards their live and goals. People who are more inclined towards having tattoos based on animals always look for an animal that is different and has a whole new meaning associated with it. Because Giraffe is a magnificent creature, it stands tall though seems all the well-grounded with the earth, the animal doesn’t seem to have any sense of arrogance in it at all despite being the tallest of all. It stands and has a vision that is a 100 mile s ahead of others.

91. Frog Tattoos


How cute does it send to have a toad or a frog tattoo on your belly by the belly button or somewhere on the arm right above the elbow? There are all different kinds of ways to get you a frog tattoo and it will look all the way cute. But make sure that the artist really knows how to create a good looking frog because any ugly looking one will really suck to the core. Since a frog evolves and encircles through a cycle of beginning from a water born toad and then moves on to  becoming healthy happy frog. It is all for a symbol of life, good luck, transformation and renewal.

92. Dandelion Tattoos


With petal as sensitive that they fly away from the stem just by the blow of air, the life of a Dandelion seems oh so temporary. The flower is so sensitive yet its beauty lies in the sensitivity and fragility of its life. It might not seem to be in a row of competition with the heaviest of flowers as rose, sunflower, daisy etc. but this flower has been much closer to individuals since their childhood as any other. Every person at some stage of their lives has got a chance to pick up a dandelion and simply blow its petal away.

93. Angel Wings Tattoos


Open up yourself and spread those wings to fly high above. Humans have always battled with their inner demons and angels. It has always been difficult to choose the right path when the bad looks tempting and the good looked terrifying. Many people go for really artistically engraved angel wing tattoos and some of which actually give the look of a human possessing real angel wings. These are all about having to build a connection, one of the good connections with God and to commemorate with the loved ones who are not a part of life but are looking over them from above like angels.

94. Cherry Blossom Tattoos


Those beautiful Cherry Blossom trees that bloom in the spring and actually make the whole world shine past them are the most favored tattoos for girls. In the Asian culture cherry blossoms have a different set of meaning in Japanese, Chinese and even in Burmese and even there would be alight difference in the tattoo design as well. The beautiful pink cherry blossom flowers are really a welcome to the wonderful season of spring. The delicate flower petals represent the fragility of both life and age.

95. Dragonfly Tattoos


It might seem a bit scary to people when they come across a dragon fly because it might seem harmful but it doesn’t really intend to hurt an individual. Dragonflies though having no direct evolution from the actually dragons are not fire throwers. They are simple insects that too go after the flower nectar. Many people believe in the good luck associated with Dragonflies. Though being able to fly and chose its own path, it unfortunately has the weakest pair of wings that can be torn apart by the slightest of harsh wings. For people it is to know to stay strong and don’t go against the direction of the wing for it will hurt your wings too.

96. Hummingbird Tattoos


A bird that is always seen in a glimpse and then it quickly vanishes away. The hummingbird is not just a quick animal but is equally beautiful in the way it has been created and designed. Hummingbird is tattooed on the body along with its favorite flower. There is no life of a hummingbird without its flower. So you will mostly see a hummingbird tattoo with a flower. In ancient history there are tales of hummingbird shaped talismans that were known to give all kinds of magical powers to its wearer. The symbol for a hummingbird is about age, vitality, happiness, and love.

97. Seahorse Tattoo


A unique creature of the sea Seahorses are also quite intriguing. Definitely having a close resemblance with the horse on land, these creatures are absolutely divine and captivating. There is a huge image gallery full of images of sea horses tattooed on peoples’ bodies and they look so enchanting and mesmerizing. Once thought to be like a small attribute to the Gods of the sea Neptune or Poseidon the sea horse is a symbol of power, protection and contentment. For those who seek all these in their lives having a sea horse tattoo would be the best idea ever.

98. Guitar Tattoo


One of the best choices for guitarists and music lovers is to get a serenading guitar tattoo. You would definitely kill a chic or two with a beautifully engraved guitar tattoo on the arm and having to show it off with a good guitar in your arms and playing the sweetest of music. You would be a definite chic magnet. Guitar lovers not necessarily guitar players actually drool and dream over guitars so when the love is so pure and serene why not tattoo it.

99. Swallow Tattoos


Just like the evergreen old school star tattoo, swallow bird tattoo is also one of the most appreciated and loved tattoos from the old school of thought. Being an avid part of the past, these days swallow tattoos have again picked up being a part of the trend. For sailors who used to get swallow tattoos their travels and hardships were somehow explained and defined in this little bird. This bird is however associated with health, loyalty and wealth in all terms.

