Top 10 Lazy Girl Hairstyle Tips That You Can Make It for Less Than A Minute

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re you looking for some easy ways to style your ombre hair because you are too lazy to try the difficult steps these internet tutorials offer? If yes, then you have landed on the right page as we have mentioned 10 hairstyle tips that all you lazy girls out there will love while making a hairstyle. See what they are:

10. Do Not Want To Get Into The Hassle Of Making Neat Buns? Fix Your Buns With The Elastic Bands!

buns with the elastic bands

We lazy girls do not like the idea of patiently pinning up our hair with the miserable bobby pins. We love finding a hairstyle hack through which we can create simple and easy buns within a minute. To create this sort of a bun quickly, you can wear an elastic headband as a crown on your head and then twist your hair inside the band to create a bun. This super easy hairstyle will not take more than a minute.

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9. Get A Long Ponytail Within A Minute


Do you hate your small and disheveled ponytail? Do you want it to be long but you are too lazy to follow long steps to create a better ponytail? If yes, then try fixing your hair with this simple step. Just create two ponytails in your hair – one at the top and one in the middle of the head.

Now combine the two ponytails into another big ponytail and your hair will automatically appear longer in the new ponytail now. This technique will not take you more than a minute so you can easily do it without any laziness.

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8. The Quick Half Hairdo


We all love the braided crowned half hairdo but some of us are just too lazy to waste time in making those delicate braids on the hair. If you belong to the lazy group too then try this simple and quick tip to create an elegant half hairdo. Just wear a headband and start twisting your hair inside the headband as in the picture. This tip will let you achieve a classy look in no less than a minute.

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7. A Quick Messy Bun


A messy bun can also be made quickly without having to spend too much time in pinning the hair carefully around a bun. All you have to do is divide our hair into two sections and then tie a knot with your hair. When the knot is created, twist your hair randomly and pin them quickly to create a messy look. This easy hairstyle can make anyone look beautiful in just a minute.

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6. Get A Quick Blow-Dry


We all love the look of our hair after blow drying, but many of us are too lazy to spend a lot of time in using a blow dry. We need at least two people for a good blow dry, as one person holds the drier while the other holds the hair and the round brush. Drying hair is a detailed process which many of us are unwilling to do at homes. However, there is a trick out there through which a blow-dry can easily be done at homes without the need of a helper. Start with damp hair and then take small sections of your hair. Roll them up with rollers and apply drier on them. Do this with all the hair and then gently open up the rollers. You will see your hair will be automatically styled without extra efforts.

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5. A Lazy Ponytail


A messy ponytail looks good and is best for lazy people as it does not involve a lot of detailed steps. To make this ponytail, divide your hair in two sections at the back of the head and tie a knot out of the sections. The knot should be such that a larger portion should come out of the knot as a ponytail. This hairstyle is best for your casual days and will not take more than a minute for you to make.

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4. A Twisty Bun Without Any Detailed Step


Creating a twisty bun can sometimes be very time consuming. You need to create delicate braids and have to make sure that the hairs are properly tucked inside the bun. While some of us are patient enough to go through the long procedures, there are many of us who would avoid making this hairstyle because of the time that it demands.

Fortunately, there is now a simple trick present with which you can get this hairstyle easily within a few minutes. The trick is to create two ponytails at the back of the head and then make two braids on the two ponytails. Then just roll the two braids together in a bun and you are done with an elegant hairstyle.

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3. Quick Curls For Prom


Who doesn’t love getting ready on a prom night or on a date? Some of us, however, are too lazy to try out good hairstyles as they consumer a lot of time and energy. Well, if you are not ready to put in extra efforts into your hairstyle but still want to impress your boyfriend, try this quick classy hairstyle.

To get those beautiful locks without extra effort, pull your hair upside down and then curl them up in the same position. Pull your hair back once the ends are curled. Once you pull your hair back, you will notice a lot of natural volume in your hair and your curls will look more attractive. Just add hairspray in the end to hold the hairstyle for a long time and you are ready to flaunt your attractive look.

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2. Half-Wash The Hair So That They Dry Quickly


We all love having thick and beautiful hair but sometimes the thick hair can cause us a lot of trouble. The trouble lies in the fact that thick hair takes a long time to dry so all those who are lazy cannot wait for a long time for the hair to get dried.

In order to let them dry quickly, try washing your hair in a sink in such a way that half of your hair gets washed. Washing in this manner will remove all the dirt present in your hair and will not take a long time to dry. This trick gives you the same results in exactly the half time.

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1. Unwashed Hair And Half Braid


Do you want to go out with a good hairstyle, but are too lazy to get up and wash your dirty hair? If yes then try this quick hairstyle which looks best on hair which have not been washed. The hairstyle is a simple half-done braid at one side of the hair. This braid looks good on disheveled hair and is therefore very good for you lazy peeps out there.

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