100. Lotus Tattoos


Being one of the greatest ideas for women who are thinking of having a tattoo a Lotus flower is one of the most unique flowers in the world. It lives and breathes on top of water and looks absolutely captivating due to its strange place of birth and growth. Though, being a part of the dirt the purity and magnificence of this flower is beyond understanding. For those who believe they have outshone despite being dipped in a pond of dirt can truly relate their connection with having a lotus as a tattoo because they proved to have made it through the toughest of times.

Having Seconds Thoughts About Your Tattoo

Now you must have gotten an awesome and amazing tattoo right when you got 15 but to look back at it that Popeye The Sailor man on your arm is not a good idea 15 years later that it was at that time.

  • Laser removal treatment is one way to get rid of tattoos for girls that are now more misery than pleasure.
  • But to convince yourself for a laser surgery is far difficult then to get a tattoo because of the immense pain associated with it.
  • Also it is best to remove a black ink based tattoo rather than a colored tattoo. Laser removal surgeries are also not a guaranteed form to get rid of the tattoos.
  • You might end up having faded colored scare left on the body and this might end up far disgusting then when it had the actual tattoo over it.

20 Interesting Facts About Tattoos For Girls You Didn’t Know

Despite having the whole of Internet at your disposal still there’s a lot to be known about tattoos that might really shock a lot of people even those who have claimed to be self-proclaimed tattoo gurus. The next time you have an appointment with your tattoo artist have some tallying their knowledge with the ones you just gathered.

  1. Out of the 100% American population, only 19% men are indulged in tattooing in comparison to over 23% women who beat them off the charts.
  2. There are only about 36% young adults in the age range of about 18-26 years old that have been found to have tattoos while about 40% of adults in the age range of 28-40 are fond of tattooing.
  3. Despite a large number of educated populations, Tattoo still remains the most misspelled word in the world, with common mistakes like, Tattoe, Tato and Tatoo.
  4. Although being more in number, women are likely known to get rid of a tattoo through different means than men.
  5. The first ever tattoo artist to start its work in America, was a German who immigrated to Boston somewhere in the year 1846.
  6. Most commonly mistaken, a tattoo is not on the superficial layer of the skin rather the needle punctures right through the epidermis in to the dermis layer where the skin cells are far more stable than those on epidermis.
  7. There is actually a part on the tattoo known as a Holiday, it is basically the area where the artist might have accidentally missed a small spot or the tattoo might have changed shape during the healing process.
  8. Of all the different kinds of tattoos mentioned there’s one made out of UV ink, tattoos made out of this ink are known and proved to be completely invisible in broad daylight and are visible only under special ultraviolet light.
  9. One famous creation is known as the Hula girl, who was designed and engraved with such perfection that it allowed the client to actually get his Hula girl dancing just by moving his bicep.
  10. Laser removal surgery uses the technique to breakdown the colored cells, which with time are then carried away by the immune system to be discarded. The black ink is the easiest to get rid as it works well in absorbing the radiations while green and yellow are the hardest to get rid of.
  11. An ancient Mummy belonging to 3000 BC after being rediscovered was found to be the oldest found mummy to ever have visible tattoos on the body.
  12. People frequently opt for animal tattoos, as they tend to identify themselves with the soul of the respective animal.
  13. The designs displayed by an artist in the studio are known as ‘Flash’, clients have the liberty to choose from any of the flash or they can start their work with a custom built design. As getting a tattoo done out of a flash is just like getting stuff out of the rack.
  14. The pain while getting a tattoo can be identified as getting stung by a bee or even like getting bad sunburn.
  15. Some artists are known to retouch your tattoo, for life.
  16. Surprisingly Urine was once used to mix up different tattoo colors.
  17. The tattoo machine is comprised of 4 parts that is the needle, the tube that is known to hold the ink, an ever-needed electric motor and sewing machine like peddle.
  18. You are known to be pricked between 50-3,000 times a minute while you are being tattooed.
  19. Americans are known to be crazy after tattoos and are known to spend over $1.65 billion dollars per annum just getting tattoos.
  20. You might need to the most favorable and famous spots to get a tattoo on are; foot, lower back, neck, breasts, armband, the arms, chest, feet and the ankles.


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